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Adressing the “Other Presidents Did it Too” Fallacy.


“Other Presidents Granted Illegal Aliens Amnesty Too!!!” To our great amusement, we’ve been watching the media jack-boot-lickers prepping this line of attack for several weeks. Discouraging? Naw. Predictable? Certainly – given that most media and journalist types are, for all intents and purposes, leftist campaign hacks with by-lines. We would like to remind our constant [...]

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So the Rule of Law is Dead Now?


It’s been dead a long time Karl. From Karl Denninger over at The Market Ticker: “So here you go folks — if the Congress will not immediately impeach, and you know they won’t, then they’re going along with it. And that means that there is not just a lawless President in Washington DC there are [...]

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Update 11-18-14: Jonathan Gruber Thinks We’re EPICALLY Stupid…


…isn’t that just precious? Nothing makes us smile after a hard day of work like hearing some Needle-Dick-Prog-Nazi-Street-Light-Ornament wallowing in his own imagined superiority. Anecdotally, our first reaction upon hearing this was to sharpen the old Buck #103 until its edge could brush the hair off a baby’s head. Funny how that works. On an [...]

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Electoral Prisms and the Case for Secession


The fascinating thing about this election is how it’s been “co-opted” by every interested party of any political stripe – and how it’s being spun as “public reaction” to whatever personal bug-a-boo said entity maintains. In our view, such crowing is the work of pretentious assholes. (Naturally constant readers, since we are Alpha-Pretentious-Assholes, you can [...]

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Election Editorial: Fuck the Stupid Elections


Have a seat casual followers, and let us here at Deth H.Q. rant a bit… It’s idiot season again… where the stupid people and the evil people work to convince the sheeple of America their sports-team is uniquely qualified to fuck this nation just a smidgen more than it was prior. Oh how we are [...]

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Ebola You Say?? Impossible! The CDC said We were Safe Forever!


So it’s probably about time… We’ve had one or twenty discussions here at Deth H.Q. with regards to the current outbreak of Ebola. Now, as you can tell from the posting of late, we’ve been a mighty busy, the lions-share of our absenteeism being family life and battening down the hatches for winter. In the [...]

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Question of the Day: How Fucking Stupid IS Europe


Don’t worry, it’s rhetorical. Today’s gemstone is brought to you by Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge: Bank Of America Has A Message For Its European Depositors: “We May Charge You” “Because Mario Draghi wasn’t joking about that whole NIRP thing. And yes, negative deposit rates mean just that.” – Tyler Durden You really need to [...]

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Hilarious News of the Day, Brought to You By the Letter “E!”


First, the punchline: Ebola Evacuations to US Greater than Previously Known… The stunningly intelligent and omnipresent authority figures we’ve nominally elected – under the deluded fantasy they in any way represent our best interest – have been hauling “a few” more plagued folks they they’ve admitted to. Oh, and by “a few” they actually mean [...]

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Bill Quick – The 2014 Election Scam


Bill Quick over at Daily Pundit reminds us all of how pointless the elections in this country are: “Even in a GOP landslide, we are looking at a Boehner/McConnell-brokered deal with Obama and the Democrats to impose scamnesty on America, for the benefit of the various special interests that finance both parties and hold the [...]

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Quote of the Day: “Ancient Self Help”


From God’s lips to the good professor’s ear: “A moral response to this behavior might involve those officials, among others, hanging from lampposts. The legal system is, ultimately, an ancient bargain: Renounce your mob violence and blood feuds and we will provide you with justice. It could be argued that such a default as this [...]

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