Go Fuck Yourselves. Here… Let Me help…

Courtesy of Bill Quick at Daily Pundit, we have been lead to a true diamond in the rough at the American Digest:

“They say their plans for the future of the United States are “better?” Okay, take them at their word. Only faster. Let’s see how this stuff plays out in real life. As soon as possible. If they’re right, all will be well. If they’re not, let’s have the disaster now and in double portions. It seems to be already hitting the “youth” and the low-information voters of Obama’s base with 20+% unemployment. Let’s do what we can to spread the no-wealth redistribution.”

“After all, as we used to say in the socialist paradise of Berkeley in the 1960s, “If you’re going to have a revolution, you’ve got to do revolting things.”

In times like these it’s not enough to say “No!” You’ve got to say, “Go fuck yourselves. Here, let me help.”

Read the entire thing HERE.

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