Din’s Curse Equipment Section Added

We’ve added the Din’s Curse Equipment Section, which contains useful information on the game’s armor, weapons, accessories and consumables.

Click HERE for more information.

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The Gentry Caste and Their Human Trash Nominees

Ahhh… another grind up to yet another pointless American election. Those farcical stage productions held every four or so years to convince the mewling masses that we actually have a representative government. Oh how soothing the illusions and delusions must be for those who sup on blue pills. (May they suffocate in their cranial sandpit).

So, who’s the jackass gentry RINOS want now? That land-whale Crispy Creme Cristy? Pauly-The-Mush-Ryan? Jebster the 3rd, Duke of Chambre de Commerce? Oh… a retread! How titillating! Willard Fillmoure Romneycare – back again like MDR Syphilis… ahhh isn’t that just swell? Why, that’s about as refreshing as August-ripened roadkill that a skunk alternated vomiting, pissing and shitting on.

(On a related note: Would somebody Goddamned put this Republican horse the fuck down already? Christ on a crutch… the spectacle is downright pathetic. The elephant’s guts are dangling out it’s asshole, and watching the deplorable thing drag it’s entrails hither-and yonder on sawed off nubs is neither amusing nor overly productive).

The astounding thing is, gentry caste RePubics run the same rancid garbage, year after year, and then stumble around all befuddled when their glistening statist turd-robot gets monkey-hammered by the Prog-Nazi’s. People won’t pick the low-fat statist in a competition between that and full-freak-flag-commie. The free-shit-army will choose Santa every time.

So then… it’s to be Ken-Doll? What could possibly go wrong! Allow us here at DETH H.Q. to blow some sunshine up the assholes of the assholes responsible for running the modern day Whig Party:

Willard – and his magic-Underoos – serves as the alpha-poster-boy for the vapid oligarchs that control both parties – not to mention the entirety of the piggish American regulatory state. Just look at the mother-fucker for the love of God… the man’s face is a marvel of modern prosthetic symmetry. His hair is not so much “combed” as it is “applied” – like magic-shell to soft-serve. The chap slithered strait out of the uncanny valley, and Jesus Christ, somebody get us Rick Deckard on the line ASAP, we’ve got a replicant on the lose!

Don’t get all high and mighty moonbats. Your precious little Democrats and their clown parade are no better. The distinction is, they figured out years ago the value in keeping up appearances – pretend to be one of the “serfs.” Do some serf things. Shed some crocodile tears for the latest Twitter-crusade-of-the-week. Then you’re free to sell the whole gibbering lot up the river Styx (We believe the current parlance is “they Grubered some folks”).

The stiffs running the Republicans have yet to grasp or execute the notion of “folksy,” and their last attempt ended up looking like an inbred Down syndrome case who just discovered he had opposable digits.

Whelp – we’re good and truly fucked!

Look at the bright side – whoever wins in 2016 won’t make a damn bit of difference. The iceberg collision was decades ago, and the lifeboats never really existed in the first place. Our first piece of advice is to get your pantry, your drinking water and your arsenal in well regulated order. Once you’ve finished that, we recommend you mosey on up to the A Deck Smoking Room. Enjoy the music, light something expensive and tip back your preferred libation – before the amok times start.

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Dins Curse Mods & Character Packs

The new Din’s Curse Section has been updated with Character Packs and Game Mods pages. Here you can download characters, equipment mules and game modifications to enhance your playing experience.

Click HERE for the Character Packs Page.
Click HERE for the Game Mods Page.

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Din’s Curse Section Announced

We’re pleased to announce the addition of the Din’s Curse Section to website. This is a great little indie-game by the developer Soldak Entertainment. Din’s Curse is admittedly not much to look at, but what it lacks in graphics, FMV and voice acting, it makes up for by distilling everything great about the ARPG genre into a delightful and entertaining little mind-trap. Much like Minecraft, this is a game that’s ranks purely on it’s mechanics and merits.

TL/DR: It’s great because it’s FUN, not because it’s pretty.

Click HERE to buy Din’s Curse*.
Click HERE to visit the Din’s Curse section.

(*The DETH Guild is not affiliated with Soldak Entertainment in any way, nor are we making money from advertising this game. We recommend what’s good, and get zero compensation for our time, bandwidth or effort.)

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Ode to the Weeping Cheeto

Courtesy of Robert Wilde at Brietbart, we are given example number 372,837,912,964 on what a fucktastic sham modern American representative governance is:

“The GOP leadership, the lawyers, the lobbyists, the consultant class of the Republican party, and all the big donors don’t understand that these people are angry. … They are saying that John Boehner doesn’t care about them, and all he cares about is the special interests. I’ve never seen anything like this in the base of a party. And that is why the analogy to the Whigs is not so far-fetched.”
- Pat Caddell

Read the entire article HERE.

First point of order: When we were growing up, shams were funny. Nobody seems to be laughing anymore. Not a smirk. Not a grin. Not a single solitary chuckle. What we DO see is everyone we know laying in supplies and ammunition. Things that ain’t much use for enjoying a farce. This noted, cartridges and hardtack might just be helpful in rectifying one.

Second point of order: The coddled beltway lampreys are just NOW realizing RePubicans have Whig-i-fied themselves? Newsflash to Mordor’s parasite caste: The Republican Party has been a useless shambling corpse since at least 1992, and for many, longer than that. The fact of the matter is, millions and millions of Americans have no representation, and have not for the greater measure of their lives. Further, absent drastic, (probably violent) action, they won’t ever get it.

We told you elections in the FUSA were a mockery in 2008. We reminded you again after you drug those useless losers into congress in 2010. We railed on our soapbox in 2012 as the “mature adults” settled for their shit-sandwich. Not content, we told you EXACTLY what would happen in the prelude to the 2014 mid-terms. We described the imminent Faustian betrayal in painful detail. And only NOW… after the Wet Tangerine once again stomps out a rebellion, are the ReThuglicans suddenly “in danger of becoming the modern Whigs?”

Finally? FINALLY? FINALLY????!

Oh for fucks sake, we are surrounded by the blind and willfully stupid.

Washington D.C. is the modern equivalent of Gomorrah – populated by abysmal hucksters who have their heads rammed so far up their assholes their nipples double as blowholes. These shit-stains are a stomach churning combination of incompetent, selfish, clueless and irredeemably fucking evil – and there is no way we will ever be rid of them short of tossing the whole lot screaming into burn barrels.

Congratulations America. You got the government you consented to. A quarter of you love statist nannys, (Republican or Democrat, labels matter not). Another quarter think yourselves in possession of Salomon’s wisdom, and “settle” for your lesser evils, hungrily chewing on Mc-shit-burgers election after election. About half of you “folks” are so terminally disconnected from reality you couldn’t pick the current president from a police line-up. Of white people. All that remains is us… the vanishingly small, liberty loving patriots, who sit around shamefully scratching our heads, doing our level damnedest to figure out when the proper time to start killing these sons of bitches is.

Newsflash to our fellow sons of liberty – it was roughly about 1914. Give or take a year.

PS: To all the snot-bag gentry dick-suckers strutting about Faux-news and Hot-Air: We here at DETH H.Q. would like to begrudgingly congratulate Hillary Rotten-Canckles Clinton on her “historic” win in 2016. She’s a Marxist hack, but hey, at least the saggy old cunt is honest about it – which – shamefully – perches her on a slightly higher rung of hell than the likes of Karl Rove or Allahpundit.

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Merry Christmas – Don’t Eat the Brown Snow.

An acquaintance of ours, a good, if simple lass, with a very clear-cut worldview, asked us how the black community could protest, riot, and rally around career criminals killed by police. She seemed truly mystified, and demanded an explanation. Naturally, she’s the sort that exists entirely within a small echo-chamber – Fox News is the pinnacle of objective journalism, Glenn Beck is the purveyor of universal truth, and cops are tireless heroes, working their hardest to keep everybody safe and happy. Ahh… how wonderful those youthful illusions are. They package the world so neatly, and allow for the dramatic paladin to leap into the fray – just in time to rescue the princess.

We’ll help explain a part of it, for not only her benefit, but the enlightenment of our constant readers. We do need to preface our incoming screed with the proceeding disclaimer:

To proclaim there is a single reason the black communities glorify punks is an impossible oversimplification. Race-hustlers, a sensational media, indoctrination, a toxic thug-culture – and more – all play hands. That said, we can outline a substantial wedge of the pie.

The caveat managed, we happily present a hefty portion of why “Gentle Giants” – who choke-out beat-cops and Qwiki-Mart cashiers – become deified icons:

The Modern American Police Force.

The pigs began to transform themselves into the enemy through the “broken window” law enforcement paradigm that became popular in the mid 1990′s. This “ignore nothing” approach to policing alienated huge tracts of the black community. (And mainstream America). Exacerbating such conduct is the warrior-cop mentality, where many officers have adopted military rules of engagement, terminology and operating procedures. Overpowering force is brought to bear without necessity, and the thousands of family pets killed each year, (they ain’t ALL snarling pit-bulls), flash-bangs tossed in the cribs of sleeping toddlers, wrong address raids, and innocents killed serve as damning examples of WHY treating “peace keeping” like a military assault is a piss-poor-idea.

Next up, the coppers are required to enforce an ever-expanding host of liberty destroying laws, (thousands of new criminal regulations per year), transforming them into “the stormtroopers” behind the regime. By carrying out the empire’s edicts, they’ve become the literal face of evil – hated, despised, and now apparently…. remorselessly killed when a proper opportunity presents. As the fearful cops choke the leash harder in response, they amplify the resentment, and feed the hate. (See the Christopher Dorner escapade for more examples than we can poke with a sharp stick).

Cops Shoot Newspaper DeliveryFurther, do not discount the role our criminal justice system plays. The courts sweep law enforcement’s indiscretions under the carpet constantly. For example, they cover for, lie, lose evidence, and refuse to prosecute the misdeeds of rogue or negligent pigs as a matter of daily business. Unless a city burns, there is near-zero chance of any legitimate legal scrutiny for the overwhelming measure of cop malfeasance. This undermines the “civil” system in the eyes of blacks, (and anyone else with a functioning brain), destroying the credibility of the entire edifice. Absent that, nobody BELIEVES a cop who was legitimately defending his life. The automatic assumption is – with good reason – that said Pig was the assailant, and the narrative was a fabrication concocted to protect him.

Cops lie, the Judges believe them and the D.A. absolves them. Predictably, the trust in that particular pillar of the civil society crumbles.

Topping the pie with a cherry, is the ridiculous amount of police-owned military hardware that has zero place being used on an – allegedly – free people. If law and order have broken down to the point that cops need select-fire carbines, rifle plates, SAWs, fragmentation grenades, armored personnel carriers, anti-vehicle rockets, and IUD-resistant vehicles, then the Governor Should have deployed the National Guard to deal with Mad Max breaking out. Surely Thunderdome can’t be far off if your friendly-neighborhood-beat-cop needs enough nylon web gear to kit-out an assault team bound for Baghdad circa 2001.

The sad truth is, the police have transformed themselves into the standing army we were warned about. In becoming such, with their conduct, their unquestioning enforcement of asinine laws, the lack of meaningful accountability, and covering themselves in Mall-Ninja-Wear, they have lost the consent of the people - particularly in the black community. With the “mandate of heaven” pissed away, Police can no longer garner willing compliance – they are now only given what they can force by baton, gun and pepper spray. Those who “buy” “respect” via coercion are seldom loved by the serfs.

The cops both made themselves into, and allowed themselves to be used as, “the devil.” But in the process, they forgot – The devil is always evil. Even when he’s not. Even when the devil was justified in defending himself, he remains the devil, so people hate him, and assume by default he’s lying. People will denounce the devil, they will gather in solidarity with the devil’s enemies – even if they’re human garbage – because nothing is worse than the devil. Nothing.


Not a bit. It’s a broad brush, and not EVERY pig is a tacti-cool-operator-wanna-be.


Absolutely – because police misconduct is endemic enough to the system that you’d be a fool to assume otherwise – particularly when Officer-Billy-Baddass’s fuck-up will destroy your life – or end it outright…. and the safe money says he’ll not face a lick of accountability.

Naturally there are plenty of other reasons for the riots and rage – not all of them noble – or even remotely decent. (We’re looking at you Al Sharp Ton). But race-pimps aside, Pig behavior a big part of why black people would protest the shooting of a dirt-bag. We’d agree that such actions reflect poorly on them. BUT – it also paints a hideous portrait of the piggies that helped to legitimize the notion.

The adult world is not black and white – it’s a sepia-shaded cell – everything in real-land is tinted a delightful shit-brown. So, Miss… it is with no small amount of regret that we must shatter some of your illusions – we’re compelled to highlight a universal truth:

There IS NO WHITE KNIGHT charging to the rescue.
And there never ever was.

Fox News lies like the rest of the media. Glenn Beck is a charlatan and a huckster. The police-force is littered with self-aggrandizing thugs who act as willing participants in the destruction of our liberty.

Merry Fucking Christmas.

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It’s a Culture War Stupids

Watching the unfolding drama over the New York coppers who found themselves on the business end of a Thug’s Colt, we can’t help but like the polarized fairy tales floating hither and yonder.

They make the most interesting… narratives.

Please note we didn’t say “factual accounts.”

Most folks can be broken into two groups:
- Cops good, criminals evil horrible and had it coming for breaking the law.
- Pigs bad, and criminals were just the product of their society.

The individual views might be a bit more nuanced, but at a fundamental level, the baseline most folks operate from is one of the two options above. It’s their starting position – with unique cases being dismissed, excused or grudgingly accepted depending on the details. The stratification you see here is a fascinating microcosm of the fractures forming nationally.

What people are struggling with, is an existential battle for survival by differing worldviews – mindsets that are fundamentally incompatible. It’s not skin, it’s not economics, it’s not geography, it’s not education, it’s culture. Of the various cultures in the FUSA, many view the world in a manner that is abhorrent to their competition. Since one culture getting their way will result in another being effectively destroyed – forced to tolerate things it’s morally opposed to – it becomes an ever escalating race to codify one’s factional beliefs as “law.” Compliance must be forced.

Before we continue, we’ll acquiesce to the following:
It’s possible to “smooth out the wrinkles” in a country with either prosperity or total war. You see, wealth can be used to mollify antithetical cultures into tolerating one another – both at the top of the system, through “The Caberete Effect,” and at the lower end, with weregild. And of course, the complete obliteration and cowing of a people through absolute military destruction will also bring “peace.” That said, genocide is generally frowned upon these days, at least, when politicians are trying to pretend they are polite company – e.g. in front of their proles.

As the money runs out however, a nation is no longer able to slake the upper’s greed, distract the middle with trivialities and keep the lower out of penury. When the riches vanish, so too will the civility. Naturally, it’s exacerbated by politicians and civil servants masters who destroy the rule of law, de-legitimize themselves and take sides in the culture war for their own aggrandizement. But they are not the CAUSE of the illness. They are simple reflections of the CULTURE that placed them in power.

What you see now is the product of incompatible outlooks bubbling to the top as the prosperity flutters away – eventually one side is going to destroy the other – they cannot co-exist absent copious amounts of wealth. Some people understand the stakes, and as such, they play for keeps. Some don’t really grok what’s going on, and pretend this is all as White Knight/Black Knight as their various echo-chambers play it to be.

As the fault-lines widen, we expect that will change.

Update I – A Properly Nuanced Notion:

An appropriately adult understanding of the situation from Bill Quick at Daily Pundit.

“If you believe that your entire society is utterly corrupt and racist – because the leaders you respect and trust tell you exactly that – and that the minions of the state at every level want nothing more than to kill you because of your skin color – as the race pimp narrative has been for decades now – then it seems to me to make perfect sense that, in extremity, you would decide that if you’re going to die anyway, you might as well try to take some of your enemies with you.”

“I myself might reach similar conclusions if the apostles of statist tyanny ever tried to put into effect their full agenda. For instance – would I peacefully allow them to confiscate my firearms?”
- Bill Quick.

Read the entire article HERE.

It’s HIGHLY refreshing to see consistent thinkers. We here at Deth H.Q. relish the sadness, pain, suffering and death of our ideological enemies – and we do so unabashedly. We expect the same from our foes.

We face a war of faith – beliefs – and it’s a battle to the death. Neither side can tolerate the other, as their foundational beliefs are NOT compatible. One faction or the other will need to be destroyed – and that will eventually happen. What “we the patriots” do now, how we act, how we prepare and how we organize will determine which lives, and which dies.

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Update: 12/14/14 – Welp, We Told Ya.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

So now then…

“Conan! What is best in life?”

Well… other than seeing your enemies being driven before you and hearing the lamentations of their women?

Oh yeah. Being Dead. Fucking. Right. Again.

We have all night… go on… shamble off for a few moments constant readers… pick out your favored echo-chamber… ruminate away.

No hurry. Take yer time – we’ll wait…


House approves $1.1T bill financing government
Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) — Republicans have muscled a $1.1 trillion bill financing government agencies through the House after President Barack Obama phoned Democratic lawmakers and urged them to back the measure. The House approved the measure late Thursday by 219-206. The compromise bill keeps agencies funded through next September.

Republican Budget Deal Spits in the Face of Voter Anger
Red State

The House “compromise” budget in which the Republicans give Democrats everything they want in exchange for reforms that favor Wall Street (which is still virtually the least popular institution in America, not to mention the fact that the majority of Wall Street has been bankrolling the Democrats for the last decade) is a deliberate slap in the face of the sentiment that brought them to power. Literally no one who voted for Republicans did so in order for them to vote to fund the government all the way through virtually half of their term in power just so Dodd-Frank could be tweaked, and Obama’s executive amnesty could go forward.

Representative Jim Moran (D., Va.): GOP Gave Us ‘Virtually Everything’ We Wanted
National Review

“In 20 years of being on the appropriations [committee], I haven’t seen a better compromise in terms of Democratic priorities. Implementing the Affordable Care Act, there’s a lot more money for early childhood development — the only priority that got cut was the EPA but we gave them more money than the administration asked for,” Moran told reporters Thursday evening after exiting a Democratic caucus meeting in which White House chief of staff Denis McDonough tried to convince members to back the bill.

The Nature of the Scorpion
Daily Pundit

The Republicans lie and back stab their voters when they win – 2000, 2004, 2010, 2014, and they do it when they lose – 2006, 2008, 2012. They just do it. Like the scorpion, it is their nature. How much longer will it take their robotic voting base to figure that out?

Dems bail out Boehner, help pass cromnibus, 219-206
Hot Air

Update: Obama just sent his chief of staff Denis McDonough to meet with the House Democratic caucus. The White House has gone from reluctant acceptance to cheerleader very, very quickly.

Huffington Post

WASHINGTON — At least Democrats will have eggnog to wash down the poison pills they swallowed on Thursday as the House narrowly passed a government funding bill that will let Congress go home early for Christmas.

In a surprise, House passes spending bill
The Daily KOS

The bill narrowly passed a procedural vote just after noon Thursday, but after going through debate as if a vote was planned, Speaker John Boehner postponed the vote. As the House recessed to regroup, and for hours after, the bill’s fate was very much in doubt, with some reports saying Republicans were 80 votes short of passage, and a whipping war breaking out between progressive Democrats opposed to the bill (as long as it included provisions undermining bank regulations) and those who thought it was the best deal Democrats could get. Ultimately, though, with the president making calls and House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer speaking in its favor, enough Democrats were swayed in its favor to counterbalance the extremist Republicans opposing it from the right.

With Obama’s Help, House Passes Boehner’s Amnesty-Funding Cromnibus Bill

President Barack Obama bailed out House Speaker John Boehner on Thursday night. After the House embarrassed Boehner by almost killing his 1,774-page $1.1 trillion cromnibus bill on a purely procedural vote earlier in the day, House Democrats pitched in to provide the votes to pass it.

“My job tonight is to say thank you and Merry Christmas,” Boehner said in a rare floor appearance after the measure barely passed the House 219-206 after a day of pure chaos in Congress.


Oh yes constant readers, please DO take a seat. Now comes there part where we stick our schaden-boner in your ear, and fuck some common sense into your skull. So shut up and learn something – pretend for just a few seconds that you are ACTUALLY better than the Goddamned Prog-nazi drones. Roleplay with us for a bit…

We said this would happen before the mid-term election. We mentioned it would happen DURING the mid-term election. We told you it would happen immediately afterwards. We screamed it while all the silly little sheeple were “being pragmatic,” “picking the lesser evil,” “acting like grown-ups” and dragging the RePubicans, who HATE them, across the finish line – despite their malice and incompetence.

Let’s be clear – the Republican party spent all their resources shitting on their voters – not battling their supposed opposition. Each ounce of expended energy during this election was used to hurl every imaginable slur at believers – with a fury reserved ONLY for the people the Neo-Con statists hold in UTTER contempt. No – not the DemonRats fools. Their conservative base. You know… the “Racist-gun-toting-neanderthals” gentry-caste Republicans have to choke back vomit to stand downwind from?

Having witnessed the unbridled train of libel repeatedly during the primary, and bearing witness to direct threats from the likes of “Mitch-the-Axe” – is anyone with a functioning brain-stem ACTUALLY STARTLED by this Shakespearean betrayal? Really? If so, open your damned eyes – which we’ll admit, is a hell of a lot easier when one yanks their head free of their rectum.

It’s all played out exactly as folks like Bill Quick, Mike Hendrix, Misha, and others, (like US), told you it would. You suicidal, well-intentioned-idiots drug the Republicans into power – and before the traitors can even show up for work, they deliberately make it utterly impossible to do any of the pretty little lies they whispered in your ears. Descriptions less powerful than “treason” and “sabotage” are farcical.

You chumps were used the same way Jugg-Ears played the Prog-tards in 2008 and 2012. You fucked up – you believed a single word a politician told you – or worse, you choked down a shit-sandwhich thinking yourself somehow “rational and mature.” No apologies here – we find your outrage and confusion delicious, because you brought it on yourselves.

The entire time you “party-faithful” were slaving away at polling booths, manning phone banks, passing out fliers, (full of deliberate lies), and squandering your hard won cash, these carpetbaggers smiled, rolled their eyes at your naivete, and envisioned the word “RUBE” stenciled on your forehead. Do you know what? They’re right.

Betrayal and lies from left to right and top to bottom. But go on…. please tell us again how you’re “acting like pragmatic adults.” We’re listening….


The punchline? Now that Republicans have allowed the Chamber of Commerce’s Wetback Tsunami to flood the FUSA, (and paid the bill for Obamacare yet again!), they are going to spend the next two years campaigning against them! (As highlighted Repeated by Bill Quick and others).

Why would these charlatans engage in such a blatant act of unabashed, sham-tastic hypocrisy?

Because constant readers… they think know you’re stupid enough to keep voting for them regardless of how much they ruckus you, piss on your beliefs, steal your liberty and destroy your wealth. Like good little battered housewives, you’ll suck down the tears, hold some ice on your black-eye, and rock yourself to sleep at night…

“He really loves me… really… he does… he really loves me…”

Fucking pathetic.

Votes absolutely won’t repair this lost nation. Supposedly, neither would – hypothetically – shooting the nearest Non-Representing Representative in the face… but then again, folks would have to start somewhere…

Update I – The Big Dogs Bark:

Mike Hendrix, The Dread Emperor Misha, and others finally have their say:

- SAVED! by the GOP
- Party of Submission Submits Again
- Sorry, That’s Just Too Much to Expect
- Boehner screws America again
- Here Comes The Ramming
- Cromnibus Designed to ‘Eliminate the Tea Party’
- Hey, Republicans: Don’t Hand Emperor Obama Your Purse!
- The $303 Trillion In Derivatives That US Taxpayers Are Now On The Hook For
- ‘No One Ever Really Leaves Boehnerland’: GOP Leader a Legend in His Own Mind

Well suckers? Still going to be the gentry-RePubican’s bitches? Because anyone casting a ballot for the “Grand Old Party” at this point is just that. A chump-assed-bitch. The moonbats are at least upfront about being tyrannical nimrods. They come right out and TELL YOU they intended to steal every scrap of your liberty. The Neo-Cons don’t make their intent known until you turn around and notice the bayonet in your spine.

The Fourth-Box calls.

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Seen This Movie Before. Sucked the First Time.

Ahhh right on cue…

Bill Quick over at Daily Pundit lays out the backstab:

“Not if the GOP won’t abide by its oath to protect and defend it. And why would they? This way they get the scamnest the Gentry desperately wants, with the added bonus that they get to blame Obama for it – and then run against him for the next two years while pushing lies about repealing it.”
- Bill Quick

Click HERE to read the entire article.

We do hope those of you who so… dutifully carried the Republican’s water enjoy getting shived. Do spare those of us who understand how futile America elections are the gaping maw and pie-plate eyes… we’ve seen this shitty movie before. Hated it the first time. Told you how it ended. You didn’t listen. Sympathy? Non-fucking-existent.

The beauty of this total conniving betrayal, is that even though it’s happening live and in open public, “the folks” will still continue to pull the lever for these clowns – these “merry pranksters” who promise one thing, and cheerily deliver the polar-opposite. Need we remind everyone that the Neo-Confederates ran against the ACA in 2010… and despite all their fury and bluster – and the power to nullify the law en-totalthey refused to lift a finger to strangle that abomination in it’s crib. These “jovial-joksters” then campaigned against Illegal Aliens in 2014 – with all the fervor of a Baptist minister delivering the word of God to “African heathens…” the whole while fully intending – from day one, second zero – to deliberately tie their own hands and blame the Prog-Nazis and President Drone-kill for what the RePubican’s Corperatist owners desperately wanted:

Cheap labor. When the Chamber of Commerce says “Bark,” Cry-baby Boehnor goes “Woof!”

Not just fruit pickers and burger flippers mind you. Oh no. H1B visas galore! White collar Professionals from other nations to sate Silicone Vally. Engineers. Programmers. Designers. Doctors. Skilled and intelligent people, who are just as smart, just as capable, and just as willing to work hard as Americans are – for about half the cash.

Now… don’t relish your Schaden-boners too much Libtards. Your own fuckers sold YOU up the shit-river on every single thing they promised in ’08 and 2012. The Commies transformed “FREE Healthcare for all” into “Gigantic-Public-Money-Pig-Fest” for the insurance industry and Pfizer! Hooray for your titanic social victory proles! Savor the fact that men now pay for pelvic exams, and women have to lay out cash for testicular cancer screenings! (That sure worked out well for the health-care industry! Funny how all you serfs now have to fund sh*t you can’t even use… at gun-point… that must be what Heinlein called “*Bad Luck!”). We won’t even get started on the precedent for executing US citizens without a trial, El-FBI acting the role of Copyright attack dog, unrelenting spying by any and all FedGovCo acronyms, the glorified blue gloved mall-cops molesting your five year old daughters, the militarizing of every fucking federal agency ever, and don’t forget to mention the feds coating Barney Fife from crotch-to-gizzard in enough surplus battle-rattle to occupy Somalia.

Who are the saps again? All of yah.

Keep being “pragmatic.” That buys you Wiemar Germany. (And everything that follows after). Republicans… Democrats… just illusions for the rubes, to dice the revulsion over our governance into chunks Leviathan won’t choke on.

Think that’s not so?

Ok then sports fans… answer this:

“Why is it that President Peace-Prize was stoking the race-baiting Ferguson-furnace full tilt, (and let’s be fair… the Cop-Loving RePubicans on the right were feeding the “opposition”), with all the willingly polarized left/right media-apparatchiks in tow… until a city was burned down in an orgy of rage and banditry…

…but now, when we have video of the “virtuous” NYPD choking a man… TO DEATH – over F*CKING LOOSE SMOKES – something that a near plurality of people regard as inexcusable – and suddenly… not a even meep to be heard from the flock of freaking agitators as the pigs responsible prance away scot-free?

Funny how that works, ain’t it?

We’ll offer a hypothesis on what truly terrifies the puppeteers:

Stromboli’s nightmare is one of “The Peasantry”(TM) coalescing together long enough to compare notes – they might just realize whose playing them for morons… which would undoubtedly be double-plus-ungood for the life-expectancy of the gentry class. Both metaphorically and existentially.

So then… back to the games… all the little players get to pretend their sports team is the great white knight, crusading for virtue, liberty and justice… and all that other associated bullshit. But after the show-vote, their chosen champions inevitably sell their fans out whole-cloth – to the power players which our oligarchy truly services. You know… the people who ACTUALLY matter – who don’t have to trouble themselves with peon-justice or laws. The VIPs – who buy their representation billions of dollars at a time. They don’t give two-shits what mascot their bought-and-paid-for government minions paint on their helmets, so long as they deliver.

The lamentably hilarious thing is… even people who just read this entire screed… will still march on, like automatons, casting ballots for the left or right head of the mutant snake, thinking themselves “doing their civic duty,” “battling for goodness!” or “picking the lesser of evils.” Meanwhile, back in the desert of the real, they are volunteering to peacefully surrender their wealth and liberty to the creature who’s eating the Bill of rights from the left and right simultaneously.

It’d be endearing, (in a naive-retard-discovering-he-has-opposable-digits-kind-of-way), if it wasn’t such a pathetic waist of what was once a reasonably free nation. That and sinking the rest of us into the abyss alongside these suicidal nimrods.

However, in the interest of fairness… vapid-pragmatism and cheerily participating in a society’s desolation is not something we modern fools have a monopoly on…

“As it will be in the future, it was at the birth of Man
There are only four things certain since Social Progress began.
That the Dog returns to his Vomit and the Sow returns to her Mire,
And the burnt Fool’s bandaged finger goes wabbling back to the Fire;”
- Rudyard Kipling, 1919

We’ve been the main attraction of a managed stage show for a very long Goddamned time.

*Stolen shamelessly from the good Dr. Reynolds.

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New Torchlight II Item Database

Sadly, the Torchlight and Torchlight II Armories have closed their doors. However, all is not lost – Kva3imoda over at torchlight-tidbi.org has created an online and downloadable equipment database.

Click HERE for more information.

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