A Quick Note on Our Slow-Motion Train-Wreck

As Bill Quick of Daily Pundit noted today, the train is starting to come off the RePubican’t Rails:

“Ordinary people absolutely hate what has become our ruling class – at least in the wing of the GOP that works for a living. Those who beg for a living from the rest of us on the Democrat wing of the RP, maybe not so much. But they’re not working class, they are begging class, and all the more pathetic for it. But the prevailing wisdom among the Gentry is that the only thing that matters is money, which, in their case means the only thing that matters is their Donor Class.”

“They believe that the real race is always for the pocketbooks of the billionaires – because you can always use the bread to bamboozle and buy off the boobs.”

“They’ve been mostly right on this for decades now. They know how stupid we are, because they’ve seen how stupid we are. We vote in a more profound lockstep for predators, bandits, con artists, and liars simply because they have an R after their name than do the blacks who vote nearly as often for Democrats, and who get as thoroughly screwed by their political plantation masters as do conservatives by their own Gentry GOP owners.”

“And make no mistake, that’s exactly how they think of themselves – as our owners. They’ve spent a lot of money over the years (our own money, btw, but no matter) and they damned well expect us to stay bought.”

“These polls indicate that a sizable portion of us, at least, have finally awakened from our long stupor, and are giving serious consideration to demanding our money back.”

“In the meantime, yeah, the GOP is falling apart right before our eyes. And it’s going to get a lot more bloody over the run-up to that collapse than it is right now.”
- Bill Quick

Read the entire piece HERE.

It’s bigger than just RePubicons or Prog-Nazi internecine warfare.

Everything is in play right now. The “elites” have lost control of the narrative – on all strata. That’s why you see the barely concealed panic, the infighting and the erratic jerks. The world’s economy is hanging by a thread, the bazookas have fired and Econozilla didn’t even flinch. Political insurgencies are swelling the world over, as the “preferred candidates” are suddenly finding back-benchers like Che-Sanders or Rodeo clowns like Weasel-Hair surging in polls despite Ouroboros’s carefully scripted failure-theater. Civil unrest and civil disobedience is rampant, millions of people and scores of states are flouting federal laws and regulations whole-cloth – on everything from gun-control to EPA regulations to immigration to narcotics. Municipalities refuse to enforce edicts from Mordor, and Sauron grows fearful, arming it’s orcs to the teeth and building a spy-state with the greatest of alacrity. Outside the black gate, the enemies of western civilization smell weakness, taste blood and savor how fearful, feckless and impotent the west’s leaders are. They see paralysis and move to capitalize.

We are witnessing the transition. The end of the beginning of the end of our slow motion train wreck.

The centrally planned wizards of smart have failed – as they were destined to. Kipling’s “Gods of the Copybook Headings” have the rudder now – and they mean to take their sweet time steering us off the falls. The jagged rocks wait below and our political Admirals promise a soft landing. More than a few passengers and crew are not so confident in their betters’ clairvoyance.

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Jazz Shaw: Establishment Sockpuppet – Update 7/20/15

Hat-tip Bill Quick at Daily Pundit:

Here comes the establishment Neo-Cons trying to put a dent in Trump… and failing…

Trump crosses one red line too many, declares John McCain “not a war hero”

“Speaking only as one veteran who survived absolutely nothing compared to Senator McCain, I will close with a simple message. Goodbye, Mr. Trump. Your little show has been entertaining to say the least and, in your own way, you spurred some aspects of the national debate which needed a boost. But the sooner you exit the stage the better. You shall have no vote from me in any election, primary or general.”
- The Worthless Chamber of Commerce Dildo Receptacle, Jazz Shaw

The interesting thing here is not the now coordinated attacks coming en-mass from the panicking RePubicon establishment, (which is suffering a histrionic melt-down), but the comments. Oh the comments.

Start with page one, grab some popcorn, and enjoy the show… this is pure bliss folks:

The only people defending McWeenie are paid plants, editor’s sockpuppets and the truly lost. Unfortunately, their paid-shilling is being drown out by a tsunami of the enraged – people who’ve had their absolute fill of shit-burgers and wife-beatings. Folks who’ve been trashed for decades by the snotty assholes infesting the Republican Party – and people who ain’t too keen of John “Hates-de-Hobbits” McWeenie either.

That smell? Urine mixed with Horror and impotence:

“Nothing is sticking! Why is nothing sticking!!! Holy shit! Somebody get me El Chappy or Chapo or what the fuck ever – short drug guy!!! NOW!!!!!”
- Reince Priebus

Sadly, (or not…), for this establishment torpedo attempt, McWeenie is nearly as popular as advanced typhus – and a quarter as enjoyable. Instead of “the hobbits” raging and stomping off… their reaction has been somewhat… dismaying to those on the receiving end of multi-million dollar Chamber of Commerce weregild…

- “McCain graduated at the bottom of his class, destroyed a bunch of airplanes and 130 people on the USS Forrestal died due to his negligence.”

- “This all seems pretty coordinated to me. Amazing how every RINO mouthpiece all hit the air within minutes of one another.”

- “They know that attacking Trump as a “racist” won’t work w/ the “rubes”; but this is some “boob bait for the bubbas”.”

- “You know what… John McCain really kinda is a piece of sh*t…”

- “The RNC types are manipulating this to damage Trump, simple as that.”

- “If McCain and others in the GOP establishment actually cared about veterans they would treat them better.”

- “What kind of drivel is this? So someone is a hero just because they tried to work in a dangerous position? ”

- “Sorry, Jazz, there are no red lines. There are no sacred cows. A man may be right or he may be wrong, but what you propose is a politically correct orthodoxy. Leave that for the left.”

- “Next step for Trump: highlight how many times McCain has voted to shut down the search for MIA’s in Vietnam.”

- “How much are they paying you extra Jazz, you useless Chamber of Commerce SHILL!!!”

- “Of course, McCain called conservatives “worthless crazies,” so McCain brought it upon himself. Where’s the outrage for that?”

- “It’s a coordinated effort by the RNC, their “house media” and talking heads, and the entire DC establishment to once again steer voters to their “preferred” candidate. ”

- “We’re on the verge of giving Iran nukes and we’re worried about one candidate saying mean things to a washed up senator who is despised by the base of the party to which he supposedly belongs?”

- “McCain should switch parties. He is a dnc mole attack chimp.”

- “All those who are trashing Trump now have an agenda. It’s not what he said, it’s who he is. Actually that’s what all the faux outrage in this country boils down to.”

- “John McCain’s behavior is an embarrassment. It is time for him to retire and ride off into the sunset. Sorry, but Trump has the courage to call it. Plus 1 for Trump.”

- “Notice Jazz Shaw has no trouble with McCain calling Trump and other Americans “hobbits” and “crazies”, or with him calling his fellow republican senators “wackobirds” though.”

- “I actually think this will help Trump. McCain is in reality a democrat pretending to be republican so he can get elected in Arizona.”

- “Obama tells us we can not insult Mohammad and Shaw tells us we can not insult McCain. Two of a kind.”

- “McCain is worthless and to defend him is to make things worse for the right than they already are. I’m tired of people defending a guy that should have been gone a long time ago.”

- “Support McCain? Romney? Rubio? Or support the guy who is paying lip service to an ignored AND SOLD OUT constituency!”

- “If they bring a gun, you bring a New Yorker. Trump is not the problem. The problem is the Republican Party’s support for illegal alien amnesty. Comprende?”

- “The anger from the GOP establishment towards Trump is an elaborate ruse, they enjoy him talking about illegal immigration?”

- “When there is no leadership within the Boehner/McConnell/Priebus GOP, candidates like Trump happen. Reap what you Sow, GOP.”

- “This has to be most pathetic piece I have read from Jazz Shaw. Full of wishful thinking, projection and poorly concealed hatred. It is obvious Shaw was waiting for an opportunity to unload his venom.”

- “The party is about to die. Deaththrows are always screaming about the inevitable. Ain’t that right Jazz?”

- “McCain used up all his Hero Chits. Senility is no excuse to lie & screw the US!”

- “Contain your outrageous outrage Jazz, this isn’t the bone you’re hoping for to pee on Trump’s parade. It may happen, but speaking the truth isn’t going to knock Trump out.”

- “This is just simply emotional manipulation, to either block Trump from the debates, or at least slow down his momentum, so they can get back to business as usual.”

- “When will Jazz Shaw apologize for his dishonest use of quotations in the headline above and correct his error? Why didn’t Jazz Shaw embed the video or include a direct link above to it?”

- “Pull the knives out of your backs. Look at them carefully. None of them say “Trump”. “McCain” on the other hand…”

- “The GOP establishment has it’s collective panties in a bunch because their standard barer, McCanIjoinwiththeDemocratsonemoretime, has been called out for being a RINO!”

- “Sargent York was a war hero. Audie Murphy was a war hero, John McCain was a victim of circumstances. (And likely a lousy pilot).”

- “Eff McShame. There’s my contribution.”

- “How did Juan McCain vote on bills that contained funding for Obama Care and Planned Parenthood? How did he vote on the CROMNIBUS bill?”

- “McCain not so much. He delights in being a “Maverick” when it means stabbing conservatives in the back. I’m not so sure this will hurt Trump as much as RINOs and the GOP elite hope.”

- “Way to be objective Jazz. I did hear that the Huffington Post is hiring.”

- “Jazz Shaw is a shameless RINO hack. The truth means nothing to him as long as he can use an opportunity to smear an enemy of the establishment.”

- “This has to be the most dishonest and politically corrupt HotAir piece ever published. But I am sure his masters at Salem will look the other way, once again.”

- “Jazz has his position and he’ll stick with it, regardless of the facts.”

- “McCain’s “heroism” has been exaggerated for years. He was a terrible pilot who got shot down by third-class Vietnamese air defenses who should have washed out as an undergrad in Annapolis and then again in flight school except his father was an admiral.”

- “Excuse me jackass jazz if you are a vet then you would know that McAmnesty and Kerry hampered investigations into potential live POWs – including belittling their families back in 1992.”

- “Shaw – eat dirt.”

- “At some point, I stopped pretending to care about which party will shred my freedoms and raid my wallet. How’s a Republican majority working for ya in the Congress?”

We won’t lie – we cackled while reading those… and a quick side note:

“Dear assholes at Hot Air – and especially Jazz Shaw and his fuck-headed-retard-life-mate Allahpundit:

We strongly recommend you get the hell off the stage somewhere in between the “hurling of rotten fruit” and “the mob hanging you all from the neck until dead” part of the show. It’s not that we really give a fuck if you live or die, but it would be a shame if the janitors had to mop up the shit that dribbled all over the floor as you two idiots kicked at the air while choking to death. We think sanitation and janitorial staff do a lot of hard work, and they don’t deserve being forced to clean up your putrid leavings.

The Folks Tired of Your Myopic Shilling

We’d pay money to see what Reince Priebus is getting up to about right now… well… after he changes his $750.00 silk boxers.

Update I: Welcome Hildabeast Supporters.

OHGODMAKEITSTOPMYEYESIt would seem we’ve picked up a ping or two from the pro-moonbat brigade. How very endearing… and flattering – in the same sense that a proctologist complimenting you on your tidy colon is “flattering.”

That said, it’s good to know our assaults on the Neo-Con establishment have risen to the point they’re now propaganda fodder for DemonRat water-carriers. We’ll take it to mean the tincans are doing more than pop some of the SSN Repubicon’s rivets.

Fair warning – don’t think us your comrades Prog-Nazis. Not if you know what’s good for your pathetic agenda. You’re Morgoth’s alpha minions. The Elite wreckers. You will find no comfort or aid here – for when we dream, we imagine the Orcs dangling from gallows lining Mordor’s streets – and the Uruk-hai have a place of honor amongst them.

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Bill Quick: “They’ll Tell You Who They Fear Most.”

Bill Quick over at Daily Pundit has a breakdown of the current Trump “fiasco” tearing the festering scab from the GOP’s internecine war:

“For decades, disgruntled and increasingly angry base Republicans have marched off to the polls and cast their ballots for crap sandwiches they could barely stomach, because, well, the only other choice was a Democrat, and they would rather not vote at all than do that. This is also why the charge “if you don’t vote for our crap sandwich, you’re voting for a Democrat” resonated so strongly. It’s a lie, of course, but it sounds plausible if you don’t think about it too hard.”

“And then…along comes Trump. And the Gentry find themselves staring in horror at the icy prospect of an answer to their challenge: Who are you going to vote for, if not our guys?”

“We’re going to vote for Donald Trump, that’s who!”

“That’s what it is about Donald Trump that’s driving them insane with terror. And it shows.”

“Nor does it help matters any that Trump has chosen to plant his battle flag right in the heart of the biggest issue driving the Gentry GOP and their donors: open borders and scamnesty.”

“They see Trump as an existential threat, and they are right to do so, because that is exactly what he is, if he chooses to be. And I expect him to choose to be.”

“You don’t think the Whigs are going to die because they suddenly decide to just fade away, do you? No, something or somebody is going to have to kill them.”

“Maybe it will be Trump.”
- Bill Quick

Read the entire post HERE.

Trump is an expression of outrage.

We’re convinced the balance of Weasel-hair supporters couldn’t recite fifteen of his policy positions if their firstborn’s life banked on it. Why? Because he’s the product of well-earned belligerent fury and reflexive revulsion at a party of sellouts. These folks are pissed off at a feckless Republican Legislature and body politic who promised and never delivered – despite having the muscle to do so. 2014 was essentially the year the Republican party went full-frontal-Whig. It’s become readily apparent to “the base” their votes matter as much as any Greek’s. They’ve been cast aside, ignored and told “shut up hobbits.” Year in and year out, the RePubicans offered their followers a choice between shit sandwiches and DemonRats, and now… they’re fatally vulnerable to demagoguery and other types of opportunism.

Get the popcorn kids. This is gonna be epic as the wheels come off.

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“RESPECT” is Dispensed at the Business End of a Sword

Cultural respect is earned – not given.

The elites who own America only respect – also known as “fear” – cultures clutching their beliefs fervently enough to kill, destroy and\or disrupt the normal social order to advance them. Other, less dogmatic people, are nothing more than serfs – to be brushed aside with no fear of complications or retaliation. Surface nuisances to be disregarded and laughed at within the ranks of “proper company.”

If you and the members of your culture are unwilling to be uncivil – and (GASP) even extremely violent – in defense of your values, then you patently don’t hold them dearly – and your belief structure deserves to be ground underfoot by those willing assert their will at the point of a sharp stick.

Oh… you voted for your favored false paradigm last election…. and you gave some money with pay-pal… bitched on Reddit some… and then signed an internet petition… how sickeningly sweet… how delightfully and wholly… useless.

Yeah that’s right – all that pretty much means jack shit. Such supplicance will be weighted by the gentry every bit as much as it deserves to be.

The people destroying your culture are not scared of using coercion, violence, abusing authority and employing the full might of the regulatory state to obliterate you and your fellow “terrorists.” (Their words, not ours). If you’re unwilling to meet and exceed that violence level, then your culture is unfit, unworthy of existence and deserves its rapidly approaching death.

Force and only force – is met with deference. You disagree constant reader? Do such notions rest poorly with your coddled 18th-place-trophy-winning-upbringing? By all means… prove the contrary… go find us a recent main-stream US newspaper with an uncensored Mohammad cartoon gracing it’s innards. Go on… take your sweet time… we’ll wait here patiently… while you busily prove our point.

This world is ruled by the unfettered. It always has been. Yes, even the deified founders – who’d happily spit on any society too callow to wage battle in defense of their dearest notions. Middle class white America’s propensity to “turn the other cheek” is garbage foisted by schools and churches – and horse shit of the highest order – (with no basis in scripture, reality or even common sense).

You want your beliefs? Fucking act like it. Bleed for them. Make others bleed for them. Destroy for them. If you won’t wage war with every tool for your ideals… then settle down like supplicant little peasants, pay your taxes and the whole while… relish your chains. Bow down and accept your cultural death sentence.

The people who forged this country responded to assaults on their culture and liberty by putting musket balls into the bastards tyrannizing them. By sinking East India Trading Company ships in harbor. By burning down warehouses belonging to Lloyd’s of London. By the assassination of British parliamentarians. By burning the homes and farms of Tories. They took the war not just to the government assaulting their culture, but to its supporters, businesses and the corporations backstopping the regime.

They did all this. They bled. They killed. They suffered. They destroyed. They died – many pointlessly and without a shred of glory. But they won because of their willingness to upend the entire Goddamned social order… their reward was respect in accordance with the dear price paid – and more importantly… the toll born by their enemies.

How will we show our worthiness to inherent a land bought at such a price?

Update – Some Additional Tips From Daily Pundit:

SteveF over at Daily Pundit had some noteworthy additions, re-posted in full – because they are important:

“I’d add just three things:”

“First, not everyone has it in them to fight, kill, and die. They can support — materially support, not simply tweeting a hashtag — the people who do go out and fight. If nothing else, starve the beast. Leviathan requires huge amounts of tax dollars to go on. Cut your income (or at least your reported income) and thus your income taxes. Work barter deals where you can.”

“Second, if you do fight Leviathan, be smart about it. Shooting a cop on the street or trying to punch one of the cops who just knocked down your front door is counterproductive.”

“Third, whether or not you fight directly, whether you work solo or get in a group, by all that is holy to you, do not write a manifesto! Have you ever read those things? There’s a reason that everyone thinks that anyone who writes a manifesto is a pathetic knob. Don’t be a pathetic knob!”
- SteveF

Click HERE to visit his website.

As Concerned American is fond of saying…. “Resist… however you can.”

But by God… resist damn it!

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The Gauntlet is Thrown – Come and Make Us

Come and collect us mother-fuckers. The stinging sensation? A plate-iron glove we just smashed into you mouth…

Well now.. courtesy of Ace at Ace of Spades H.Q., we have the most recent encroachment by the loathsome and omnipresent assholes that lord over this zombie nation:

“They need look no further than a bipartisan vote of Congress that will transfer congressional power to the Executive Branch and, in turn, to a transnational Pacific Union and the global interests who will write its rules.”

“The same routine plays out over and again. We are told a massive bill must be passed, all the business lobbyists and leaders tell how grand it will be, but that it must be rushed through before the voters spoil the plan. As with Obamacare and the Gang of Eight, the politicians meet with the consultants to craft the talking points–not based on what the bill actually does, but what they hope people will believe it does. And when ordinary Americans who never asked for the plan, who don’t want the plan, who want no part of the plan, resist, they are scorned, mocked, and heaped with condescension.”
- Jeff Sessions

Click HERE to read it all.

These abuses and insults go far beyond WeepyCheeto or the entire Neo-Whig party, (which is rotten to it’s statist core). The problem is as systemic as it is terminal. The new reality is, it’s now a contest of wills – WE THE PEOPLE v.s. the entire unified federal government caste. They all pursue the same objective – eating out our wealth and subjugating our liberties to their good graces – the only arguments left between RePubican and DemonRat gentry is which side of the Constitution they mean to obliterate first.

Voting has produced nothing but ruin. The courts have utterly and willingly failed in their mission. The regulatory state has not only miscarried it’s alleged responsibilities, but transformed into an agent of tyranny. Only one cold, harsh truth remains – Representative government in the United States of America HAS FAILED.

It’s long past time we patriots, we lovers of freedom, deal with this disease via the measures prescribed by the prescient giants proceeding us. The time for discourse and voting is FINISHED. It is no longer time to avail ourselves of soap boxes and ballots. The hour calls for abject, utter and total disobedience - and by God, should the tyrannical oppressors infesting every crevice of the United States Federal Government mean to FORCE compliance, then constant readers, let them reap WAR.

You’re familiar with the phrase “come and take it” – yes? Here is a new one for the patriot lexicon:


This is your new stock response to the slithering coils of our illegitimate and unaccountable task-masters. Tell them, “Send your thugs and and MAKE us relent. Bring arms and tanks – tear free the velvet glove obfuscating your metal hand. Absent naked force, we’ll ignore, lampoon and merrily make a mockery of your farcical regime until it combusts.” (Following that, we mean to piss on the ashes).

Take heart – should the stirred hornets descend… well then… be creative. Adapt. Improvise. Craft an end to your narrative worthy of your descendant’s firelight tales. It is essential that all parties recognize liberty’s purchase price is dear – and by necessity, so too must be made it’s theft.

Come what may, we solemnly swear to not sit idle and comply with our increasing slavery. Nor will we live to wear the chains of cattle and dogs.

We know we have your eyes… go ahead…. pass your legislative tyrannies, for we revoke your mandate, and laugh at your foolishness, greed and evil. You’ll get no more compliance now than you can force at bayonet point – and we assure you, even that will be sorely contested before this ends.

Come and make us you sons-of-bitches.

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They’re Grinding Us Down on the Wet-Stone

Bill Quick of Daily Pundit has some observations that mirror our mood as of late:

“I think it’s now become obvious that a majority of Americans no longer value liberty – or at least, value it as highly as the do any number of other things – like safety, security, entitlements, Big Daddy/Nanny government, other people’s money, their right not to be offended, their right to enforce their religion(s) via the state on those who don’t share their beliefs, their right to steal from their offspring to fund their fripperies today – any number of things.”
- Bill Quick

Read the entire piece HERE.

We ain’t in the mood to argue with Bill’s caricature of the American Sheeple. That said, we don’t intend shuffle off this mortal coil quietly. Or alone for that matter. We’re gonna push, support other pushers, finance, pick, prod, mock, provoke, fight and eventually die – with smiles on our faces. (And God willing… surrounded by piles of our enemies}.

As Emperor Misha would say… there are worse things than an Honor Guard as you march triumphantly into Valhalla.

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Snitches Get Stitches

It came to our attention via Lenore Skenazy of Reason Magazine that some busy-bodied-Ned-Flanders-wannabe nazi-neighbor took it upon themselves to sic the pigs on a family for the unspeakably horrid crime of “leaving their ELEVEN year old son in their backyard.

All by himself.

Yeah constant readers, you read that correctly – the “law,” (a farcical descriptor if ever there was one), is now charging the parents with a felony. When it comes to unmitigated bullshit of this magnitude, we here at DETH H.Q. like to peruse the article comments – to better canvas the mob’s general mood. (After all… when the time comes to grab the pine tar, we not only want front-row seating, but plan to have Piña coladas on standby – while selling “commemorative nooses” from a re-purposed hot-dog cart.)

The poster who initially caught our eye was fairly up-front, if uncreative:

“I’d kill any neighbor that made a phone call to the police for this.”
- Judge Chipper

Killing is one way to handle this catastrophe we suppose. After all, we are pro-liberty ’round these parts, and God-forbid we rub another man’s rhubarb. That said, we’ll offer that “murder,” (beyond simply being dreadfully trite), really fails to give our villain a proper dessert – and that’s the general point when you’re talking serial revenge here.

(Don’t look so shocked. The header to this joint does read “Suffering to the Conquered” – does it not?)

Now, in the interest of mental masturbation – and hypothetical thought exercises – we can imagine some ways that a genuinely aggrieved person might begin to avenge himself on the destroyer(s) of his good name, family and potentially livelihood.

For example…

- One might wait for the snitch(s) to go away on a trip, and then knock a small hole in the basement window. Tenderly feed said neighbor’s garden hose through the aperture and turn it on.

- Roofing nails scattered sparingly about a driveway and lawn can be problematic for cars and mowers alike.

- Round-up lawn art – get in touch with your inner Rembrandt.

- Weed-seed… er… uh… we mean… “wildflowers” for their garden/flowerbed. The cheapies from the dime-store work, but the really noxious stuff you hand pick – like Knapp-weed buds – are golden.

- Girdling the bases of trees and saplings can make a point and put a dent in the snitch’s pocketbook. Such activities are also quiet and easy to accomplish.

- It’s a shame when accidents happen. Like when a beloved family pet accidentally encounters a sirloin marinated in anti-freeze.

- We’ve noticed there are numerous foods possessing obscenely destructive properties when quietly placed overnight on a parked car. Google is more than happy to provide ideas.

- A Leatherman stabbed into a vehicle’s oil filter is an exceptional way to make a point. (No pun intended).

- Sugar in the gas-tank is an oldie but a goodie. (Or just puncturing the gas tank for that matter).

- Speaking of sugar, why not gift them a few 5lb bags around the foundation – to help feed the starving ants and/or other long-suffering creepy-crawlies.

- Superglue applied to door locks, switches, doorbells, and outdoor light sockets is a worker of divine miracles. Add to expensive windows and utility boxes for bonus points.

Those are just a few hypothetical brain-drippings we gloamed onto while mulling various coercive-community-building-exercises. Consider it a spring board to begin concocting your own personalized flights of fancy. Above all else, be creative, keep legal counsel on retainer and never, ever, under any circumstances, boast – especially on the internet – until the statute of limitations is up.

We pride ourselves on being educators and enablers after all.

Use your creative impulses to help gabby neighbors understand that phrases like “snitches get stitches” can also be translated as “snitches find a hole burned through the engine block of their car with homemade thermite.”

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We’ve Known For Years Bill…

…we didn’t get upset then, and we’ve no intention of getting peevish now.

Bill Quick of Daily Pundit was pressured by one of his constant readers into coming out of the closet this weekend.

To us here at DETH H.Q. it’s been very obvious Bill was gay for years. Lots of little clues made it very transparent over the near decade we’ve been following his writing:

For example, Bill’s stubbornness when it came to fleeing his San Francisco virtual-ghetto. The entire state of California is an assault on his most cherished principles, and it was quite apparent something was keeping him there beyond the fear of cold weather. A bit of snow is bad and all… but a daily rape of one’s core principles has to be damn near intolerable. It reminded the Mrs. and I of the reason our oldest son continues to stay in Des Moines, despite the city revolting him – He’s got a wife and children he cherishes, and he tolerates the noxious city out of love for them. Caring deeply for another person is one of the few things that can haul someone through the worst pits of hell.

Of course there were other tells – we always noticed there were multiple place settings when Bill would show off the gourmet meals he’d conjured, and we’d picked up evidence of another person in his various town-house photos. And just the state of the place itself – Brother Hemp runs a bachelor pad, has for decades. We know all too well what a man-cave looks like. (Don’t ask us to delve too deeply into the indescribable horrors we’ve encountered). Casa-del-Quick looks to our eyes like a well tended home. A family home.

The greatest clue however, has been Bill’s passionate support of gay rights. This is well north of his usual wall-banging – and that’s nothing short of impressive. It is a fervor that can only be inspired by intimate personal involvement. We know full well that level of attachment, and understand it by knowing our own personal bugbears and hobgoblins – and how we react to them. Some subject matter is so close to one’s heart that reflexive nuclear bombardment is not only mandatory, but thoroughly justified. These principles are so cherished that anyone attacking them – directly or tangentially – merits immediately and irrevocably dispensing both barrels of double-ought buckshot. To the face. Then a follow-up – just to be sure.

Bill Quick’s homosexuality has been highly transparent for a very long time – and to be honest, it does not appear he put any real effort to hiding the fact. He never openly advertised it, but at the same time, Bill didn’t exactly cower quivering in the closet either. Which is simply being polite. After all – mature adults don’t need to brag about “shagging the Mrs.” last night. Sex happens in relationships. It’s a given, and frankly, it’s largely unworthy of outside merit.

So, for us, the Presidential Pomeranian has been out of the bag for some time – and, our reaction was, is… and shall continue to be… nothing. Our family may be devout Christians, but who the hell are we to chuck boulders? Know this: Every damn one of us wallows in all manner of sin daily. Any self-righteous “fundie” barking otherwise needs to spend some serious time absorbing rather than “reciting” the scripture they claim to hold dear. We believe the operating phrase is “let he without sin cast the first stone” Near as we can tell, not one human strutting around on the face of this damn rock meets the sniff-test on that one.

The nuts and bolts of the matter is, nobody is going to be one-hundred percent lock-step in agreement on every ideological issue. Ever. But William T. Quick stands true on the all the ones that matter most to us. Personal liberty, guns, economic freedom and the grinding of statists into dust. He’s consistent, rational and one of the few truly open minded people left. He questions authority.

To all of you who’d screech “SODOMITE!” and stamp indignantly into the sunset – we ask you this: Would a nation based upon the principles Bill espouses be a horrible place for liberty loving patriots?

You’d have to be intellectually dishonest in the extreme to say “NAY.” (Not to mention borderline schizophrenic if you dare call yourself a disciple of the founder’s principles).

Make no mistake on this constant readers – we are in an existential battle for our beliefs. To begin hollowing out our ranks now… before a single angry shot has been fired, is folly. Especially over trivialities such as this. Let God sort out God’s business – he’ll have words for the entire lot of us before this shit is done. We have foam-mouthed fucking Prog-Nazi’s and their free-shit-army to deal with, and we here at DETH H.Q. will have words with anyone looking to stir up shit amongst the proven soldiers of liberty.

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The Cops are Confused… “Why do people hate us…”

Ahhh poor babies…

The cops are upset to learn people hate them:

“Cruickshank and other law enforcement advocates worry that what they see as an anti-cop climate is killing morale in police departments of every size. “It’s demoralizing to read about the misguided anti-cop gibberish spewing from those who take their freedoms for granted.” Cruickshank said.
- Fox News

We just LOVE the implication here that our “pigs” are somehow responsible for protecting our freedoms. That’s just fucking precious. Really. It’s sort of like watching a retard attempting to chew his way into a tin of peaches. Except that… you know… a group home reject is… well… retarded, so he just doesn’t know any better. The cops damn well understand they don’t do jack and/or shit to ensure, safeguard or protect our “freedoms.” We do that ourselves you blue-bellied jackholes. You’re just around to clean up the blood and hunt down the criminals smart enough to make tracks before the lynch mob shows up. Or you’re supposed to be anyways.

Some other folks from around the net had some less than candid rebuttals as well.

Karl Denninger of “The Market Ticker” Replies:

“I fear being violated at least as much by rogue police officers as I do by some random thug, and if the cops do it I know damn well that other police officers will either intentionally “forget” what they saw or actively lie to protect the lawless behavior that their “brothers in blue” have committed against me.”

“That’s the difference, you see — if some thug assaults me he won’t have literally thousands of other thugs lying, planting evidence on me and fabricating claims that have no foundation whatsoever in an attempt to justify his lawless behavior. No, he’ll act and stand alone and that at least gives me a fighting chance to prevail.”

“With a thug I face just the thug, or at worst the thug and his couple of friends that he has with him. With the cops, when they kidnap children as they did with the so-called “free range” parents, seducing said kids to get in their car and then lie to them, or when they arrest a man without cause and then shackle him and cause him to die in the back of their van, or when they falsely arrest a man and then sodomize him with a broom handle those victims of armed criminal activity by the police have to face the entire gang of magical blue costume-wearers nationwide at once. Every last one of them comes out in support not of the person who had his or her rights violated but rather they support those who did the violating, up to and including lying about what happened, in some cases planting, manufacturing or doctoring evidence in an attempt to excuse that lawless behavior.”
- Karl Denninger

Do you think the cops – who are NOT required to protect you or your property, (by supreme court edict) – are starting to grok why so many hate them yet?


Us neither.

Maybe, if a few hundred more get shot in the face, blown up, or bushwhacked in their homes they will begin to understand what’s happening. This societal loathing of Law Enforcement is not simply about race, income disparity, or “speeding tickets.” It’s the abuse, the lack of accountability and the way our entire legal system applies an iron fist to the serfs, and the kiddie-gloves to it’s stasi. It’s common understanding that, unless a hog’s crime is vicious beyond words and/or recorded, there is no substantive penalty when it comes to killing, stealing, framing or destroying whatever property they want.


(Dear Police Apologists: Paid vacation is not “punishment.”)

Karl Continues:

“If the cops want to know where this “war” came from they declared it decades ago against the population and they’ve prosecuted that war with impunity replete with lies, assault, battery, forcible sodomy with objects and even murder, including throwing bombs into a baby’s crib. It is only the presence of myriad cameras and other documentary devices that they cannot control or prevent from being used that has finally brought the scope and frequency of these acts, along with the intentional and outrageous nationwide cover-up and lying that inevitably takes place when one of these incidents occurs to the public eye and plastered it where nobody can ignore it.”

“The police have destroyed their own credibility and it is through no one else’s fault but their own that it has occurred. Decades of rampant and outrageous abuses, selective enforcement of laws against certain people, planting and falsifying evidence, lying both in court and out and more are all acts that are “unforced” and a matter of choice.”

“That the public has finally began realizing that “Officer Friendly” no longer exists and hasn’t for decades, but rather the cops have become an armed gang of thugs and is waking up to the fact that cooperation and respect is no longer a viable strategy is, in my view, fully and fairly earned — a record that stretches back at least fifty years.”
- Karl Denninger

Read the entire article HERE

The coppers have sown the wind with their malfeasance. Now, they reap the whirlwind. The same thing happened in Spain, Greece, Argentina, Mexico, and a host of other failed states over the last several decades. Corrupt police abused their power. The citizenry withdrew consent, and deliberately fed them to the wolves. Justice and desert will be had one way or another – if the civil forms are corrupted beyond use, the peasants will revert to older, less gentle redresses of grievance.

Maybe the pigs will figure it out before the burn barrels appear… not that we’d be particularly bothered if they can’t. They say “pain is a good teacher.” Sometimes however, death is a better one.

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Twenty Rules To Live By as America Goes to Hell

So us menfolk were laying about after planting “the alleged” garden, and we meandered into a discussion regarding the continuing fall of western civilization. Now, Brother HempRope, (what with his being serially addicted to regimentation and organization), suggested we cobble together some ground-rules for “the end of polite American culture.” Naturally, a few hours and about twelve Boulevards later, a loose set of guidelines began to emerge – scattered musings on dealing with a world where society has failed, and ruin seems not only likely, but virtually unavoidable.

Some of our laws might be a tad stale, derivative, or even shamelessly plucked from the brain drippings of other older, wiser chaps, whom we just can’t place, (or we’d credit them). So be it – it’s not like humanity has kicked forth a truly novel idea since some intrepid cave-dweller strapped logs to a large rock anyways.

Twenty Rules To Live By as America Goes to Hell:

1: Be as self sufficient as possible without endangering folks or making life unnecessarily miserable.
2: Avoid crowds. Crowds are magnets for all manner of trouble.
3: Build a cushion – then one can choose when and where to interact with others.
4: Plan first, consider carefully, adjust and only then do.
5: Have a contingency plan.
6: Create a backup for the contingency plan.
7: Always have reserves in a different venue. Always.
8: Practice regularly with everything you might one day depend on.
9: A person can know a lot – but can’t master everything. They’ll need tribe to cover the gaps.
10: Do not bring a knife to a gun fight.
11: Never shoot a threat in the face when you can shoot it in the back. From 500 yards away.
12: In a life or death struggle, never employ half measures.
13: There is no shame in fleeing danger.
14: Even in the worst of times, humans covet trinkets, toiletries, cosmetics and entertainment.
15: The constabulary is not your friend. Never involve them in a situation willingly.
16: Always have a reasonable lie and supporting evidence for anything you’re getting up to.
17: Pay attention to your surroundings. Notice the little details.
18: When in Rome, look, smell and act like the locals. Don’t stand out. Don’t gawk.
19: Nothing you own is worth dying for. Get it back later, on your terms.
20: One only calls the end of the world right once. Everything else costs credibility needed when the balloon really does go up.

Life is a buffet – take what you want constant readers, toss the scraps to the dogs.

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