Just a Quick Note on Where the PIGS Stand…

This one’s to all of you retard “go-rah-rah-rah-the-boys-in-blue-got-our-backs” shitheads mulling around Cluelessville:

Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit has been calling attention to the state sponsored SWAT raids in Wisconsin – attacks that were in no way provoked by illegal activity… or even the suspicion there-of. Crime-less home invasions which were nothing more than premeditated attempts to revenge support and chill funding for Governor Scott Walker.

Please take careful note of two things being missed by everybody covering this:

1: There is absolutely zero meaningful distinction between these assaults and the sort carried out by the Nazis when they were first rising to power. This is not “sort of how it started.” This is not “somewhat reminiscent.” This is “step-for-fucking-step” exactly how this Goddamned shit went down in the 1930s.

2: The Para-military-wannabe-pigs, with their skinhead “Aryan-power” trims, were more than eager to do as instructed – Constitutionality, laws, and basic human decency be damned. When the order came to trample serfs, the Cops were quite happy to kick in doors and terrorize the absolute shit out of completely innocent people. In fact, based on the eyewitness accounts, the police took no small amount of glee in the pain and trauma they were inflicting:

“In Wisconsin, citizens had cops bust into their homes with battering rams. Property was taken from their homes, in full view of the neighbors — and in some cases officers mocked them. Then the citizens were told that they could tell nobody about what had happened. If they did, they could go to jail.”
- Patterico

The truth is, the Police are the praetorian guard of the Gentry caste. When they are directed to put the serfs in line, they will do as their masters bid. They won’t question orders, and most, like good little attack dogs, will quite relish the grief they dispense.

Do not forget this lesson. Ever. Do not rely on the cops to protect liberty or rights. Do not call the pigs to protect life and property. Do not report crimes to hogs, they exist to enforce the edicts of those granting their marrow, not to suffer the petty grievances of proles. Never involve yourself with these soulless assholes under any circumstances – to do so is to court ruin and potentially bring death into your household.

The police are the mortal enemy of free-thinking people, who of their own volition serve the enemies of liberty-loving-patriots. The only distinction between cops and any other street-gang is that the average hood-rat just might see jail time for callously murdering children. Expect no such accountability for the police-state’s enforcers.

May the goons, their dearest and their masters get every single thing the have have earned in life.

Update I: The Patriots Sound Off.

Some folks are noticing all the implications of this thuggery:

Creeping Totalitarianism Report – Francis Porretto

“A number of the bloggers who entered the fray around the time I did have gone silent or near to it. Consider Mike Hendrix and Emperor Misha, two old favorites of the DextroSphere. Several others have gotten by mostly on reposts. I miss their regular emissions, but I can understand the trend. We’re tired. We’re getting old. And we’ve been repeating ourselves rather a lot. That’s what happens when outrage follows outrage with neither redress nor remorse. We’re still angry, but we’re beginning to feel that there’s little point to continuing on. And we dislike to think we’re huddled in an otherwise empty room, with no one listening to us but one another.”
- Francis Porretto

Read his entire article HERE.

This Isn’t Going to End Well – Emperor Misha

“A people’s quiescence is only assured for as long as they have faith in justice being done. When that faith is removed, they will seek their own justice. And they will find it. Just ask any tyranny in the world. Ask the Soviet Union. They had 70+ years of practice in how to hone the iron fist and had gotten quite good at it. Except you can’t, can you? They’re not around any more.”
- Emperor Misha

Read it all HERE.

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Well WE’LL Say it Then Damnit…

LC IB CiSSnarl5.7 over at The Anti-idiotarian Rottweiler noticed the death of that horrible crone Sara Brady over the past weekend. In response he posted:

“It’s hard to comment on something of this nature. The old adage of not speaking ill of the dead, among others comes to bear.”
- LC IB CiSSnarl5.7

That’s very polite of you. Well sir, fear not – WE will happily shit in the mouth of her still steaming corpseand sleep like little baby bunnies nestled in a haybale after the deed.

You see, we’re the sort who:

A: Carry a grudge.

B: Are unwilling let a little thing like “dying” stop us from giving our candid opinion of a freedom hating fucking Nazi that spent the lion’s share of her useless, miserable, harpy-like existence trying to suck away our liberty like the good God-damned hell spawned vampire she was.

So fuck you Sarah Brady. Fuck you now, fuck you in the past and fuck you forever. Fuck your life’s work. Fuck your offspring, fuck your dead rolling bag of horse-shit husband and most especially, fuck your crusade again – for the spite of it.
You were a hideous gargoyle – and then you aged, withered like a spoiled fruit, and became TRULY horrible to behold. You were the Helen Thomas of Prog-tard weapons confiscation.

We hope you died knowing that your life’s work has failed – we will never comply with your totalitarian dreams of citizen disarmament. Firearm ownership is at levels never seen before. Your cause has only served to ignite the nation into a weapons buying frenzy the likes of which not witnessed since the 1850′s. Hundreds of millions of guns sold – all thanks to you and your like minded, jack-boot wearing stormtroopers. Congratulations on destroying everything you vainly pined for you Hitleresque old shrew – raggedy old Moonbats like you put the “UNT” in Cunt.

Speaking of your death, it is our hope that it was unspeakably horrible – may it have been filled with hours of agony, terror and sadness. It is additionally our sincerest wish that you suffered every indignity and humiliation under the rainbow as you rotted away in that hospital – perforated with tubes, plugged into enough machines to mortify Anakin Skywalker and wallowing in a puddle of your own feces.

Good riddance to a bad, bad, BAD sack of trash – our Constitution sincerely thanks you for dying you execrable shrewbag - as do we. Croaking was the one solitary decent thing you ever did in the whole of your pathetic life.

You’re not even worth tracking down to piss on your tombstone.

Roast well you awful harridan.

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Voting will NOT Fix What Ails the United States

Over the last several days, a great many folks took quite the sucker-punch when it became common knowledge that both Scott Walker and Ted Cruz hold a stance on King Barry’s amnesty that’s all but indistinguishable from good ol’Jebster. If we could harness the collective wind sucked from people’s sails, we’d be able to power a faster-than-light spacecraft.

Bill Quick, of Daily Pundit had a few comments:

“Cruz is trying to finesse the issue on the head-of-the-pin qualifications about citizenship. From a GOP point of view, that may make good sense: If they aren’t citizens they can’t vote, and hence, in theory, would not upset the current political balance of power in a Democrat direction.”

“But once they are legalized, giving them citizenship will become the next great Democrat crusade, and I have no confidence in any Republicans to resist. For their own reasons – and this apparently includes Cruz as well – they believe the illegal alien horse is forever out of the barn, and unless they feed it sufficient hay, it will trample them to death.”
- Bill Quick

The powers that be – from the politicos to the bankers to the investors to the business tycoons – want cheap, shitty worker bees. The Chamber of commerce desires to offload government imposed healthcare costs back on the government. The captains of industry want cheap disposable wetbacks to pick their crops and kludge together their ocean of chip-board McMansions. The politicians want voting drones more “amicable” to statist initiatives, who will broaden the tax base enough to prop up the Social Security lie a decade or so more. Meanwhile, the financial caste, who keep the “CNBC double-plus-UN-approved-numbers” on America’s dire economic reality, view this influx of cheap slaves as a way to stave off the coming economic train-wreck a few more years.

“Either way, I’m deeply disappointed. Even the supposedly “conservative” political sites that review politicians don’t make it very clear what Cruz’s policy on illegals really is. And, bottom line, it is scamnesty.”
- Bill Quick

Sweet-jumping-Jack-flash! Why… it’s almost as if folks are being scammed! Hoodwinked! Bamboozled!

In reality, most sites and pundits lack Bill’s logic and intellectual integrity. They’ve thrown in with Ted or Scott or Jeb, and by God, they will go down swinging – facts, honesty and consistency be damned. The skinny is, most of these putative conservatives ain’t so different from the DemonRat Prog-Nazi’s they so loath. When someone like Quick stands up, and points out the stupidity of the whole sham, expect him to be attacked by the “pragmatic-adult-squad” for being a “true-con,” and “unreasonable.”

Fuck pragmatists. The Nazi’s were Goddamned pragmatists. How well did that shit work out for the western world?

“So, as I mentioned earlier today, Ted Cruz’s policy regarding amnesty for illegal aliens is essentially identical to that of all the other major GOP candidates, including Jeb Bush. What it boils down to is “Let them stay if they’re already here.” Oh, sure, there are differences – let them stay and become citizens, or bar them from that (how, once you’ve agreed they can stay), but basically, the bottom line is the same. Millions, maybe tens of millions, of illegal aliens legalized overnight.”

“Which leaves me without a candidate, if scamnesty is my unbreakable litmus test issue.”
- Bill Quick

Click HERE and HERE to read both Articles.

Disappointment beyond rage has spread about the blogosphere and amongst our kin and colleges. No grand expressions of anger or Misha-inspired literary explosions. Instead, a collective shrug – a grim realization that we are all well and truly fucked. One could hear a pin drop – the stillness a by-product of the sad peace made with a single salient fact… there is absolutely no voting ourselves out of this mess.

We here at Deth H.Q. forever swore off voting as a useful panacea for America’s illness. Partially because we view the entire system as illegitimate, and partly because the United States as envisioned is dead. The rotted visage shambling about, sucking the marrow from it’s citizens is a parody of the founders dream – corrupted, twisted, certainly not resting in piece, but no less a corpse for it.

The time is fast approaching when the citizenry will need to decide – dissolution and secession, (and every last detestable act such a divorce will entail), or meekly settling back to make the best of our chains. Neither course will be pleasant, and regardless of how we choose, the tales of what comes next will be written in tears and blood.

Prepare accordingly.

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A Reply to Sara Hoyt – Update 3-14-15

Thanks to good old Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit for the link.

This letter is in response to the article Author Sara Hoyt wrote on her website According To Hoyt, in which she requested the angry and betrayed masses composing the Republican’s voting base “hang tough” and “suffer through Vally Forge.”

What follows is our reply:

Ma’am, we like your writing, and hold you in high regard, but, we’re going to be brutally honest with you. (Because we’re candid with people we respect).

You’re out of your pretty little skull if you think we will ever give the Republican Party another hay-penny or vote after what they just did. These hucksters spent the better part of a year lying to us about their intentions and heaping layer upon layer of scorn on our cherished beliefs. The traitors campaigned on stopping illegal Amnesty and Obamacare. FULL STOP. These GOP charlatans had one. single. job. – and we empowered them in every way necessary to do exactly that. They could have done nothing. NOTHING. End of story. Nothing. They could have packed the bags, gone home, and won the day for liberty.

But no – the Chamber of Commerce would have NONE OF THAT.

Instead of winning, the Republicans not only crossed boundaries to cooperate with the Democrats, (to make brutally certain they eviscerated us ugly tea party muppets), they then collaborated with the house minority to shield Boehnor from what should have been a career ending backstab. This betrayal is 1856 bad. What you just witnessed friends, was the death of a political party – the Neo-Whig Party tore it’s wrists open – live… and in real time.

This act of throat slitting was beyond contemptible. It was beyond the pale, and nearly beyond our ability to properly express with mere words. Murderous rage given a voice. The literary equivalent of **Munch’s “The Scream.” Some things you don’t come back from Mrs Hoyt. Sometimes the damage done is irreparable. For example: Introducing twenty-million-plus Mexican statists. Congratulations – the Republican party just effectively swung Texas blue. Be patient? Suffer through? Persevere? TO WHAT END!!!! This cannot be undone!!!! This will never be FIXED! This play was for the entire game ma’am!

(We won’t even go into how badly this shredded the last tatters of our rent constitution. OK, we lied – we’ll do just that – The legislative branch, due to the willful and deliberate actions of the Republican party, just canonized Obama’s executive overreach! It’s now precedent! They gave their imprimatur to Hussein’s lawlessness! It will forevermore be used to justify scores more usurpations).

After this… after enduring the willing hate hurled at us by the establishment… you would have us… “ONE LAST TIME!” dine on grilled scat courtesy of our Republican Chefs? Ma’am… with all due respect… you are asking too much of this old man and his family. We will self-edit our true feelings on your “plan,” out of professional respect for your body of work – and the assumption that you accidentally tripped tonight and cracked your head on the tile floor. Please seek immediate medical treatment. This is looking more and more like a concussion.

Finally, we’re going to take “issue” with the whole “We are making conservative inroads into the Republican party” business. Would you please go examine who all “signed off” to allow these various travesties to even come TO a vote? Red State has the numbers – the REAL vote took place procedurally in both the house and senate. The sham votes on the actual legislation – as outrageous as they may be – were engineered to “protect” as many Republicans as possible. This whole thing was a preordained farce from the second the 2014 campaign season started. The number of RINOS, traitors, owned and black-mailed are far greater than the actual vote would indicate. (Or do we need to remind you that these “Stalwarts of Modern American Conservatism” re-coronated Boehnor as their near first official act)?

This is ruinous. We are now doomed to have our voice negated whole-cloth by an unending Tsunami of illegals, who vote reliably statist… no Ma’am. You’re trying to lead us somewhere we won’t… no… CAN’T follow you. We have honor and principle – the Republican party has neither. We cannot ever again condone these lying weasels. And frankly, that’s pretty unfair to liars and weasels. We don’t know if it’s fair to ANY word in any language really. Perhaps we need to invent one for the Republicans. Something that accurately reflects the hatred we feel towards them.

How about we settle on “OMNILOATH?”

Such is the magnitude of this betrayal that even the “We Republicans are Less Evil than the Democrats” argument fails on it’s face. From our way of seeing things, funding the ACA coupled with introducing millions of foreign voters was a blow the likes of which America has not suffered since Woodrow Wilson dismembered the Senate. Less evil? How about “Equally Evil AND Stupid?”

We are done with seeking peaceful redress of our grievances, and through looking for “President Washington.” We’re seeking our “General Washington” – and searching for him now – not in another thirty years after Google has filled is quota of H1B Visas. We’ve been convinced he’s required before we can shuffle onward to “President Washington.”

No more Ma’am. Just… no more. This is intolerable. You cannot… EVER put a Goddamned cherry on top of this shit-cream-sundae. Not with all the maraschino cherries in all the galaxies and parallel universes combined.

Update I: Bill Quick Returns Fire

Bill Quick, over at Daily Pundit has the first rebuttal to Mrs. Hoyt. (His was actually written before we shambled onto the crime scene and threw-up everywhere.)

“It is likely that since Boehner did not have enough votes to pass a clean scamnesty funding bill with just Republican votes (because the fifty or so (yes, really) actual Tea Party-style conservatives in the House were enough to block him in the party caucus) he did a deal with Pelosi that let him put the safest and most secure (and many already open) supporters of scamnesty up front to vote with the Dems to pass the scamnesty bill.”

“But there is no doubt in my mind at all that, if he’d had to, he could have pulled another 100 or so GOP votes supporting scamnesty. Because the GOP and its donor class is hell bent on getting scamnesty. Your belief in the idea that 2/3 of the GOP “held firm” betrays only naivete about how Congressional voting really works. The GOP wants scamnesty, and wants to be able to run against it at the same time.”

“So Boehner’s deal gave a lot of scamnesty supporters cover by letting them vote against it, knowing it would pass anyway.”
- Bill Quick

Read the entire article HERE.

Update II: Explaining the Point

Our resident law-hawk is attempting to hammer a logic nail through the skulls of the RINO’s over at Sara Hoyt’s place:

A view from outside this bubble and into another – we are posting this collection of article so that the establishment types and other “mature adults” can maybe grok the other side of the coin. Perhaps shamble out of their echo-chamber and into ours for a bit. Understand the disconnect at work here, and why we can no longer suffer this abuse and still live with ourselves:

World Net Daily Staff:

Red State Pundit Traversecityconservative:

Journalist Russ Hepler:

Emperor Misha I:

Author Francis Porretto:

Author Bill Quick:

Journalist Charles Hurt:

Author Mike Hendrix:

Pundit Billy Hollis:

Pundit Ace of Spades:

Pundit Herschel Smith:

Author/Gun Rights Activist Mike Vanderboegh:

Pundit James Simpson:

Journalist Matthew Boyle:

Physician/Journalist Brian C Joondeph:

These folks are not mere democrat apparatchiks, saboteurs, or coordinated lackeys (as has been insinuated). Nor are they incompetent victims of a liberal snow-job. These are intelligent and thoughtful people, who have just suffered multiple shattered vertebrae from “The Final Straw,” (TM). The abuse at the hands of Republicans has been a standard fixture for their entire lives, and they’ve had their fill of “electing staunch conservatives” only to have them turn against the “nasty hobbits” weeks or days after taking office.

Contrary to the false narrative being crafted, the consensus being reached was not the result of a sudden “angry outburst” regarding “not getting our way all the time.” It’s not a feet-kicking “temper tantrum” over one, two, three or even a dozen wounds. This anger, resentment… and now dare I say it.. hatred – is the child of countless injuries inflicted over forty or fifty years, with only the briefest and most fleeting of respites. It’s not that we didn’t get our way this time… it’s that we get our way NEVER – and as a panacea we’re instructed to vote in more R’s who loath us. (Or suffer a primary process where “our party” will happily enlist democrats if conservative primary challenges show the slightest chance of victory).

That the growing chorus of disenfranchised voters would be driven beyond the despair event horizon after such a prolonged regimen of beatings is not an indictment on their brainpower, wit or perseverance – it is in fact a monument to the levels of human suffering a people will tolerate before accepting their political system has failed them.

The true marvel is… how did they manage endure even THIS long?

Update III: Well Apparently Shit Hit the Fan.

So then…. somewhere between Friday night and Monday morning, our little dust up with Mrs. Hoyt “somehow became a thing.” Judging from the traffic we’ve had over the past three days, that last salvo must’ve been close enough to soak the flight deck.

To wit:

Sara Hoyt over at According to Hoyt had a riposte.

Emperor Misha I was roused from his Torpor over at The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler.

Bill Quick of Daily Pundit has had enough of straw-men and condescending attitudes.

Larry, the proprietor of Starving Larry has his own thoughts.

Dystopic at DecliNation picks the whole shit-show apart with some pretty in-depth thoughts.

Concerned American over at The Western Rifle Shooters Association brings the slides and puts the “P” in “pithy.” He relays the hard truth in three sentences flat.

Round and round the Gravitron goes.

We could blast out another two-thousand words, but at this point, all parties have unloaded a full broadside. The lines are drawn, and the fence sitters have either picked a team or staggered off into the sunset, as bewildered and clueless as always. Further persuasive writing exercises at this juncture are unneeded and unhelpful.

So here we are: Mrs. Hoyt and her adherents still wish to dine on the Republican Brand Shit-Sandwich. That’s their choice to make.. Those of us on team “Let it Burn,” are turning our backs on “vote-vote-land” and mulling over the concepts of “socioeconomic-collapse,” “armed-civil-disobedience,” and God help us, “revolution.”

It’s a train wreck coming no matter what. So be it.

“I aim to misbehave.”
- Firefly

It’s funny how a barking moonbat director/writer can so perfectly summarize the position of the patriot community. Apparently, our maker has a sense of humor.


PS: Mrs. Hoyt – regarding the last comment on your website – you can call our favorite Legal Beagle a great many thing. Obstinate. Pig-headed. Relentless to the point of fault. You could even correctly state J.M.B. aka HempRopeAndStreetlight has some serious anger-management-issues. (As we know only too well – some of us have been related to him for six-plus decades). What you never have our permission to call him is “Agent Provocateur.

The fact that you can’t fathom this level of rage towards the Judas Party, (you instead assume moonbat sock-puppetry), proves, (sadly), that you’re no more open minded than the average Prog-Nazi.

Enjoy your shit-burgers… and do try not to gouge out your ear-drums while plugging them and shrieking, “I CAN’T HEAR YOU!!!!!! at maximum volume.


Update IV: Give Us Liberty or Give us Death!

Bill Quick of Daily Pundit fame has a few reminders for us all:

“That cuts right to the heart of my problem with Sarah’s apparent stance – Kurt Schlicter’s, too: They seem to assume that we have lots of time – several decades – to play the long game.”

“We do not. We will not be allowed to have it. If nothing else, an unholy combination of Gentry GOP elites and Democrats will work together to deny us that time, indeed, to destroy us.”

“Well, wah. What can we do, then? Do you want a revolution?”

“Actually, if it comes to a choice between a Marxist tyranny built on the ashes of the Constituition, or a violent revolution, well, I’m with the Founders, and I say that in the full knowledge that I would likely be one of the earliest corpses in the effort.”
- Bill Quick

Read everything HERE.

Careful Bill – you might be branded a “leftist agent provocateur” by the establishment republican boot-lickers and the various shrinking violets who get their delicates all twisted at the mere notion of bearing arms against an amok tyranny.


**SilverDeth EDIT 3/10/15: Special thanks to Jimmy the Saint for the correction on the creator of “The Scream.” We’ve now attributed the proper artist, and shall commence flogging “The Art Department” – who should have chimed in and corrected our dumb-shittery on the topic of classical expressionist artwork.

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Welp… We Mother Fucking Told Ya… PART INFINITY

Hat tip to Bill Quick over at Daily Pundit for the tip-off:

House Approves Clean DHS Funding Bill

The little RePubican water-carriers… betrayed again. Oh, our stars and garters, we are so shocked.

First off – to all of those “practical grown-ups” who finger-waved while we stayed home in 2008, 2010, 2012 and 2014 – suck our fucking dicks you Goddamned rubes. You puerile useful fucking idiots. You easily manipulated whimpering simpletons. Our Schaden-boners are three feet long and we fully intend to skull-fuck out a cornea. We told you morons what happens when you hoark down McScat Burgers and then pity-fuck your RINO wifebeaters: You wake up with a mouth full of shit, a black eye and missing teeth. You “pragmatic fuckholes” can now suck down the back-stab you’ve had coming, and you’ll slurp it down long and hard.

Give us a just moment… we’re going to bask in the vindication… then we’ll relish your screams of impotent rage. Why? Because frankly, we find the betrayed look on your simplistic little faces deeply satisfying – after all… we told you so. We detailed what was to come in excruciating detail. You idiots chose instead to drag your worthless RINOS and Neo-Cons across the electoral finish line – despite their open contempt for you and your beliefs. They hated every single ideal you cherish, and you propped them up anyways.

Well, your sullen cries, puny lamentations and your bitter, useless tears are now our succulent dessert. We will enjoy them for a long, long LONG time, as this nation burns to the fucking ground. We can’t save it – on no, America-that-was is thoroughly dead - only war, privation, suffering and death lies before us. (“Thems who dies will be the lucky ones!!”)

Since we’re all fucked anyways, we may as well mentally masturbate to whimpers of stupid drones who were so easily duped. Retards who were so practical they failed to see the enabling of their own decimation. So fucking cry. Cry some more for us you bastards, we want to lick the tears off your faces. Your suffering is the only Goddamned thing we have left, and by God we mean to SAVOR it:

“I’m personally done with this party.
In fact, I will vote for Democrats.
An old communist friend of mine voted for Bob Dole.”

“Why? Because this communist was convinced, inaccurately, as it would later turn out, that he would never see his dream of a communist USA via conventional politics, and therefore his hopes were pinned on outright revolution.”

“And as far as revolution, there are four words to remember: The worse, the better.”

“It is now clear that none of us will see the America we want via any kind of politics that includes the Republican Party. Ergo, they must be erased from the pages of history as quickly as possible, so that a better party can replace them.”

“So I’m now a Democrat. The worse, the better.”
- Ace of Spades

Oh poor Ace… Boo-hoo – and welcome to the fucking party pal! We like the closer too – “The worse, the better?” Ahhh… look at you go girl… you’re starting to sound like Pete over at the Western Rifle Shooters Association.

Too little, too late.

Enjoy the show – especially the comments. Oh Lord the comments. “Whigification” does not even BEGIN to describe the rube’s wrath. Again.. too little, too late. Get fucked:

• Ace of Spades – Republicans and Democrats Unite To Fund Amnesty
• Brietbart – House Approves Clean DHS Funding Bill
• Hot Gas – Cave: House Strips Provisions Opposing Amnesty
• Chamber of Commerce Propaganda Corner – Boehner: Passes Clean DHS Bill Today

(Really, do read the comments. If there had been message boards in 1856, this is what they would have looked like).

Yeah, we pretty much hate people for the willful blindness and their boot-licking, simpering normalcy bias. We loath their complete inability to comprehend the nature of this trap BEFORE if was too late to stop the conflagration. We fumed, we raged. We gave the fuck up. Then we bought the vandals kerosene and matches – “Go have fun kids!”

If we can’t fix it, we may as well make it the biggest damned bonfire in human history – something our dirt-dwelling ancestors will pass around during “the’memba time” while they hammer the marrow out of animal bones with rocks.

Update I: Misha Doesn’t Approve of Surrender Congress

His vileness speaks, at long last. Having been absent, probably in a coma induced by watching our nation’s rapid disintegration, Emperor Misha I is pissed off at the callow, feckless, worthless RePubloCrats and their surrender theater:

“And the news are ever depressing. Such as the bit about Weepy Boner and Mitch McCockless, once again, striking a deal with the Democrats to give Princess Obama everything she wants because… stuff… Remember how they used to be “oh, we can’t shut down the government by refusing to pass a budget, but the DHS funding? Oh yes, we’re going to fight, fight FIGHT on that one. To the bitter end. For America!!!” That was ages ago, of course, all of four months or so.”

“Now it’s back to business as usual with the Quisling Party willingly, nay eagerly handing the Prozi Party and their Precious Princess everything they asked for, based on a deal that was struck long ago. You know. The usual deal the Quisling Party always strikes with the Prozi Party on any issue: “We’ll have to promise to fight, then pretend to fight a bit to keep the prole idiots who keep voting for us happy, but then we’ll cave. As predictably as a Texas summer.”

“And so they did. The Quisling Party’s rich donors wanted cheap Messican slave labor, the American workers be damned, and that’s what the Quisling Party gave them.”
- Emperor Misha I

Read the entire article HERE.

In closing, Misha suggests that perhaps a $15.00-per-hour “living wage” for the illegal wetback locusts swarming over our southern border might be a good plan. It’s all going to sink anyways – we might as well fuck the Republicans and their Chamber of Commerce assmasters good and hard as we drown.

Acceptance is liberating – America is finished. The only thing of value remaining is revenge.

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The Time for Revolution is Now

We were perusing the soon-to-be-gelded interwebs when this post came to our attention:

Ladies and Gentlemen:

We have the government seizing control of the means of communication used by those not in the government [Internet], combined with powers to control or ban content on radio and television.

We have the government banning ammunition used by the majority of the populace with military experience, roughly equivalent to George III banning the .75 caliber balls used in the then absurdly common Brown Bess.

The White House claims the right, unopposed, to create and modify their own statutes administratively and to modify, or cancel laws passed by Congress at will.

The White House claims the right to, and does, spend money outside the purview of Congress and the terms of the Constitution with no appropriation or authorization. This is the reason that triggered the English Civil War, and why Charles I was beheaded. Latest example, the Treasury just admitted that they spent $3 billion on Obamacare with no authorization.

Executive Branch officials are routinely refusing to testify before Congress, and routinely refusing to produce documents under subpoena. There are no consequences to such refusals.

With the votes of Institutional Republicans, Loretta Lynch was passed out of the Senate Judiciary Committee to be the new Attorney General despite testifying in support of the right of a Democrat president to rule by decree outside the Constitution.

I offer to the Gentle Readers the concept of “Strategic Warning” – a warning that an enemy intends war or is preparing for war. If anyone has any number of contingency plans for actions in the event that the Organic Waste should impact the rotating airfoil; now is the time to make lists and check them twice.

At least we won’t have to worry about GOTV next year.
- Subotai Bahadur

The patriot Subotai is dead on the money. Consider the evidence of enemy action thus far:

- The federal government is replacing the American voters with invaders.
- The executive branch has been materially in contempt of federal court for years.
- The federal government has commenced banning rifle cartridges.
- The regulatory state has transformed into an unaccountable, all powerful entity.
- The government has seized control of the only free information source.
- The executive branch has just co-opted the power of the purse from the legislative.
- The legislative branch has willfully and deliberately surrendered it’s authority.
- The federal government has seized control of the health care industry.
- The regulatory state has been weaponized to crush peaceful challenges to authority.
- The federal government has turned a massive spy apparatus upon the citizenry.
- The executive branch refuses to curb it’s abuses of power and criminal excesses.
- State sovereignty has been obliterated.
- The regulatory state has been fully captured by those it was to govern.
- The judicial branch has been stacked with rubber stamping ideologues.
- Unalienable rights under natural law have been materially breached.

This list is by no means complete – for such is the train of usurpations that a compilation of our grievances aired in full would occupy the better part of an Oxford Dictionary. Regardless, you, our casual readers, should be groking the general damned point. The government means to have their utopia of skulls, and by God they mean for it to be theirs now.

Every possible peaceful avenue of redress has failed us. All attempts at civility met with spittle and derision. Each “compromise” answered only with churlish demands for “more.” The Rubicon has at last been crossed fellow patriots. No more compliance. No more acceptance. No more of our money and no more of our liberty. If they want our precious possessions now, they’ll have to earn them – at cost.

The government’s fools have finally rendered the law dead, just as they have rendered this nation dead. The old rules that bound us are now so much vapor and soot – so it has been openly decreed by our putative masters. But in casting off their – and our – obligations to law, they willingly and knowing surrender the protection it once afforded them. They no longer have license, they now lack mandate, and we no longer owe them fealty. The body of tyrants that was once our government is now entitled to only what treasure they can seize, what obedience they can force and what respect they can coerce with lash and blade.

Patriots… the moment for speech is finished. The time for defiance is now. Give the sons of bitches nothing more than what they can rip from your grasp – and in the name of everything just about “America-that-was,” make that transaction as dear as humanly possible.

Defy their will, deny them their weregild, seek out the like-minded and convert those sympathetic – and do so understanding that what was once your government means to make war upon you and your kin for having the temerity to oppose their iron fist.

Update I: We Like the Cut of this Man’s Jib…

SteveF over at Daily Pundit seems to have beat us to the punch by a few years.

“The US federal government has no legitimacy.”
“The US federal government now operates only by chicanery and naked force.”
“Given this, what is the moral obligation of the citizenry to support the US federal government?”
“None whatsoever.”
- SteveF

Read it all HERE.

We can’t find a single fault in logic like that. Nor would we even attempt to.

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So What’s the Deal with Zombies Anyways?

One of our constant readers, who was persistent enough to actually get through our static wall, (despite our taking great pains to be… less than…. “reachable”), had the following question:

“Given the rise in Zombie shows and games in the recent past, do you think Zombies could be a metaphor for something in our culture? Why or why not?”
- Oramak

Ahhhh The Zombie Ragnarok. A delightful bit of mental masturbation that.

Well dear sir or ma’am, in our opinion, Zombies are a blank slate – a mindless, all consuming menace that lacks any personality or innate villainous intent. This lets the viewer project whatever they want to onto them. A person describing what a zombie represents gives you insight into their particular fears and what personality characteristics they hate/admire.

One fellow will find zombies an allegory for the maltreatment humans show one another due to race, creed or religion. Another sees zombies as a metaphor for the leeches and eaters in community running amok in a crisis – the grasshoppers overrunning the anthill so to speak. Still others will imagine them as a symbolism for a society that crushes creativity and individuality in favor of conformity of thought and action. The mummified brain-eaters are the perfect allegory machine for whatever the viewer wants to love/hate about the human condition. An empty canvas coupled with a human mind that loves to fashion a narrative equals a personalized yarn that mostly tells itself.

Zombie fads are additionally a manifestation of people rebelling against constraints. Boxes placed around them by society, family, co-workers, adulthood, reality, etc, which a “zombie Armageddon” would effectively destroy. Inhibitions could be dropped, baser urges indulged – dead rising makes for a pleasurable bit of narcissistic daydreaming. (Since fantasy is divorced from the actual painful, hungry, frightened and cold reality that accompanies the total collapse of all civility, morality and morays).

“Wouldn’t it be cool to be Rick Grimes!?!” you exclaim.

In our opinion… for roughly… twenty or so odd minutes… until something or someone actually fights back and injures you. To top off your now festering wound, a torrential downpour commences. Being a good boyscout, you quickly seek shelter amid the overturned shelves and rubbish of the local Walmart, which just so happens to be devoid of useful goodies like antiseptics, painkillers and food. Did we mention sleeping two hours a night in the chill of a burned out big box store kinda sucks? Things look up after a bit… you stumble upon a can of Gourmet Fancy Feast – which you gleefully hammer open with a rock. Shortly thereafter, you quickly begin to miss toilet paper.

Finally, a zombie horde provides a fanciful place where pioneers, frontiersmen, warriors and adventurers can have real value to society again. In our increasingly urbanized world, there is less and less place for the rugged individualist, the alphas and sigmas, the scouts and the woodsmen. The rough handed laborer. These sorts of burly men are marginalized – their physical assets and skills are not well suited to the maneuverings of a pacified, gentry society. In the fantastic world of zombieland however, the roughneck’s mindset, and what they know about building, sufficiency and survival again become useful, (dare we say, indispensable?), to a culture which has done it’s level best to discard them.

PS: All that and… well… sometimes people just like to flip off the light upstairs, slouch in a recliner with some popcorn and watch a generic hero gleefully club through a shambling pack of mindless monstrosities with a cricket bat.

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Observing Disinterestedly from the Bleachers as the Wall Tumbles

As we sit here, divvying up our freshly acquired aumunition dump, (fuck you very much BATF Jackboots), we can’t help but find ourselves bored shitless by constant droning of the various suicidal cheerleaders pimping The Evil and Stupid parties:

“The Iraq and Afghanistan disaster is all Bush\Cheney’s fault!”

“Nu-uh… it’s Obama’s incompetence that made it all fall apart!!!!”

“No no no no… none of it would’ve been necessary if Clinton had killed Osama when he had all those chances!!”

“But Daddy-Bush started that whole mess over there when he didn’t finish Desert Storm!!!”

“Pfffft – if Regan had not been arming up the Taliban and training them as insurgents to proxy war with the Russians there would be peace!!!”

“Oh yeah? Well if Carter had not been a useless putz and let the Shaw fall, that whole region…. blah blah blah.”

Constant readers – did you ever consider that perhaps everybody is simultaneously wrong and right? Imagine for a moment that your incompetent, evil and greedy GOVERNMENT is the issue – and the responsibility for this beast might lay with that devilishly handsome chap in the mirror. Oh… we see… it’s easier to create boogeymen – to blame one matching set of fucks for what is in fact the systemic and terminal failure of this republic at it’s most basic level – that of the individual. (Not that we totally blame you – the slide-show-train-wreck has been going on since before our grandparents were born).

The American public – those not anesthetized by the “circus-of-the-week” (TM) – watch the decomposition accelerate with a sense of befuddlement and growing dread. They desperately want “a reason” for our snail-motion-collapse – they beg for a remedy. Yet, nothing staves off the empire’s fall. Civil unrest grows yearly. The wealth drains away with every quarterly report. Elections swing more and more violently each cycle. Debts scale at exponential rates. The panicked population tries to quash the “cause” of our asphyxiation – they want a clearly named foe, a single villain, a lone malefactor they might rally against to resuscitate our suffocated country.

Our media and political lick-spittles are happy to oblige.

“Deliver us!” the people shriek – and slimy tadpoles squirm from the muck, more than happy to demagogue in exchange for graft and power. Yet nothing happens – same looting, same stomping on sacred freedoms, same pointless bungled wars. Just a different class clown helming the good ship Lusitania.

The facts are obvious – America has been dead a long time. So great was her engine of creation that she’s continued decades on momentum alone – forward motion generated by giants of men, great and terrible both. The frightened citizenry know enough to see the wheels coming off, but they want an easy solution – a quick panacea to one hundred years of malfeasance and foolishness. As a result, they blame their favored enemy:

“The corporatist Neo-Cons killed America with their bloody wars for oil!”

“Stupid Prog-Nazi’s are to blame for the U.S.A.’s unsustainable public debt!”

“Dumshit LiberTardian pot tokers didn’t pick a side and now Obama won the White House!”

“Retard Sheeple plugged into their TV and video games so the Republicans own Congress!”

Everyone needs their bunyip to scare the children and blame for the malaise. Because vanquishing a single monster is the perfect achievement for a lazy, scared and mal-educated society. It’s so much easier to confront a fiction than the possibility that “our creature” is in fact a legion of faceless, nameless bureaucratic puke-weasels whom WE empowered to destroy our lives.

What if the collapse was not exclusively wrought by this or that specific idiot? Open your mind to the possibility that our doom was a collective effort. Decades of avaricious, wicked and stupid people, each yanking bricks from the gate keep, until the castle was a ruin… threatening to topple with the next prevailing breeze.

No – the failure was not a single politician, (or even a single political party). What we’re witnessing is ruin brought about by our entire government, and by sad extension, the idiot population who granted them high office. Yes, that means “us.” We the stupids – who voted “pragmatically” instead of clenching our principles. Who faltered in the face of tyranny, because, “our team is the good guys!” (Whichever Godforsaken group that happened to be). Us… who, to our eternal shame, handed off the justly warranted revolution to our next of kin.

We applied our signatures, in blood, to the contract that empowered our taskmasters. And we so graciously signed our kids into serfdom, the very way our parents bound us. Now, as our generation withers away, we leave, as our legacy, the girdled corpse of a once living nation – and all the suffering skulking in it’s shadow. This is our children’s inheritance. Damn us.

A fix you say? Sorry constant readers. If you’ve came seeking wisdom, we’ve got nuthin’ fer ya. What we can offer is this:

If there is one constant in the universe, it’s that you can’t bring back the dead. The United States of America is dead. Best be planning for the eventual funeral now – and what you’ll do in the aftermath.

Other folks certainly are. You might not care much for their intentions.

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Patriots in Washington State Rise Up – Update 02/07/15

It’s come to our attention that the patriots in Washington State are going to engage in armed civil disobedience against the tyrants in their legislature. The “Lawmakers,” (a misnomer if there ever was one), seek to disarm the people of Washington, and stifle their first, (and second), amendment freedoms. Several groups of armed American citizens, exercising their constitutionally enumerated civil rights, plan to defiantly oppose these statist edicts.

Unless the state government backs down, at a minimum, the heroes and heroines standing defiantly against petty dictators will need bail money to secure their release. We here at DETH H.Q. opened our wallets, and would ask those of you who can spare a few dollars to do the same. We are not affiliated with, endorsed by or in any way associated with the brave fighters standing up to the disgusting orcs infesting Olympia. We just know courage and conviction when we see it.

To Donate Bail Money:

(Courtesy of the WRSA)
Paypal: donations@arms-expo.com
Website: http://www.arms-expo.com/?page_id=113

We always talk, rant, rave and shake our fists impotently at the heavens about fighting the evil that consumed the formerly great nation of America. Well… Here we are. Patriots are putting their lives on the line for us. Are we gonna help these men and women out? Or are we going to sit on our asses and accept the growing tyranny around us like good little fucking serfs?


Photo Courtesy of the WRSA

Re-posted from the Western Rifle Shooters Association:

To the Citizens of Washington State and Their American Countrymen

By: The Patrick Henry Society:
Date: 2/3/15

When you woke up this morning, the last thing on your mind was probably the state of your gun rights. Maybe you own a gun, maybe you’ve never even held one. Maybe you use your gun to feed your family, shoot skeet on the weekends, or just keep in the closet for a time when you think you might need it. Some of you train with it, carry it daily, and it is simply another thing you grab in the morning along with your wallet and your keys. Whatever your familiarity with guns is does not matter. You don’t even have to like guns, don’t have to want them in your home.

There are two facts that anyone familiar with history knows:

  1. Before a regime commits horrific acts against its people, it first ensures the people have no guns to fight back with.
  2. The freedom that you live under was paid for by a group of colonists who used their guns.

The Ottomans murdered over 1 million people between 1915-1917, after passing laws disarming the people. In 1918, Russia passed the first of its own gun control laws, demanding licensing of gun owners and later banning possession of them at all. From 1929-1945, the government murdered 20 million people.

In 1928, Germany passed the Law on Firearms and Ammunition, followed by other gun laws in 1938.Once the people were disarmed, they passed the Regulations Against Jews, opening the door for the barbaric slaughter of the Holocaust.

In 1927, Nationalist China passed a law demanding government permits for gun ownership, later banning privately owned guns entirely. Between 1927 and 1949, 10 million people died.

In 1951, as Communist China, more laws were passed, and once the people were disarmed completely between 20-35 million people were murdered.

Guatemala, 1960-1981: over 100,000 people killed. Uganda, 300,000. Cambodia, 2 million. Rwanda, 800,000. The list goes on and on.

The one thing that all of these events have in common is that the government disarmed the people first. They had to. Guns allow people to refuse slavery, and stand up to tyranny. To this day, genocide and terror exist in every nation where the people are unarmed and defenseless. Perhaps you think that it would just be easier and safer if the only people who had guns were the cops and the military. Maybe you believe in the Second Amendment as an abstract concept, but really don’t see how it affects you.

Now think about how the Constitution came to be. How it is that you are an American, born under liberty. Think of the men who founded this nation. They signed their names—and in doing so, pledged their lives—to a document that in those times equaled treason. Some of them were tortured and killed for it. Joseph Warren never even lived long enough to see the freedom he gave his life to secure for you. Nathan Hale died proudly, wishing he had more than one life to give in liberty’s defense. Other men stood at Lexington, staring down a superior force without blinking. They fought with knives, and their hands…and they fought with guns.

The idea that men with guns purchased our freedom is not a debatable point; it is certain fact. Our liberty came at the cost of blood.

Why should you care about the Second Amendment? The reason is simple. Without a means of defense, you cannot say no to tyranny. What if the Jews had been armed? What if they had risen up as one, and defied the Nazis? Would the world still be seared by the remembrance of one of the greatest evils mankind has ever committed? Or would we instead talk about the brave people who stood against evil? What if the Russian people had been armed? Would 20 million of them have perished under Stalin?

What if people in this nation were not armed? What if there was no one in this country willing to stand against evil? Can you honestly believe that the horrors of Auschwitz cannot happen here? Do you honestly think that a government should be able to do whatever it wishes to the people who elected it into power? If you believe at all that you have a right to be free, then whether you know it or not, you support the right of the citizens to own guns—because a citizen with a gun is literally the only thing that stands between your children and tyranny.

Right now in several states across this nation, citizens are being stripped of their right to defense. They are being told how many guns they can own, what kind they can own, how much ammunition they can have. You don’t need that much. You don’t need that many guns. The government says this, knowing all along that they have every kind of arms imaginable, in nearly unlimited quantities. We have already seen what happens when the government are the only people with guns. Are you willing to bet the freedom of your children on the idea that this government would not do what every other government has done once it disarms its citizens?

As you read this, there is a group of patriots in Washington who are standing up. On February 7th, they will stand for a third time in as many months against unjust laws meant to strip them of their right to defense. In fact, on the 7th they will stand against a state legislature that has said the people are not allowed to openly carry a firearm while viewing the proceedings of their own government. Think about that. The very people we elected, do not want their armed constituents to watch them at work, to see the things they do and say. The real question is what are they doing that they have to be afraid of the people?

These patriots will be arrested on the 7th, because some of them will choose while there to defy the unjust and tyrannical laws being forced on them. What awful thing will they be doing? Walking into a public gallery with a rifle slung over their shoulder. They are not monsters, or crazy gun nuts. They are Americans like you, who love their families and go to work and pay bills. They are Americans who value liberty more than anything else.

They are choosing liberty over peaceful slavery, and they are doing it because someone has to. But they are not standing for just Washington, they stand for all of you. Whether you live in Iowa or California, Maine or Wyoming, it is YOUR right to self-defense that patriots will defend on February 7th. They are being arrested to show that the right of you and your family to refuse to be a slave, is more important than their own comfort.

It no longer matters if you’re a gun owner or not, or if you hunt, or if you think guns are scary and don’t want one. Your continued liberty depends on someone other the government having all the guns, and if it’s not you, then someone else needs to stand. Right now patriots who don’t know you, don’t know your story, don’t even know if you support them or not, are getting ready to stand up for you and your babies. In fact, they’ll be standing to defend your right to call them extremists and ammosexuals.

Those of us fighting this fight appeal to you for help. We ask that if you pray, you pray for us. If you can afford it, consider donating to help pay their bail so they can go home to their families, or get legal help for the case that will come as a result of their stand. If you can make it up here, by all means come. Bring a firearm or don’t, whichever you prefer. But we need you on the line. We need to show our government that we will not allow our rights to be taken. We need to show those who gave their lives for us that their sacrifice meant something, that their struggle and their torture and their deaths were not wasted on a populace too self-absorbed and lazy to bother hanging on to what they paid so dearly to win for us. Let us show the government and the world what freedom looks like, and let us remember the gift that we have been given.

We are standing for your liberty, no matter the cost. We call upon the patriots of this state and this nation to stand with us before it’s too late.

Place: WA State Capitol, Olympia, WA
Date: 7 February 2015
Time: 10am

Update I – The Word Spreads:

Great folks are helping to spread the word – here is what they’ve had to say thus far:

Bill Quick of Daily Pundit
David Codrea of The War on Guns
Herschel Smith of The Captain’s Journal
Mike Vanderboegh of The Sipsey Street Irregulars
Kit Lange at The Patrick Henry Society

Update II – Play By Play

89 patriots showed up in Washington, armed and ready for some civil disobedience. What happened next? Well…. for the play by play, the Western Rifle Shooters Association has the scoop.

Click HERE to see what happened.

Update III – Mike Vanderboegh’s Speech on the Steps of the Capitol

Mike V’s Speech to the patriots at Olympia today was rousing and frankly, must have scared the piss out of the worms cowering inside the state house:

As I noted when I spoke on the steps of the Connecticut state house almost two years ago now – it is an established principle of American jurisprudence that an unconstitutional law is void – it has no effect. But I also noted that the tricky part for those of us who wish to maintain our liberties is how to make that point when all the levers of power in a state – the executive, the legislative and the judicial – are in the hands of people whom the Founders would call “domestic enemies of the Constitution.” And as I don’t need to tell you, there are people behind THESE walls who fit that description.
- Mike Vanderboegh

Read the entire speech HERE.

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To All the Fuckheads Screaming For Us to Munch Shit Sandwiches:

Go fuck yourselves with rusty barbwire you insipid gentry-caste Repubican piss-guzzlers. You Goddamned Whigs need to realize you are deader than Dickens and less credible than Gary Busey at the pinnacle of a week long ether binge. You filthy bastards are not just liars, you’re Goddamned charlatans and backstabbers – who arrogantly think themselves capable of pissing on the American public while commenting on the unseasonable rain.

Newsflash, you pox-tongued heaps of bilge flotsam: You’re one-fourth as crafty as you imagine, and these “games” are as patently transparent as they are infantile. Surprise! The American people are capable of contrasting the filthy lies oozing from your rotted maws with what you retards actually fucking DO the second you plant your acne-pocked asses in those cushy leather chairs. (Seats us serfs paid for at gun-point no less. Add highway robbery and extortion to the list of grievances read aloud at your public lynchings post Civil War II).

May all you Establishment Republicans rot in a special part of hell reserved for the worst sorts of frauds, throat-slitters and hucksters. Hopefully, you’ll be forcefully delivered there via good, stout rope – at the hands of the peasants you sold into penury. It is our fervent wish that your last moments on this earth be spent in terror, pain, anguish and regret.

Scratch that last part. Everybody knows liver-flukes don’t feel “regret.” But… they do react to suffering. “We the People” will just have to come to terms with that somehow.

If the proceeding screed was too difficult – or vile – for you to wrap your noggins around constant readers, then please, allow Alexander Hamilton to drive the point home in a less vitriolic manner:

“If we must have an enemy at the head of Government, let it be one whom we can oppose, and for whom we are not responsible, who will not involve our party in the disgrace of his foolish and bad measures.”
- Alexander Hamilton

Better to let the Marxist Prog-Nazi’s push the nation into open warfare than acquiesce to the death-by-inches delivered courtesy of the Statist RePubics and their liars-brigade.


The ‘Pubics will surrender, and then craft insulting sham-proceedings, farcical-trials and engage in mock-worthy grandstanding to hide the betrayal. These snake-oil productions are – by design – incapable of accomplishing anything. It’s all mugging for the camera, hoodwinking the stupid, and insulting the intelligence of any person with the fortitude to watch this galactic joke unfurl. Fuck them. Destroy them. Abandon the Republicans at the ballot box, strangle their funds – make them further whore themselves before the Chamber of Commerce – refuse their minions every shilling they beg for. De-legitimize them.

“But but but… we must take them back from the inside!!!” screams the “logical adults.” (A.K.A. Boodle-fed sub-human spineless Republican campaign hacks with bylines). To these cringing pussy’s we say – resolutely – EAT SHIT AND DIE. Back in the good old days, when $10.00 was a tank of a gas, dinner for two and a movie, (with popcorn), our grandfather had a saying, relevant to this sort of Shit-burger gobbling pragmatism:

“You cannot co-opt Satan’s throne by joining his legions.”
- T.L.

It’s as true today as it was when he said it. A person, no matter how just, can’t sup with Lucifer, and then expect to take over hell in heaven’s name. Hell is innately corrupting, filled with and controlled by evil – and indistinguishable from Washington D.C. at this point. There can be no victory through “infiltrating” either political party. No human is capable of oozing to the top of that cesspool and remaining untainted. Forget such nonsense – good intentions won’t protect someone from the corrosive influence of Mordor on the Potomac.

The battle for this nation won’t… no… CAN’T be prosecuted until the Republican Party is absolutely fucking destroyed. They are a roadblock to individual liberty – every bit as much as the Marxists – only more insidious in their methods. They extend a hand and beam smiles in friendship, while concealing a bayonet behind their back.

Burn it down – if in the process the Moonbats take complete control of our government, so be it – let them run wild. As a wise man at the WRSA is fond of noting… worse is better. After all… the harder the minions of Sauron squeeze, the more they justify their own firing squad. Encourage their malfeasance. The founders understood this gambit implicitly, and threw raw-meat at the Red-Coats until the British validated their own ouster.

Give the Moonbats all the rope they want. They’ll gleefully drag it to their own place of execution. But first, the American people must rise up and mercy-kill the Republican party. Metaphorically speaking of course. Although… if the good folks should accidentally take us a bit… literally… well… we’re OK with that too.

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