Ebola You Say?? Impossible! The CDC said We were Safe Forever!

So it’s probably about time…

We’ve had one or twenty discussions here at Deth H.Q. with regards to the current outbreak of Ebola. Now, as you can tell from the posting of late, we’ve been a mighty busy, the lions-share of our absenteeism being family life and battening down the hatches for winter.

In the interest of saving time, we will get about this business in a Q&A style format…


Q: Is Ebola going to go “Pandemic” and kill everybody?

A: Short answer: We doubt it, and would not wager a plug nickle on that outcome.

Long answer: Ebola’s method of transmission is not the greatest as far as diseases go. Close range aerosol, various bodily “drippings,” contaminated surfaces and sexual contact seem to the primary vectors. Which certainly makes it worse than the CDC and other “reasonable authority figures” are saying, but probably not as bad as the Spanish Flu – which did in about a quarter of humanity.


Q: The Government is fucking everything up!!! Why!?!

A: We have three options for this, none good. We do however need to remind our readers of the following:

Since a quarter of the people in this nation happily vote for this shit, going along with it like a herd of gibbering, clapping, retard harp-seals, and the rest of the nation refuses to start lynching the bastards responsible, we are getting exactly the sort of governance we deserve. Our action and our inaction condones everything that’s happening right now. To be blunt, we have it coming.

We tolerated drool-cup-wearing nimrods in our government, and since we didn’t kill them, their stupidity and petty disdain for our well-being will now slay a number of us. Remember that fact if you’re one of “the lucky ones” who gets to watch their child wither like a rotten fruit over the next several months.

Ok then… now we can kick the soap-box aside and answer your question.

- Option 1: The federal government is by-and-large a make-work program for the terminally unemployable. Their middle-management is composed of these same blithering idiots – the ones who floated to the top of the toilet bowl like lumps of shit. To expect the fat cunt at the DMV to solve a problem of this magnitude is ridiculous on it’s face. Failure is the ONLY outcome when dealing with the group-home rejects that infest every strata of our Federal Government.

- Option 2: This sure is a nice big fat crisis! Why would you want to let that go to waist? Don’t worry, the government can now suddenly make everything better! It will swoop in with their host of…


…and rescue us all from the evil Ebola!!!! It will only cost us serfs some more of our freedoms and treasure! Just imagine the new legion of federally, (and extra-constitutionally!) empowered minions that can be hired on the public dime – to lord over us like insufferable little nannies! Thousands of pages of new regulations, fees and taxes, oh my! (It’s like the horrible love-child of Raum Emanuel and Valerie Jarrett). And boy… this “crisis” sure is keeping the news cycle off the COLLAPSING ECONOMY and FAILING STOCK MARKET right before an ELECTION!

- Option 3: (Quick’s First Law – Never assume malfeasance and stupidity are mutually exclusive.) Why cherry-pick? Our government is malicious AND incompetent beyond belief. After all… what’s better than opportunistic jackals or nattering shitheads wrecking everything they handle? A COMBO PACK! Why focus when you can multitask… these talented idiot savants can simultaneously chew gum AND jump rope all the way to oblivion.


Q: If Ebola is not the “big concern” what is?

A: The true danger is panic. If the big burly men, intelligent women and skilled technicians that keep our society running start saying “FUCK THIS SHIT, WE’RE OUT!” we will have a problem on our hands orders of magnitudes worse than Ebola.

A collapsing infrastructure, caused by the middle class workers bugging out, will do more damage, kill more people, and upend the tattered remains of our economy faster than Ebola going “full Black Death.” Everything is logistics. That’s what truly matters. The freight haulers stop delivering? Your grocery store is empty. The engineers stay home? Hope you don’t need to shit, eat, or turn the lights on. Suppose the front-line health care workers decide they’ve been tossed under the bus too often… well… your kid’s “small infection” has just became a death sentence – and ol’Granny is fucked when she strokes out this time.

We’ll also beat the dead horse – again – and mention that our malicious, child-like federal (feral?) government will have it’s eyes ALL OVER this catastrophe – as an opportunity to deflect blame from everything they’ve spoiled in the last century… and an excuse to Hoover-up more of our precious civil liberties.


Q: Why is King Barry Hussein Obama sending our troops to Africa?

A: President Drone-Kill has never liked the armed forces. When you look at his ideology and his upbringing, hes was raised to, and always considered them to be, the face or American imperialism abroad. He does not like to use them directly, he does not care for the generals, he loathes the enlisted men who vote against him en-mass, and he’s just petty enough to enjoy getting his jabs at them whenever he can. In turn, the military hates him back, especially the actual troops, most of whom come from the bitter, gun-clinging, God-fearing families Juggears loathes the most.

One feeds the other in a grand loop. A west point graduation class sleeps during Oboala’s speech, President Peace-Prize salutes with a starbucks. Tit for tat.

Also, the naked emperor really wants to be loved abroad. He’s an extraordinarily narcissistic man. (Not an uncommon trait for those who aspire to the Oval Office). He wants a “legacy” for his presidential library. Why… he could… be… the man who saved Africa! And hey, President DowngrAAAde can get in a jab at all those impudent little bastards who refused to clap for his speech at Annapolis! It’s a two-fer!

Pretend your entire government is run by very petty, vain, mildly brain-damaged fifth grade girls. (This is not a sexist comment saying that fifth-grade girls are “dumb” – it’s a sexist comment saying that there is nothing more spiteful and mean-spirited than fifth-grade girls). Using that prism, suddenly everything happening makes so much more sense.


Q: What should we as a individuals/families be doing about Ebola?

A: Well, this titanic drama – and we can say with certitude that it’s a stage show, milked and ramped for maximum impact – is largely out of our control. (Incidentally, it’s also out of the producers control, they either don’t realize it, or flat out don’t give a shit).

Presented below are the meanderings and brain-drippings, birthed from our collective pow-wow:

1: Quarantine the exposed in their homes until proven clean.
2: Be aware of your surroundings, avoid unnecessary travel till this blows over.
3: Be ready to shelter in place – have food and water on hand for three to six months.
4: Have the cash on hand to cover three to six months of bills.
5: Alternate communication methods should phone/internet/cell suffer disruption.
6: Acquire a means of reliable self defense for you and your family.
7: As Ol’Remus suggests – avoid crowds.
8: Have several open emergency lines of credit, or alternate forms of currency/barter.
9: Be careful who you trust for news. All parties have an agenda. Ebola is a perfect vehicle.
10: Do NOT assume that the engineers, truckers, doctors, instructors, plumbers, IT professionals and other workers who keep our infrastructure running are going to show up to work if a panic starts.


Incidentally, right now is NOT the time you should be preparing and scrambling to get this shit done. Some of these things are simply not possible at the spur of the moment. Who among us can run to the bank, withdraw twenty large, or load up on 360,000 calories of food, (times “X” family members)? Not many we’d wager.

Fortunately, many of our followers heeded the pans we’ve clanged for six years running, and already have much – if not more – of this already in place. For those folks? Now’s a good time to top off – just in case. Nobody rational is in full-bore panic mode, making Aldi, Dollar General and Walmart a good deal more hospitable right now.

As always, when managing your larder, no fancy-schmancy freeze-dried shit, or prepackaged “Survival Food.” It’s expensive and generally tastes like unwashed badger-ass. (Ahem… Not that we’d know from personal experience… but we’ve heard… stories…) You stock what you eat normally. Just more of it. If this shit all blows over without a problem, you saved money on a commodity your family will use. (Through bulk buying and purchasing a necessary product in advance of our always inflating currency).

If this goes pear-shaped, well, it’s easier to cope with a crisis when you have food, water, and cash reserves to call on. If this is nothing more than the latest media-hype fest, you’re out nothing.

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Deth Guild Game Reviews Section Announced

We are pleased to announce the beginnings of the official Deth Guild Game Review Section. For more information on the page, our reviewers and the criteria we judge on, please head here. More content will be coming once we finish settling the place to the liking of our new Chief Review Editor – Arenaceusmaga.

Click HERE for more information.

“Because we too can be pretentious assholes without being the express property of Capcom…”
- SonOfSD

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It’s Been a While!

Let’s see if we can remember how to do this.

One of our favorites, Mike Hendrix, who’s set up shop at Cold Fury, noticed the “Great RePubican Tsunami” that everybody was nattering about seems to have died off faster than an erection in the face of Barbra Boxer’s uncovered tits.

Sorry for that unrequested visual aid, but the point had to be made:

NRSC: “After months of predicting GOP victory, the Washington Post’s statistical model now shows a 51 percent chance that the Democrats hang on. Why?”

Mike Hendrix: “Umm, no, that’s not it at all, guys. You only wish the answer was that easy. But you be sure to keep right on pimping those “moderate” enablers, partnering with rolling over for your friends the Democrat Socialists, lying about your nonexistent “principles,” working hard for illegal-alien amnesty, and giving Constitutional conservatives the back of your hand anyway, ‘kay? Because the sooner you’re crammed into the dustbin of history for good, the better for the former Republic and its prospects for restoration, slim though they are. MITT 2016, y’all!”
- Mike Hendrix

Read the whole story HERE.

Well well now. They truly don’t get the problem, and that’s side-splitting. The silly little Neo-Cons spent all their campaign money and the totality of their energy stomping out their base, in what one could only call the most hilarious self-initiated ass-kicking this side of a Chuck Palahniuk novel. Having done that, these sorcerers of strategy, these brain-trusts of political wizardry, can’t seem to fathom why they are suddenly penniless, short on campaign staff, and struggling in every race that was supposed to be a “clinch.” It mystifies them, and now, they crawl on their hands and knees, pleading to the same folks they spent a year annihilating.

That sports fans, is some hip-slapping jocularity right there. Maybe not precisely ironic, but absolutely delicious in a way only Germans can properly appreciate. In fact, they even have a term for it.

“Schadenfreude – Happiness derived from the suffering or misfortune of others.”

You really do have to hand it to the Germans sometimes. They make up the neatest shit.

Tell all these serpents, of either animal-affiliation, who slither by demanding your coins, to kindly go piss all over the nearest electric fence. After all, they can go suck some billionaire’s dick for money. Might as well drop the mask, since those chowder-heads are the only bastards who actually get any representation in this miserable failure of a republic.

Everything beyond the fellatio for the well-heeled is a dainty bit of theater to pacify freeloaders or distract the stupid.

And Lordy, do we have a bulldozer full of both these days.

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Question of the Day: How Fucking Stupid IS Europe

Don’t worry, it’s rhetorical.

Today’s gemstone is brought to you by Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge:

Bank Of America Has A Message For Its European Depositors: “We May Charge You”

“Because Mario Draghi wasn’t joking about that whole NIRP thing. And yes, negative deposit rates mean just that.”
- Tyler Durden

You really need to see the picture for this one:

BofA Europe deposits

Read the entire article HERE for a preview of what’s coming stateside.

Allow us, the ever generous and well intentioned souls of DETH H.Q. to translate these four paragraphs for the i-Junk generation:

Dear bank depositor enslaved serf in Europe:

Because the simpering gaggle of pants-on-head-retards you chose to represent rule over you are, in fact, “retards,” you can now cope with what we in Goldman Sachs-ville refer to as “A Negative Interest Rate Policy.”

To convert the above statement into terms readily comprehensible to the Candy-Crush crowd, (since clarification is obviously necessary given the long chain of stupidity you consensually elected), we will be taking money from your bank account weekly for the privilege of letting us invest it.

Yes, you understood that correctly. You will now be paying us, to take your money and profit from the investment.

Now… don’t do anything pointless… such stampeding to the bank teller, (like a pack of spooked cattle), and demanding your laughingly pathetic life savings. Since, in the ever-so-likely event of a bank run, you absolutely won’t get it.

“Why!???” you screech? Because, plainly stated, we don’t have it. We lost it betting on Greece, Spain and AAA rated trash housing loans. We paid ourselves bonuses with it. We also bought politicians and regulatory commissioners with your money – and boy did that pay off! (Whew!) So no, you can’t have it back. We’re not good for it anymore, and we positively could not reimburse even 10% of the sheeple fleeing while the entire edifice burns to the ground.

You fucked up – you trusted us.

Anyhow… as we were saying… everything is peachy… would you like a complimentary Spider-Man beach towel? You can go lie on the sand and relax – while we are hard at work destroying what piddling wealth was spared the rampant inflation your central governments have been eagerly promoting for the last century.

Thanks – Sincerely,

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Hilarious News of the Day, Brought to You By the Letter “E!”

First, the punchline:

Ebola Evacuations to US Greater than Previously Known…

The stunningly intelligent and omnipresent authority figures we’ve nominally electedunder the deluded fantasy they in any way represent our best interest – have been hauling “a few” more plagued folks they they’ve admitted to. Oh, and by “a few” they actually mean “scores.”

Frankly, We’re cheering on team Ebola at this point. We, as a nation, fucking deserve it – look at who we-the-stupid put in charge of us: Republocrats, Libservatives, Commies, Neo-cons – nimrod statists all. These worthless piles of sub-human detritus aren’t worth the match and gasoline it’d take to burn their freshly hung corpses. (In our opinion).

At least Ebola is “refreshingly honest” about what it is… and what it’s intentions are…

“Hi, I am a horrible disease, and I kill 63.7% of the folks that get me. Nice to meet you!”
- Ebola

We here at DETH H.Q. would select the modern day black death six days a week and twice on Sunday over the drool-cup clad leper colony that is the government of this collapsing, bankrupt, farcical mockery of third-rate banana republic.

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Bill Quick – The 2014 Election Scam

Bill Quick over at Daily Pundit reminds us all of how pointless the elections in this country are:

“Even in a GOP landslide, we are looking at a Boehner/McConnell-brokered deal with Obama and the Democrats to impose scamnesty on America, for the benefit of the various special interests that finance both parties and hold the real power in our nation today. And that will be accompanied by similar sub-rosa agreements to leave Obamacare in place so that it can serve as an election issue two years hence – for both sides.”
- Bill Quick

Do read the entire piece here – the closer is a real kick in the balls. As it should be.

This whole country is going down in a flaming Goddamned wreck. We wish we could say we were surprised, or that we couldn’t see it coming… but that of course would be a lie.

It’s patently obvious to anyone willing to see how thoroughly fucked this entire enterprise is. Our only request is that the hangings are televised when it comes time to pay the butcher’s tab.

So many necks in need of a good stretching – so little good television… hey… everybody can profit from this… Hrmmmm…. we wonder… what would the Nielsen Ratings be on the entire House of Representative/Senate getting strung up? So many fascinating hypotheticals to ponder…

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Quote of the Day: “Ancient Self Help”

From God’s lips to the good professor’s ear:

“A moral response to this behavior might involve those officials, among others, hanging from lampposts. The legal system is, ultimately, an ancient bargain: Renounce your mob violence and blood feuds and we will provide you with justice. It could be argued that such a default as this calls the whole bargain into question, and justifies self-help along ancient lines.”
- Glenn Reynolds

Sooner or later, folks will have to remind the gentry-caste that law is fairly applied not for the benefit of us serfs – but to protect the politicians from our well-earned, and wholly justified wrath.

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Thug V.S. Thug in St. Louis…

Well, we here at DETH H.Q. have been watching the regularly scheduled disintegration of the FUSA with great interest over the last week. Seeing the gangstas, hood-rats, free-shit-army and the Mall-Ninja-COPerators destroy one another has been an epic nimrod-palooza. (And more free entertainment than a back-to-back ad-free LoTR marathon).

In the interest of returning to our popcorn and 24-hour riot-cam, we’ll keep this pithy:

1: The violent hot-head who managed to develop six extra ventilation ports was a hunk of human garbage – who leaves society better for his passing… fuck him forever… seriously… on behalf of the person you would have eventually gotten around to murdering… we thank you for leaping off this mortal coil… if President Drone-kill had a son, he’d look just like you…

…that said…

2: The fucking punishment for petty theft and aggravated assault is not summary executiondelivered on the spot by some Judge-Dredd-wanna-be-pig with more tac-gear crammed into his cruiser than would be tolerated in the hands of any member of Force-Freaking-RECON.

These asshole hogs rodding-around in their Dodge Chargers and MRAPs give black-nylon a bad name. They strut around dispensing violence, intimidation and death any damn time they get the notion to – with the full sanction of the state. The “Police” are every bit as rotten and corrupt as the criminal element they purport to guard the public from. The sad truth is, they are indistinguishable from most any street-gang – the chief differences being a stricter dress-code and access to military grade munitions. (Paid for by you – since it’s your “patriotic duty” to foot the bill when they shoot your pet…)

We really can’t decide who to hate more in this clown-show.

Frankly… as far as we are concerned, two groups of irredeemable shitheads, (enemies of personal liberty, safety and freedom all), are doing their level-best to kill, maim and damage one another. We wish them all enormous success in their endeavors.

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Remember When We Told You Body Armor Was Next?

We do.

Twas not long after we told you to stock up on ammunition and magazines. (Proceeding the current shortage of course…).

From Kurt Hofmann at The Examiner:

“At the end of July, United States Representative Mike Honda (D-CA) introduced H.R. 5344, the “Responsible Body Armor Possession Act.” Hmm . . . is he saying that in a dangerous world, it’s irresponsible to be without body armor, so he wants to mandate its possession? That would be awfully heavy on the nanny state paternalism (and obviously not within the purview of any Constitutionally delegated power of the federal government), but one could perhaps argue that it’s at least well intended.”

“That, though, is not at all what he has in mind. His idea of keeping the possession of body armor “responsible” is to restrict that possession to only the government’s hired muscle”
- Kurt Hofmann

Click HERE to read the whole article.

We hate to say “We told you so…” but… well… we fucking told you so. The FedGovCoGoons by now see the writing on the wall, in no uncertain terms, and will take steps to stack the revolutionary deck in their favor. That said, there’s still some time to use your fiat-funny-monie to say “FUCK YOU” to your would-be-masters.

THIS is where we bought our rifle plates. The price was right, and the quality was as expected. (We make no money from, and are in no way affiliated with the operators of this website.)

Pro-tip: Spring for the lined set, the anti-spalling features will save your face when the unpleasantness starts. Unless you’re just too much of a Goddamned hard-ass-mall-ninja-operator to worry about picking chunks of shattered lead from your chin and nose. In that case… we’ll defer to your… manliness or… whatever…

Treason by any other name.

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Shit-Sandwhich Eaters: Ruling Class Tools

Bill Quick over at Daily Pundit put’s it succinctly:

“…the Gentry is convinced that in the end, almost all Republicans are mindless enough that, no matter how lousy a GOP candidate they are presented with – even candidates like McConnell, who are open enemies of the Tea Party – they will, in the end, meekly come around and pull the “R” lever on voting day.”

“They are certain that as long as that mindset remains, they will never pay a price for anything they do, no matter how outrageous, no matter how destructive…”
- Bill Quick

Read the rest HERE.

One thing we’ve noted – having watched the Moonbats in action – is that DemonRat Pols are no different from the RePubicans in this regard. The pinkos rage and gnash their teeth over the malignant surveillance state, abuses by regulatory agencies, (with regard to their sacred cattle), and the growing police malfeasance. In the end – just like Quick’s Republican Robots, the Democrat Drudges too plug their nose, and vote away thinking themselves pragmatically choking down the lesser of shit-sandwiches.

The same tired arguments and browbeating are ever in play….

“A non-vote is a ballot for party [INSERT MASCOT HERE]!”
“We need to control everything before we can start to fix it!”
“Well [INSERT WORTHLESS POLITICIAN HERE] is bad, at least we kept the seat from THEM!!!”

Same boring drivel, different stupid animal theme. Often times, their desperation and fervor comes off as a mewling attempt to validate their chicken-shit equivocation to themselves more so than to convince others. (We’ll go on record with regard to this behavior: Pathetic).

The predictable results of this shared practice are oozing all over the marble in D.C… cleaning up the mess will probably involve DDT, a flamethrower and a judicious use of napalm.

Here is the main point that stands out amongst the RAH-RAH-RAH-GO-TEAM-DONKEY-ELEPHANT crowd: They’re compromising their principles for the best they believe they can get. These are very different things mind you – but no subscribers to America’s bullshit political paradigm are being served to their liking. (Or almost none at any rate).

Let’s stomp on delicacy’s throat here – for the sake of getting to WHY the Bureaucrats refuse to represent the serfs. The fact is, the statists and the liberty minded of this country can no longer peacefully co-exist. If the vanguards of either side are given sway, it will be war to the knife and knife to the hilt. We’ve become thoroughly Balkanized – to the degree that our hostility can only logically terminate in bloodshed. One faction wants liberty, one side wants a nanny-state, (and it’s not a Republican/Democrat divide in this regard – statists are non-denominational).

Neither group will peacefully get what they want. No one intends to surrender what they have or relinquish that which they’ve stolen.

That’s the people… The “rabble…” Us Proles… We’re arming up for Civil War II: Electric Bogaloo. The “folks” have had enough of each other’s dog-vomit, and are “takin’-steps.”

The Gentry caste however…

America’s political wonks, wonkettes and wankers desire power and prestige above all else. They need their lavish state dinners, parades, motorcades and V.I.P. lifestyles. They want to entrench their power and they spin a never-ending tapestry of lies to placate their peons – whatever is necessary to keep the supper-parties and five-star accommodations forthcoming.

A politician’s primary concern is in the maintaining of power’s trappings. In a society filled with increasingly antagonistic factions, nobody is going to be happy with the representation of snake-oil hustlers lying their worthless asses off. Actually giving their constituents what they really want – their ideological enemy’s heads on platters – makes for a poor fundraiser anecdote, and would be a real downer on the golf green. So they role-play the social-crusader, concoct reality defying narratives, and then do whatever-the-fuck personally enhances their position, power and wealth.

Shit-bags all. Only outdone by the sniveling little boot-lickers who “pragmatically” vote for them time after time. (We looked… but failed to find where the definition of “pragmatic” was appended to mean “callow-yellow-bellied-chickenshit.”)

Our advice is to either weaponize your vote – in the most destructive manner possible, (HELP.IT.BURN!) – or abstain from the ballot box, and deny the assholes in Mordor their facade of legitimacy.

Either way, it’s all a sick fucking joke in the end – one that will come crashing down the very second either side looks positioned to have a government that is actually going to render their true desires. At that point – not before, not after - you will see the people of this country begin exterminating and destroying one another with a mechanical efficiency that will be as shocking as it is total.

The Savages in Africa, the Muslims Jihadists, the East European Tyrants and the South American Tin-Pot Regimes are third-string, minor-league amateurs compared to the United States Citizenry. We will let Ol’Remus at The Woodpile Report finish the thought…

“Middle class America is no less violent than any other people. They seem passive because they’re results oriented. They rise not out of blood frenzy but to solve the otherwise insoluble. Their methods of choice are good will, cooperation, forbearance, negotiation and finally, appeasement, roughly in that order. Only when these fail to end the abuse do they revert to blowback. And they do so irretrievably. Once the course is set and the outcome defined, doubt is put aside. The middle class is known, condemned actually, for carrying out violence with the efficiency of an industrial project where bloody destruction at any scale is not only in play, it’s a metric. Remorse is left for the next generation, they’ll have the leisure for it. We’d like to believe this is merely dark speculation. History says it isn’t.”
- Ol’Remus

Update I: V7_Sport – The Nimrod Who Proves the Point.

This painful thread by Establishment jerk-off Allahpundit, (of the nearly unreadable Gentry-caste dung-heap known as Hot Air) – and his obvious sock puppet V7_Sport pretty much makes our case for us. Click HERE… if you can do so without vomiting…

This sort of nuclear grade stupidity can’t be repaired… only shot off into space in the hopes of it colliding with the Sun.

Update II: Quick Pretty Much Nails It.


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