A Proper Dispensation of Justice

So we sat here for a while, staring at pictures like this one:


It occurs to us that thirteenth century barbarians are not the primary culprits in this. Oh sure… they did the killing. But in the final reckoning… they are nothing but wild animals. Lesser, baser creatures, acting on what is tantamount to instinct – a toxic ideology beaten, molested and bred into them for centuries. They’re the instrument used to slaughter. They are war dogs ushered into a flock of goats – deliberately.

The question is… who allowed the creatures into the pen? Do not misunderstand us – rabid dogs are fit only to be killed – and killed to the last howling, snarling, foam dripping pup. But on their own, they are poor, stupid and distant – wallowing in their backwards hell-hole of a culture, where women are stuffed into sacks with their genitals sliced to ribbons – and little boys are near universally the playthings of a “religion” of pedophiles. They’re a penny carnival freakshow on their own, who won’t ever accomplish much beyond garden variety thuggery and warlordism – they need assistance from “the masters” of western civilization” to aspire to greater savagery and destruction. The real villains are the soulless dretches releasing these beasts into the midst of a domesticated flock.

Wolves will be wolves – they can’t help themselves. Butchery comes instinctively to them. The malice lies in the hearts of those importing these brigands – these are the people who must face ultimate accountability alongside the dingoes. These craven, bought-out politicians, who throw their people, civilization and their culture to ruin – in exchange for tarnished silver and the drooling, simpering approval of the chattering caste. Notice how it is never the loved ones of the politicians, the captains of industry or the gentry who suffer, die and bleed on a bus. Oh no – these vermin have walled themselves away from the monsters they disperse. They have legions of servants, staff, butlers, minions and sphincter-licking toadies seeing to their every petulant whim – they don’t need to care that Coffee Shops are being blasted to bits by the hell-hounds they conjure.

That “absence of pain” needs to change. The political class and their gentry enablers have earned the privilege of bleeding, suffering and dying along with the rest of the “lessers.” They desperately need to understand “accountability” for charging the weapon. And no, we don’t mean “at the ballot box” or “being sacked from their cushy bureaucratic desk jobs.” They need to fear for their very lives when they offload cargo containers of jackals into the midst of people they have disarmed and cowed. They need to die in their homes like the peasants die. They need to be killed in the streets or at concerts or when riding home from work – they should meet their judgement whenever an opportunity arises – condemned in the same way they have condemned the serfs.

Dessert is due for the lives callously stolen at the whims of these swine. It is these politicians who take aim with the invaders as their rifle. These “elected” slime-piles are the ones who pull the trigger. It is THEY who bear the greatest guilt in this. These shit-weasels imported hyenas deliberately, knowing full well the consequences – and they didn’t give a good Goddamn – laughing off or feigning woe over the rivers of blood flowing in the streets – while privately lounging on piles of wealth lavished upon them by the corperatists and oligarchs who compose their true constituency.

Kill the wild beasts. Kill them until they refuse to leave their caves, castles and mud-huts – and then let them be, contained where they belong. But once that task is finished… the people must be prepared to bring just retribution on the architects of this farce. These masterminds must be destroyed in every way a human can be – to serve as an example to other would-be quislings, oath-breakers and traitors. The penalty for thus must be so severe that even entertaining the notion of such treachery is unthinkable for generations. Examples need to be made.

Slay the feral savages – but don’t neglect to punish the GUILTY.

“When the Cambrian measures were forming, They promised perpetual peace.”
“They swore, if we gave them our weapons, that the wars of the tribes would cease.”
“But when we disarmed They sold us and delivered us bound to our foe,”
“And the Gods of the Copybook Headings said: “Stick to the Devil you know.”
- Rudyard Kipling, Excerpt From: “The Gods of the Copybook Headings”

Yet again… Kipling is proven to be the unparalleled master of prognostication.

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Minimum Wage Bullshit Explained

So we were tooling around the bowels of the internet today, and noticed that mewling harpy Elizabeth Warren was staggering around like a group home reject, clanging pans together and demanding we raise the minimum wage to something ridiculous.

Our first reaction was… “let the insipid cunt have her way.” It will mostly hurt the poor morons who support Warren, and would roundly nut-punch the Chamber of Commerce – a school of sharks who deserve to be violated, skinned alive and stuffed screaming into a burn barrel. (The order of that is negotiable).

Reflexive anger and revenge porn aside, this got us thinking on the reality of minimum wage hikes, and how the millennials have never been presented with the whole picture – thanks government education! So buckle up constant readers… class is in session. Let’s learn what your worthless economics instructors in the Prog-Nazi indoctrination camps never bothered to teach…

In the ideal world, your pay reflects the danger, difficulty and misery of a given job – as well as your personal talent. If it’s an easy, safe job that is reasonably comfortable, then the compensation should be low. If the job is awful, dangerous or extremely difficult, it should pay well. Exceptionally gifted people should be able to monetize their assets to whatever degree the system will tolerate – they are better than other people, thus they are WORTH MORE. (Fifty million sub-par humans reared on Barny and plastic trophies for sixth place just cried out in horror!).

If the world worked the way it was supposed to, free market competition and companies battling against one another would push wages and benefits upwards – the corporations fight for access to labor with the skills, talent and fortitude to do their work. However… somewhere along the line, it was discovered that rather than competing in this arena, the mega-corps could coordinate, fix wages, import herds of foreign slaves and capture the state and federal regulatory agencies, – lowering wages across the board and keeping them so.

But this is not occurring in a vacuum. There are other villains afoot…

The federal reserve is helping fuel the fire, as they continue to devalue America’s currency. This is in reality a stealth form of taxation, done at the behest of our political caste, who role-play Santa Clause to their constituencies, but are too callow to overtly tax we-the-peasants. Rather than openly taking the money necessary to pay for their vote buying and pandering, the shit-weasels secure loans from other nations, grant IOU’s to themselves and conjure new money from nothing. This causes the cost of tangibles to rise, and puts further pressure on corporations to cut production costs and battle margin compression – it’s a self feeding cycle.

Minimum wage mandates by the government are an attempt to cope with symptoms rather than the disease. They won’t cause in a betterment of the worker’s position overall – they will result in more offshoring, fewer jobs and more automation. This is because FedGovCo tends to go overboard with every edict – the result is compensation greater the the value of the job. An extremely low skill job is never going to be truly worth a living wage. Nor is it fair to demand thus – as all value in this world derives from scarcity. When almost any person, (including the mentally and physically defective), can do a job, it’s value to society is low. The putative masters in Washington D.C. cannot artificially force this reality to change. What they will ensure is that fry-cooks are replaced by robots, assembly line jobs will be shipped to Asia, and touch-screens will crop up in lieu of waiters. The fraction who remain employed will gain, this is certain, but the act will hurt the greater balance terminated – and the entire nation when prices rise to compensate for the expenditures. (Did we did mention that costs incurred by companies are reflected in the price of goods and services?)

A quick mental exercise:

So your politicians have raised the minimum wage… costs rise, the low-skill workforce is fired in swaths, and they’ve created a new wave to pile atop the ninety-three-million people enjoying “funemployment” in the FUSA. The price of products now inflates for everybody, (which eats into the meager savings of the old and the herd of newly minted poor). What now? What’s to be done with the horrible mess the government made? Price controls? Mandated hiring? Government rationing? Federalizing companies? Seizing assets? Overt centralized wealth redistribution?

Google Venezuela to see how well that’s working out – and get used to fist-fights in the street over toilet paper rolls.

The root of this problem is our government – it’s too powerful, and it’s facilitating the malfeasance of these corporatist swine. Our “Civil Servants” allow the coordinated wage-fixing by “competing” companies. It willfully grants these entities ownership of the regulatory state – which is used it to DESTROY upstarts who might otherwise drive up the value of labor. The over-empowered government has been twisted into a fucking protectionist racket, existing entirely for the purpose of crafting regulation to benefit corporations at the expense of anyone challenging their de-facto monopolies. The manipulation of the currency feeds into the downward pressure on wages and makes it HARDER for everyone to live by raising the cost of goods.

Jacking the minimum wage will repair none of that. Rather than patching the hole, it’s bailing water from the titanic. The government needs to be neutered until it’s no longer the Mega-Corp’s gate-keeper. The Federal Reserve Bank must stop devaluing the currency – so a few bucks can buy something of value. Along with that, the politicians need to grow the testicles to actually pay for their vote buying and crony hand-outs via open taxation, (rather than gutlessly hiding it through loans and currency manipulation).

(Now comes the part where we shit on everything).

Ahhh wasn’t that fanciful? The above necessities would be painful for all parties in the oligarchy – which is exactly why none of what we just said will ever happen. Pain of that magnitude will only come if the government is overthrown and replaced. Expecting this system to allow repair though it’s own processes is like asking syphilis to self-cure. Furthermore, begging Leviathan to peacefully release it’s unjustly seized might is also fiction. The gentry spent more than a century perverting the United States Government into it’s personal attack dog. They’ll only relinquish the leash at bayonet point.

Options dwindle. Time grows short. You ought to spend it preparing.

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Link Round-up: Clit-Chopper Invasion Edition

Tonight’s link round-up is brought to you by the invasion of sub-human sand-rats “across the pond,” as all the kids like to say.

Tyler Durden of Zero Hedge fame provided this little nugget:

VIDEO: Muslim Man Warns Germans: “We Will Marry Your Daughters And Conquer You With Births”

“A week ago, we showed a video of what we hoped was not representative of the general sentiment among Germans towards the refugee crisis as two ladies suggested, “Every year 2-3 million arrive…it’s generally about foreign infiltration.” Now we have the other side as the following video shows a muslim man threatening a German that “his daughter will wear a headscarf and marry a Muslim and that Germans stand no chance with their low birth rate,” adding that muslims will will “conquer Europe not with weapons, but with birth rates.”
- Tyler Durden

Read the entire pieces and watch the video article HERE.

Indulge us in a brief aside here – as we need to note that, if there is one thing German nationalists are extremely good at, it is killing people in numbers and with a mechanical efficiency that was – and remains – the bench-marked gold standard for genocide. The Germans are the Henry Ford of ethnic cleansing. We just felt it necessary to toss that out there before the cl*t-choppers get too full of themselves. (We’re helpers here).

The goat-fuckers will be startled how quickly a single election can alter one’s life expectancy. Their kind are fucking pikers when it comes to exterminating enemies. In the interest of not having to replay the last century, we’d advise them slither home to their mud-huts before the exasperated European population installs the next “man of vision” to commence “solving” the problem that is Muslim Barbarian Invaders. The people will not idly sit there and allow their extermination… eventually they will act. Politicians barring the way will find themselves out of power – or stone cold fucking dead.

We’ve perused this book before. It sucks. Ending was shitty, (and predictable too.) Seems the Progs and the Oligarchs are damned well and determined to make us re-read the fucking thing – regardless of the cost in human life.

A pity that.

European Harmony:

They feel pretty goddamned invincible. They rape, steal, murder, brutalize and leech off the European social system with impunity – and the population is given every indication their “legitimate government” will do nothing but aid it. (Dancing in the powder magazine with lit road flares). The invader’s arrogance and pride will be what ultimately does them in – they will become so noxious that when they are dealt with, it will be a slaughter enacted to the cheers of millions. The European’s descendants might feel bad about it – in seventy or so years. Maybe. Depends on how bad the Saracens get before a tyrant rises up and decides the issue.

To Wit:

Merkel’s Open Door Policy Leading To ‘Civil War’, Says AfD Official

“Angela Merkel’s open-door immigration policy will lead to “civil war”, a senior member of the anti-mass migration Alternativ for Deutschland (AfD) party has said.”

“Hansjörg Müller said Germany could end up a “banana republic without any government” if high levels of immigration continue, warning that the country was “sliding towards anarchy”.
- Nick hallet

Read the entire article HERE.

On a related note… us Americans are pretty damn good at genocide ourselves… just ask long dead great-grandma Stone Deer on that one… not that U.S. citizens would ever be pushed that far by swarms of invaders and our benevolent shit-weasels in Mordor…

…oh wait…

Joel Pollack at Brietbart brings us this delightful little montage of the Mexican job-thieves dispensing their own brand of affection for the country they’re pillaging like modern day Huns:

Video–Latino Kids Blast Donald Trump: ‘F*ck you, racist f*ck!’

“Amnesty activists opposed to Donald Trump and his immigration policies have gone beyond piñatas and have launched a new video featuring children yelling obscene profanities at the Republican frontrunner.”
- Joel Pollack

Read the entire thing HERE.

An act of love… right !JEB!?

Also Related:

October Gun Sales Hit Record High For Six Consecutive Months


That’s saying something considering the MILLIONS of guns which flew from the shelves in the last seven years. Bravo Washington D.C. The idiot rulers pile layer upon layer of dry tinder in preparation for a bonfire that will make The Gods of the Copybook Headings notice us again.

Reality check time folks - It can’t be saved. You might as well…


Image Courtesy of the WRSA

Image Courtesy of the WRSA

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Screw the Debates – Here’s the REAL Dirty:

Ah. This debate sh*t again. How grand. We say that with every last festering measure of venom it warrants.

So, the casual follower of the chamber-pot that is American Politics might not quite fully grasp the carnival at hand. It looks rather chaotic from the outside, but in reality, this entire fracas was choreographed from the outset. Rigged. In the bag. The gentry RePublicons had a plan, stuffed aces up their sleeves, and were preparing to disenfranchise the American voter. Again. Like all the other times in living memory.

The current knife-fight on the debate floor is the establishment trying to switch gears. Their plan thus far has been to split the field with a huge number of candidates, screw with the primary rules on a state-by-state basis, and then eek one of their muppets into the nomination with about twenty percent of the total RePubliCAN’T vote. Most of the people running are “splitters,” (some clueless stool-pigeons, others willing patsies), who the bigwigs know can’t win – but they can chip off ten or fifteen percent in their home states – many of which have been turned into “winner-take-all bonanzas.” Goober-Graham has no shot at the big chair or even the fucking cabinet – but he can shave off enough votes that La Jebster or Reprobate Rubio swipes the entire state of South Carolina.

Photo Courtesy of the WRSA

Photo Courtesy of the WRSA

Welcome to “The Plan” – concocted by the corruptocrat shit-birds wrangling the Republican party to make sure that “the enemy” stays away from any real levers of power. Oh… you thought we meant the Prog-nazi’s there didn’t you. No silly constant reader… the “enemy” is Patriotic America. The Moonbats are just colleagues with slightly different notions on how to fleece the sheep of their wealth, liberty and dignity. “A different without meaningful distinction” as Mike Hendrix is fond of saying.

However…. the plot is failing in the face of non-establishment types taking off with the entire shebang. The powers that be intended to keep the wakko-bird-hobbits split on those Bill Quick labeled “The-No-Hopers” while a D.C. approved reptile slithers into the lead. But, to the shock and dismay of the world’s Bill Kristol’s, none of the vomit-piles are getting significant support – and instead of having to chip off five or six percent to steal each state, the Republican establishment has to try and beat twenty-two and thirty-two respectively.

Here are the leash-holder’s pets, and here was/is their prescribed roles:
(We’ve gone ahead and given some friendly nick-names to these chaps… consider them terms of endearment – our granting every ounce of respect due to our failed banana republic and it’s bullshit kabuki-dance election).

- Huckster-B: Splitter for the evangelicals.

- Ricky Sweatervest: Splitter for the pearl-clutching bible-thumpers. Splitter for Iowa.

- Randy “McConnell’s Bitch” Paul: Splitter for the libertarian faction.

- Lindsey Goober-Graham: Splitter for South Carolina.

- Krispy-Kreme-Kristy: Splitter for New Jersey.

- Lil’Piyush Jindal: A splitter for the non-religious social cons.

- Gutless Gilmore: Splitter for Virginia.

- Special Ted Cruz: Splitter for the Tea party. Splitter for Texas.

- La Jebster: Establishment Preferred candidate.

- Rancid Rubio: Establishment Backup Candidate.

- Kommie Kasich: Splitter for Ohio.

- Prancing Pataki: Splitter for New York.

- Rick “Nigger-Rock” Perry: Splitter for Texas.

- C.F. Horseface: Establishment Backup Candidate.

- Uncle Ben Carson: Was intended to be a splitter for the “safety-mom” and fiscal-cons, but he went off script and the Bubbas loved it. Instead of five percent as intended, he’s pulling twenty percent, and is a problem. But a manageable one. (See Below).

- Weasel-Hair Trump: Was supposed to be a carnival side-show, then he started feeding the media, SJW’s and political establishment their asses. He looked at the fissure in the middle of the Republican party and slammed his flag into the middle of it. Instead of withdrawing to jeers and selling a book after three months, he’s polling thirty-three percent and is a BIG-FUCKING-PROBLEM problem.

The above blueprint won’t work anymore – fat-head-Rove’s “strategery” went off in his hand like a faulty M67. As a result, we see a BIG push by the doner class to shove out the splitters, and combine all the “establishment republican” support behind one good supplicant boot-licker. The new hope is to coalesce around a single mush-sack, rig the primary voting process on the fly, stuff ballot boxes, deny delegates, cancel caucus’s, flood the air with millions in attack ads, and attempt to knock the anti’s out in a few crucial states. In the mean time, the “alternates” are gong to be Kung-fu fighting the next few weeks – a match to determine who get’s to be oligarchy’s stooge.

You’ll continue to see the kiddie gloves on Carson, since he’s splitting the “burn-it-down” vote with Trump. The ass-weasels absolutely need him in the race, otherwise all his support shifts back to Teflon Don, and the mogul sweeps the entire primary. The Chamber of Commerce knows they can effortlessly decimate Carson once Trump is vanquished. The man lacks the money to fight, the corporatists will choke his meager funding when he needs it most, and by the time the Republican leaders finish leaking opposition research to Poitico, Carson will be Herman-Cain sans the harem.

Trump is another story… We’re not joking when we tell you they are probably considering rigging a plane crash as we speak.

Anticipate EPIC levels of skulduggery, debauchery and douchbaggery from the cunts in the RepubliCAN’T party leadership.

To Wit:
- Colorado Republicans cancel presidential vote at 2016 caucus
- Iowa GOP cancels 2015 Straw Poll
- Washington State Will Have a 2016 Presidential Primary, but Caucuses, too

Ladies and gentlemen – your illegitimate, choreographed, and wholly malleable electoral system. “Rule of law” our assholes. The last thing the “managers” want is the serfs having actual representation. They will move mountains to assure we never get even a fleeting lick of it.

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Short & Sweet

We haven’t been doing enough posting lately, or so its been claimed. Why you ask? General antipathy and and overall malaise. Not to mention patiently waiting for the shoe to drop. A great deal goes into play at that point, for FREEFOR and Team Tyranny both. Others among our ranks have some pressing concerns that trump providing free rage-fuel for the internet.

So we’ll briefly poke our heads up over the transom and cast a jaundiced eye on the two-ring circus consuming the House of Representatives. What a dismal failure, and what a collection of hopeless, hapless, helpless Goddamned pussies. All the way around. Quibbling, waffling, failure performance theater – those snakes think we’re some real dumb schleps to be pulling these games right now. To make quite the understatement, we don’t think any of these assholes are up to the task at hand.

What a bunch of miserable failures.

Our takeaway? The Republican party is dying out. They’ve given their membership no reason to continue to allow their existence. They dispense naught but lies and betrayal, and expect boot-licking loyalty in return. That’s not happening anymore, and they’re running around rudderless like suicidal retards in a scissors factory. They’re going to try and replace a old piece of shit with a different texture of shit. They expect this will work.

They miscalculate the people’s mood and what we’ll continue to peacefully tolerate at their very real peril.

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The Great Lie & Doughnuts

Sunday morning, we sat at Gary and Leo’s IGA drinking coffee and chowing down on bearclaws, when Charlie, (the baker), started what we like to call “a ruckus.” Ol’Chuckles has always been a bit of a contrarian, and loves to invite himself into our bush-league debate forums – which is of course why we like the gnarled old bastard. Well… that and he makes the best bearclaws, maple bars and desert roses you’ve ever stuffed in your pie-hole. You can tolerate a lot of shit from somebody who churns out $0.99 cinnamon rolls the size of a baby seal’s head… pre-clubbing.

Know this about Charles: He’s a union goon, through and through – and a loyal DemonRat foot soldier since he cast his first vote for JFK. That said, the bastard knows his shit just enough that he’ll eat your breakfast if you leave the A-game under your bed. Cunning like a rat. He’s not stupid, and not to be taken lightly.

Now our table’s been set, so we can return to Sunday morning, 7:32 A.M.

There we were, “souring” on the cops latest outrage, and having once, in a bygone era, been supporters of the “great protectors of the civil society,” (sour words these days), Charlie was quick to wag his finger and issue a round of smug “I told you so’s.” We decided to let it skip, since he pretty much had a point, but, like all good Progs, he just had to keep poking the grizzly:

“When the system gets used against you, only then do you realize the ferocity of ‘the man’ and your ability to do nothing but vote about it.”
- Chuck, the Gary & Leo’s IGA Baker

This is of course the exact moment when the boot began to lift in preparation of the stomp. Eyes narrowed, gazes were met, coffee cups clinked on saucers and doughnut-time just became serious business.

The filibuster commenced:

One is only powerless if they choose to be. You, one person, has the capability and resources to seek recompense from any injustice initiated by the corrupt bureaucracy – and the power to damage said system orders of magnitude worse than it could ever hope harm to you.

For example, in pure monetary terms – and remember: Money is how we gauge the value of a human lifetime’s absolute productivity – how much damage did McVeigh, Dorner, Kaczynski, Weaver, Heemeyer and Stack inflict on our system compared to the injustice, (perceived or otherwise), it caused them?

The answer? In truth, each man did multiples of whatever abuse they suffered at the hands of municipal, state and/or federal governance. Some of them even manged to survive the act.

So no, you are not powerless – you, as an intelligent, free-thinking, free-willed human-being possess all the means needed to inflict absolutely disproportionate amounts of damage on your oppressors.

Now, one can certainly choose to meekly bear their shackles. Or… they can bulldoze two-thirds of a town to rubble as revenge for the tyranny inflicted by an amok government. The system is after all indefensible, and just recompense – with all due interest – can be had for any electing to seize it.

“The man” is frail and weak – he rules only by fear and the willing acquiescence of the cattle. His authority – like his strength – is an illusion – a lie believed so people can kiss their kids at night and pretend they’re nice and safe. It’s also a falsehood used to justify doing nothing in the face of open tyrants.

Chuck got wild eyed – pronouncing us a bunch of crazy wingnuts – and stomped off to pull doughnuts from the fryer… for probably the fiftieth time in the sixteen years since Gary Leland bought his bakery out. We laughed, finished off our coffee and left for church. Mission accomplished and another Sunday morning well spent.

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Shooter Update: Fuckholes Make CNN a Victim & Waist Our Time

(Updates Below:)

I noticed after reading Bill Quick’s site Daily Pundit, that CNN, our favorite Moonbat enclave, has decided to get into the propaganda game “for-realz-yo.”

I whipped up the following to point out all the fail in this image:

CNN Whitewashes Oregon Shooter
What a hack-job – how they expected this to survive any amount of scrutiny is beyond me. A second year design major would be able to see the flaws in this. And have likely done better work.

CNN’s artists tightened up the killer’s lips with the blending and distort tools, colored them, possibly with a layer mask and/or used the hue saturation panel, but they were sloppy – there is a dent in the corner of his mouth. Finally, they shrunk his nose, probably with filter > distort > pinch. (I’ve done the exact opposite many times for various client’s who wanted me to add some “diversity” to their stock art archives).


They also did a poor job with the hue saturation tool and curves when changing his “race” – the upper left is overexposed, a common mistake if you’re in a rush, (For example – you don’t have time to mask the various portions of the image. This keeps the color work from messing with the way light sources are interacting with the area of emphasis). This sort of “washed out” look can ALSO happen when you’re being forced to build with low resolution web art as your source image. Such as when you’re trying to manipulate a 72 DPI file which has been compressed at 40% – like a file downloaded off a web profile. They didn’t have the source picture, and tried to Photoshop a low resolution twice compressed web icon – with predictable results.

The CNN image has been screwed with, this much I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt – probably to help reinforce a specific narrative.


- Full Sized Version HERE
- Layered version HERE

UPDATE I – The Plot Thickens:

Bill Quick provides this update at Daily Pundit:

“I’ve emailed Conservative Treehouse, asking for a link. We’ll see if they respond. If not, I’m going to assume this is a hoax, and update the post accordingly.”
- Bill Quick

Posters such as MissAnthropy at the WRSA want some more info as well:

“People are asking because it would be a rather trivial exercise for whoever captured the image to show the full frame of the capture, so that all of us rectal apertures can see for ourselves that it was indeed a CNN broadcast. Without such proof, some of us are inclined to think this was just a quick and crude Photoshop job by “some guy on Twitter” to see how many conservative sites would run with it. No doubt this anonymous person is greatly amused.”
- MissAnthropy

Read the entire discussion HERE and HERE.

Something is starting to smell bad here, and a whole lot of us are going to be really pissed off if we were hoaxed.

UPDATE II – Did Conservative Treehouse Perpetrate a Hoax About CNN “Whitewashing” Pic of Roseburg Killer?

Bill Quick at Daily Pundit has another update:

“I emailed CT asking for further support of their post claiming that “CNN” had altered a picture of Chris Harper Mercer, who is half-black, to make him look white.”

“Now, there isn’t any doubt that the picture was altered, and that is not the issue. It is who altered it, and whether CNN displayed the altered version.”

“Further information is now coming to the surface.”

“The CT report is apparently a hoax. I don’t know if they perpetrated it themselves, or if they were taken in by somebody else’s efforts, but we do have a response from CNN (if not from CT, which I think it telling).”

“Unless and until proven otherwise by something other than a label on a Photoshopped pic, I’m calling it a hoax, and further call on Conservative Tree House to print retractions of the charges against CNN, as I am doing here.”
- Bill Quick

Read the entire post and see the CNN reply HERE.

What a pack of festering Fuckholes at CT. Well their credibility is shot to shit forever. Gibbering mouth-breathing assholes have now made CNN the victim in this piss-ass narrative. A good chunk of real time was spent analyzing that photo and making that diagram.

From all of us here at TDG: Die in a fire pricks.

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We Do Not Surrender Liberty for the Actions of a Lunatic. Period.

Dear blathering, blubbering, sputtering Prog-Nazis, Concern Mongers and Insufferable Bloombergian Nanny’s:

No more gun laws will be tolerated – and as you pricks have seen in Washington, Colorado, Connecticut and New York, we gleefully wipe our ass with your pathetic gun regulations – and laugh at you and your impotent Stasi. Any new infringements will be summarily ignored. Anyone so foolish as to attempt enforcement had best get their affairs well ordered beforehand – seeing as we will only allow the “confiscation” of our weapons hot, dirty and empty.

Furthermore, you don’t have enough jack-boots to take our weapons before we rise up and knock the civil society on it’s ear – taking the infrastructure and economy down in the same heartbeat. We represent one of the most heavily armed standing armies in the entire world, and we outnumber your “forces” hundreds to one. Not only are we, the American patriots, saying “Fuck You,” the logistics of your fantasy itself says “Eat Shit and Die. You could not enforce this even if you yellow gutless puss-bags had the gonads to try.

But of course… when did “reality” put a stop to the Fabian leftist agenda? After all – look how your nations run abroad… you’re clearly not enamored with math, logic or rational thought… so… for the sake of posterity… allow us a moment to explain the repercussions in a way so simple even the whelps reared in the Marxist indoctrination centers we call “Public Schools” can grok:

Should the fools spouting weapons confiscation nonsense deeply and earnestly wish to recreate the Yugoslavian War here in the United States… well then… we find your proposition acceptable – if regrettable. But know this – once we’ve dealt with all the storm troopers, (and hung the men who sent them), we’ll be coming for those who supported’em. If you wish to usher in the next great American tragedy, we’re prepared to grant your desire – but do so understanding this is war to oblivion. When the rubble settles, there will either be no more of us or there shall be no more of you. The children of those few survivors will have a lifetime to feel guilty over the atrocities collectively committed in the civil war you wish to kick off.

The citizen-disarmament blood-dancers are warned. We speak for tens of millions on this issue.

You. Get. Nothing.

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Gamergate Opponent a LITERAL Nazi Pederast?

It’s been too quiet here with the cranky old codgers all out doing the various cranky old codger things, so I’ll take the opportunity to actually post something on my own website. /em Shock.

While cruising /r/KotakuInAction/tonight, I ran into a Brietbart article from forum regular Milo…

…and this shit is RICH:

“A progressive activist who was quoted by the Washington Post and whose writing has been featured in Ravishly and Boing Boing claimed to be a “pedophile” and defended white nationalism, Breitbart can reveal.”

“Sarah Nyberg, a transsexual formerly living as Nicholas Nyberg, sometimes known as Sarah Butts, is a well-known critic of the GamerGate movement who was recently quoted on the topic by The Washington Post. She enjoys the support of prominent progressive commentators including Salon columnist Arthur Chu, former NFL punter Chris Kluwe and academic Katherine Cross.”

“But a recent leak from an online chat room owned by Nyberg reveals Nyberg’s disturbing past. In 2005, Nyberg described herself as a pedophile, revealed how she was obsessed with her young cousin, who was 8 years old at the time and whom we will refer to as “Alice,” defended white nationalism, and orchestrated a cyberattack against a rival’s website. Public records reveal that she currently owes at least $100,000 in back taxes and is classed as a “delinquent” by the Wisconsin Department of Revenue.”
- Milo Yiannopoulos

This is the same cunt… er… dick… er… cunt… (er… uh…. dunt?) that’s been rolling out a tidal wave of toxic anti-gamer sludge, calling people racists, going after advertisers and authoring hit-pieces about a collective that really just wants to be left the shit alone. And then, as it turns out, the bag of dicks wants to diddle his/her, (it’s?), eight year old niece?

As pops likes to say… “don’t chuck cinder blocks in a greenhouse” – particularly if you’re intent on scoring some “hot eight year old tail” while draped under a Nazi flag. Damn these bloody-cum-bubbles have some nerve. I’m starting to see why dad get’s so pissed.

Screen Capture Courtesy of Brietbart News.

Screen Capture Courtesy of Brietbart News.

Thanks assholes – you just ruined Pokemon, FF V and Online chatting all in one master stroke. Great job. Pricks.

“Alice is a pseudonym, which we are using to protect the identity of Nyberg’s cousin. Nyberg specifically names her then 8-year-old cousin using the latter’s real name and describes in detail how they are related. Using the information Nyberg posted online we were easily able to locate and contact Alice’s parents, who said they knew nothing about these logs but had made sure that Nyberg and their daughter had never been left alone together. Alice’s father preferred not to elaborate on why he and his wife took the decision to make sure Nyberg, then called Nicholas and living as a twentysomething man, was never given unsupervised contact with Alice, 8.”

“As the following logs reveal, ten years ago a then-twentysomething Nyberg developed an obsession with Alice, when the latter was just 8 years old.

“I used to think 5/6/7 was too young, but Alice changed my mind,” Nyberg writes.

“In another FFShrine post, Nyberg boasts about how she plans to “finally get pictures of her,” telling chatroom members that “it’s all about Alice man.”

“Nyberg kept her promise, and later, shared a folder of images of Alice with a fellow chat room member. The folder was hosted on FFShrine’s servers.”
- Milo Yiannopoulos


What the shit did I just see!?!?!

Read the entire article HERE.

Please do look over the entire revolting page… the excerpts are only a small taste of this child-molesting freak-show’s uh… freak-show.

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Trump Age: The Role-Playing Game

Hat-Tip to Bill Quick at Daily Pundit:

Trump Persuasion Alert: Bible Dodge

“On the surface, Trump seems to be just another politician dodging just another question. Routine stuff, right?”

“But check out the wording. He had that reply in the chamber, locked and loaded. He said his relationship with the Bible was “personal.” Compare that to any other wording he could have used. You can play at home. Try to come up with a better response than saying his relationship with the Bible is personal. Good luck with that. Every Christian, Muslim, and Jew watching the exchange nodded agreement that a person’s relationship with the Lord is personal and really should not be the topic of public conversation. Check. And every reason-loving person that heard Trump’s response thought he didn’t sound too anti-science, or particularly dogmatic. Nothing to worry about. Just move along. And I can guarantee that some atheists heard his response and thought there is a good chance he is one of them. Obviously a person in that position has to hide it. Trump provides the canvas and everyone paints their own favorite picture.”
- Scott Adams

Read it all HERE.

This made us think of something SilverDethPrime wrote a few weeks ago about “ciphers,” and how folks have internalized this presidential race. The creator of Dilbert is agreeing – essentially saying Donald Trump is making himself into a blank canvas – the electoral equivalent of the protagonist in games like Dragon Age, Balder’s Gate or Mass Effect. In these titles, the players are turned loose in sandbox, and are free to interact with it as they choose, influencing the story’s eventual conclusion by their actions and choices. People are not “observing” Trump’s campaign – they’re role-playing it. He’s letting his “players” live vicariously though his antics. The man is engaging in every act of defiance and rebellion against the media and government establishment his supporters have fantasized about for years. He’s got a damn checklist, and he’s hitting it point by point, to the utter delight of his backers.

- Through quick wit and decisive action derail his detractors? CHECK!
- Publicly shoot down all the wrong-headed grievance mongers? CHECK!
- Eviscerate the tyrannical political establishment? CHECK!
- Get the hot princess and virtually unlimited wealth CHECK!
- Overcome literal legions of his enemies and still come out on top? CHECK!
- Bowl over every opponent daring to cross him in single combat? CHECK!

This can’t be random or accidental. It’s the plot of a sandbox game. Trump has turned a presidential bid into a high-octane role-playing adventure, and invited his backers along as the silent protagonists – where they can, through him, play the role of devil-may-care lovable scoundrels – magnificent bastards who say and do everything they’ve always wanted, but have never been given the opportunity.

We don’t know if this makes him pure genius or pure evil – but we’re pretty sure he’s going to stomp a mud-hole in every traditional politician that crosses his path. The old “boring politician game” will always come up second fiddle to Trump’s Gate: Throne of Donald.

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