So You Want to Have a Conversation on Guns…

Fine. Here is your conversation – short, and sweet:

- We will ignore any gun-laws that you ghouls, wallowing in the blood of small children, manage to get passed.

- We will never turn over our weapons or ammunition while we live.

- If any sort of confiscation looks imminent, we will take proactive steps to mitigate the threat.

- If you are looking to fast track a series of secessions and civil war unending then by all means… make our day.

We do ask one thing however. Those of you in the press, the bloggers, and those humping around signs screaming against gun rights, please understand that we, the patriots, shall consider each and every one of you active combatants in any potential civil war.

After all… we believe it highly unfair that those seeking to “protect the children” are so eager to send law enforcement officers and soldiers to die for their fervent belief in tyranny. Therefore, in the spirit of “shared sacrifice” we are kindly informing those standing against constitutionally enshrined civil rights of their addition to the list of legitimate military targets in the event they manage to kick off a second American civil war.

Thank you and have a pleasant day.

‘Nuff Said.

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Update I: Penn & Teller

Hat-tip Daily Pundit. Penn & Teller: Bullshit.

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    Oh hell, that was purely outstanding!

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