TL in Exile Speaks Truth to Power

T.L. Davis at the blog TL in Exile comments on the building cascade of push-shove that will culminate in war, and leaves our government with a final warning before the snake strikes:

“Let it be known then, that we stayed peaceful as long as we could; that we took the insults and abuses as long as they were tolerable; that we clung to that last hope of restoration with the cooperation of the government until it was obliterated by the ultimate honest truth of bold tyranny.”

“We have been summoned to the field of battle by our own representatives and legislators. We have been called out as cowards. We have been ridiculed as harmless mice.”

“Taking history at its word, I see the fate of the nation and of patriots. Once the issue of gun ownership has been dealt with, one might only choose to stand before them and die, or kneel at the edge of a shallow grave and die. Death being death, I prefer to stand.”
- T.L. Davis

Read the entire thing HERE:

About now would be a very good time to see to your larder. If your cupboards are bare, if your refrigerator is empty, if you don’t have some water in the house, we strongly advise you fix that. Today.

Just in case.

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