Where Was THIS Book Before I Got Hitched….

Hat Tip William Quick of Daily Pundit:

Fred Reed of Fred on Everything has some solid advice on people thinking to get married to an American woman:

“Why would a man deliberately set out to marry a woman in the Third World—or, if you prefer, the “developing world”? For any of several reasons, which men talk about in private but not when they might be overheard:”

“(1) North American women (say these men) have been so corrupted by angry feminism that they have the appeal of a menopausing crocodile with the hives. Yes, there are gradations, and many exceptions, but you don’t find out whether she is an exception until, if she isn’t, it is too late. And yes, the men having these views often have had bad experiences, and remain angry. Nonetheless they tend to have similar opinions: The average American woman these days is charming as a hung-over ferret but less useful (ferrets kill mice). We all know the signs. There are the frequent complaints about sexism, discrimination, machismo, the throwaway snotty remarks about the male ego, immaturity, and fear of commitment (they have the last one right, God knows). You get the feeling that too many gringas are coiled like rattlesnakes, looking for slights about which to be enraged. Together these constitute what I think of as “the chip.”

You have to be crazy to tie yourself to such a creature—stark bug-fuck.”
- Fred Reed

Read the whole thing HERE.

Read and despair.

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  1. Posted January 19, 2013 at 4:13 AM | Permalink

    Women’s expectations are on steroids, and here’s why:

    1. Massive wealth redistribution from men to women + female favoritism in hiring quotas + female-centric social safety net has made it easier for women to be “strong and independent.”

    2. Thus enabled to be “strong and independent” a man cannot impress a woman by being a stable provider with a solid job. If he is going to impress her with money he has to be wealthy, and spend a lot of it on her.

    3. Men who aren’t wealthy are thus useless to her, unless they can trigger her desire for social status, physical attractiveness, and rogue personalities. Think the attractive guitar player, the attractive sensitive artiste, or the attractive thug. Key word is being ATTRACTIVE. Many an average man pursues music & art as a means to attract women, but if they don’t also stay fit, they don’t get much mileage out of it.

    4. Women want what they want, and won’t settle for less, REGARDLESS of how nonsensical her expectations are because she deserves to “have it all.” In the manosphere, we say women are looking for millionaire ex-cons with a trust fund, body scars, and a motorcycle who is available and willing to marry immediately.

    5. Along with these expectations, women consider it woman abuse to be asked what they bring to the table for a man. “Why, I’m a WOMAN, the strong and independent PRINCESS! What kind of expectations am I supposed to meet! I have a VAGINA. Stop objectifying me!”

    6. Women also think that they should be able to attract the same quality of guys in her 30′s and 40′s that she attracted in her 20′s. As in, all the upwardly mobile good looking nice guys they rejected for being “boring.” I am watching this phenomenon unfold on Facebook right now, as one of my friends has tired of her 18 years of chasing and shacking up with heavy metal guitarists and pot dealers, and now is ready to “settle down and start a family.” Of course, to her that means she can simply stamp her feet and get a man with a 6 figure income to sweep her off her feet, take care of all her problems, and fill her uterus up with babies at the 11th hour.

    Honestly, it’s only going to get worse. Women DO NOT want to confront reality, at all, on this issue. And they’re looking at a future filled with cats, vibrators, cheap wine, and presumably psychiatric drugs.

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