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The Monk is a Hellfire Specific class that functions as a glass-cannon brawler. While his durability is far below that of a Warrior or a mana-shielded Sorcerer, his melee damage is above both when using a staff. Additionally, his attacks hit all monsters in his forward arc - not just the one he is actively targeting. Combine this with a good "of haste" staff, and this class can really have some fun. Fianally, a Monk gains bonuses for wearing light armor instead of heavy armor - gear accordingly.

The Monk's weakness is his lowish durability - if he gets mobbed, death will come quickly. This makes tactical positioning a must - doorways, hallways, and other choke points need to be leveraged to keep the mob in the class's forward arc, as he lacks the Warrior's superior blocking and damage absorption to survive while surrounded.

Spell Recommendations:

• Fire Wall
• Lightning Wall
• Ring of Fire
• Healing
• Reflect
• Mana Shield
• Search
• Telekinesis
• Warp
In-Game Icon:

Primary Stats:
Primary: Dexterity
Secondary: Strength
Tertiary: Vitality

Recommended Gear:
• Rod of Onan
• The Protector
• Staff of Shadows
• King's Staff of Haste
• Obsidian Staff of Haste
• Nightscape
• Saintly Leather of the Stars
• Obs. Leather of Harmony
• Thinking Cap
• Saintly Skullcap of the Stars
• Obsidian Ring of Perfection
• Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac
• Obsidian Amu. of the Zodiac

Top Spells:
monk monk
monk monk

Class Skill:
monkSearch: This skill highlights all of the equipment on the ground briefly, making the difficult challenge of collecting spilled loot off the ground far easier than for other classes. This becomes a very useful skill in multi-player, where a party wipe means tracking back into the battlefield to hunt down equipment - rings and amulets are not at ALL pleasant to find in the dark dungeon halls. One of the better class skills.

Noteworthy Skills:
monkFire Wall: Fire Wall becomes a very strong spell for a monk due to their tendency to battle from chokes. Placing several fire-walls in an area to "pull" the monsters, and then battling them from a doorway or narrow hall, while they burn to a crisp is not only effective, but gratifying. It also serves to soften foes up considerably before they close into melee, limiting the amount of retaliation they can return to the fragile brawler.

monkLightning Wall: Useful for the same reasons as Fire Wall, Lightning Wall gives the Monk the ability to pull the same pull-'em-cook-'em-bash-'em stunts against fire-immune enemies. This becomes more pronounced in the later levels when elemental immune beasts becomes far more prevalent, and any single element build will come to a screeching halt.

Equipment Suggestions:
monkThe Monk's gear is a unique case - they actually gain superior benefit from light armors, meaning that a player is better off selecting equipment based on bonuses and stats rather than shooting for the highest practical armor factor. The monk can also elect to fight unarmed, however, the reduction in range, and loss off equipment slots - particularly potent ones like "of haste" or "of blood" makes this a poor choice for end game play.

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