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The Rogue is a jack of all trades style of character. While she is peerless in bow-play, she is more than capable of hacking things apart with a sword and blasting a hell-minion to ash with spells. With high a high dexterity stat to drive bow damage, and reasonable strength/magic, the Rogue is able to push most of her spell levels reasonably high, and wear many of the better armors.

The downsides of the Rogue are her lowish mana-pool, and dependence on mana-shield in hell difficulty, which strains her mana. With some creative twinking she should be able to max out many of her critical spells, and still manage enough armor to avoid permanent stun-locks.

Spell Recommendations:

• Guardian
• Fireball
• Ring of Fire
• Mana Shield
• Reflect
• Healing
• Telekinesis
• Infravision
• Teleport
In-Game Icon:

Primary Stats:
Primary: Dexterity
Secondary: Magic
Tertiary: Vitality

Recommended Gear:
• Eaglehorn
• Windforce
• Merciless Bow of burning
• Merciless Bow of lightning
• Merciless Bow of Vampires
• Merciless Bow of Blood
• Merciless Bow of the Bear
• Saintly Plate of the Lion
• Royal Circlet
• Obsidian Ring of Perfection
• Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac
• Lion's Ring of Wizardry
• Obsidian Amulet of Harmony

Top Spells:
rogue rogue
rogue rogue

Class Skill:
rogueDisarm Traps: This skill is useful early on, (though time consuming), for uncovering damaging traps in barrels and chests. Later on in the game, trap damage becomes less of a factor, and the skill will fall into dis-use.

Noteworthy Skills:
rogueTelekinesis: The Telekinesis spell is highly useful to any rogue - it allows her to open minion packed doors while still keeping range on the enemies. A player can open a door or portcullis from the end of a long hallway, and then gun-down the demons as they spell out o the choke-point.

rogueGuardian: The Guardian Spell plays well into a Rogue's strengths, and lasts a considerable amount of time. The rogue can place several of them and then bait monsters into the trap herself - or summon them around a corner, from range, and use the spell's fireball barrage to play-wake-up-games with the hell-spawn from max-bow range.

Equipment Suggestions:
rogueEarly game any bow is best, although a rogue with a shield and mace/sword can hold her own until the Butcher. Once she reaches the mid game, it's best to purchase or loot a bow with the best possible mods, due to the class's relative fragility when compared to the Sorceror and Warrior. End game, look for a truly devastating weapon, such as Eaglehorn, Windforce, or something similar, and the heaviest armor you can bear.

Many rogues have a few rings and amulets with Strength enhancing mods they wear long enough to squeeze into heavy armor, (which becomes self supporting if it has strength enhancing powers of it's own). The Rogue then removes the jewelry, and goes back to her standard equipment.

rogue rogue rogue