Din's Curse Class Info

Demon Hunter

Dins CurseOverview:

The Demon Hunter is a really well thought out class. They are easily the game's best Two-Handed Weapon user, and every skill tree synergizes well.

The class's biggest weakness is the Warden line, but even there, Magical Deflection is a very worthwhile passive. Additionally, the elemental line seems deliberately built with hybridization in mind.

The Demon Hunter's skills are just impressive. Ravage is just slightly less effective than Whirlwind, Charge and Rampage are some of the best timed buffs in Din's Curse, and passive skills like Demon Armor and Two Handed Mastery are incredibly skill-point efficient.

Skill Recommendations:

• Plate Armor
• Two-Handed Mastery
• Ravage
• Breach
• Fire Strike
• Banish
• Energy Shield
• Shield Sweep
• Shield Blast
• Spirit Strike
• Demon Armor
• Inferno
• Circle of Protection
• Circle of Power
• Demonic Roar
Noteworthy Skills:
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Primary Stats:
Primary: Strength
Secondary: Vitality
Tertiary: Dexterity

Top Skills:
dinscurseRavage: Ravage is just a slightly less effective Whirlwind. Which means it's one of the game's top melee skills. While it hits fewer targets, it does huge damage - and its cool-down is low enough you can use it as a stand-alone skill, rather than rotating the way you will on a Warrior or Rogue.

dinscurseTwo-Handed Mastery: No passive melee skill gives so much utility per point of investment. Each rank of Two-Handed Mastery gives Attack Rating, Minimum Damage, Maximum Damage, Percentage Critical Hit AND Crushing Blow. Most classes would need to sink a huge portion of their skill points into multiple melee passives to get what this single ability grants. Two-Handed Mastery by itself makes large weapons viable.

dinscurseDemon Armor: Some defensive passive make it harder to hurt the player. Demon Armor does that and more. It amps the players damage mitigation, it takes huge bites out of critical hits, and it even reduces enemy crushing blows. Nothing else is in the same league as Demon Armor in terms of passive defensive skills. Even Plate Armor - which is itself overpowered - pales by contrast.

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