Din's Curse Class Info


Dins CurseOverview:

The Priest works best in a party situation. Their melee damage output is about half of a Warrior or a Demon Hunter's, and their spell damage is completely dwarfed by the Wizard and even the Conjurer. Soloing, while possible, even into very high levels, is a true slog.

Where the class shines is in group play. They can turn an already powerful character into a monster, buffing their damage, resistance, regeneration and even healing their wounds outright.

While a Priest's offensive options are limited, they are extremely difficult to kill off. With decent resists and mana regeneration, slaying a priest requires being surrounded by champions or some of the game's nastier bosses.

Skill Recommendations:

• Zeal
• Shield Mastery
• Mace Mastery
• Mail Armor
• Regeneration
• Cure Poison
• Lesser Heal
• Greater Heal
• Area Heal
• Precision
• Hardiness
• Fire resistance
• Cold resistance
• Champion
• Divine Intervention
Noteworthy Skills:
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Primary Stats:
Primary: Vitality
Secondary: Strength
Tertiary: Dexterity

Top Skills:
dinscurseZeal: In terms of attacks, Zeal is a solo Priest's best option. If backed up with decent masteries, its stats are capable - but the cool-down on the ability makes killing packs a slow affair.

dinscurseRegeneration: This spell keeps you in the fight and has a ridiculous duration. Your health bar ticks up non-stop, largely obliterating the need for potions.

dinscurseChampion: An ability that turns the target into an engine of death. Use this for smashing bosses - or better yet - cast it on a teammate to truly wreck shop.

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