Din's Curse Class Info


Dins CurseOverview:

Rangers can play to the highest difficulties, but they suffer several undeniable and serious mechanical issues.

The first is the cool-down on their skills. Their damage is clearly balanced around hitting a target or targets many times for light damage - but long cool-downs on the arrow skills make this a chore and place you under constant threat of being overrun.

The largest problem however is the inability to shift + attack an area. An archer cannot fire unless they specifically target a creature, which makes run-and-gun playstyles nearly impossible. By the time they select a target and fire, the monster pack has swarmed the Ranger - unless they break the A.I.

Skill Recommendations:

• Multishot
• Eagle Eye
• Bow Mastery
• Fast Draw
• Marked for Death
• Light Touch
• Sprint
• Net Trap
• Lure
• Serrated Arrow
• Barkskin
• Strength of Stone
• Stalker
• Earthquake
• Earth Link
Noteworthy Skills:
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Primary Stats:
Primary: Dexterity
Secondary: Strength
Tertiary: Vitality

Top Skills:
dinscurseMultishot: Even when saddles with archery's defects, multi-shot is the best skill a Ranger can buy. It reliably damages the first target, and occasionally hits others nearby.

dinscurseEagle Eye: This passive dramatically improves a Ranger's damage. Eagle Eye's not flashy, but it's practical - upping your critical strike into the 80% range.

dinscurseLight Touch: This ability is the only thing really keeping a Ranger viable. It breaks the monster A.I., causing many of them to ignore her most of the time.

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