Din's Curse Class Info


Dins CurseOverview:

The Rogue is one of the game's more challenging characters to play solo. The damage is certainly there, and if you rotate Slice, Lethal Blow and Death Blow, you can attack non-stop. Additionally, their passives are nifty for radically boosting magic find - making it far easier to aquire some of the rarer unique items.

The problem with the class is its primary damage mitigation - Stealth. While reasonable to assume the character won't have the nearly durability of a Warrior, the stealth mechanic a Rogue relies on for survivability has no place in an AARPG. (Where the goal is to slaughter giant groups of creatures as rapidly as possible). Sneaking up and assassinating one beast in a pack of twenty is just not a functional style for solo play.

Skill Recommendations:

• Lethal Blow
• Death Blow
• Spot Vulnerability
• Deadly Aim
• Precision
• Stealth
• Dodge
• Evasion
• Shuriken
• Gouge
• Dagger Mastery
• Combat Reflexes
• Concentration: Poison
• Concentration: Speed
• Caltrops
Noteworthy Skills:
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Primary Stats:
Primary: Dexterity
Secondary: Vitality
Tertiary: Strength

Top Skills:
dinscurseDeath Blow: This melee skill is really good. Probably second only to the likes of Whirlwind. It not only rips apart the target, it makes them explode in a poison cloud on a killing strike.

dinscurseStealth: This power is your primary form of damage mitigation. Almost no monster can attack you while stealthed, and you gain a powerful damage and crit buff on your first few strikes when you end the skill to attack.

dinscurseDeadly Aim: A potent passive skill, Deadly Aim radically buffs your critical strike chances. It might not be glamorous, but its impact is undeniable.

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