Din's Curse Class Info


Dins CurseOverview:
The Warrior is the quintessential tank. They have the hit points to take the big hits, the armor to survive being mobbed and the defense to ensure most strikes against them are deflected harmlessly. This is not to say that a Warrior is invulnerable - spell casters such as Horrors or Dark Elf Mages are the quite dangerous.

Building a successful Warrior involves balancing defensive passives with offensive skills. Passives like Sword Mastery are extremely valuable - as they do both - and with enough Crushing Blow, the "minimum damage" of swords ceases to be an issue.

Whirlwind, Cleave and Perfect Strike will form the foundation of a warrior's offensive skills. Alternating Whirlwind and Cleave during the cool-down will devastate monster packs, while Perfect Strike alternated with Cleave will kill bosses in a few connecting hits.

Defensively, the various defensive passives, such as plate armor, Shield Mastery, Blocking, Parry and Focus: Absorb Damage are well worth solid point investments. When coupled with a good shield, a warrior can easily reach a 75% total deflection rate before soft caps start reducing passive effectiveness. Consider the linked skills ***, ***, *** as they are an exceptional way to amp damage, defense or mana regeneration depending on the dungeon set.

Warriors are the most food dependent class in the game. Even with a wide array of health regeneration equipment, eating food constantly will be near mandatory in level 90+ dungeons. Plan finances accordingly.

Skill Recommendations:

• Whirlwind
• Perfect Strike
• Sword Mastery
• Arms Mastery
• Bleed
• Cleave
• Crushing Blow
• Focus: Absorb Damage
• Focus: Deal Damage
• Blood Lust
• Plate Armor
• Blocking
• Parry
• Shield Mastery
• Block
Noteworthy Skills:
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Primary Stats:
Primary: Strength
Secondary: Vitality
Tertiary: Dexterity

Top Skills:
dinscurseWhirlwind: This skill essential to any good Warrior's build. It strikes a large number of attackers in a radius around the character, and with a great weapon, will one-shot most anything that's not an Elite. To get the most out of the skill, a player only needs to invest enough in it to remove the damage penalty.

dinscursePlate Armor: This passive not only provides a passive bonus to the Warrior's armor rating, (direct damage reduction), it allows the character to don full plate. Besides having an utterly ridiculous armor value, these suits reduce the damage sustained from critical hits, making surviving bosses drastically easier.

dinscursePerfect Strike: Despite being a tier one skill, this ability offers a decent growth rate on damage, but more importantly, a very high attack bonus. This power makes hitting Elites and Boss Monsters much easier, not to mention piercing the defense of the otherwise hard to hit Wisps.

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