Din's Curse Class Info


Dins CurseOverview:
The Wizard is a solid class well suited to dealing with large packs and strong bosses alike. Their Ice Mage line is especially potent, as a combination of good area effect, resistance debuffs and reasonable cool-down timers scale well with the game's difficulty.

The biggest challenges for the class are stacking enough mana pool and regeneration to sustain constant DPS. Once this is achieved - through passives, drink and equipment - Wizards become a force to be reckoned with.

Don't neglect their elemental armors - all of them stack, have decent timers, and their passive benefits are meaningful.

Skill Recommendations:

Fire Mage:
• Shield of Fire
• Fireball
• Fire Mastery
• Fire Maelstrom
• Sweeping Flames
Ice Mage:
• Ice Storm
• Shatter
• Frost Bite
• Cold Mastery
• Permafrost
• Teleport
• Arcane Focus
• Magic shield
• Evasion
• Deep Thought
Noteworthy Skills:
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Primary Stats:
Primary: Strength
Secondary: Vitality
Tertiary: Dexterity

Top Skills:
dinscurseIce Storm: This spell conjures a cloud that damages, chills and slows enemies in its radius. It rains death for a significant duration, and features a fairly low cool-down.

dinscurseShatter: Using this spell during Ice Storm's cool-down will dramatically improves your AoE and single-target damage per second.

dinscurseFrost Bite: A debuff spell, Frost Bite will utterly tank the target's resistance to Fire and Cold attacks, causing champions and bosses to wither in seconds.

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