Din's Curse Equipment Guide

Din's Curse Accessories

Din's CurseAccessories are a class of equipment that includes jewelry, rings, necklaces, and cloaks. Unlike armor, they are not "targeted" and therefor they lack a type, (i.e. cloth, plate, chain, etc). Essentially, they are a way to load a character down with magical properties beyond those granted from their clothing - more delicious loot to hunt, more power to attain.

The best use for accessories is to magnify the percentile bonuses generated by a character's class and stat point allotments. For example, a ring that grants 100% Chance of Deep Wounds won't enhance a low dexterity Priest very much - one hundred percent of crap is... well... crap. That same ring on a Ranger, (a class with high agility and a natural proclivity towards Deep Wounds), will multiply nicely however, virtually guaranteeing the status effect with every attack.

Accessories also tend to be the primary source of elemental Resists - most jewelry and cloaks offer at least some magical damage mitigation, and serve as a smart way for armor-focused classes to help round out resists. Of particular value is fire, as many of the games most frustrating one-shot kills are flame based attacks.

Name: Ring
Description: Rings are small bits of metal or bone, typically offset with jewels or other valuable decorative flourishes. A character can wear two rings at once, and they often have powerful bonuses to elemental Resists.
Name: Rune of The Brothers
Effects: +16 Dexterity, +16 Vitality, +14 Spirit, +71 Maximum Mana, +61 Health, +27 Lightning Resist.

Name: Ring of Absorption
Effects: +22 Fire Resist, +25 Cold Resist, +25 Poison Resist, +25 Lightning Resist, +14 Magic Resist.

Name: Yuxi's Ring
Effects: +55 Max Mana, +18 Magic Resist, +15% Find Items, +18 Max Stamina, +220% Crushing Blow, +255% Deep Wounds, +220% M. Crushing Blow.

Name: Fryse's White Ring
Effects: +6 Dexterity, +28 Cold Resist, +16 Light Intensity, 13% Weapon Speed, 7.5% Chance to Cast Level 4 Ice Storm on Successful Hit.

Name: Viedonna's Kiss
Effects: +14 Strength, +201 Maximum health, +27 Fire Resist, +23 Cold Resist.

Name: Jewelry
Description: Jewelry is a type of decorative charm, adorned with precious metals and gems. Jewelry is worn on the ears, face, or clothing - similar to pins, earrings, and piercing studs. A character may wear two of these object simultaneously, and they tend to have very large stat or percentile bonuses.
Name: Din's Crow
Effects: +14 Dexterity, +33 Intelligence, +61 Maximum Health, +23 Fire Resist, +27 Lightning Resist.

Name: Thaden's Thunder
Effects: +23 Strength, +18 Spirit, +233 Attack Rating, +61 Maximum Health, +46 Lightning Resist.

Name: Great Taboo
Effects: +13 Defense, +197 Attack Rating, +61 Maximum Health, +75% Find Extra Money, +21 Light Intensity.

Name: Arilynvia's Bless
Effects: +18 Defense, + 23 Fire Resist, +19 Cold Resist, +19 Poison Resist, +27 Lightning Resist, +35% Magic Find Chance.

Name: Eye For An Eye
Effects: +38 Strength, +11 Spirit, +233 Attack rating, +55 Maximum Mana, +9 % Fire Resist, +9% Cold Resist, +9% Poison Resist, +9% Lightning Resist.

Name: Necklace
Description: Necklaces are chains, broaches or chokers worn about the neck, and frequently constructed of valuable metals. While sometimes unadorned, necklaces typically have jewels, pearls, ivory or even horn hung from them. Necklaces usually contain a mix of stats, but often have powerful hit point and mana regeneration bonuses.
Name: Criar's Necklace
Effects: +38 Max Mana, +41 Max Health, +9 Mana Regen, +56 Perception, +16 Fire Resist, +16 Cold Resist, +16 Poison Resist, +16 Lightning Resist.

Name: Shankar's Golden Falcon Amulet
Effects: +13 Defense, +270 Attack, +117 Maximum Mana, +79 Maximum Health, +23 Fire Resist.

Name: Din's Eye
Effects: +23 Vitality, +19 Spirit, +158 Maximum Health, +2.3 Health Regeneration, +23 Poison Resist.

Name: Silver Crescent
Effects: +33 Intelligence, +21 Spirit, +16 Defense Increase, +36 Armor Increase, +27 Magic Resist.

Name: Amulet of Wounding
Effects: +38 Strength, +16 Dexterity, +430 Attack Rating.

Name: Cloak
Description: Cloaks are flowing sheets of cloth that hang from a character's neck and back. They are often made of suede, silk, cotton or even wool, and traditionally served to keep people warm in bad weather. Magical cloaks tend to have very large armor bonuses, and the rare ones tend to be a solid source of elemental Resist and stat points.
Name: Raven's Cloak
Effects: +14 Dexterity, +15 Intelligence, +11 Mana Regeneration, +27 Fire Resist, +20% Armor, +68 Armor.

Name: Fuse's Cloak
Effects: +19 Vitality, +19 Intelligence, +23 Spirit, +70 Naximum Health, +20% Armor, +91 Armor.

Name: Bitter Wind
Effects: +9 Strength, +15 Dexterity, +9 Vitality, +17 Intelligence, +9 Spirit, +5 Mana Regen, +6% Resist All, +35 Cold Resist.

Name: Cloak of Shadows
Effects: +29 Defense, +233 Attack Rating, +160 Armor, +143 Maximum Health, +27 Fire Resist, +35% Armor.

Name: Archmage Cloak
Effects: +14 Dexterity, +38 Intelligence, +19 Spirit, +56% Fire Resist, +23 Poison Resist, +35% Armor, +58 Armor.