Din's Curse Equipment Guide

Din's Curse Armor

Din's CurseArmor in Din's Curse can do a great deal to enhance character survivability - but to see results, a player needs to turn the collection of high defense equipment into a virtual fetish, (and then couple it with passive multipliers). If a particular build is not able to utterly dedicate themselves to making the most of armor, they are better off pursuing a glass cannon blueprint, prioritizing equipment that holds the best stat bonuses. Being a tank pays off, but only when pursued fully, thanks largely to the diminishing returns that begin to kick in around Armor 2,500.

The key factor when "upgrading" to the next higher class of armor is the reduction of crit-spikes. With each jump from Cloth to Leather to Chain to Plate, the character not only sees better damage mitigation, but also DRASTIC reductions in the damage they take from critical hits. Without the huge DPS jumps, potions, food and hit point regeneration have time to work their magic.

If a character is wearing "mixed" armor types, he will take more or less damage depending on where he's struck - blows to areas covered by inferior armor will result in more damage and potentially higher criticals, while the inverse is true with hits to higher grades of protective wear.

Note 1: The chance to be hit in any particular area are as follows:
- Head: 15%
- Shoulder: 15%
- Torso: 30%
- Wrists: 5%
- Hands: 5%
- Waist: 10%
- Legs: 15%
- Feet: 5%
Name: Cloth Armor
Description: Cloth armor affords the worst protection, but tends to have almost no equipment requirements to wear, (beyond level), and never requires any special skill purchases. It's often favored by Conjurers and Wizards, who are more concerned with the armor's powers rather than it's ability to stop damage.
Best Armor: Black Widow
Effects: +28 Intelligence, +14 Spirit, +16 Defense, +27 Poison Resistance, +300% Armor.
Name: Leather Armor
Description: Leather armor is a slight step up from cloth, and like it's lesser relative, has minimal stat requirements. It's usually worn by Rogues, Rangers, and some Priest Builds who forgo the armor upgrade to Chain Mail. While leather is slightly better than cloth, it's by no means "tanky" and its users need to rely on evasion or range to survive.
Best Armor: Permafrost
Effects: +10 Strength, +117 Armor, +46 Maximum Mana, +8% Fire Resistance, +35% Cold Resistance, +8% Poison Resistance, +8% Lightning Resistance, +35% Armor.
Name: Chain Armor
Description: Chain Armor is a major upgrade over leather, with a much improved armor rating and vastly better mitigation of critical hits. However, this comes at the price of moderate strength requirements on top of the usual level restrictions. Warriors and Demons Hunters use chain armor by default, and Priests can spend skill points to upgrade to it from leather.
Best Armor: Thaden's Conviction
Effects: +16 Defense, +53 Armor, +61 Max Health, 3.5 Health Regeneration, +27 Cold Resistance, +23 Magic Resistance, +17% Armor.
Name: Plate Armor
Description: Plate armor is as good as it gets in terms of damage reduction. It has the highest armor value, the most critical hit mitigation, and an impressive overall array of modifiers. It also comes at a steep cost - at least 15 skill points and epic strength requirements - which must be paid by any Demon Hunter or Warrior who wants to equip it. Adding more skill points increases the effectiveness of the armor.
Best Armor: Stonechest
Effects: +14 Strength, +16 Vitality, +70 Health, +8% Fire Resistance, +8% Cold Resistance, +8% Poison Resistance, +8% Lightning Resistance, +405% Armor.
Name: Shields
Description: Shields are a defensive option for some classes that greatly improve survivability. Every shield has a defense rating attached to it, which degrades monsters ability to connect with melee attacks. With a solid dexterity score and passive support, a player can easily achieve 75% blocking rates v.s. non bosses.
Best Shield: Din's Honor
Effects: +23 Strength, +383 Defense, +61 Health, +32 Fire Resistance, +27 Poison Resistance, +67% Find Extra Money.