Neverwinter Nights 2: Nightsinger's Bane

NX4 Current Build

Neverwinter NightsThis page houses most recent links for the latest builds of NX4: Nightsinger's Bane and AP2: The Tomb of Horrors - Hard Edition. The finished version of NX4 will contain AP2, but we intend to release it as a stand-alone module as well.

Please understand these are all very much works in progress, so expect bugs and place-holder material.

NX4 Downloads - Website
NX4: Nightsinger's Bane (760 MB)
AP2: The Tomb of Horrors (127.2 MB)
Graz'zt Presentation (20.4 MB)
kevL's Thirst System (227 KB)
NX4 Downloads - Dropbox
NX4: Nightsinger's Bane (760 MB)
AP2: The Tomb of Horrors (127.2 MB)

About AP2: The Tomb of Horrors

AP2 is a revamp of Morbane's Tomb of Horrors. Our goal is to drastically upgrade the visuals, improve the cut-scenes and increase the difficulty many fold. The intent is to make this module the gold-standard for brain-bending deathtraps and epic-level content.

It will be released as a stand-alone module, and also integrated into NX4.

About the Graz'zt Presentation

The Graz'zt Presentation represents months of 3D modeling and programming by Jestemwlodzimierz, and intended as a foundation for the game's penultimate battle against the Demon Lord as he attempts to usurp Shar's power over the Shadow Weave.

About kevL's Thirst System

Based on the NX2 Spirit Eater Power Bar, kevL engineered the thirst system to simulate the need for characters to drink water. As the Hydration Meter drops, the character begins to suffer combat and stat penalties, which gradually increase over time, eventually resulting in death if they don't drink something.