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Grit in the Gears

People telling you we should wait for fights "we can win" are mid-wits at best - fools and cowards at worst. Understand that there is no "winning" the war against Empire FUSA. The point is to be a spanner in the works - until they are exhausted and tumble.

We throw grit in the gears, and the Empire will stomp - and in so doing, amplify the damage. Then we move on. They'll then stomp that. Then we shuffle off to the next target. All they have is a boot, and every problem they see is a bug in need of squishing.

"The opportunity of defeating the enemy is provided by the enemy himself."
- Sun Tzu

The goal here is to make them stomp and stomp and stomp, until the entire moldering edifice comes down on their heads. Every time they maneuver to halt the damage they also amplify it - the reaction causes as much or more destruction than the inciting incident. The toll is paid in terms of legitimacy, mandate and direct capitol.

We don't have to "beat" Empire FUSA - we only need to exhaust them. Look at how these maggots in Washington D.C. writhed and crawled on their bellies when the Palace was invaded on January 6, 2021. Their pain threshold hovers near zero. We can absorb more suffering than THEY could ever hope to. Stomp as hard as they will, we shall endure. They'll fold, as we inevitably, inexorably, tear everything out from beneath them.

Eat The Sharks

Every strength the Empire has is a liability - their cities, their banking industry and especially their infrastructure. We made it, we maintain it... and we can disassemble it at our leisure. WE are the foundation upon which the entire parasite-caste rides.

We must simply move from institution to institution, breaking things. They will trail behind, stomping holes in the floor, squishing a bug here and there, but there are too many of us... and they can't rid themselves of the bugs, for we're essential to their blood-sucking. Eventually, the Empire stomps out enough of the floor that our shanty collapses into a pile of scrap. Then they are at our mercy - we who can endure while they cannot.

"You will kill ten of us, we will kill one of you, but in the end, you will tire of it first."
- Ho Chi Minh

We will rebuild once they've been hung, beaten to death in the streets or have fled for safe harbors. Creation is what we do.

Hopefully, what we forge to replace the FUSA is more resistant to corruption and perversion than our current failed republic - with its stolen elections, fake stock markets, fake free speech and fake money.

Eat The Sharks
"In celebration of the new year, Clown World 2020 got xerself a pound of blow, an espresso machine and twelve of those foot-long Pixi-Stix. Last year's sh*t-show will henceforth be understood as "the good old days."
- SilverDeth