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We, the Damned

Since the fall of the Republic in January, I have witnessed a dearth of old people - Baby Boomers mostly - rattling off clap-trap about how "God coming to save us." Such prose is as irksome as it is foolish. It's the theological equivalent of "Q-Anon." Not only does such wish-casting justify continuing to sit uselessly on one's ass - while Satan's agents run amok - it flies in the face of what becomes of the condemned throughout the eons. People who have forsaken God are not saved by God. They are cast aside and left to boil in the hell of their own making.

And make no mistake - those of us inhabiting the FUSA fall squarely into the category of "the damned."

Repeat after me: "God is not going to save us."

We are a people judged and we brought this evil on ourselves. When God judges a people they are fated to suffering, servitude and deprivation. We could have acted with courage and conviction, but instead, we stood meekly and bid the most vile evil to fester in our midst. Our institutions were handed over to Satan without even the faintest struggle. From the schools, to our churches, to our very governments - we stood by and allowed absolute devilry to commandeer everything. Nary a shot. Nary a fist. We offered barely more than a few empty words and hollow threats.

Now we stand forsaken... and we deserve it. We listened to false teachings in our "Houses of Satan" which disarmed us - we placed tolerance of evil over battling for righteousness. When we should have armed ourselves for war and stood against wickedness, we instead blathered platitudes and whispered excuses. We then provided evil the very rope it now garrotes us with.

We, the damned, sat on our asses, doing nothing, expecting talk-radio-charlatans, loud-mouthed politicians, self aggrandizing T.V. personalities and web-site wall-bangers to somehow bloody the enemy for us. They sputtered loudly and did nothing of value. Their only contribution was to line their coffers with our money - and then turn on us when their Iron Rice Bowls came under threat. We outsourced our battles, and like fools, managed to be startled when the grifters fleecing us are nothing but bloviating narcissists and worm-tongued whisperers of lies.

We let go of the penultimate truth of the human race: Violence and confrontation are the supreme arbiters of all conflict. When we refuse to force our will upon others in the cause of good, evil will happily step forward and take the initiative - filling the void with every manner of perversion and deviancy. We tolerated evil when we should have stamped it into the dust. We were cowards when we should have been pitiless and strong. God does not demand tolerance of wickedness. Nor does he demand submission to evil. We chose both instead of taking up the sword in his name.

We are complicit.

We ceded the field of battle unfought, and expected "entertainers" - liars by trade - to somehow war on our behalf? Feh. It is our supreme arrogance that we suppose ourselves even WORTHY of salvation - or divine intervention for that matter.

We are a people damned. Damned. Damned. Damned. DAMNED. We did it to ourselves. We had a choice. We picked hell on earth.

We'll get it.

We Are Judged