Starbound Bases - Arsenal

The Arsenal is the primary weapon storage and production facility in the Alfirik Stream System. The base warehouses every known Legendary and Quest weapon, as well as a massive collection of high-tier procedurally generated weapons. Additionally, it boasts a full mech deployment bay, weapons and armor manufacturing stations, and a Weapons Upgrade Anvil.


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Weapon Upgrade Anvil - Located in the top of the station is a Weapon Upgrade Anvil. This device uses the player's gathered Ancient Essence to upgrade a weapon to maximum tier. This lets a player continue using a favorite armament from lower tier planets and missions.


Legendary Weapons Pods - These specialized storage crates hold both fully upgraded and basic models of every known Legendary Weapon. The containers are sorted from ranged to hybrid to melee, with the more unusual or exotic variants stored on the higher levels.


Combat Fabrication Stations - The installation has three replicator tables, each with a custom add-on unit: Accelerator, Manipulator and Separator. These allow the fabrication of any standard racial weapon and armor a player has a recipe for.


Procedurally Generated Weapon Lockers - These lockers hold a staggering array of procedurally generated arms. Multiple copies of every weapon type and element are represented, with each example being maximum tier. Additionally, at least one variation of every alternate function for every weapon type is available, from utility add-ons to devastating spells or even grenade launchers.

Mech Deployment Bay - The Mech Deployment Bay lets a player customize their mech in any way they wish. Additionally, the center is capable of fabricating nearly any mech part, from weapons to mining tools to thrusters and maneuvering packages. Finally, the bay can summon and recharge a player's mech using its docking arms. A convent pressure hatch grants mech and pilot access to open space.


Standard Amenities - The Arsenal also hosts the standard amenities listed in the Starbound Custom Universe Section. If you are interested in these basic features, click HERE for more information.