Starbound Custom Universe

StarboundThis section hosts our custom Deth Guild Universe files. Here you'll find detailed star-charts and coordinates for locating the system, instructions for reaching the Star-Way, as well as passcodes for entering the main facility. We've also included detailed breakdowns of each sub-base, its purpose, amenities and key features. Finally, this section contains download links to the universe and every mod file it utilizes.

Starbound Custom Universe:
Custom Universe - (70.5 MB)
Optional Character Packs - (17.5 MB)

Mods Used:
Outpost Expansion - (561 KB)
Gravity Console - (15 KB)

Note that the all of our Custom Character Packs have Teleporter and Navigation
Bookmarks to every important facility in the custom universe, which makes locating the installations a snap. You can download them HERE.


The Eleven Bases

Each Base in the custom universe serves a specific need - and is of sufficient size to complete its given objective at scale. Whether the installation's objective is farming, fabrication or warehousing colonists, they are large and optimized enough in their layout to cope with the even the most aggressive player's needs.

Arboretum - Growing trees and other large plants for lumber and food.
Arsenal - Warehouses an enormous cache of weapons and battle armor.
Astrobiology Lab - A research lab for safely studying alien life forms.
Feedlot - A facility dedicated to the care of livestock.
Fuel Depot - Massive fuel tanks hold thousands of fuel units.
Greenhouse - A nursery capable of provisioning a literal army.
Haberdashery- Maintains a huge inventory of clothing and apparel.
Museum - An unmatched collection of relics and trophies from beyond the stars.
Starbase Overwatch- Features a colony, garage and an industrial scale fabrication center.
Warehouse - The Warehouse holds everything a player might want.
Mech Research Colony - This large installation is perfect for crewing Starships.


The Alfirk Stream System

Star System

The Alfirk Stream System orbits a Tier Six Fiery Star in the far reaches of deep space. Every single planet in the system is positively lethal - but that's what makes things... interesting.

Three Asteroid Belts circle the star, along with a Volcanic hellscape, two freezing Shadow Worlds, a Scortched Wasteland and scores of fuel-rich moons. A Weapon's Trading Station orbits the interior Asteroid Belt while an Ancient Gateway stands silent watch from Alfirik Stream's outermost reaches.

Hidden deep within the Alfirk Stream V Asteroid Belt is our space colony - a collection of nine bases connected by a massive Star-Way Transit System.

System Coordinates:
X: 84584710
Y: 64261983

Finally, we have a massive Mech Research Station along the Solar System's outermost edge. From this installation, it's possible to rapidly crew a ship with any race you might desire and reconfigures your Mech to batter cope with the challenges presented by the planets of Alfirk Stream.


The Star-Way Transit System

The Star-Way Transit System is a long road running the entire circumference of the Alfirk Stream V Asteroid Belt. Both beginning and ending at Starbase Overwatch, the road is ideal for Hovercars and other player-owned vehicles.

In addition to vehicular transport, the entire Star-Way system is connected by rail. However, the balance changes to the Rail Hook tool has rendered this mode of transportation somewhat inefficient.


Reaching the transit system for the first time is easy - simply pilot your Mech vertically from the beam-in point, dodging asteroids and space creatures as you progress. After a few minutes, you will run into the road - simply follow it horizontally. Eventually, you will find an access point with a control switch, which causes a portion of the road to recede, allowing access to system and all interconnecting installations.


Each installation along the Star-Way has an identical access system. The Lever Panel on the left causes the ground to fold into a recess - allowing vehicles, (of up to mech size), to pass through the road. (A Button Panel provides access from underneath).

The smaller buttons to the left and right of the turbo shaft will summon a Rail-Car. This useful contraption lets the player to leisurely travel through the outpost's various floors.

The right Lever Panel is a manual override for the rail security hatches. On some of the larger installations, it can take a long time for the Rail-Car to reach the ground floor- the override allows the user bypass the series of hatch locks and leap/grapple directly into the base.


Security Passcodes

Starbase Overwatch's three primary entrances/exits are protected by a pass-key locking system. To access the doors from the outside, the user will need to input the following code: 7139

Successfully entering the pass-code will cause the hatches to disengage and allow access to the facility. To close to pressure hatches from outside the installation, press the CLEAR button, (Labeled "C"), and then input the pass-code again.

If you want to set your own pass-code, disable the Shield-Generator, and use the Matter Manipulator to remove the Security Keypad. Place it and then wire it back up to the door and warning lights. Once that is finished, the first code you input will be the new pass-code. Write it down and don't forget it!!!


Modular Amenities

While each base within the Alfirk Stream V Asteroid Belt has a specialized function, they all have a modular command center on the top floors, with a standardized set of amenities. These features include:


Shield Generator - The shield generator protects a facility from accidental - or deliberate - misuse of the Matter Manipulator. It also hardens the facility against meteor strikes and combat damage. The generator is a fragile piece of hardware, and reacts poorly to weapons fire - players are advised to use caution when in its vicinity. Also note that the Shield Generator will need to be deactivated to make any alterations to the base.


Teleporter & Tech Console - A full-range Telepad and Tech Console inhabits the installation's next floor. This not only allows a player to beam out, but lets them bookmark that particular Teleporter for quick return visits. Additionally, a Tech Console is provided in the event players must customize their Tech load-out for specialized tasks -such as picking crops or harvesting lumber.


Storage Room - Moving up a floor, every base has a large storage room and micro-fabrication center. The crafting station varies based on the primary function of the facility, letting a player create any relevant or specialized equipment they might need to take advantage of the installation's offerings. Additionally, the ample cargo pods contain tools and resources relevant to the station's core purpose. Finally, each Storage Room houses a Merchant Colonist, who sells useful equipment and offers reasonable prices when purchasing sold goods.


Sustenance Station - The Sustenance Station contains a basic kitchen, refrigeration unit, microwave and a well stocked vending machine. A Large quantity of nutritious. shelf-stable cooking components are stored in nearby drawers, while a refrigerator contains an assortment of filling meals and snacks.

- Click HERE to view the Food Cabinet's contents.


Overnight Room - At the pinnacle of each pre-fabricated command center is a well furnished Overnight Room. Beds in Starbound are a great way to recover from injuries without needing to use expensive or rare medical supplies. They also suspend the hunger meter while a player is sleeping in them, functioning as a "pause" button if they need to get up and attend to other matters. In addition to a bed, there is a small office space and a Desk/Dresser combo filled with several changes of clothing for unexpected extended stays.

- Click HERE to view the clothing selection.


Emergency Evacuation Pod - To the right of the Overnight Room, (at the top of each outpost's turbo shaft), is an Emergency Evacuation Storage pod. This chest contains everything a player will need if they need to escape the installation should the situation turn dire. The pod contains a selection of critical survival tools to aid in survival, escape and evasion until a rescue ship arrives. Additionally, each container has a combat rated space suit, EPP, and a broad selection of personal defense weaponry. Lastly, the chest holds an assortment of critical medical supplies and stimulants - enough to last through a prolonged emergency or combat situation.

- Click HERE to view the Survival Pod's contents.

Landing Pad - With a litany of custom mods adding shuttles, planes, flying saucers, travel pods and enhanced mechs to Starbound, it felt appropriate to include a secured Landing Pad to the installations. The runway is spacious enough to accommodate even the larger drop ships, and is well illuminated to assist in safe landings. A weapons turret activates when the pressure hatch opens, gunning down unwanted intruders or hostile aliens trying to piggyback inside along with a player. Finally, a series of alarm klaxons alert anyone inside the installation that the airlock is open, preventing explosive decompression or surprise attacks.