Starbound Bases - Fuel Depot

The Fuel Depot is an installation build over the top of a massive Liquid Erchius Reservoir. The asteroid contains enough of the volatile and radioactive liquid to power scores of starships for years, saving the player from expensive refueling and dangerous lunar expeditions.


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Liquid Erchius Fuel Canisters - Each of these sealed crates contain enough Liquid Erchius fuel to fully till a Condor Class Starship's fuel tank. The containers are triple walled and radiation shielded, while their outer shell is rated against tier six weapons fire.


Liquid Erchius Fuel Reservoir - Drilled into a large nickel-iron asteroid, the Liquid Erchius Fuel Reservoir holds uncountable gallons of the precious liquid. Micro-production stations and robotic drones package the lethally radioactive substance into reinforced canisters, which are then offloaded onto starships to fuel their FTL drives.

Standard Amenities - The Fuel Depot also hosts the standard amenities listed in the Starbound Custom Universe Section. If you are interested in these basic features, click HERE for more information.