Starbound Bases - Greenhouse

The Greenhouse is a monstrous facility dedicated to growing a wide variety of foodstuffs. Nearly the entire Alfirk Stream System is fed by this installation, and its growing bays are able to handle crop production at a galactic scale.


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TerraMart Shipment Station - This specialized station 3D-prints a sealed cooler crate, and then launches it into space. It is then collected and transported to the nearest TerraMart branch store. This allows industrious players to sell animal products and plant produce at better prices than those offered by standard merchants. With an optimized enough feedlot or greenhouse, one can earn tens of thousands of pixels per hour.

Greenhouse - Each modular Greenhouse unit is capable of adjusting its temperature, humidity and soil nutrients to support every known crop in the U.E.P.'s substantive library. Automated sprinkler units keep the soil at optimal moisture, and the light control systems can emulate the ambient light of tier one through six planets.


Hydroponics Bay - The Hydroponics Bay enables the station to maintain a selection of aquatic crops, although larger plants, such as Kelp, are housed at the Arboretum. Micro-processing systems keep the water's chemical composition and aeration at the proper levels, while pressurized grow-lights provide enough light to maintain healthy plants.


Standard Amenities - The Greenhouse also hosts the standard amenities listed in the Starbound Custom Universe Section. If you are interested in these basic features, click HERE for more information.