The Ships of Starbound

StarboundThis section is largely condensed from the Starbound Wiki. From time to time we archive important information, as the internet has proven rather ephemeral when it comes to preserving content.

Improving and upgrading your own starship is one of Starbound's biggest draws. You begin the game with a trashed wreck, and slowly upgrade it into a monstrous space vessel crewed by useful minions and even colonists. Not just a mobile warehouse, the ship becomes your home and fabrication center as you explore Chucklefish's infinite procedurally generated universe.

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(Mostly taken from the Starbound Wiki with some improvements, clarifications and edits).

Starbound Ship InfoIn Starbound, traveling from planet to planet is done via interstellar ships. These ships are different for each starting Race - there are a total of seven ships, one for each race. Each vessel varies wildly in size, design and cosmetics, and is the primary difference between each race.

Interacting with the captain's chair will bring up the Navigation Console, which allows the player to set a ship's destination. Player-specific planetary homes may also be set via the Navigation Console, then returned to from anywhere using the teleporter.

Fuel is required in order to activate the FTL jump drives - enabling flight outside the local solar system. After a destination has been reached, the ship will remain in orbit until directed to a different location via the Navigation Console or directly via the Coordinates system.

Ships can be used as a home base, containing storage and crafting apparatuses that follows the player from planet to planet. Developing a customized ship layout that works for the player is an integral part of Starbound. Note that the back wall paneling, doors, lights and other elements can all be matter-manipulated and replaced if the player chooses to do so.

After repairing the ship's FTL drive players will open a variety of missions allowing them to upgrade the size of their ship. A player can chose to upgrade the ship organically by completing adventures and crewing the vessel with colonists, or they can purchase illegal license forgeries and Penguin Mercenaries.


Ship Components

Starbound Ship InfoShiplocker - The shiplocker is a storage container where players can store items on their ship. By default the shiplocker has 64 inventory slots. Inside the storage receptacle players will find a Flashlight, ten Torches, and four Cans of Food.

Starbound Ship InfoFuel Hatch - The fuel hatch is how players can refuel their ships. It will break down Crystal Erchius Fuel and Liquid Erchius Fuel to propel the vessel through space at Faster-Than-Light speeds. These resources can be gathered on moons, although at great danger from Erchius Ghosts. (Terraforming a moon into a different biome leaves the fuel but removes the threat). Traveling to planets within the same solar system has no fuel cost.

Starbound Ship InfoTeleporter - The teleporter is used to travel to and from a starship. You will appear in the teleporter when returning to your vessel or when teleporting to another player's ship. You also have the option to warp to different locations, if you placed a flag or set Teleporter Bookmarks . (Teleporter Bookmarks are automatically created when you place a Teleportation Device or interact with one you didn't place). Be careful in your naming conventions so you can keep your list easy to navigate. Once you've acquired your first Mech, you can also deploy it from the ship's teleportation platform.

Starbound Ship InfoS.A.I.L. Station - The SAIL Station is the main interface for your ship computer which provides missions and is also used to view and manage crew member details. You can have a maximum of twelve crew members aboard your vessel. It's prudent to try and collect one of each specialist, particularly the Chemists, Medics, Mechanics and Engineers.

Starbound Ship InfoNavigation Console - The navigation console allows the player to maneuver the ship within a planetary system, engage the faster-than-light drive and access the Star Map. The Star Map enables the player to gather detailed information on planets and star systems, access the coordinate menu, and set navigation bookmarks for return visits.


Ship Designs

Starbound ShipsApex - An Apex starter ship is ultramodern, with a smooth, streamlined shape and elegant electric lights. It looks the most futuristic of the available ships at launch, befitting the Apex's status as accomplished scientists.. When fully upgraded the Apex ship has 3,730 blocks.

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Starbound ShipsAvian - Avian starter vessels resemble an ancient tomb, holding to the hyper-religious themes of the race - even appearing to be powered by the large red crystals frequenting Avian Villages. When fully upgraded the Avian ship has 3,762 blocks, making it second largest ship.

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Starbound ShipsFloran - Floran starter ships have design influences from the other races' ships. The reason is rooted in Floran lore, which defines them as race of scavengers and violent hunters, stealing technology from other races. When fully upgraded the Floran ship has 4,013 blocks.

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Starbound ShipsHuman - A Human starter vessels look very militaristic, with a flat gray color and red accents. They appear to have been influenced by design elements borrowed from Star Wars and the Alien film franchise. When fully upgraded the Human ship has 3,752 blocks.

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Starbound ShipsHylotl - Hylotl starter ships resembles a large coy, with definitive Japanese design influences and lightning. The cobalt blue coloration goes well with outpost themed furnished and blue-tinted lightning. When fully upgraded the Hylotl ship has 3,450 blocks.

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Starbound ShipsGlitch - The Glitch starter vessel resembles a medieval castle, complete with ramparts, with towers and enormous cannons. It appears to be fashioned from giant stone blocks and distressed copper panels. When fully upgraded the Glitch ship has 3,735 blocks.

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Starbound ShipsNovakid - The Novakid starter ship resembles an old steam locomotive, to fit with the race's wild west-themed culture. The vessel resembles Emmett Brown's second time machine in the Back to the Future series. When fully upgraded the Novakid ship has 3,760 blocks.

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