Torchlight Class Information


The Alchemist is Torchlight's default nuker and summoner. He possesses a skill-set that lends itself well to ranged devastation and powerful minions rampaging through hordes of Torchlight's fiends.

Of course the power to conjure swarms of servants and unleash ranged death comes at a price - the Alchemist is Torchlight's most fragile character. End-game, many players choose to take up a shield to increase the Alchemist's survivability.

Of all the Alchemist's powers, the minions scale best, and remain relevant and powerful well into the level 100+ content. The elemental attacks eventually have a difficult time dealing with the enormous hit point pools and resists encountered in the optional dungeon.


• Ember Strike
• Ember Lance
• Ember Lightning
• Advanced Spellcasting
• Critical Strikes
• Summon Alchemic Golem
• Nether Imp
• Burning Bind
• Pet Mastery
• Charm Spell Mastery
• Ember Phase
• Frailty
• Ember Shield
• Armor Expertise
• Block & Parry
Recommended Spells: Alchemist Alchemist
Alchemist Alchemist

Primary Stats:
Primary: Magic
Secondary: Defense
Tertiary: Dexterity

Recommended Pet:
• Poison Elemental
• Ice Elemental
• Spider

Pet Spells:
Alchemist Alchemist

Wands and staves are the natural choice for an Alchemist, and their naturally high mental stats enhance the elemental damage of these weapons, making them quite destructive in in melee or as a wand-based ranged attacker. Look for gear than enhances cast speed, mana pool, % based elemental damage, and % summoning damage whenever possible.

Magnus's Complete Surcoat is a potent suit for an Alchemist focused on elemental damage, as is the Lovecraftian set rings. To really optimize a Nuker Alchemist however, a player will need to mix and match various pieces of gear, with an eye towards large percentile elemental damage boosts.

For a summoner, Quay's Band has a nice collection of minion bonuses, and Magnus's Pandemonium makes a respectable weapon if you can survive without a shield. The "Transmuter" unique collection offers a decent range of bonuses, especially if heavily enchanted or retired multiple times.


The 4% cast speed chaos ember, if upgraded by "passing it on to a descendant" can become a ridiculous addition to your character. Always remember to keep a Piece of Core Ember in your weapon for HP regeneration.

Alchemist Alchemist Alchemist