Torchlight Class Information


The Berserker is Torchlight II's melee scrapper. With a pair of good weapons this class is capable of incredible feats of point blank slaughter, and is viable both as a skill-based build or as an auto-attacker thanks to new melee weapon arc-of-attack mechanics.

For an auto-attack based Berserker, Stormclaw is a huge boon, as it gives you some extra kick to your melee blows yet still allows the character to benefit from life-steal equipment, which does not function with skill based attacks. Another skill that synergizes well is shatter Storm - particularly if the Berserker has any gear that adds integer cold damage or % chance to freeze.

For the very top-end players interested in New Game+ content, Ravage coupled with a strong melee attack claw and a second weapon with high cast speed is incredibly deadly. When coupled with Battle Rage, Howl, and Blood Hunger, a essentially Berserker functions as a mobile blender.

With insane damage spikes and innate percentage based life steal, (the best kind), a Berserker can face-tank most things outside of stage-bosses and Trolls. For those monsters, who can even one-round 19,000 hit point characters, skills like Storm Hatchet, Savage Rush, and Howl become mandatory. Also a near must for level 100+ content is Ice Shield at level 10.

Just trust us.


• Ravage
• Howl
• Battle Rage
• Rampage Blood Hunger
• Critical Strikes
• Ice Shield
• Storm Claw
• Storm Hatchet
• Cold Steel Mastery
• Shatter Storm
• Battle Standard
• Wolf Shade
• Savage Rush
• Shred Armor
• Red Wolf
Recommended Spells: berserker berserker
berserker berserker
Primary Stats:
Primary: Strength
Secondary: Vitality
Tertiary: Focus

Recommended Pet:
• Warbeast
• Jackelbeast
• Crab Warrior

Pet Spells:
berserker berserker
berserker berserker
Note: Silence III-VI

With a Berserker, one needs to decide if they are going to use skills or auto-attack. Auto attackers should focus on Axes, Swords, and Hammers, due to their innate ability to strike multiple targets. For a skill based Berserker, Hand-to-hand Claws ignore huge chunks of enemy armor - making them attractive - especially since skills like Eviscerate and Ravage attack in wide arcs, negating the Claw's chief drawback.

Another key is collecting armor and weapons that grant life/mana steal - particularly PERCENTILE life/mana steal - as this bonus scales with the Berserker's damage output. It becomes possible - though dangerous - to tank-down level 100+ content with enough % life stealing. Finally, don't neglect cast speed - the speed with which ALL character skills execute is based on this stat.

Equipment to look for includes four pieces of the Dragon Rift Arsenal, the Aristocrat Armor Set, the Exorcist Set and the Sentinel Set. For weapons, scrape together every ounce of pure raw physical damage, cold damage, and armor reduction per hit possible. The Wizard of Gore, The Beast with a Millions Eyes, Not of this Earth, Sunglaze Needle, and Dragon's Fang are all good options.

In a main-hand weapon Vellinque Skulls, Skulls of X'n!troph, and Zardon's Mighty Skull are effective. Off-hand, cast-speed chaos ember, or Skulls of Whorlbarb and Samadow are excellent options. For armor, Skulls of Riechliu and Limonay are useful beyond words.

berserker berserker berserker