Torchlight Class Information


Engineers are Torchlight II's primary tank class. Their skills overlap nicely to craft letting them shrug off blows that would one-shot any other class. Slapping a shield on will only amplify this, however, a two-handed weapon engineer with either large melee weapon or giant cannon is a real marvel to watch.

In addition to their peerless fortitude, the Engineer is never without friends. With access to swarms of clockwork minions and automatons, this class can build a division of EXPLOSIVE mechanical kill-bots and drones. Gun-bot is a real blast.

For end-game play, the Engineer is unique it's viability over a diverse builds and equipment. A player really needs to think hard to fuck-up this class. Their skills are all nicely solid, supported by useful passives, and they can tank, hack, summon, and even play ranged games with mortars.

The only real downside to an Engineer is their lack of any respectable mobility skills. No phasing, somersaults, or wolf-dashes - just a long recast timer on a short ranged charge leaves the Engineer at the mercy of run-speed gear or Haste if he wants to cover some real-estate in a hurry.


• Emberquake
• Flame Hammer
• Storm Burst
• Coup De Grace
• Heavy Lifting
• Healing Bot
• Spider Mines
• Gun Bot
• Bulwark
• Fire & Spark
• Forcefield
• Dynamo Field
• Immobilization Copter
• Aegis of Fate
• Charge Reconstruction
Recommended Spells:
engineer engineer
engineer engineer
Primary Stats:
Primary: Vitality
Secondary: Strength
Tertiary: Focus

Recommended Pet:
• Crab Warrior
• Warbeast
• Swampflyer

Pet Spells:
engineer engineer
engineer engineer
Note: Heal All III-VI

Engineers are very forgiving as long as one picks a theme and sticks with it. They are able to even find success as a high-focus build. The order of priorities for an Engineer's gear is thusly, strength, (or focus), vitality, % Cast speed, % Run speed, and % minion damage.

For a melee Engineer's armor, Mondon's Vestment, (enchanted with % cast speed), Construction, and Cornerstone are strong picks. For a ranged or minion-master, Celestial, or the Inquisitor set are acceptable choices.

When selecting Engineer weapons, base damage is usually key. They have a wide array of options due to the diversity of successful builds. For a melee Engineer, The Wizard of Gore, Black Rose, Quartermas and the Pit, Whirlpool of Fate, and Comet's Tail are all nasty. A Summoner cannot beat an Iron Sword - or two! Finally, The Power Behind the Throne, The Kingmaker, The Killdozer, and a solid level 90+ four-socket cannon, (enchanted with integer damage and attack speed), are all the BFG a cannon Engineer could want.

For a Summoning Engineer's armor, Skulls of Umbarmun are critical, and all Engineer builds benefit from Skulls of Limoany and Skulls of Riechliu. For weapons, stacked Skulls of Zardon, Vellinque Skulls, or Meerko Skulls are all very potent. A Cannon Engineer might want to consider a four-socket cannon with a Skull of Vastok in one of it's sockets.

engineer engineer engineer