Torchlight Item Database

Torchlight II Item Database

TorchlightThis page hosts a wonderful Torchlight II Equipment Database created by Kva3imoda.

The Torchlight and Torchlight II Armories have closed their doors. However, all is not lost - Kva3imoda over at has created an online and downloadable equipment database. In the interest of maintaining the file for posterity, we are hosting a version of it here.

The application allows users to browse globally or sort the items by slot, set or class, and even supports the creation of "favorites." Additionally, there is a very powerful "filter" feature that lets a user globally search for specific item mods - always essential for the true min-maxer.

Torchlight II Equipment Database

Update 8/10/20: We removed the links to the database's place of origin because, as we feared, these files and posts have vanished from the internet. Good thing we saved it, eh?