Torchlight Transmutation Recipes

Torchlight II Transmutations

TorchlightThis page contains a listing of the known Torchlight II Transmutation recipes.

Recipe Components Result
Health Potion Upgrade Health Potion 3x Health Potion (Of Same Level) Health Potion of Next Level
Mana Potion Upgrade Mana Potion 3x Mana Potion (Of Same Level) Mana Potion of Next Level
Random Set A Random Set Item 2x Any Set Item One Random set item from average levels of the two set items
Random Spell A Random Spell 2x Any spell A random spell of average level of the two.
Random Unique A Random Unique 4x Unique Items New Random Unique Item from average levels of the four unique items
Add a Socket Add a Socket to an Item 2x Ember + 1x unsocketed item of equal or greater level One socket added to the item. Only one gem must be equal to or higher level than the equipment.
Rare Socketable High Grade Socketable 3x Socketable Items Random rare-quality Ember