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The Time for Revolution is Now

Posted by: on February 27, 2015
Posted in: Time's Up

We were perusing the soon-to-be-gelded interwebs when this post came to our attention: Ladies and Gentlemen: We have the government seizing control of the means of communication used by those not in the government [Internet], combined with powers to control or ban content on radio and television. We have the government banning ammunition used by [...]

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So What’s the Deal with Zombies Anyways?

Posted by: on February 26, 2015
Posted in: Politics & Rants, Zombies & Shit

One of our constant readers, who was persistent enough to actually get through our static wall, (despite our taking great pains to be… less than…. “reachable”), had the following question: “Given the rise in Zombie shows and games in the recent past, do you think Zombies could be a metaphor for something in our culture? [...]

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Observing Disinterestedly from the Bleachers as the Wall Tumbles

Posted by: on February 18, 2015
Posted in: Outlaw Bloggers, Politics & Rants

As we sit here, divvying up our freshly acquired aumunition dump, (fuck you very much BATF Jackboots), we can’t help but find ourselves bored shitless by constant droning of the various suicidal cheerleaders pimping The Evil and Stupid parties: “The Iraq and Afghanistan disaster is all Bush\Cheney’s fault!” “Nu-uh… it’s Obama’s incompetence that made it [...]

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