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Thug V.S. Thug in St. Louis…

Posted by: on August 20, 2014
Posted in: Politics & Rants

Well, we here at DETH H.Q. have been watching the regularly scheduled disintegration of the FUSA with great interest over the last week. Seeing the gangstas, hood-rats, free-shit-army and the Mall-Ninja-COPerators destroy one another has been an epic nimrod-palooza. (And more free entertainment than a back-to-back ad-free LoTR marathon). In the interest of returning to [...]

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Remember When We Told You Body Armor Was Next?

Posted by: on August 12, 2014
Posted in: Time's Up

We do. Twas not long after we told you to stock up on ammunition and magazines. (Proceeding the current shortage of course…). From Kurt Hofmann at The Examiner: “At the end of July, United States Representative Mike Honda (D-CA) introduced H.R. 5344, the “Responsible Body Armor Possession Act.” Hmm . . . is he saying [...]

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Shit-Sandwhich Eaters: Ruling Class Tools

Posted by: on August 7, 2014
Posted in: Politics & Rants

Bill Quick over at Daily Pundit put’s it succinctly: “…the Gentry is convinced that in the end, almost all Republicans are mindless enough that, no matter how lousy a GOP candidate they are presented with – even candidates like McConnell, who are open enemies of the Tea Party – they will, in the end, meekly [...]

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