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Din’s Curse Equipment Section Added

Posted by: on January 27, 2015
Posted in: Din's Curse

We’ve added the Din’s Curse Equipment Section, which contains useful information on the game’s armor, weapons, accessories and consumables. Click HERE for more information.

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The Gentry Caste and Their Human Trash Nominees

Posted by: on January 20, 2015
Posted in: Politics & Rants

Ahhh… another grind up to yet another pointless American election. Those farcical stage productions held every four or so years to convince the mewling masses that we actually have a representative government. Oh how soothing the illusions and delusions must be for those who sup on blue pills. (May they suffocate in their cranial sandpit). [...]

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Dins Curse Mods & Character Packs

Posted by: on January 18, 2015
Posted in: Din's Curse

The new Din’s Curse Section has been updated with Character Packs and Game Mods pages. Here you can download characters, equipment mules and game modifications to enhance your playing experience. Click HERE for the Character Packs Page. Click HERE for the Game Mods Page.

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