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Going Dark For a Spell

Posted by: on January 26, 2016
Posted in: Time's Up

Business to attend to. We leave you with this for the time being: “I’ve been on my knees, in the muck and mire, the stench in my nostrils. I’ll stand.” “Unbeatable forces force me again down, but again I stand. Pain hurts, but despair kills. I’ll stand.” “Do you think yourself alone, a minority of [...]


Foolish and Puerile Beyond Measure

Posted by: on January 15, 2016
Posted in: Politics & Rants

We were roused from our winter torpor by this delightful piece from Ace of Spades regarding the RePubicon’s latest “stratagem of supreme brilliance” (For whatever value you’d assign the word “delightful” in regards to this latest disgrace…) It Gets Worse: GOP’s Spanish Language SOTU Rebuttal Doesn’t Even Mention the Barebones Nods to Border Security that [...]

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You Wanted Your 1850 Moment?

Posted by: on December 18, 2015
Posted in: Time's Up

Congratulations then, ’cause you just got it: Well it’s official – the RePubiCON whore-bags in our non-representing representative government just fucked Lady Liberty again. In a very unpleasant place. (And no… not in the back-seat of a Mini Cooper). We bet everyone who voted in 2014 is real. mother. fucking. happy. they. did. By why [...]

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