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It’s Been a While!

Posted by: on September 26, 2014
Posted in: Time's Up

Let’s see if we can remember how to do this. One of our favorites, Mike Hendrix, who’s set up shop at Cold Fury, noticed the “Great RePubican Tsunami” that everybody was nattering about seems to have died off faster than an erection in the face of Barbra Boxer’s uncovered tits. Sorry for that unrequested visual [...]


Question of the Day: How Fucking Stupid IS Europe

Posted by: on September 16, 2014
Posted in: Market Watch

Don’t worry, it’s rhetorical. Today’s gemstone is brought to you by Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge: Bank Of America Has A Message For Its European Depositors: “We May Charge You” “Because Mario Draghi wasn’t joking about that whole NIRP thing. And yes, negative deposit rates mean just that.” – Tyler Durden You really need to [...]

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Hilarious News of the Day, Brought to You By the Letter “E!”

Posted by: on September 11, 2014
Posted in: Politics & Rants

First, the punchline: Ebola Evacuations to US Greater than Previously Known… The stunningly intelligent and omnipresent authority figures we’ve nominally elected – under the deluded fantasy they in any way represent our best interest – have been hauling “a few” more plagued folks they they’ve admitted to. Oh, and by “a few” they actually mean [...]

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