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Shooter Update: Fuckholes Make CNN a Victim & Waist Our Time

Posted by: on October 5, 2015
Posted in: Politics & Rants

(Updates Below:) I noticed after reading Bill Quick’s site Daily Pundit, that CNN, our favorite Moonbat enclave, has decided to get into the propaganda game “for-realz-yo.” I whipped up the following to point out all the fail in this image: What a hack-job – how they expected this to survive any amount of scrutiny is [...]


We Do Not Surrender Liberty for the Actions of a Lunatic. Period.

Posted by: on October 3, 2015
Posted in: Time's Up

Dear blathering, blubbering, sputtering Prog-Nazis, Concern Mongers and Insufferable Bloombergian Nanny’s: No more gun laws will be tolerated – and as you pricks have seen in Washington, Colorado, Connecticut and New York, we gleefully wipe our ass with your pathetic gun regulations – and laugh at you and your impotent Stasi. Any new infringements will [...]


Gamergate Opponent a LITERAL Nazi Pederast?

Posted by: on September 12, 2015
Posted in: Misc. Games

It’s been too quiet here with the cranky old codgers all out doing the various cranky old codger things, so I’ll take the opportunity to actually post something on my own website. /em Shock. While cruising /r/KotakuInAction/tonight, I ran into a Brietbart article from forum regular Milo… …and this shit is RICH: “A progressive activist [...]

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