Mission & Rules

Mission & Rules

Mission & RulesHere is the Deth Guild Rules, Regulations and Benefits section. Please read over everything carefully.

Mission Statement:

The Deth Guild exists as an institution to raise all manner of hell, and have a good time doing it. We cause trouble for people who deserve trouble, wherever they might be. We've got an oppositional-defiant streak wider than Kansas, and absolutely no mercy - especially for those who "have it coming."


Rule 1: We have a strict "do not fuck with other members" policy. What's this mean? It's very simple - if you're doing something that's pissing another member off, (providing it's something a reasonable human being would get upset over), you
need to knock it the fuck off. You won't be
asked twice.

Rule 2: Help any member of the DETH Guild you meet, be that in a game or on the street. How much help you offer is up to you. We look after our own.

Rule 3: Don't take advantage of other people's generosity and pay back your debts. Folks will pass the hat, but don't be greedy. Know when you have enough, and recognize the difference between the words "need" and "want."

Rule 4: What happens in Deth Guild stays in Deth Guild. Whether that takes place in a game, chat, the forums or during a get-together. Everything that happens among brothers and sisters goes no further. The circle-of-trust lets us talk about and do anything we need to. Don't break it - Snitches get stitches.

Rule 5: Arguments are fine. Debates are encouraged. But know when to quit. Some ideological differences are never going to be reconciled. Be smart enough to know when this is happening. Make your point and change the fucking subject like a decent person. Thanksgiving Dinner rules apply.

Rule 6: When in another man's castle, respect it. People make their message boards, websites, vent servers and chat rooms available out of the goodness of their heart. If you're doing something there that pisses the owner off, stop it. Be smart enough to recognize when you're shitting on their couch.

Rule 7: We like free speech. Full stop. Anyone trying to censor another person, (providing they're within the bounds of Rule 1), can get fucked.

Examples? So be it. Let's imagine you love saying "nigger..." or labeling bad circumstances as "gay." Or maybe you just really enjoy calling a rotten bitch like Nancy Pelosi a "cum-gargling-cunt." Knock yourself out. Simply using any of those words in a conversation is NEVER a justifiable cause for anyone to get upset. That said, if you, for example, CALL another member a coon, (or a bull-dyke, or a mewling quim, or a soggy bag of camel shit), and they let you know they don't appreciate that nom de guerre, go re-read Rule 1.

Rule 8: No SJW's, Feds or Commies. We only allow human beings in the Deth Guild.

Rule 9: If you're having a problem with another member, speak with SilverDeth. He'll figure out a way to smooth out the wrinkles. That said, absolutely nobody may be happy with how this happens, so try to be adults and talk things through yourselves.

Rule 10: Ask for help if you don't understand something. While some of us bite, we rarely draw blood. You can learn a lot with a question and a willingness to listen.

Rule 11: We won't tell you not to break the law. Laws are for fucking suckers. But if you're getting up to something illegal, be considerate of those around you. Don't drag them into a cell with you. And if we get the notion that you're some fucking Fed trying to bait people into doing stupid shit, you're going to have a bad time.



Benefit 1: As a guild member, you're entitled to a vote upon any future changes or amendments to the rules. Any rule or regulation changes will be followed by an email. Each member can vote for or against the regulation. If those opposed outweigh those voting for it, the alteration will be scrapped. You must reply no later than TWO days after notice of rules change to have your vote counted. A tie will result in SilverDeth rolling 1d20. 1-10 and the rule passes. 11-20 and it's scrapped.

Benefit 2: Members can draw upon the skills and knowledge of the members to solve problems, learn things or complete projects. We have a lot of people who are certified experts in their respective fields.

Benefit 3: We play games and have fun together.

Benefit 4: Members are added to our mailing list, where we share important guild news, events, and rules updates.

Benefit 5: We help each other, within the limits of our abilities, time and finances.

Benefit 6: You can request a vote on rule changes if you feel something's is not working. That said, Rules 1, 7 and 8 are sacrosanct, and if you can't tolerate being nice to members, free speech or not being a soulless SJW, then you're in the wrong goddamned place.

Benefit 7: We host forums, VOIP comms and a chat room. You're welcome to join us on these platforms. Rule 6 applies.

Benefit 8: Members vote on any prospective new member. Votes on new members must be unanimous. We don't need warring factions and the attendant strife that brings.


Joining The Deth Guild:

Don't ask to get in. New members are admitted by invitation only. If we run into you, (or a member points us your way), we might ask you to hang around for a spell. If things go well, we may invite you to join us. Or not. We're clannish like that. We believe that "Quality has a quantity of all its own."