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Enter the Thankless-Thanksgiving

Posted by: on November 27, 2014
Posted in: Politics & Rants

On this Thankless-Thanksgiving, it’s nice to know that others out there share our general sentiment… Bill Quick, over at Daily Pundit, tosses a cold bucket of water on the carolers, and quite frankly, we can’t see any faults in his logic: “We have a government of fools and tools, elected and selected by fools and [...]


Explain Ferguson? Sure.

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Posted in: Politics & Rants

We’ll keep it pithy – (by our standards anyways): Ferguson is what happens when your civic “leaders” destroy their mandate and consent to operate. The Police as a whole have worked very hard to emulate the gestapo over the last three decades. These days, they have more in common with the Stasi than “peacekeepers” inhabiting [...]

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Adressing the “Other Presidents Did it Too” Fallacy.

Posted by: on November 22, 2014
Posted in: Outlaw Bloggers, Politics & Rants

“Other Presidents Granted Illegal Aliens Amnesty Too!!!” To our great amusement, we’ve been watching the media jack-boot-lickers prepping this line of attack for several weeks. Discouraging? Naw. Predictable? Certainly – given that most media and journalist types are, for all intents and purposes, leftist campaign hacks with by-lines. We would like to remind our constant [...]

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