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Another Day… Another Establishment Hack to Fisk…

Posted by: on August 5, 2015
Posted in: Politics & Rants

Elizabeth Price Foley over at Instapundit is really starting to grind our gears. If she’s not sucking cop-dick, or shilling for PJM gentry idiots, then she’s coming to the most wrongheaded and disingenuous conclusions fathomable. Exhibit A, B, C, etc: “Trump and Sanders are popular for different reasons. Trump appeals to the conservative base of [...]


A Quick Note on Our Slow-Motion Train-Wreck

Posted by: on July 30, 2015
Posted in: Time's Up

As Bill Quick of Daily Pundit noted today, the train is starting to come off the RePubican’t Rails: “Ordinary people absolutely hate what has become our ruling class – at least in the wing of the GOP that works for a living. Those who beg for a living from the rest of us on the [...]

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Jazz Shaw: Establishment Sockpuppet – Update 7/20/15

Posted by: on July 19, 2015
Posted in: Politics & Rants

Hat-tip Bill Quick at Daily Pundit: Here comes the establishment Neo-Cons trying to put a dent in Trump… and failing… Trump crosses one red line too many, declares John McCain “not a war hero” “Speaking only as one veteran who survived absolutely nothing compared to Senator McCain, I will close with a simple message. Goodbye, [...]

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