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Shit-Sandwhich Eaters: Ruling Class Tools

Posted by: on August 7, 2014
Posted in: Politics & Rants

Bill Quick over at Daily Pundit put’s it succinctly: “…the Gentry is convinced that in the end, almost all Republicans are mindless enough that, no matter how lousy a GOP candidate they are presented with – even candidates like McConnell, who are open enemies of the Tea Party – they will, in the end, meekly [...]

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DHS Goons Raid Home – Seize Land Rover For Emissions Violations

Posted by: on July 31, 2014
Posted in: Time's Up

Still feel free? Go now… bask in all your “liberty.” Then witness six or so odd truckloads of Federal Mall-Ninjas jackboot their way into a family’s home – to steal their Land Rover. You know… for polluting the King’s Air… or something… The proper response to such horse-shittery involves plenty of stout rope and a [...]

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Update: Another Day, Another Person Murdered by Pigs.

Posted by: on July 21, 2014
Posted in: Politics & Rants

You know, there are days when the police-apologists can go sit on a car antenna and spin – this is one of those days: Subdued and Handcuffed Man Strangled to Death by Police. He was selling… cigarettes. Illegal, (i.e. untaxed), cigar-fucking-ettes. This is what the police killed this man over. Any silly people harboring fantasies [...]

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