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The Wheels Are Coming Off

Posted By: SilverDeth on May 31, 2013
Catagory: Rants

Hat-tip to Mike Hendrix at Cold Fury for this one:

Michael Auslin
 at NRO had this to say:

Like the doomed Bourbons, today’s insulated, self-reproducing Washington elite lavishes itself with astronomical salaries (whether making over $100,000 as a civil servant in the White House or millions on K Street), luxurious vacations, numerous privileges (from business-class air travel to junkets abroad), and exclusive neighborhoods. In order to do so, they extract more and more money from the productive sectors of the economy, and particularly from those who cannot protect themselves through preferential tax treatment. If the elite doesn’t take those gains for themselves, they redistribute them to the electoral groups that ensure their permanent hold on power.

Sure, an individual congressman, or two, or several dozen, can be thrown out at election time, but as a class, the electoral and bureaucratic elite retains its unassailable position and grows fatter while the rest of the country must make do with less. Once the silent majority become convinced that the system is rigged against them, that fairness is no longer at the core of the system, then the entire structure will come apart. Maybe through an electoral revolution, maybe in some other way, such as widespread flouting of laws, hiding of income, ignoring regulations, sensible or not. Given the power inherent in the government, the elite will be able to protect itself for a long time while society as a whole crumbles (or, more accurate, while the crumbling of society spreads ever wider). Regardless, a government that loses the fundamental trust of the majority of law-abiding, tax-paying citizens is playing with fire.
– Michael Auslin

Read the entire thing HERE.

What does that say about how close we are to the precipice when even the thumb-headed-clods at NRO are noting Rome’s disintegration?

Dear New Republic: Make Our Day

Posted By: SilverDeth on May 29, 2013
Catagory: Rants

The filth-pit-masquerading-as-legitimate-commentary otherwise known as The New Republic seems to have some real problems with American citizens exercising their human liberties under natural law – freedoms which also happen to be constitutionally enumerated civil rights. (Not that Prog-Nazis ever gave two shits about trampling either).

Here, let us help clarify the situation, since you folks don’t seem to understand the score.

– No new national gun laws are acceptable. End.

– Pass them and you can reap a second Civil War. End

Anytime you’re feeling froggy, you’re at liberty to be our Huckleberry. Billions of rounds of ammunition and every militarily serviceable weapon made in the last century have flown off the shelves since December – and not because we are getting ready to hand over our guns “friend.”

Let’s not mince words here – this is a nation arming for war with it’s government. The only thing missing is a suitable pretext. We’d recommend not kicking that particular hornet’s nest.But hey, their your lives to waist.

Your move General Gage.

Europe May Just Pull the Switch on Its Own Electric Chair

Market Watch
Posted By: Gus on May 23, 2013
Catagory: Market Watch

The shadow banking system is an integral part of the systemic rehypothecation pie. Leveraging off of other people collateral and assets to make other purchases and investments represents around 80 trillion in the world’s current Janga structure. In order to reign in and temper this time honored practice and bring greater “stability” to the system, there is a proposal to clamp down in the EU (30 Trillion). This may indeed bring greater stability in the long run. What chain of events however will occur in the short term if that is suddenly shut off…..

Bloomberg has just reported that Europe may begin a crackdown on that most important credit money conduit: the $80 trillion+ global shadow banking system, by effectively collapsing collateral chains, and by making wanton asset rehypothecation a thing of the past, permitted only with express prior permission, which obviously will never come: who in their right mind would allow a bank to repledge an asset which may be lost as part of the counterparty carnage should said bank pull a Lehman. The result of this, should it be taken to completion, would be pervasive liquidations as countless collateral chain margin calls spread, counterparty risk soars all over again, and as the scramble to obtain the true underlying assets finally begins.

Banks and brokers face a clampdown on using assets they hold for clients as collateral for their own trades as part of European Union moves to bolster market stability and rein in shadow banking.

The European Commission is weighing whether firms should have to obtain formal consent from their clients before being allowed to reuse assets to back other trades, according to a document obtained by Bloomberg News. The consent would be enshrined in a “contractual agreement” between the parties.

The handing over of collateral is an integral part of repurchase agreements, or repos — one of the activities under review by global regulators as part of their efforts to regulate shadow banking. The reuse of clients’ assets poses a potential threat to financial stability should one of a chain of firms that handled the securities go bankrupt, according to the document prepared by commission officials and dated May 15. Uncertainty about who holds an asset can fuel panic in times of market stress, according to the paper.

“Complex” chains of collateral can make it difficult for investors to “identify who owns what, where risk is concentrated and who is exposed to whom,” according to the document. “This has consequences for transparency and financial stability.”

What do you think will happen when these levered chains are broken….?

Full Hedge/Bloomberg article can be read HERE

A must watch, Kyle Bass (The Man) talks some on Europe and Rehypothecation HERE

Baldur's Gate Class Section Completed

Baldur's Gate
Posted By: SilverDeth on May 23, 2013
Catagory: Baldur's Gate

The Baldur’s Gate Character Class Section has been completed. Here you can discover Class and Kit breakdowns, and lists of weapon recommendations. Click HERE for more information.

John Hayward: Faith No More

Posted By: SilverDeth on May 22, 2013
Catagory: Rants

Hat-tip to Mike Hendrix at Cold Fury:

John Hayward at Brietbart writes:

“It’s madness to accept the authority of a government that will look us right in the eye and claim accountability is unrealistic. We’ve been subjected to years of gassy socialist speeches about our responsibilities to the State. Now we’re hearing testimony that the State feels no sense of responsibility to us. Top bureaucrats are telling us they couldn’t hold anyone accountable if they wanted to. In an age of comprehensive, high-speed data storage, we’re told the most simple and direct questions require weeks of research to answer, if they can be answered at all. Instead of acting quickly to address abuses, the IRS brass and White House spent a month cooking up damage-control strategies, putting their political priorities far ahead of any responsibility to American citizens. How is that anything but the textbook definition of tyranny?”

“A just government derives its powers from the consent of the governed. What sort of fool would willingly consent to this?”
– John Hayward

Read the entire thing HERE.

We don’t consent to it any longer. Law is dead. The Constitution is dead. The Republic is dead.

Every last barrier that protected these sons-of-bitches from their just desserts is ashes in the wind. Any adherence to the law now on the part we patriots is nothing more than merit-less lip service while we position ourselves to enact permanent changes to the make-up and functioning of this voracious Behemoth and it’s filthy parliament of whores.

When the long knives are brought to bear, none of them will find safe harbor.

Fuck’em. And everyone who’s supported them.

The Math Is Stacked Against Japan - It's Not "If," It's When

Market Watch
Posted By: Gus on May 22, 2013
Catagory: Market Watch

Hat-Tip Hedge on this one. Commodities are going to be suppressed in the short term but the inevitability of a liquidation event  cannot be denied. I had the same thoughts as Tyler after watching this video that Christine Hughes could easily be Kyle Bass’s sister or girlfriend. Compound interest payments have crossed and exceeded revenue and there is only one stop for the bond train.

As the BoJ prepares to thrill us with even moar in its latest policy meeting (or not as we discussed earlier) and with Amari et al. now jawboning JPY to some extent to control the out-of-control chaos in JGBs, it is perhaps worth taking 20 minutes to comprehend just what all this extreme policy action means. The following brief presentation covers it all in a Kyle-Bass-ian facts-and-fallacies manner, Christine Hughes sums it all up perfectly, for Japan, “The Math Is Stacked Against Japan – It’s Not ‘If’, It’s When.”

The Government Has Lost the Consent to Govern

Posted By: SilverDeth on May 21, 2013
Catagory: Rants

Spying on the press. Using the instrumentality of the government to attack, suppress, and destroy free speech. Arming the Mexican cartels to perpetrate false flag attacks in the name of citizen disarmament. Destroying the currency and savings – and thus the life – of the citizenry. Passing unconstitutional edicts infringing on the liberty of the people.

This is what our leaders offer us in exchange for our hard won treasure. Slavery and oppression. Tyranny writ large.

This is a government that is lawless, corrupt, and in shredding the rule of law, they have willfully abdicated the consent of the people. The Constitution is effectively a dead letter due to their unwillingness to adhere to it. The Prog-Nazi’s and their retard pet Neo-cons have gotten their wish – the Republic is truly gone, and they now govern as iron-handed tyrants – not properly elected representatives of the citizenry.

Civil-servants have coronated themselves civil-masters, and made themselves a throne from the tattered ashes of our once great nation. They think themselves just, wise, and infallible, when in fact, they are the polar opposite. They crush and destroy all who speak against them, convinced of the utter righteousness of their ideals, too blind to see their inquisition for what it is.

They are tyrants, deserving of a tyrant’s fate, and their dessert draws ever closer – for the fools, in destroying law, have not simply crumbled the barriers protecting we the people from their totalitarian poison – they have torn away the shield that protects them from us. Indeed, when confronted with a wretched government, operating without the consent of it’s people, an overthrow of said government becomes not simply desirable – but an operational imperative, transcending the need for safety, wealth, and even life itself.

They started the war, willingly and fully aware of the repercussions. Anything that happens beyond this point is the wages due for boat they’ve summoned. And Charon wants his silver.


Update: Bill Quick – A Nation of Suicidal Idiots

Bill Quick, at Daily Pundit muses:

Not “it can happen here.”

It is happening here. Jebus, people. Look around you. Are you so blind, stupid, ignorant and greedy that you can’t see or understand what is happing right in front of your face?
– Bill Quick

Read the entire piece HERE.

The people? Well.. a few of us are making the necessary preparations to deal with the coming problems. Some are simply cows, chewing their cuds and paying no attention to anything of merit. A few are so busy scratching out a living they can’t afford to pay attention. Others are happily participating in the creation of their Prog-tard Nirvana – reveling in he destruction of the “old.”

The same as it always ever was in dying countries since… forever.

One seeming certainty of human nature is that we can’t learn from our past failures. We have to repeat them over and over and over until we reach a point technologically that we can blast ourselves back to rocks and sticks – and then we can start all over again.

Bits and Pieces of Commodities Everywhere

Market Watch
Posted By: Gus on May 20, 2013
Catagory: Market Watch

Just some random articles from today that together make Deth soup….

While we have become used to the almost daily trading-halts in Japanese government bonds, when the CME reports that Silver trading was halted four times overnight, it is increasingly clear that this market is anything but ‘normal’:




From Hedge

India Finance Minister Begs Citizens To Stop Buying Gold



From Hedge

George Soros switches from physical gold to gold stocks.

Ever the investor who loves to confuse markets – remember how his description of gold as the ‘ultimate bubble’ confused some folk as he bought the metal himself – George Soros has done it again with his gold ETF sales.

Today the global financial press is awash with reports that Mr. Soros has sold gold again. True. But he has reinvested that money in a far more risky investment in gold miners whose performance is leveraged against the gold price. They go up faster than the gold price and they fall further when it comes down too.

The Soros Investment Fund’s 13F filing does indeed show the sale of 12 per cent of his total investment in GLD. But it also reveals that he then used $40 million of that cash to buy shares of the Market Vectors Gold Miner Major ETF (GDX).

Then he also bought $25 million worth of call options on the Market Vectors Gold Miner Junior ETF (GDXJ). As all gold mining stocks are leveraged plays on the price of gold and the juniors are the most leveraged bet of all, this is very bullish. The second investment in the juniors is about as bullish on the gold price as anybody could get.

How typical of Mr. Soros to put the cat among the pigeons again. He likes of course to throw up a smokescreen in one direction while moving off in another. The true mark of the master trader.

From arabianmoney HERE

The World’s Central Banks Added To Their Gold Stockpiles Even As Prices Tumbled

Gold prices are down about 12.5% since the start of April. But global central banks have been increasing their reserves of the yellow metal.

A new report from the World Gold Council shows that central banks bout 109 tonnes of gold in the first quarter.

This was the seventh straight quarter in which they purchased over 100 tonnes of gold.

Central banks held 31,735.4 tonnes of gold as of May 2013. This was up from 31,694.8 tonnes as of April 2013.

From businessinsider HERE

The crisis in bullion markets is worse than it was before. A good example of how little physical stock there is can be gained by tracking bullion deliveries on the Shanghai Gold Exchange. In the last few weeks they have dwindled to virtually nothing, having been a truncated 190 tonnes in April and 297 tonnes in March. Yet we know from reports that retail demand in China has taken off; so it is only a matter of time before prices are bid up on the Shanghai Gold Exchange enough to replace lost inventory.

From Hedge HERE

Gold crush: U.S. ready to shut down gold sales to Iran

The U.S. is trying to stop the gold rush to Iran in a bid to undermine the Islamic Republic’s plummeting currency, but critics say the move is more likely to hurt ordinary citizens than the rogue regime’s leadership.

A top Treasury Department official told lawmakers that, starting July 1, the U.S. plans to crack down on all transfers of gold to the Iranian government or its citizens. The move appears aimed largely at banks and gold brokers in Turkey and the United Arab Emirates. Companies operating from within those nations have shipped large amounts of gold to Iran as Tehran attempts to stabilize its currency, the rial, amid increasing international economic isolation.

“We have been very clear with the governments of Turkey and the UAE and elsewhere, as well as the private sector that is involved in the gold trade, that as of July 1 all must stop, not just the trade to the government,” Treasury Undersecretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence David Cohen told members of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee last week.

From Fox HERE

We know, because we have all been told, what is and is not Money.

Nigeria, the new all digital currency test bed

Market Watch
Posted By: Gus on May 20, 2013
Catagory: Market Watch

Looks like Nigeria has been selected to see if all digital control can be mastered for a larger audience.

It was recently announced at the World Economic Forum in Cape Town, South Africa that
MasterCard and the Nigerian National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) under the government of Nigeria would form a partnership to distribute a new identity card to every Nigerian citizen.

The purpose of the card is to have all Nigerian citizens participate in the financial services sector under the control of MasterCard, a multinational financial services corporation headquartered in New York. MasterCard’s press release ‘MasterCard to Power Nigerian Identity Card Program’ stated:

As part of the program, in its first phase, Nigerians 16 years and older, and all residents in the country for more than two years, will get the new multipurpose identity card which has 13 applications including MasterCard’s prepaid payment technology that will provide cardholders with the safety, convenience and reliability of electronic payments.

There has been talk for some time of government and corporate entities systematically removing and re-regulating purchases and transactions completely digital. This removes the doubt. Soon there will be little no no private transaction along with no shade from the manipulation of currency.

The program is also designed to move Nigeria into a cashless society, one that is dependent on financial institutions, Wall Street and the Nigerian government. It will be managed by the financial elites of Wall Street, technocrats and of course Washington. All forms of financial transactions would be exchanged through plastic credit and debit cards that would have implanted RFID chips. Michael Miebach, President of the Middle East and Africa division at MasterCard supports the Nigerian government’s decision for a new cashless society,“Today’s announcement is the first phase of an unprecedented project in terms of scale and scope for Nigeria,” said Michael Miebach

“MasterCard has been a firm supporter of the Central Bank of Nigeria’s (CBN) Cashless Policy as we share a vision of a world beyond cash. From the program’s inception, we have provided the Federal Government of Nigeria with global insights and best practices on how electronic payments can enable economic growth and create a more financially inclusive economy.”

The problem with a cashless society is that the state can terminate your electronic financial lifeline if anything were to happen within the country, for example any form of protests, economic downturns, a war or if a financial institution such as MasterCard were to go bankrupt. There are many other reasons that the state or its’ corporate backers can decide to turn off the RFID chip. When you a have a powerful financial institution issuing payments electronically with a government that is supported and controlled by Washington, unlimited control of the populace becomes inevitable. 70% of Nigeria’s population is living below the poverty line as of 2010. How can MasterCard and the Nigerian government benefit millions of Nigerians who are living in abject poverty? Is MasterCard going to offer low interest rates on its credit cards in a country that has a more than 70% of the population in poverty with many living with less than a dollar a day?

Full article HERE

Baldur's Gate Updates

Baldur's Gate
Posted By: SilverDeth on May 20, 2013
Catagory: Baldur's Gate

The Baldur’s Gate section has been updated with the Warrior Class and Kit information. Click HEREfor more information.

Argentina in Focus

Market Watch
Posted By: Gus on May 15, 2013
Catagory: Market Watch

Well, well, well… now this looks familiar…. Where have I seen this before…? (Uncle Scar)

Argentina should have to look no further than its own recent history to figure out how this is going to end. With any devaluation, the general populace  will always look to retain their wealth and protect their purchasing power (and rightly so). When desperate, they will literally move that wealth anywhere they can find, even cars. Bloomberg reports the absolute desperation the Argentinian people have found themselves in…

Argentines are buying more BMWs, Jaguars and other luxury cars as a store of value as inflation decimates their deposits and pummels the nation’s bonds.

Purchases of cars from Germany’s Bayerische Motoren Werke AG (BMW) and Jaguar Land Rover Automotive Plc, owned by India’s Tata Motors Ltd. (TTMT), jumped the most in April among brands sold in Argentina. The sales were part of a 30 percent surge in car sales from a year earlier that was the biggest increase in 20 months, according to the Argentine Car Producers Association. While used-car prices rose in line with inflation last year, or about 25 percent, peso bonds tied to consumer prices fell 13 percent. The drop was the biggest in emerging markets.

Argentines are buying cars, gold and even virtual currency such as bitcoin as they look for ways to preserve their savings as the peso is forecast to fall 17 percent this year.

The peso in the illegal currency market, known as the blue market locally, weakened to a record 10.45 pesos per dollar last week. This means Argentines with peso salaries who buy dollars in the black market to protect against a weakening of the local currency and 25 percent inflation lose about half of their money.

“The government takes away their salaries and deposits through inflation and negative interest rates,” said Jorge Remes Lenicov, a former Economy Minister from January 2002 to April 2002, when the country abandoned a decade-long peso peg to the dollar.

Speaking of the Bond market, if the people don’t want to buy your bonds anymore, or, only at a high risk return rate (13% +)which will further kill the country (like Greece),what is a totalitarian government to do? Ah yes, jail time. There are those who dont appreciate their wealth being evaporated through a government policy of printing. Dont worry, we will find them….

President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner wants tax evaders hiding about $160 billion in dollars to help finance Argentina’s oil-producing ambitions. Her offer: Buy a 4 percent bond or face the prospect of jail time.

Argentines have at least $160 billion of undeclared funds, equal to about 36 percent of the nation’s gross domestic product, and $40 billion are hidden inside the country, Vice Economy Minister Axel Kicillof said at the May 7 press conference where he and other senior officials presented the amnesty.

Many Argentines hide assets to avoid a 35 percent income tax and a levy of as much as 1.25 percent on their personal wealth. Undeclared assets are also beyond the reach of the government, which in 1989 seized bank certificates of deposit in exchange for bonds and in 2002 converted dollar deposits into pesos.

Those joining the plan would be immune from prosecution and won’t be forced to pay past-due taxes, said Ricardo Echegaray, head of the tax agency. The search for evaders, which includes cross-checking information on income and personal wealth reports with purchases of real estate and cars, foreign travel and credit card purchases, will continue, Echegaray said.

“You better bring your dollars back because we will find you,” Echegaray said at the May 7 press conference.

For now Dollars are also a vast improvement over there current Peso….

The Fed is chary with its data releases. One table in a 2012 Fed paper on demand abroad for U.S. currency tells us that the annual net inflow ofcommercial shipments of bills denominated in dollars to Argentina and the former Soviet Union has increased since 2006 by 500 percent.In 2011, that growth rate stood at 48 percent, while total demand for U.S. currency, in America and abroad, has increased only about 10 percent. It’s unlikely that all of that growth came from the former Soviet Union alone; otherwise, why include Argentina at all? Demand for large dollar cash transfers to Argentina since 2006, then, has outstripped demand for dollar cash overall in the world.

If of course there is any doubt whether the government can do such things…Or whether or not the government can be subject to investigation, there is a solution for that as well…

Fernandez, 60, sent a bill to Congress on April 8 to restrict court injunctions against the government and would limit any injunction to a period of six months.The bill would leave citizens and companies unprotected in their attempts to seek an injunction against state action to protect their finances or assets, said Gregorio Badeni, a professor of Constitutional Law at University of Buenos Aires.

“The idea of injunctions was to strengthen the position of people and companies to confront the strongest actor, which is the state,” Badeni said in a telephone interview. “This means a step back of 70 years.”

Fernandez defended the restrictions on injunctions against the state, saying that injunctions can delay the law and legal rulings for years.

“By seeking injunctions against the state, they interrupt the application of laws or decrees ordered by legitimately elected authorities,” Fernandez said April 8. “We want legitimate, democratic, flexible justice for all Argentines, without fear of anyone.”

The Senate yesterday passed the bill restricting injunctions and will send the legislation onto the lower house, where the government has the majority to secure its approval, according to opposition Senator Maria Eugenia Estenssoro.

“The reform is a serious threat to constitutional guarantees,” said the Argentine Business Association in an e- mailed statement. “It would do great damage to Argentina’s investment environment and job creation.”

It looks as if Argentinians are not taking to kindly to their new situation. A “few” people reportedly hit the streets in protest; banging pots and demonstrating. I cant tell for sure from these pictures but my guess is they are not all that happy…

Full Bloomberg articles can be read HEREHEREHERE, and HERE

No Prog-bots, it's Still Our Turn - STFU, and Listen

Time's Up
Posted By: SilverDeth on May 11, 2013
Catagory: Time's Up

The Execrable Margaret Carlson at Bloomberg news has quite a warbling screed about those of us exercising our gun-rights. She labors under the misconceived notion that the US Federal Government has the authority to take away that which was given to free men by right of natural law. We are only too happy to dispel the foppish harridan’s misconceptions.

Therefore, we here at Deth H.Q. put our heads together and drafted our friend a little missive – nothing too much much really – just a paragraph or two spelling out the logical progression of events leading to her statist fantasy-world:

Cute Article – Now For the Rebuttal

Dear Margaret Carlson,

There is only one real question here Prog-Nazi: “How many of us gun-owners are you willing to kill to get our firearms?”

We won’t surrender one more inch except over our cooling corpses – and make no mistake – there are millions that feel as we do. Your hoplophobia is no justification for stripping citizens of their God-given, constitutionally enumerated civil rights. (No matter how many poor dead children’s graves your mercilessly play your totalitarian siren song from).

Ruminate on exactly how many of us you and your kind will have to massacre. Ponder it long and hard before you and your ilk start an Afghanistan style 4th generation civil-war stateside.

Let’s get 100% hypothetical here – and we will explain how the civil war you think you want will play out:

Imagine if you will, Mexican cartel style “justice” dispensed towards the lower rungs of the government’s goons and their loved ones. Your enforcers still have to live and sleep amongst the serfs after all. Do you think they will be in any way safe if they dutifully carry out the diktats of their federal masters? Ridiculous question – Of course they won’t. And just like in Mexico, they will very rapidly stop enforcing the regulations and laws that end with their wives and children fueling burn barrels.

Lip service will be provided, and pure fear will keep them from enforcing anything – lest they come home to the burned out skeleton of their 20 year fixed, 1,000 SQFT Ranch.

Let’s forget about the Law Enforcement Officers who most certainly will not carry out your orders – let’s talk logistics.

War-game out the titanic nightmare of defending this nation’s infrastructure… we can’t imagine what would happen to the power lines, water towers, sewer mains, fiber-optic lines, dry forests, crops, utility and even cell towers if an insurgency starts here – can you? The government will face the impossible task of trying to keep the lights on and the water running while dealing with “merry bands of terrorists” armed not with IED’s or firearms, but picks, shovels, bolt cutters, and hammers. The arms supplier of choice will not be the Eric Holder Justice Department, but Home Depot.

The “rough” old men that built this society will tar it out from under you. They built it, they can take it apart with half the effort, in the middle of the night, and still show up the next day, spry as ever for work.

Imagine the sobering possibility that as few as ten determined people could put large tracts of the entire State of New York in the dark for almost a year. Our infrastructure is antiquated, fragile, and hugely decentralized. Let’s be blunt – It’s falling apart. We suppose we don’t need to remind you it takes a year to get a primary transformer built, shipped, and running again. What happens to a City and it’s economy in the mean-while?

For our next amusing hypothetical thought exercise, let’s discuss all the little Julius Streicher’s in the media. The willing co-conspirators – no scratch that – conscripted foot-soldiers – in the war against liberty. Do you imagine they will be safe in 4th generational civil war?

Indeed, if you consider the rules of engagement instituted during the Bosnian war by Bill Clinton, it stands to reason that any Reporter, Journalist, Editor, Talking-head, or Propagandist is a legitimate military objective should they became apparatchiks for the government machine. Hypothetically speaking naturally. Of course, there’s no shortage of examples, one only needs look to the Middle-East, various African Nations, Mexico, Asia, and Latin America to see the bodies dangling from overpasses. Being a state-sponsored propagandist will, in this scenario, become quite a dangerous vocation we’d imagine. Even more so after it ends.

Of course, our economy, like our infrastructure, is a tattered mess. We are leveraged to our eyeballs, and our social safety-net is nothing more than a herculean pile of unfunded liabilities and promises nobody has any intention of ever fulfilling. (Kept afloat by lies). What do you think happens to the value of our debt instruments if something destabilizing starts on the home front? Hrm? Do you think purchasers are going to perhaps, maybe want a bit more interest on there investment capital? Ask the good Dr. Krugman what happens when our interest rates are forced higher…

As the economy collapses, the government will have to either out-right repudiate the debt-load, or print fantastical amounts of Monopoly money to service it. Either action will have disastrous consequences for the “average person” on the street. The much maligned “low-info voter.” “Joe-six-pack” might not comprehend squat about the committee process on capital hill, but he certainly understands when it costs him $15.00 to buy a value-meal with fries. Your supporters will turn on you when the coffers are bled dry. The progressive movement is, has, and always will be predicated on buying off their voting base, and when the bread and circuses come to a screeching halt – and they will after the economy dies – all the supplicant lap-dogs will tear apart their former masters.

Hopefully only metaphorically. For your sake anyways.

Naturally, this does not end with dancing munchkins, fluttering butterflies, orange sunsets, and happy songs. The nation will economically collapse, the government will lose control of whatever their military is not actively occupying, as it goes completely insolent, foreign actors will start meddling, (When that happens, the feds will have bigger things to worry about than little AR-15 poodle shooters), and it eventually all buckles under the strain of 10,000 paper-cuts.

We are staring at Balkanization, a break-down of the civil society, intermittent utilities, health services reduced to third world status, food shortages, water contamination, disease outbreaks not normally seen North of Guam, and financial ruin. Not to mention the millions of people that will die in all of it. The nation will never be re-unified in our lifetimes. It will be an ungovernable mass of warring city-states pissing on each other for decades.

It will he bad. Biblical bad.

But you know what?

As horrible as the Holocaust you think you want will be – as terrible as the word “war” is, it’s only the second worst word in language.

Right after Slavery.

You and your kind seek to make slaves of free men, and we will have none of it – no matter the cost in treasure, wealth, and blood. We speak for millions.

Think long and hard about what you’re after. You’d kill millions to – maybe – save a few score each year. You can’t have one more inch. Not one more foot of ground will be yielded. Anything more is utterly unacceptable.

The Patriots of America.

PS: Perhaps you need to crawl out of your echo-chamber and pay attention to what people are saying and preparing for:

“The American people have not purchased every single militarily significant firearm made in the last 100 years because they intend to hand them over,” Mused Bob Owens. He’s right. The only way the totalitarians infesting the government and the media are getting those guns is hot, dirty, and empty.

Are you prepared to go all the way to get your perfect-world?

PPS: Exit Question: It seems to us, every time you Progressives put your six brain-cells together and attempt to construct Utopia, it always comes out looking like the 34th strata of hell. Why do you suppose that is?
– The Deth Guild

‘Nuff Said.

Just.. Wow..

Posted By: SilverDeth on May 8, 2013
Catagory: Rants

Presented without further commentary….. Jim Goad of Taki’s Magazine says:

“Without ever feeling a need to apologize, I’ve done a great deal of hating in my life, but I’ve never seen a group of twisted, self-satisfied losers so unabashedly hate-filled as modern prog-bots. This is unforgivably and punchably ironic mainly because their entire platform is erected upon shaky Popsicle sticks of “compassion,” “tolerance,” and respect for the “cultural other.” Since their default defense mechanism is to accuse their enemies of being motivated primarily by hatred, it reinforces my belief that the primary impetus of modern leftist psychology is blind, stupid, hypocritical projection.”

“Just as normal cells mutate into cancer cells and metastasize, the word “liberal” has strayed far from its original moorings and now tends to indicate someone who despises liberty and freedom and is a pathological control freak that wants to obliterate the mere suggestion of any thought that would undermine their bloated and unwarranted sense of self-worth.”

“More and more, it strikes me that leftist compassion is truly skin-deep and goes no further than the epidermis. Oh, sure, they will tolerate a multitude of skin colors (except for the paler manifestations), a sickening array of reconstructive genital mutilations, a Boschian tableau of divergent sex organs crammed into improbable orifices, and any yapping, screaming vagina no matter how hateful or insane the she-beast obviously is.”

“But don’t you dare think differently than they do. Their tolerance does not extend to what’s in your brain.”

“If you dare to disagree with them, they will attack like a pack of starved rats. Their behavior suggests that they believe others should suffer literally—even corporeally—not because of their actions, but because of their thoughts alone. This will manifest as bald aggression rather than fuzzy compassion. And when they mock and threaten, it’s not bullying. When they get you fired from your job or reveal your home address, it isn’t McCarthyism. When they call you a piece of shit, they aren’t dehumanizing you. And when they wish ass cancer upon you, there’s nothing hateful about it. They’ll engage in purely totalitarian tactics while calling you a fascist.”

“This is not the behavior of people who are secure in their beliefs. This is the hysterically phobic reaction of those who dread that they might be wrong. If you base everything on a false premise of equality, you’ll have to become a liar to keep propping it all up. You’ll have to enact codes and laws and punishments for anyone who dares question the sanctity of their fundamental premise.”
– Jim Goad

Click HERE to read the entire slap-down.

Mike Hendrix: "Come and Get Them Mother-Fuckers"

Time's Up
Posted By: SilverDeth on May 8, 2013
Catagory: Time's Up

We here at Deth H.Q. proudly endorse patriot Mike Hendrix at Cold Fury:

“And there it is, reappearing just that quickly: the very argument we’re supposed to be “retiring.”

Wanna know what the real “overriding factor” is? We will not comply with any new gun-grabbing legislation. If you persist, we will fight you. Holding people who haven’t killed anybody responsible for some random lunatic’s murders is a grave injustice. Stripping them of their single most important Constitutional right under false pretenses is a far graver one. When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.

We know what you people are. We know what you really want. You are not going to get it. Not without a fight.

Come and take them, motherfuckers.
– Mike Hendrix

Read the entire glorious piece HERE.

Come and get them indeed. Fair warning – from what we have seen “round-the-web,” the general game-plan is apparently “kill every goon that comes for the firearms in their homes at night,” then “hang the sons-of-bitches that sent them – and finish up the job with their supporters.” Given these facts, we consider it highly inadvisable for the Prog-Nazi’s and their RINO boot-lickers to continue to march defiantly out onto the thawing lake… but then again – who are we to stop shit-heads from committing suicide?

Welcome to the “interesting times.” About yesterday would be a good time to get working on that garden…

EU Cracking Down on Dastardly... Home Gardeners?

Posted By: SilverDeth on May 8, 2013
Catagory: Rants

Hat-tip to Bill Quick at Daily Pundit:

BREAKING: European Commission to criminalize nearly all seeds and plants not registered with government

(NaturalNews) A new law proposed by the European Commission would make it illegal to “grow, reproduce or trade” any vegetable seeds that have not been “tested, approved and accepted” by a new EU bureaucracy named the “EU Plant Variety Agency.”

It’s called the Plant Reproductive Material Law, and it attempts to put the government in charge of virtually all plants and seeds. Home gardeners who grow their own plants from non-regulated seeds would be considered criminals under this law.

The draft text of the law, which has already been amended several times due to a huge backlash from gardeners, is viewable here.
– Mike Adams

Read the entire disgusting travesty HERE.

Watching from the sidelines while the statists drown in a mire of their own invention, we fully expected to see the velvet gloves of tyranny replaced with the good old fashioned iron-fist. The European Union’s criminal ruling class does not disappoint.

You see casual readers – self sufficient people cannot easily be controlled by government shit-weasels. They really hate that. Plan on witnessing more and more of this as Western civilization’s fall accelerates.

What’s a societal collapse look like?

Open the window friends. It’s already started.

Japan Eyes Constitutional Change

Market Watch
Posted By: Gus on May 3, 2013
Catagory: Market Watch

We have posted quite a few questions here at Deth about the ever changing political climate and monetary mess we have gotten ourselves into. As a side note, I have been wondering what social and government changes must be occurring in parallel in Japan considering their end game looks nearer than ours (Take a look at a few Kyle Bass posts if you need to catch up). Its not like its going to be complete Serenity even in a homogenous culture such as Japan. Reuters stumbled upon a pretty disturbing proposed constitutional change that gives some incite into just where Shinzo Abe sits beyond his money printing ambitions…..

Abe, 58, returned to office in December for a second term as prime minister and is enjoying sky-high support on the back of his “Abenomics” recipe for reviving the economy through hyper-easy monetary policy, big spending and structural reform.

Now he is seeking to lower the hurdle for revising the constitution as a prelude to an historic change to its pacifist Article 9 – which, if strictly read, bans any military. That would be a symbolic shift, loosening restrictions on the military’s overseas activities, but would have limited impact on defense as the clause has already been stretched to allow Tokyo to build up armed forces that are now bigger than Britain’s.

However, sweeping changes proposed by Abe’s Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) in a draft constitution would strike at the heart of the charter with an assault on basic civil rights that could muzzle the media, undermine gender equality and generally open the door to an authoritarian state, activists and scholars say.


“What I find strange is that although the prime minister is not that old, he is trying to revive the mores of his grandfather’s era,” said Ryo Motoo, the octogenarian head of the Women’s Article 9 Association, a group devoted to protecting the constitution.

“I fear this might lead to a society full of restrictions, one that does not recognize diversity of opinions and puts restraints on the freedom of speech as in the past.”

Abe’s grandfather Nobusuke Kishi was a pre-World War Two cabinet minister who was arrested but never tried as a war criminal. Kishi served as premier from 1957-60, when he resigned due to a furor over a U.S.-Japan Security Treaty.

Riding high in the opinion polls and buoyed by big stock market gains, Abe has grown more outspoken about his conservative agenda, including revising the constitution and being less apologetic about Japan’s wartime past – a stance that has frayed already tense relations with China and South Korea, where memories of Tokyo’s past militarism run deep.

Many Japanese conservatives see the constitution, unchanged since its adoption in 1947 during the U.S.-led Allied Occupation, as an embodiment of Western-style, individualistic mores they believe eroded Japan’s group-oriented traditions.


Critics see Abe’s plan to ease requirements for revising the charter and then seek to change Article 9 as a “stealth” strategy that keeps his deeper aims off the public radar.

“The real concern is that a couple of years later, we move to a redefinition of a ‘new Japan’ as an authoritarian, nationalist order,” said Yale University law professor Bruce Ackerman.

The LDP draft, approved by the party last year, would negate the basic concept of universal human rights, which Japanese conservatives argue is a Western notion ill-suited to Japan’s traditional culture and values, constitutional scholars say.

“The current constitution … provides protection for a long list of fundamental rights – freedom of expression, freedom of religion,” said Meiji University professor Lawrence Repeta. “It’s clear the leaders of the LDP and certain other politicians in Japan … are passionately against a system that protects individual rights to that degree.”

The draft deletes a guarantee of basic human rights and prescribes duties, such as submission to an undefined “public interest and public order”. The military would be empowered to maintain that “public order.”

One proposal would ban anyone from “improperly” acquiring or using information about individuals – a clause experts say could limit freedom of speech. A reference to respect for the “family” as the basic social unit hints, say critics, at a revival of a patriarchal system that gave women few rights.

“The constitution is there to tie the hands of government, not put duties on the people,” said Taro Kono, an LDP lawmaker often at odds with his party on policies. “There are some in both houses (of parliament) who don’t really understand the role of a modern constitution.”


Abe and the LDP say easing the revision procedures would allow voters a bigger say in whether to alter the charter.

“The constitution is not something given by God, it was written by human beings. It should not be frightening to change it so I’d like the people to consider trying it once,” Yosuke Isozaki, an aide to Abe, told the Nikkeibusiness daily.

An Asahi newspaper survey published on Thursday showed 54 percent of voters were against easing the procedures compared to 38 percent in favor. Fifty-two percent backed revising Article 9 while 39 percent were opposed.

Under Article 96, changes to the constitution must be approved by at least two-thirds of both houses of parliament and then a majority of voters in a national referendum. Abe wants to require a simple majority of lawmakers before a public vote.

With Abe’s popularity high and the main opposition splintered, the LDP and smaller pro-revision parties appear to have a shot at winning a two-thirds majority in an upper house election in July. They already hold two-thirds of the lower house.

“It’s not as easy as it might appear,” said Sophia University political science professor Koichi Nakano. “But for the first time, it’s a realistic prospect.”

Japan celebrates Constitution Day on Friday.

Full article can be read HERE

“Drums, drums in the deep….”

The Serfs Are Beginning to Get Seriously Uppity...

Posted By: SilverDeth on May 3, 2013
Catagory: Rants

Hat-Tip to Bob Owens, who pointed us to THIS interesting poll:

“Twenty-nine percent of registered voters think that an armed revolution might be necessary in the next few years in order to protect liberties, according to a Public Mind poll by Fairleigh Dickinson University.”

“The poll, which surveyed 863 registered voters and had a margin of error of +/-3.4, focused on both gun control and the possibility of a need for an armed revolution in the United States to protect liberty.”

“The survey asked whether respondents agreed, disagreed, neither agreed nor disagreed or did not know or refused to respond to the statement: “In the next few years, an armed revolution might be necessary in order to protect our liberties”

“Twenty-nine percent said they agreed, 47 percent said they disagreed, 18 percent said they neither agreed nor disagreed, 5 percent said they were unsure, and 1 percent refused to respond.”
– Gregory Gwyn-Williams, Jr

Read the entire thing HERE.

Couple this polling sample with the shelf-stable food, firearm, and ammunition sales spikes experienced in the last several years, and…. well…

…that splattering noise you just heard in the background is the excrement hitting the rotating oscillator at Ludicrous-speed constant readers.

PS: We’d also like to note that if anything, this poll is seriously under-representative of the actual sentiment out there. Why? Simply put… if a pollster calls, inquiring if the answerer supports an armed overthrow of the United States Federal Government, how many people, in our current police-nanny-state, are going to fucking answer that question honestly?!!

That’s like asking a serial killer if his chest-freezer is filled with corpses. Sure, the batshit-loonies will raise their hands to be added to the terror watch-list, but the overwhelming majority of people who REALLY intend some serious mischief will keep their damned pie-holes wired shut when you ask them things like: “Do you support insurrection?”

Central Bank Heads Begin to Eat Their Own

Market Watch
Posted By: Gus on May 2, 2013
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Its one thing to see an apology by a central banker on a single policy decision. Its quit another to see a  central banker question the entire Keynesian experiment. It is even rarer to see a group of them come to a consensus about it. Although a good majority still defend the initial bailout, it is still quit evident in the below video the level of nervousness these gentlemen are beginning to feel toward their own created monster.  If you can hold your nose at the level of “academia” speak delivered here it is quite entertaining to see these former bank heads and supporters  question their own with a certain level of “tact”.  Although their delivery is not “epic” by Deth standards the message is pretty clear; the policy is not working.

If you can hold your nose for an hour enjoy the academic humor into our current state of affairs.

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The older posts from 2012 are available in the News Archives Section. Here you can read old updates and articles from years long past - which is rather interesting for seeing the evolution of people's thoughts and opinions over time.

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