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Rottweiler Empire: Stand and Fight!

Posted By: SilverDeth on November 29, 2013
Catagory: Rants

Whenever LC HempRopeAndStreetlight over at the Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler says something, it tends to be a mini-novel of fire-breathing righteousness. Over the weekend, his latest diatribe was no exception:

“Here be my opinion, based on a lifetime wasted trying to “fix the system from within – and failing:”

There is no political solution to any of this. The system itself, the bureaucratic machine, unaccountable in any election, is the real enemy. Not Juggears, not McWeenie, not the sycophantic dick-suckers in the media. They are symptoms of the disease. This labyrinthine “system” is the true plague, and it has been crafted to operate and push the statist agenda regardless of which temporary political muppet stands as the figurehead.

No, Emperor Dog-Eater didn’t tell the IRS to go after the Tea Party. The IRS is a federal appendage attacking threats to itself by reflex. The same with the FBI, TSA, and NSA. Nobody has to tell them to spy on or harass their foes. They automatically abuse their positions and authority to destroy, malign, and marginalize any “legitimate” dangers to their entrenchment.

In an elective sense, this “Leviathan” is, (for all intents and purposes), untouchable – short of a complete socioeconomic collapse of our society. No politician – or even coalition of politicians – by deliberate design, has the power to put this beast down. This monstrous tick is so burrowed in public, private, and corporate America – and has bribed the willing support of so many sheeple/crony capitalists – that any talk of trimming it is pure fiction. It’s a pleasant flight of fancy to be sure, and boy, would it be great if liberty foolishly tossed aside could be won back so effortlessly.

History teaches us a different lesson on the subject.

That being said, there are “solutions” which don’t involve screaming “wolverines” at the top of one’s lungs, and charging down a Bradley with your trusty AR. Such notions are plain and simple suicide. As is bunkering down while trying to mount any sort of defensive action. The Dividians and Weaver can tell you what outcome to expect. This is not to say a fella must to sit back and continually eat mouthfuls of shit – but you have to be crafty, especially right now.

Will it come to open warfare? Eventually, yes, I believe we will end up with a shooting war. But the stage has to be properly set first. As our founders well understood, it’s not just a fight, it’s a theatrical production. As such, there are steps that need to be taken in correct sequence. Proper preparation prevents piss poor performance – and terrible box-office receipts.

Please refer to my “getting-starting” guide here:

Will there be a scuffle? Yeah. Will it be pretty? No, these things never are. Is right now the time to start hanging them? Nope – Not unless you’re double 100% (x10) sure you’re able to get away with it. In that case… well… what ya waiting for?

Silliness aside, right now is the time for preparing the axillary, putting away supplies, rabble rousing, crafting propaganda, and using the instrumentality of the system to damage the system. It’s time for reconnaissance. It’s when we should be getting in the best shape we can given our age. It’s time for learning – everything from medicine to demolition to car repair. As Heinlein famously said – “Specialization is for insects.” Yeah, get the 4th box battle-ready – but realize that all military weapons have a role, a time, and a place for their application. (Proper tool for the proper job at the proper moment).

It is my fervent belief, based on a lifetime of empirical evidence, that we can’t use the ballot box to un-decay this rotting carcase. This is not to say elections serve no purpose. A liberty minded soul trapped in a festering Banana Republic can use the vote to further de-legitimize the system – by electing buffoons, charlatans, and idiots.

Erm… Well… to be honest, not much really needs to be done on that front… a quick perusal of the Washington D.C. political class reveals the American Public has been doing a fine job stacking the rogues gallery with cretins already.

Don’t imagine how you are going to die gloriously to a stack at your door. Such notions are entirely the wrong mindset. Start small, begin with your immediate surroundings, and grow from there. For instance:

Carefully consider everything you’d need to care for your family if the American infrastructure takes a shit. Don’t assume you’ll get water if you turn on the facet, power when you flip on the lights, or gas when you trip the furnace/stove. Think about how you can cope without toilets in a sustainable and comfortable way. Then act on those plans. You can’t pursue revolutionary goals if you can’t first deal with your dear one’s daily living.

Once you have those needs taken care of, start operating outside your blood circle. Networking with friends and acquaintances that have useful skills. Not just military knowledge – electricians, carpenters, plumbers, metal-workers, glass men, farmers, ranchers. You need to start going AROUND the government and it’s goons. Stop using them as an intermediary. (And given the state of affairs, the large companies and FedGovCo are one in the same).

Barter with these folks where possible – you hurt The Beast on both sides of the transaction – and right now, our weapons are NOT 5.56, but greenbacks, skirting laws and tax evasion. Form good relationships with the people that keep things running – not only do you learn a great deal, you are making friends who, when “scofflaw turns into insurgent,” might be inclined to play a role in the axillary – or look the other way while you’re getting up to no good.

Next – Get your kids the HELL out of public school. And have lots of ‘em while you’re at it. The future belongs to those who breed – why do you think the statists want to flood America with Mexicans? They squirt out kids and they love them some Behemoth, that’s why.

Remember – the pro-government white base is too fucked up and selfish to even bother replacing itself. Their black base is largely stagnant too thanks to it aborting nearly 1/3 of it’s babies and murdering a good percentage of their men/boys. The commies need younglings raised by folks of their mindset – as I said earlier – IT’S TIME TO FUCK FOR FREEDOM folks.

Yeah yeah, kids are expensive, and I ain’t one to talk, given my horrible child-less divorce 34 years ago, but if you’re not an old broken down man with a face made for radio such as myself, you can still probably cook a few buns. Get those ovaries and testicles into working order again! Every God-fearing constitutional conservative baby born into a loving household makes Overlord Obama and his evil puppet masters cry.

My Nephews and Nieces are doing it right. Oldest has 3 and is trying for 4. Youngest just got hitched over the summer, and already has freedom fighter #1 cooking. Middle niece has 2 already, with no signs of slowing down. I will do my part and see to it those kids have the best home and private schooling money can buy.

But never, never, never, never ever forget – Government school is parental malpractice.

So then, no, don’t be putting out the range markers. You’re fighting wrong if your are – playing to your enemies strengths. As I’ve said – every weapon has a time and a place. Not yet. (But do have it ready – if not for yourself, so you can train your younglings).

For now, prepare, network, make babies, propagandize, and inflict as much material damage to the system and it’s legitimacy as you can without putting yourself in the cross-hairs. Overt stuff comes later, after the systemic collapse accentuates how illegitimate the unaccountable bureaucracy running the show truly is.

Patient predators dine on easy meals. Impulsive ones get trampled by the moose.

Every day you see something you could probably gum up – yes? Ask yourself – can I probably get away with it? What are the repercussions to me if I am caught? Weigh the probabilities and potential cost, then go about your life tossing spanners in the works.

This won’t be like a conventional war, not at first. Escalation, rhetoric, starving the beast and crashing the system – forcing the state to eat itself and choke on it’s own burdensome red tape. Leviathan will eventually do away with the pretenses – in order to save itself. Once that happens, the soft velveteen glove will come off the iron hand of tyranny.

Then… well now… more direct actions become justified, with more far public support. Make them pounce. We gotta talk till they shout, nudge till they shove, punch till they stab, and THEN we can shoot.

Baby steps. We can’t leap from A strait to Z, no matter how much we are justified by this point. We have to raise the temperature to a revolutionary boiling point the same way FedGovCo has creeped it’s long train of abuses and usurpations.

Example: In 2000, the concept of a federalized Police Force raping women at the airport, 17 Trillion in national debt, Open Federal reserve money printing to the tune of a trillion a year, and 90 million people on federal programs as their chief source of sustenance was UNTHINKABLE.

Now however? Oh-hum, welcome to daily life. This slow rot allowed a travesty to become “the norm” despite how truly and terribly horrifying the reality of it is. (Anyone still think the holocaust can’t happen here?)

Escalation to the revolution has to take place in the same manner. Right now, “hanging the bastards” seems shocking to Joe 6-pack. If the stage show is properly executed however, the tit-for-tat will bring America to that destination, and the same folks who’d have recoiled initially, will be throwing rotten food while the bastards dangle and gurgle at the gibbets.

– LC HempRopeAndStreetlight

Read the original article HERE or see the discussion topic HERE.

*SilverDeth Note: Re-posted in entirety and edited for grammar and spelling with the original author’s direct permission.

We’ve known “ol’ Uncle Hemp” for some time – to some here, he’s their oldest surviving acquaintance. The fellow has never been one to back down, even when tip over drunk against two young bucks in Shelby packing pool-sticks.

It’s been said that there are two types of companion: The sort who will show up at 3:00 A.M. to bail you out of jail, and the kind who’s sitting next to you in the Sheriff’s van, exclaiming “Damn that was fun!J.M.B. has always decidedly been the latter.

Pithy he’s not.
Right, he generally is.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted By: SilverDeth on November 28, 2013
Catagory: News

Have a great Thanksgiving, with an abundance of joy and merriment for you and your most cherished. Except you NSA fuckers. (Yes, we see ya peeping). Oathbreaker assholes can choke and die on a turkey bone.

Have a wonderful day everyone else.

PS: Dear O-bot Sheeple – Don’t even try to defend your precious Affordable Care Tax over dinner. Just. Don’t.

Torchlight Equipment Mules Added

Posted By: SilverDeth on November 23, 2013
Catagory: Tochlight

We’ve added a large collection of Torchlight and Torchlight II equipment for download HERE. These Equipment Mules are filled with hard to find weapons, ember, jewels, armor, and more.

Click HERE for more information.

Brandon Smith: Sheeple - Tis what's for dinner. Pity them

Posted By: SilverDeth on November 22, 2013
Catagory: Rants

Brandon Smith at had quite an article today defining “The Sheeple Mentality:”

“Sheeple are members of a culture or society who are not necessarily oblivious to the reality of their surroundings; they may have been exposed to valuable truths on numerous occasions. However, when confronted with facts contrary to their conditioned viewpoint, they become aggressive and antagonistic in their behavior, seeking to dismiss and attack the truth by attacking the messenger and denying reason. Sheeple exist on both sides of America’s false political paradigm, and they exist in all social “classes”. In fact, the “professional class” and the hierarchy of academia are rampant breeding grounds for sheeple; who I sometimes refer to as “intellectual idiots”. Doctors and lawyers, scientists and politicians are all just as prone to the sheeple plague as anyone else; the only difference is that they have a bureaucratic apparatus behind them which gives them a false sense of importance. All they have to do is tow the establishment line, and promote the establishment view.”

Of course the common argument made by sheeple is that EVERYONE thinks everyone else is blind to the truth, which in their minds, somehow vindicates their behavior. However, the characteristic that absolutely defines a sheeple is not necessarily a lack of knowledge, but an unwillingness to consider or embrace obvious logic or truth in order to protect their egos and biases from harm. A sheeple’s mindset is driven by self centered motives.”
– Brandon Smith

Read his entire article HERE.

Fleecing the Sheeple

“They aren’t fleecing me! Who are you going to believe… me or your lying eyes… brr… it’s chilly…”

Smith’s piece is a reasonable depiction of the dyed-in-the-wool RePubican/Moonbat take on our collapsing society. It’s a terminal case of Normalcy Bias, and to be perfectly blunt, people with such attitudes become a danger to themselves, their loved ones, and their neighbors.

Prepare your pantry accordingly constant readers. And do keep quiet about it – yes? You can only fight off so many zombie-sheep before they overwhelm you. Silence is golden. So is a well stocked larder nobody knows you have.

Kickstarter for Political Assassinations?

Posted By: SilverDeth on November 20, 2013
Catagory: Rants

Hat-tip to Bill Quick at Daily Pundit:

It appears that some clever deviant operating under the alias of Kuwabatake Sanjuro has just figured out how to “crowdsource” hit-jobs:

“As Silk Road emerged from the “dark-web”, other sites have appeared offering services that are frowned upon by most. As Forbes reports, perhaps the most-disturbing is “The Assassination Market” run by a pseudnymous Kuwabatake Sanjuro. The site, remarkably, a crowdfunding service that lets anyone anonymously contribute bitcoins towards a bounty on the head of any government official–a kind of Kickstarter for political assassinations. As Forbes reports, NSA Director Alexander and President Obama have a BTC40 bounty (~$24,000) but the highest bounty – perhaps not entirely surprising – is BTC 124.14 (~$75,000) for none other than Ben Bernanke. Sanjuro’s raison d’etre is chilling, “as a few politicians gets offed and they realize they’ve lost the war on privacy, the killings can stop and we can transition to a phase of peace, privacy and laissez-faire.”
– Tyler Durden

Read the more HEREHEREHERE and HERE.

Well, given the current state of affairs, we don’t really see how this can make anything worse. But it certainly has the potential to make life more entertaining. So kick back, make some popcorn, and enjoy the E-Guillotine.

We certainly are.

New Starcraft Map - Lava Rumble

Posted By: SilverDeth on November 16, 2013
Catagory: Starcraft

We’re proud to present another new Starcraft map! Lava Rumble is a much larger, more manic version of the popular “All Things Being Equal” – the infamous Free-For-All tournament map we built in the 1990’s. For more information, click HERE.

Click HERE to download the map.

It Seems the EPA Just Banned Your Fireplace & Woodstove

Posted By: SilverDeth on November 11, 2013
Catagory: Rants

Hat-tip to Mike Hendrix at Cold Fury:

Tara Dodrill at Off The Grid News reports that the meddlesome, useless, antagonistic fuck-sacks over at the EPA have been busy:

Wood-burning stoves offer warmth and enhance off-grid living options during cold weather months, but the tried-and-true heating devices now are under attack by the Environmental Protection Agency.

The EPA has banned the production and sale of the types of stoves used by about 80 percent of those with such stoves. The regulations limit the amount of “airborne fine-particle matter” to 12 micrograms per cubic meter of air. The current EPA regulations allow for 15 micrograms in the same amount of air space.

Most of the wood stoves currently nestled inside cabins and homes from coast-to-coast don’t meet the new environmental standard. The EPA launched a “Burn Wise” website to help convince the public that the new regulations were needed.

Trading in an old stove for a newer stove isn’t allowed.
– Tara Dodrill

Read the rest of this outrage HERE.

Of course, the proper response to this horseshit is “Fuck YOU.”

If the unelected, unconstitutional FedGov apparatchiks continue to shove… well now… remember to give them the wood-burning stove the same way you’ll hand over firearms – hot, dirty, and empty.

They want you helplessly shivering in the dark if they decide to turn off the power folks.

So How Do You Start a Revolution?

Time's Up
Posted By: SilverDeth on November 3, 2013
Catagory: Time's Up

While perusing the always entertaining Rottweiler Empire, we noticed one of our favorite posters – and resident legal-beagle – was going on quite a tear. Like the rest of us, HempRopeAndStreetlightis fit to be tied over the Virgina Election Result – but as the thread ripened, it meandered off towards a more “revolutionary” destination (lame old-man pun intended)

Jaybear, Colonel of Imperial Ancient Artillery suggested that a conservative take-over of the Republican party was the best solution to our nation’s malaise. Several posters took issue with this however, the most vocal of which was our very own HempRopeAndStreetlight, who likened such an approach to “Tying to Co-opt Satan’s Throne.”

Then… the following exchange happened, and to say the “cogs started turning” is a dramatic understatement…

“Elaborate please, if we don’t change it by getting inside the system and cleaning it up then how do we fix it?”
– Jaybear, Colonel of Imperial Ancient Artillery

To which HempRopeAndStreetlight responded with…

“You are familiar with 4th generation warfare yes? Escalation is the name of the game. Deliberately provoke fedgov into overplaying their tyranny. Push and up-the-ante at every turn. Force them to peel away the velvet from their iron fist, then more overt actions become legitimized.”

“So where to start? Mass protests are good, with some targeted civil unrest or property destruction. And when I say targeted I mean targeted. Ripping out all the barricades and dumping them on the white house lawn is a good one. Destroying government property – such as the vandalism that went on at the various road-blocks is another excellent example. The destruction needs to be clever, appropriate, and substantial enough to make the giant swat back.”

“Other options? Sabotage, both economic and literal is a nice addition. We each have opportunities to break something important when FedGov is not looking – yes? We can also use our money in ways that brings material harm to it’s institutions.”

“We can damage it by withdrawing our money. Participate in the shadow economy whenever and wherever possible. Pay cash for everything, and ask for cash discounts. Adjust your taxes creatively into oblivion by donations to various charities and claiming dependents. Adopt those lovely little tax-deductions if you don’t have them – give them a nice home – and indoctrinate the holy-shit out of them.”

“Breed. Breed like crazy, and home school’em. Fuck for freedom! Keep the rug-rats out of FedGov shit-hole education centers. Make them go to church, keep the fucking TV off unless supervised, and teach the kids useful shit like shooting, archery, and woodcraft.”

“Network with neighbors. Find out who you can trust, and slowly establish an axillary amongst them. They don’t need to know your intent – get their slowly. Baby-steps, choose friends wisely, keep your propaganda up, and by the time they are needed, they’ll be volunteering to help. Safe houses and like minded folks working together are what enables a resistance movement. Start laying the groundwork now – it will be needed.”

“Gather people with useful skills and like minds – engineers, tradesmen, metal workers, aka demolitions experts, support staff, and munitions manufacturers. Help them when they are in bad shape economically. Patronize their businesses when you can afford to – and when you can’t. Find reasons to hire them. Your charity will be remembered when excrement hits the rotating oscillator, and they will be willing to render services, or perhaps look the other way while you use their equipment.”

“Use your vote as a weapon. Vote for whoever you think will make things WORSE. Vote for those who will sew chaos in the ranks. Vote for the Rodeo-clown. Put every absolute idiot you can find in office, and let them do the work of de-legitimizing themselves and pissing away their mandate for you.”

“Start laying in supplies, first at home, then with small caches in alternate locations. Get a large garden established, and learn to can. Rasberries are a great source of vitamin C and easy to grow. Self sufficiency is an anathema to the FedGoons. Not only can you resist them for a long time if they try to pull a “Ukraine,” you can funnel said supplies to the resistance – supplies purchased or grown before FedGov starts really looking for that sort of thing.”

“Get in shape, Get your kids and nieces and nephews in shape. Teach group tactics and organization skills, disguised as games – paintball is exceptional for this, but many team sports teach this as well. Teach general bush-craft if in a rural area, civics and urban survival skills if in a city.”

“Learn to love propaganda. Use social media, buy some cheap radio spots, buy a newspaper ad. Pick at scabs. Make fliers and place them around parking lots. Nothing in depth, just a sentence in big letters and a picture – so that even the annoyed people ripping it off their wipers will see it. Spend some time each day going to various message boards, and pushing your agenda. Keep it pithy.”

“Mockery is a deadly weapon – use it prolifically and publicly to embarrass and shame. Ridicule, snark, and be-clown the opposition. The most deadly barbs are those thrown with a grin.”

“This is where I would start sir. We make things ungovernable, and as FedGov’s control crumbles, they will act rashly. This will justify their overthrow, and legitimize those who will then be able to fight them in a more open manner. It will also badly degrade the Feds ability to fight, as the economic damage the above suggestions will inflict will be, to put it bluntly – dramatic. Hellfire missiles cost lots of money.”

“This is of course just the foundation. Much much move overt things start happening down the road. But the key now, is to lay the bed-rock for the axillary, and poke at the FedNazi’s with a long stick until they boil the frogs too fast.”
– HempRopeAndStreetlight

Read the entire debate HERE.

Sweet-jumping-jack-flash-on-a-fucking-pogo-stick… it’s like the man published the Thomas Paine edition of “Rules for Radicals. Now, as to the meat of what he’s getting at… a great deal of his… looooooooooooong post looks like sound guidance – even for those not wanting to inspire an armed insurrection.

We just can’t bring ourselves to offer arguments against people with advice like “use cash,” “dodge taxes,” “grow a big garden” and “lay in supplies.” If those activities happen to destabilize Leviathan as an added bonus… well now… that’s just too bad – isn’t it?

Now We've Seen Everything: "The Website Has Never Crashed."

Posted By: SilverDeth on October 31, 2013
Catagory: Rants

HHS Secretary Reich Minister of Propaganda Kathleen Sebelius had a rough day…

Poor little thing! Turn that frown upside down Kathleen! Satirist David Burge was live-tweeting your sideshow – so while the whole “competent leader” thing is going down in flames faster than Space Shuttle Columbia, at least you can sit back and have a few chuckles at your expense. Just think of it as a really big roast… except that you’re under oath… it’s not that funny what’s happening… and the sham-come-farce-come-mockery is taking place in D.C. instead of Vegas.

From Iowahawk on his Twitter Account:

Want to fix Obamacare in 30 seconds? WAIVERS. FOR. EVERYBODY. #YoureWelcome
— David Burge (@iowahawkblog) October 29, 2013

So what are we going to get more of from the WH today, Orwellian Euphemisms or Barely Disguised Contempt for the Peasantry? #taketheover
— David Burge (@iowahawkblog) October 30, 2013

Then Burge summarized this Director’s “excuses” for the ACA’s utter collapse by putting her warbling, meandering, disingenious obfuscation into a somewhat different context…

Nobody is more frustrated and angry than me about how my pickup mysteriously crashed itself into the liquor store.
— David Burge (@iowahawkblog) October 30, 2013

I take complete responsibility for finding out how my pickup crashed into the liquor store. Also, I’ll take this half broken case of vodka.
— David Burge (@iowahawkblog) October 30, 2013

When the liquor store owner stops yelling, I will be happy to explain how his new pickup-shaped entrance hole benefits his business.
— David Burge (@iowahawkblog) October 30, 2013

Perhaps I could have been more precise when I promised that my pickup would never again crash into the liquor store. But let’s move forward.
— David Burge (@iowahawkblog) October 30, 2013

My pickup didn’t “crash”; it “transitioned” into the liquor store. A subset of contractors who built the store r to blame
— David Burge (@iowahawkblog) October 30, 2013

Let’s not lose sight of the fact that my pickup is still functioning, albeit at reduced speed. And ready to serve other area liquor outlets.
— David Burge (@iowahawkblog) October 30, 2013

Don’t you love it when PoliSci majors try to use swingin’ hepcat programmer lingo? #derp
— David Burge (@iowahawkblog) October 30, 2013David Burge (@iowahawkblog) October 30, 2013

Nobody in that whole f***ing room could program a coffee maker.
— David Burge (@iowahawkblog) October 30, 2013

“Whatever.” – the closest the White House has ever gotten to a truthful statement about ACA
— David Burge (@iowahawkblog) October 30, 2013

To avoid being misconstrued, I should have perhaps been more precise in my somewhat overly-broad statements regarding “just the tip”.
— David Burge (@iowahawkblog) October 30, 2013

Forget health care, I want insurance coverage for catastrophic government.
— David Burge (@iowahawkblog) October 30, 2013

Naturally, when you’ve smashed head-first into the bedrock, it just can’t get any worse… or can it…

Stupid Obamacare Cunt

Highly credible person who says the Obamacare website has never crashed also mentions people get to keep their coverage…

Probably not the best plan to claim the website wasn’t down when it clearly was… right. that. second.Even CNN is now pointing out the clown-show. That’s right you idiot bint. You’ve actually managed to go somewhere your campaign operatives-with-bi-lines at Turner’s Network won’t follow.

Congratulations on entering the world of the fucking surreal.

Update I: Rottweilers Sound off

Emperor Misha I at the Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler naturally has a few… opinions…

“No, you don’t get to keep your plan, and that is exactly what the lying swine, president Zero, intended all along.”

“Because without you kicked off the plan you liked and forced to purchase an ObamaCare plan with three times the premium and twice the deductible for coverage you neither want nor need, there would never be enough funds to cover the free riders. It’s basic math. If you have a group of high risk, high cost individuals who need to have insurance pay for their expenses, then you have to have a large group of people buying an expensive policy that they’ll never use if the math is to add up.”

“And Ogabe and the Democrat Socialists knew this all along. Only you obviously can’t sell anything that way, so they lied, lied, lied, lied and then lied some more, knowing full well all the time that they were lying through their teeth while the “media”, who also knew they were lying (or are dumber than a particularly daft fencepost), kept their mouths shut to protect their Democrat Socialist masters and their almighty deity, Barry the Lightbringer.”
Emperor Misha I

Click HERE to read the Emperor’s thoughts on this farce…

New Starcraft Map - Glittering Dunes

Posted By: SilverDeth on October 30, 2013
Catagory: Starcraft

For the first time in over a decade – a NEW Starcraft Map – Glittering Dunes! Built for 8 player Free-For-Alls or Team v.s. Team battles, this new scenario offers diverse fighting terrain and innovative starting location designed to keep the game interesting for hours on end.

Click HERE for more information.
Click HERE to Download the map.

Republican Party = Whigs - Scrap-heap'em

Posted By: SilverDeth on October 28, 2013
Catagory: Rants

Hat tip to Bill Quick at Daily Pundit:

The jerkass Rick Moran over at the PJ Tattler(a website we had formerly mistook as a liberty minded journalistic outfit – thanks for correcting that misunderstanding BTW), has some “problems” with Ted Cruz. Specifically, this gentry-class chunk of RePubic flotsam found himself reduced to the vocabulary of an eleven-year-old girl when confronted by the eight minute standing ovation Cruz received in Iowa:

“Yeah, whatever.”
– Rick “Establishment-Republican-Fluffer” Moran

Read the entire preening hissy-fit HERE.

This folks, is why the RePubics are completely fucking finished. They’ve totally rejected their constituents – they don’t like you, they don’t WANT you, and frankly, the sooner you just die, the happier they will be.

The establishment and their undulating shit-head propagandists are part of what Bill Quick calls “The Ruling Party.” This self-hoisted caste doesn’t see the DemonRats across the isle, wallowing in their totalitarian wet-dreams, as the enemy. The “Elite” have marked Fly-over country and those evil Libertarians and Conservatives as the primary foe. They are united in purpose and goals, only bickering slightly around the edges – or when they need a good circus sideshow.

Wash your hands of these assholes folks. They don’t deserve your votes, and they don’t deserve a plug-nickle of your money.

The Glitch Game

Time's Up
Posted By: SilverDeth on October 25, 2013
Catagory: Time's Up

Hat tip to Emperor Misha I of the Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler, who came up with a fun new game at the Regime’s expense:

“Now that we’ve been told by the DNCMedia, never once deviating from their OFA flash cards, that OgabeCare is suffering from a few “glitches”, here is another famous historical glitch:”
Obamacare– Emperor Misha I

Click HERE to read more and enjoy. Oh, please do savor every last solitary second of this.

Of course, The Angry Webmaster had to get into the game HERE.

“The other day President ShamWOW stated that the Obamacare website was suffering from a few glitches. Others in the Democrat party, such as Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and of course Kathleen Sebelius have all said that these issues are all just minor glitches.”

“As a public service, I thought I would submit a few other minor glitches that have occurred throughout history.”
– The Angry Webmaster

See them all in (mostly) living color at his Web Site.

Now, since we are shameless self-promoting bastards, we have compiled and expanded upon many of these gems for your enjoyment below:

Now Presenting…. “THE GLITCH GAME!”

Dobroye utro comrades! In honor of the Titanic success that is the regime’s signature five year plan, we’d like to present some other slight historical glitches to help lighten the mood as you spend thirty+ hours frantically hitting F5 in your futile attempts to register for your mandatory free government health care plans!

From: General Friedrich Wilhelm Ernst Paulus
To: Axis Command

“Don’t worry fellas it’s just a glitch…”


CDR Jim Lovell on Air-to-Ground 1:

“Houston, we’ve had a little glitch.”


“Ladies and Gentleman, I can report with complete confidence that our operations on the Western Plains are in fine order. It is correct that General Custer has encountered a minor glitch at the Little Big Horn but we’re confident he will have everything worked out shortly.”
– Thomas Galbraith


To: The Morton Thiokol Corp.
From: Richard Feynman

“Your O-Rings have suffered a glitch.”


To: Lakehurst Naval Air Station
From: Herbert Morrison

“The Hindenburg has suffered a glitch. Oh the humanity.”


From: Third Officer Johan-Ernst Carstens-Johannsen
To: Captain Harry Gunnar Nordenson
RE: Andrea Doria

“Sir, we’ve run into a little glitch.”


To: Washington State Toll Bridge Authority
From: Leon Moisseif
RE: Tacoma Narrows Bridge AKA As Gallopin’ Gertie

“A little structural engineering “glitch” has occurred.” 


From: Fukushima Plant Coordinator
To: TEPCO Corporate

“We are reporting a slight glitch w/regards to the Fukushima Plant. Radioactive emissions are averaging 140,000 becquerels per liter, which we suspect might be ‘minor inconvenience’ to the local population.”


“Bit of rum luck at Isandlwana today. Slight glitch in dealing with the natives.”
– Lt. Col. Harry Burmester Pulleine


To: Headquarters, Imperial Japanese Navy
From: Nagumo
Re: Midway Invasion

“Slight glitch with our carrier operations. Forward to victory!”


“There was a glitch in our preparations for the big game with Georgia Tech”
– George E. Allen, head coach, Cumberland College Bulldogs


To: NASA Command
From: Cape Canaveral LC-34 Ground Crew

“Apollo 1 has encountered a minor glitch.”


To: Exxon Shipping Company
From: Joseph Hazelwood

“We’ve runnnn acrosssh (hic) a ssshlight (burp) glitchhh. Pleassshe advissshhe.”


“We’ve encountered a few… rather ‘minor glitches’ and ‘hiccups’ with the launch of Trials of Atlantis… but we are positive moving forward…”
– Mark Jacobs, CEO Mythic Ent. 


To: Bobby Kotick
CC: Michael Morhaime
From: Bashiok
RE: Real ID

“Might be a few ‘glitches’ with the new REAL ID program… the players are slightly annoyed. Don’t worry though, I gave out my address and real name to prove that nothing bad can happen on the internet ever. AFK – phone is ringing and somebody is knocking at the door…”


“On July 18th, 64, Rome encountered the smallest glitch and burned down. President Nero was unavailable for comment due to campaign commitments in Nevada.”
– Tacitus


“Well that tiny glitch below the waterline looks mildly problematic.”
– Capt. Edward John Smith


TO: Donald Vidrine
FROM: Robert Kaluza
RE: Macondo blowout

“Got a little bit of a glitch here. Administration will muzzle press and jail concerned environmentalists for an appropriately large campaign contribution.”


“San Francisco has undergone a minor glitch, and then caught fire in a subsequent slightly less itty-bitty glitch.”
– Mayor Eugene Schmitz, April 18, 1906


“Don’t forget that little pest-control snafu in Europe from 1348-1350: The Black Glitch.”
– Courtesy of Prof. Fa Cube Itches, Noted Historian


“Our cow kicked over a lantern and started a little glitch. Whoopsie!”
– Patrick O’Leary, 10-08-1871


“These glitches are so inconsequential, we exempted ourselves from them!”
– John Boehner, Harry Reid


To: Reichskanzlei
From: SS-Hauptamt

“Apparently there was a glitch in our teletype machine. Now understand that correct order from Wannsee was to “Thrill all of the Jews”. Plans are underway to host big cultural fair and music festival, but fear attendance may be low due to prior miscommunication.”
– Courtesy of Prof. Fa Cube Itches, Noted Historian


From: U.S.-Canada Power System Outage Task Force
To: FirstEnergy
RE: Northeast blackout of 2003

“In addition to your failure to assess and understand the inadequacies of your system, particularly with respect to voltage instability and the vulnerability of the Cleveland-Akron area, your system suffered a very minor glitch, and in response, you did not operate your system with appropriate voltage criteria.”


More to come. Oh so many more…

The Regime's Getting Nervous

Posted By: SilverDeth on October 24, 2013
Catagory: Rants

Sara Carter over at The Blaze dug up some fascinating battle-space preparation on the part of the junta running the Banana Republic of Amerika:

Obama Purging Military Commanders
“Nine senior commanding generals have been fired by the Obama administration this year, leading to speculation by active and retired members of the military that a purge of its commanders is underway.”

“Retired generals and current senior commanders that have spoken with TheBlaze say the administration is not only purging the military of commanders they don’t agree with, but is striking fear in the hearts of those still serving.”
– Sara Carter

Read the entire thing HERE.

Isn’t it a bit early for Adolf Hussain Obama to be purging the military? We’re going to jump out on a limb here and assume the Furor didn’t care for the answer he got when he asked his Wehrmacht if they’d turn their bayonets on the peasantry.

Go ahead, start your little civil war asshole. We hope you enjoy fighting in the dark. Cause you ain’t keeping the lights on once you kick this off. We hear it’s pretty cold up round Mordor this time of year. You NSA shit-eaters reading this might want to reconsider the whole “acting like tyrants thing” when an army of shovel wielding ne’er-do-wells can, pun intended, bury your entire Goddamned civilization in a snow drift.

PS: Goodwin can crawl into a corner, fucking die, and crumble to dust like the worthless waist of spunk he is.

Salon: "Secede Already!" - That's an Option? How Do We Sign Up?

Time's Market
Posted By: SilverDeth on October 18, 2013
Catagory: Time's Market

The barking moonbats infesting Salon printed this dandy little ditty today:

Just secede already: The obstructionists aren’t going anywhere. Maybe we should.

While we of course don’t endorse this blithering Prog-Nazi’s meandering tirade, we here at DETH H.Q. happily support the fuck-head’s central thesis – secession is surely in order. We hate them, they loath us, why not let them slink off with their useless welfare state and print themselves into oblivion?

Dibs on Texas fuck-wits.

Maybe they are beginning to realize what’s on the horizon? Bellum omnium contra omnes. On second thought… nah, these stupid twats don’t have a lick of intuition -or- common sense. This is pure temper-tantrum territory.

So then… what forms do we need to complete to make this shit happen?

What are You Going to do When the Zombies Come?

Zombies & Shit
Posted By: Gus on October 18, 2013
Catagory: Zombies & Shit

Nothings scarier than domestic zombies. They are even scarier than the ones you normally see on T.V. As one watches the cycles of human behavior it becomes increasingly clear that the majority of the population does not have the basic skill set to care for themselves let alone anyone else who might be needing help. The real worry however is how quickly people panic and/or become part of zerg. A mindless mass of bodies at the first sign of social interruption. I was reminded of this earlier when the EBT system which controls the food-stamps glitched and gave unlimited spending limits on their cards. Not wanting a PR nightmare, Walmart allowed all transactions through. Within a few hours this is what the zerg accomplished. CBS Reports…

The Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) system allows recipients of government food stamps to purchase goods using a digital card with a set spending limit, but for a few hours over the weekend, that limit disappeared for many users visiting Walmart stores in Louisiana.

Walmart and local police in Springhill and Mansfield confirmed to CBS affiliate KSLA that officers were called into the stores to help maintain order Saturday as shoppers swept through the aisles at two stores and bought as much as they could carry

Amateur video taken on shoppers’ cell phones shows dozens of shopping carts, piled high with merchandise, abandoned in the aisles of one Walmart after the announcement was made that EBT cards were once again showing accurate spending limits.

Well, at least it is just at a few Walmarts not to worry. Ummmm.  Hedge Reports….

While there was no basis to believe that is the case, a USDA (the currently shuttered agency that administers the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) memo obtained by the Crossroads Urban Center in Utah carries in it a very disturbing warning for the 46+ million Americans currently on foodstamps.

To wit: “understanding the operational issues and constraints that States face, and in the interest of preserving maximum flexibility, we are directing States to hold their November issuance files and delay transmission to State electronic benefit transfer (EBT) vendors until further notice.” In other words, as Fox13News summarizes, “States across the country are being told to stop the supplemental nutrition assistance program for the month of November, pending further notice.”

One hopes such “alternative” feeding arrangements will be peaceful, although in the most heavily armed nation in the world, and arguably the one where a massive portion of the population is now fully reliant on the welfare state for virtually every daily need, it is easy to see cutting off daily bread to tens of millions has a less than happy ending.

As the report notes, for people out on the streets like Richard Phillips, “It could impact us and it’s going to cause problems because you’re going to come to find out that people are going to steal and do what they have to do to survive.

Ok. So. We all know they will come to an agreement on the debt ceiling. There is know way there are going to let a few million zombies loose throughout the cities over ObamaCare.

The question remains valid. What are you going to do when the zombies come? Bill Burr has his thoughts on Zombies:

Chase Bank Transfers. Sorry, Domestic Only

Market Watch
Posted By: Gus on October 17, 2013
Catagory: Market Watch

I hope this ones a little less spicy than it seems. These are the kind of reports that make one take a second look at their own financial situation. It seems Chase bank is a bit worried about the debt limit not being resolved. How worried? Well, were only going to allow domestic transfers…..

In a bizarre and unexpected move, Chase is notifying customers that after November 17th the bank will ban all international wire transfers and place limits on the amount of transfer activity that can occur within a billing cycle. Chase claims this new policy is coming in to play to minimize risks.The letter being sent to customers says the following.

Dear Business Customer,

Starting November 17, 2013:

– You will no longer be able to send international wire transfers. You will still be able to send domestic wires and receive both domestic and international wires. We’ll cancel any international wire transfers, including reccurring ones, you scheduled to be sent after this date.
– Your cash activity limit for these accounts(s) will be $50,000 per statement cycle, per account. Cash activity is the combined total of cash deposits made at branches, night drops and ATMs and cash withdrawals made at branches (including purchases of money orders) and ATMs.
These changes will help us more effectively manage the risks involved with these types of transactions.

Many Chase customers are confirming the letters are legitimate and coming through the mail.

I have a hard time believing that Chase would go to these lengths without having something staring back at them on paper that is scaring the b-jesus out of them. Lets hope this one is more hype than substance. You can read and watch Video HERE.

France Has a New Majority Party

Market Watch
Posted By: Gus on October 16, 2013
Catagory: Market Watch

France has a new majority party. Guess what? They don’t think much of the Euro. There are many people currently focused on Italy and Spain. They should be. Their fiscal situation would scare even the hardiest Keynesian. However, it might be prudent to put France back on the radar…..

A party committed to withdrawal from the euro, the restoration of French franc, and the complete destruction of monetary union has just defeated the establishment in the Brignoles run-off election. It is threatening Frexit as well, which rather alters the political chemistry of Britain’s EU referendum. Marine Le Pen’s Front National won 54pc of the vote. It was a bad defeat for the Gaulliste UMP, a party at risk of disintegration unless it can find a leader in short order. President Hollande’s Socialists were knocked out in the first round, due to mass defection to the Front National by the working-class Socialist base. The Front National is now the most popular party in France with 24pc according to a new Ifop poll. Both the two great governing parties of the post-War era have fallen behind for the first time ever.

Ut oh Houston. We have a problem. Everyone knows there is no way any of the major countries can leave the Euro without dissolving the entire thing and possibly sending out a world wide economic shock wave. Lets hope for the sake of the Keynesian’s and ruling elite that they are willing to negotiate a little….

I am watching this with curiosity, since Marine Le Pen told me in June that her first order of business on setting foot in the Elysee Palace (if elected) would be to announce a referendum on membership of the European Union, with a “rendez-vous” one year later:

“I will negotiate over the points on which there can be no compromise. If the result is inadequate, I will call for withdrawal. Europe is just a great bluff. On one side there is the immense power of sovereign peoples, and on the other side are a few technocrats.”

Asked if she intended to pull France of the euro immediately, she hesitated for a second or two and then said: “Yes, because the euro blocks all economic decisions. France is not a country that can accept tutelage from Brussels.”

Officials will be told to draw up plans for the restoration of the franc. Eurozone leaders will face a stark choice: either work with France for a “sortie concerted” or coordinated EMU break-up: or await their fate in a disorderly collapse.

All though Marine Le Pen is not a free market supporter and a critic of cross boarder capitalism, this predicament in France now has all the same catalysts to make it worth watching. Read the whole debacle HERE.

Popcorn:Check. Supplies:Check. This might be better than watching the first Iraq war live on T.V.

Bill Quick Nails "The Party of Stupid's" Game Plan...

Time's Up
Posted By: SilverDeth on October 11, 2013
Catagory: Time's Up

…and it sucks.

Bill Quick at Daily Pundit throws their idiot-game-plan out for all to see, (and groan at):

“The Gentry GOP believes that by leaving Obamacare in place and then running endlessly against it, they can achieve great victories and a restoration of their powers. I think that by pursuing this strategy they will bring the utter destruction of their party and their powers.”
– Bill Quick

Read the whole despicable thing HERE.

Now, as far as most of us here at DETH H.Q. are concerned, the RePubics have been the-walking-dead for a long, long, LONG time. But any large-scale capitulation here, (while not surprising in the least), is absolutely a replay of the compromise of 1850, and it will end with their annihilation as a political movement.

Civil War will not be long off once that happens.

So loyal readers – how’s your pantry looking? Nice afternoon for a trip to the grocery store – in our opinion.

Update I: Links Repaired

We had accidentally included the wrong links to Quick’s article. Our Apologies.

Update II: Unsurprising Cave – Time for the Rope

Now, naturally, none of us are startled by the gentry GOP collapsing – it’s their primary battle strategy, and we fully expected them to piss themselves before long. But we wonder – do they understand exactly what will come of this Whigification? I.E. the Demonrats will gain complete and utter control of the system for long enough to spark a civil war.

Our only hope is, that once the dust settles, there are enough of us left alive to get about the dispensation of a proper and fitting justice to all parties deserving. Not only the Prog-Nazis, their enablers in the media, but also the Gentry-caste RINOS and their propagandists as well. They bear an equal measure of the blame, and should share from the same dreadful cup.

Now, it’s late, and we’re getting mighty tired. We look forward to sugar-plum dreams of Allahpunditgagging at the end of a taught rope.

Ahhhh. Good times. Good times.

Update III: They’re Dead Jim

Chris Muir Draws us this: Dead Parrots


Cartoon By Chris Muir at Day By Day

Now we’re all peachy keen on replacing the RePubicans with something different – but we are sticklers on this point – only after they’ve been given a very fair, honest and speedy trial, and then summarily executed for treason.

Frankly we don’t feel these to be unreasonable demands.

Update IV: Go Big, Or Go Home

Emperor Misha of the Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler taps on the window – with a lit Molotov cocktail in his hand:

“Fight, or don’t fight. It’s up to you, RINO party, and those of us facing skyrocketing premiums, cuts in hours or even loss of a livelihood because of OgabeCare really don’t give three ounces of flying shit what your overpaid idiot “consultants” say, nor do the opinions of millionaire pundits impress us much since we know that they got theirs and fuck the rest.”

“You think it’s better to surrender once more because surely the clusterfuck that is 404Care will mobilize the people in time for 2014? It’s not that you don’t have a point.”

“It’s that those of us out here that you actually need to pound pavement, knock on doors, man phone banks and, of course, VOTE in November DON’T get an exemption from the consequences of the 404Care clusterfuck because we’re already rich enough to ride it out. We’re NOT.”

“WE’LL be suffering as a result and, to be quite frank, if you’re that willing to let all of us suffer, lose our jobs and homes, watch our children go without medical care because we can’t afford and G-d knows what else, then you’re no better than Harry “Let the Cancer Stricken Children Die” Reid.”
– Emperor Misha I

Read it all HERE.

Update V: From the Rotties – Done Being a Battered Wife Yet?

The poster HempRopeAndStreetlight over at the Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler had some advice for those people sick of getting roughed-up by their lovers:

“I am seeing plenty of battered-wife syndrome here and elsewhere.”

People need to come to the realization that the GOP is nothing more than the retarded little brother of the democrats – sure they can’t be calling the important shots, but they still get to enjoy living like royalty as “the minority.” So long as you continue give them money, as long as you vote for them, you are crawling back in bed with the man that hits you every night because: “DAMNIT WOMAN! PEAS AGAIN?”

“Then, while you sit in the bathroom, dabbing the blood off your nose, and watching the growing goose-egg rise on your forehead, he gently knocks on the door….”

“I am soooo sorry honey… I really do love you… I promise this will never ever ever happen again… now… come… come sleep with me baby…”

“Some of us knew with John McWeenie, and the way the Republicans shot Palin in the back, (and then abandoned her on the field of battle), that these assholes positively hated us – their base. They loath us. They are unequivocally embarrassed by us conservatives and libertarians, and they hate getting ribbed by the Gentry Elite at all of the little Washington D.C. dinner parties. These people, lead by the likes of Karl Rove, John Boenhor, and Mitch McConnell reject your values and principles whole-cloth – if they didn’t need your ballots and cash, they’d happily have you all exiled to a gulag.(Though, truthfully, they consider you there already, since most of you live more than 20 miles from the coastline).

“The Republicans think that all of these worthless “eaters” in despicable mire that is “fly-over” land need to sit their uppity asses down, shut the fuck up, and write the goddamned campaign checks to their betters. They do not now, nor will they ever treasure your values. These weasel-tongues liars will beat you again and again, and then toss some table scraps and silky words in your direction every so often – just enough to keep you hoping – hoping that:”

“This time he really means it… this time really is the last time he hits me… see… he really does love me…”

“Just wait… around election time, they will tell you – with crossed fingers behind their back – how they really really want to de-fund Obamacare. How they truly share your values, and gosh-dang-it-golly-gee they would love to promote your values… except we just haven’t given them the votes, or we have yet to fork over enough cash to their gilded coffers. Or hey man, this shit is the “law of the land” and we need to fight over something else, like Amnesty… er… well… maybe some other hill to die on.”

“You cannot ever win by voting for the lesser of evils. Period. It is this willingness to crawl back into bed with the man that beats you that enables them to continue ignoring you, laughing at you, and popping you in the mouth. ”

“This is the 1850 compromise moment people. I left years ago, but it’s time that the rest of you still throwing your dimes and effort at a party who dispenses a black-eye every time you embarrass them (by virtue of simply existing): ”

“No more, I am NOBODIES punching-bag!”

“Enough. You cut off the money, you stop the votes, and we work at crafting a new political party. The Republican party is rotten to it’s twisted core – the wood is infested with carpenter ants, the foundation cracked, the piping is shot, and the roof long ago collapsed. You cannot save this. Any attempts are pure unadulterated folly. The only thing left to do, is set the motherfucker on fire, and let it burn down.”

“Yes, there will be horrible pain – and the Democrats will take full advantage of the disarray to destroy the entire country. But here’s the Rub – the Democrats are doing a righteous job of that already – with the full assistance and compliance of the feckless GOP. By walking away from the festering, putrid husk of the Party of Lincoln, you change not one damn thing in that regards.”

“It’s time to start now. To set the foundation of the Second American Republic. Don’t be some asshole in Washington D.C.’s little bitch punching bag anymore. Man up – some serious work ahead, and the first project is the dismantling of the rotting remains of the “Grand Old Party.”
– HempRopeAndStreetlight

Read the post and Misha’s article HERE.

Well folks? You sick of getting clubbed-up every time the RePubics stagger home after a rough day at the tavern? Maybe you ought to seriously consider a third party?

You’re fools if you still give these guys your votes and money. The Republican Establishment hates you bitter-clingers just as much as the Democrats – yet you still throw your billfolds at them, and dutifully show up at the ballot box.

Like good little battered wives.

Grow some testicles and ovaries damn-it. Time’s long since come for the Whigs 2.0 to join their predecessors on the crap-heap of history.

Update VI: Nice of’em To Provide a List of Who to Hang

The ever-loveable shit-weasel Allahpundit of the near-worthless Establishment Republican Echo-Chamber Hot Air takes a few moments to gloat HERE.

Normally we provide an excerpt, but to be flatly honest, many just ate supper, and we’d really hate to make’em choke it down again as it attempts to ride a wave of bile back into civilized company. Therefore, we’ll just take a moment to point out how much we will enjoy it when the masses string up the Gentry RINOS – and their quasi-illiterate propagandists – from the gibbets. Their thrashing and kicking will be quite satisfactory.

We plan to watch the spectacle from our folding lawn chairs – with a bottle of good rum and maybe even some grilled Polish Sausages.

Exit Question: Is it considered bad form to bring a char-coal grill to a public lynching?

Update VII: Republican Party Starts to Implode

The natives are not happy with the Party of Stupid twould seem – from the Linked Hot Gas Article:

There you have it folks. Proof that elections mean nothing anymore.
– bgibbs1000 on October 16, 2013 at 4:45 PM

AAAANNNDdd… I’m officially leaving the republican party. no more money from me!
It’s been a nice long 30 years. peace out.
– johnnyboy on October 16, 2013 at 4:51 PM

If the gop is completely powerless to oppose Obama then what good are they? And we now are in transition to a dictatorship. Wait to the gop starts pushing AMNESTY!! Filthy lying scum politicians…Both DEMS and DEM LITE gop. I won’t make this mistake ever again.
– PappyD61 on October 16, 2013 at 4:56 PM

of course not, he provides cover for when they make back room deals with liberals the GOP is nothing more than democrat lite and they’ll get nothing more from me
– burserker on October 16, 2013 at 4:58 PM

This wasn’t the election of a new Pope. This was about making a stand. And Boehner and the surrender weasels blinked first. Damn them all to hell.
– Happy Nomad on October 16, 2013 at 5:00 PM

The Vichy Republicans at least could have kissed us, first. I mean, Michael Corleone kissed Fredo. So long GOP! Smell ya later!
– kingsjester on October 16, 2013 at 5:10 PM

I understand that some folks around here are tired of the term RINO. Me too. From now on, I’ll just call them Republicans and mean the same thing. Don’t send campaign donation cards anymore.
– ElectricPhase on October 16, 2013 at 5:17 PM

Why not fire the jerk, he has caved on everything put in front of him over the last 5 years. Name one thing he has accomplished. I agree with Hannity, that regardeless of whether he goes or not, it is time for a 3rd party. I am ready to leave the GOP. Except for the Tea Party folks, the GOP are essentially Democrats includin McCain, Graham and all like them.
– lhuffman34 on October 16, 2013 at 5:22 PM

I’m done with the Republican Party. No more $ and no more votes on the national level. The fact that what passes for the so-called Republican leadership can’t seem to land a solid blow to either Reid or Obama speaks volumes regarding their real leadership skills. At this point, I’d rather let the Dems run this country into the ground so we can get it over with and begin the rebuilding process sooner rather than later. Let’s face it, the Republicans in their current form are literally no better than the Dems. The only way there was ever going to be a default was if Obama actually caused it. The Republicans should have called his bluff and forced him to do something stupid. But no, they caved as everyone knew they would. Sayonara Republican Party…you won’t be missed.
– ScottiesRule on October 16, 2013 at 5:26 PM

Republicans claim they want a balanced budget. Well, that was their chance. All they had to do was NOT RAISE THE CEILING. I am no longer a Republican. I am a conservative. The party left me a while ago – took me way too long to realize it.
– LarryinLA on October 16, 2013 at 5:27 PM

The Whigs are helping push the sheep into the…I mean….exchanges….
– ilebody on October 16, 2013 at 5:29 PM

The GOP is dead.The House got played, bluffed, bullied, and threatened. I have one question for Boned… If not now to stand up to the bluff, when? Do you really think in February they are going to listen to you. O’Bama got the “precedent” he wanted.
– Starlink on October 16, 2013 at 5:37 PM

Oh, and… f*ck the GOP.
– Midas on October 16, 2013 at 5:38 PM

I’m with you. Except I think that the result will be that in 2016 (if not 2014), the GOP will be running as the better stewards of Obamacare. Kind of like Romney in 2012 – he didn’t want to roll back out of control government – he just wanted to manage it better. Which is why they will never see one plug-nickle of my money or votes ever again.
– besser tot als rot on October 16, 2013 at 5:43 PM

I can’t be in the same party with Peter King and Johnny Mc…makes no difference what happened in this fiasco.
– d1carter on October 16, 2013 at 6:01 PM

DEAD……….gop…………..CORPSE. Every single day we see they are now fine with building a new illegal alien / moderate (the supposed 40% in the middle) base. Pissing on limited government types to continue. Next up to the political urinal?……Paul Ryan and Amnesty.
– PappyD61 on October 16, 2013 at 6:02 PM

“You gotta know when to fold ‘em, you gotta know when to fold ‘em” New song by John “Kenny Rogers” Boehner. Can anybody think of a single time when Mr. Speaker did not cave? Do we not have a single R in the house that is willing to actually fight to the finish? You will never win if you give up in the first round every time. Count me out of this chickensh*t party.
– Corsair on October 16, 2013 at 6:13 PM

Boehner should be in the unemployment line… And the GOP in a ashbin of history where it belongs.
– imperfectamerica on October 16, 2013 at 6:13 PM

simple for me. if the tea party candidate doesn’t get in then i vote democrat. no tea party candidate, i stay home.
– renalin on October 16, 2013 at 6:14 PM

I don’t believe I’ve ever read a paean in praise of unmoored, abject cowardice as full-throated and unabashed as this one, first letter to last. I need to shower, now. No longer count on my votes.
– Kent18 on October 16, 2013 at 6:29 PM

Stop calling people RINO’s, all they do is make annoying ironic jokes about it and the sad truth is they are the Republican party, they’re ineffectual, go along to get along types who are happy to see government power expand as long as they can benefit from it and that’s what the republican party is so they represent it quite well. Let them have the Republican party, it’s worthless, start voting Libertarian.
– clearbluesky on October 16, 2013 at 6:37 PM

Their votes are already counted. They are lost to us under all situations. They are bought off with the slave labors of children not yet allowed to vote and those yet to be born.
– astonerii on October 16, 2013 at 6:41 PM

I just want to ask; is there even one of us who is surprised Boehner acquiesced? Anyone? Anyone at all? Nope. The GOP is officially dead.
– KMC1 on October 16, 2013 at 6:53 PM

Just read on Twitter that Mitch McConnell carved out something in the bill for a dam in Kentucky…yeah, this is what the GOP establishment is all about. Almost 3 billion dollars.
– d1carter on October 16, 2013 at 7:26 PM

If you vote GOP, you are voting for the democrats. Don’t let them tell you this could never be won. I’m guessing it is like the defund NPR battle that was just too much for the republicans.
– Panther on October 16, 2013 at 7:26 PM

Let’s hope and the administration doesn’t manage to get congress to cobble together some convoluted immigration bill to grant amnesty to some degree. If they pass any sort of immigration amnesty bill, granting legal status to any illegal aliens, I’m not voting for any member who has a hand in it. Why would I vote for congress members, or a political party for that matter, who trample the rule of law, shred the constitution, aid and abet illegal aliens in preying on American citizens, and essentially colluded to stab me in the back and leave me in a ditch in order to shower preferential treatment on those who’ve willfully shattered federal immigration law?
– thatsafactjack on October 16, 2013 at 7:45 PM

“We fought the good fight,” he told Bill Cunningham. “We just didn’t win.” Losers always talk that way. Vince Lombardi said it: “Show me a good loser and I’ll show you a loser.” Hell with these losers.
– bofh on October 16, 2013 at 7:54 PM

I’m done with the party. It goes from one cave-in to the next.
– bluegill on October 16, 2013 at 8:04 PM

As long as Boehner stays Speaker…I’m staying home. And I haven’t missed an election since I turned 18.
– Cylor on October 16, 2013 at 8:28 PM

Just saw this on Breitbart. Looks like congress is going to give the White House Marxist dictatorial power over raising the national debt. It’s the same thing they did 2 years ago. Yes sir politics will fix our problems just elect more republicans.
– bgibbs1000 on October 16, 2013 at 8:33 PM

So many lies – Cruz put on a show, his show was an expected success, Boehner wanted statues and airports as usual in exchange for doing his job, Boehner put on his show that was a flop, everyone reported Boehner’s show as a continuation of Cruz’s show — for some reason — and I guess we’re never going to know what statues or airports he got. Not one minute of Boehner’s show was about defunding Obamacare. Not one minute of Cruz’s show was about defunding the rest of the government. Why would I ever bother throwing away a vote on these chaps again!?
– Axe on October 16, 2013 at 8:33 PM

The establishment republicans (or as I like to call them, the democrat-lite party) are traitors. At least the democrats,for the most part, don’t try and hide what they stand for. The republicans have betrayed all of their constituents time and time again. I will work diligently to see that the Tea Party becomes a viable third party but I will never again fall prey to the treacherous, deceitful, backstabbing caucus known as the republican party. I can admire an enemy for at least standing up for their beliefs but I have no compassion for people who profess to be a friend and then stab you in the back at the first opportunity. In that regard, the republican establishment are traitors and will never again command my respect or garner my support.
– bandutski on October 16, 2013 at 8:52 PM

I’m going to register with the party of “Ribs and Beer” because come election day I’ll be eating ribs and drinking beer instead of voting. Let’s see, my choices in 2016 will be Killary or Christie for preznit. Yeah, ribs and beer, no more taking even the barest ounce of blame for any of this destruction.
– Bishop on October 16, 2013 at 10:25 PM

They threw away their card, the debt limit. This GOP is not worth kitty crap. Never. Again.
– AshleyTKing on October 16, 2013 at 10:28 PM

Boehner fell for the False Dilemma.Faced with a choice between passing Harry Reid’s bill vs. default, Boehner chose to pass Harry Reid’s bill. But we would NOT have defaulted tomorrow! I’m pissed that Boehner just broke the Hastert rule to let Democrats help the Republican establishment pass Harry Reid’s bill because he was full of FEAR about something that wasn’t even real! THE STUPID PARTY. I will never make the mistake of voting for them again.
– ITguy on October 16, 2013 at 10:31 PM

Boehner was bought, just like McConnell and Nelson from Nebraska. I told you this would happen, you are out of your gourd if you keep giving these clowns support.
– Tenwheeler on October 16, 2013 at 10:32 PM

I refuse to own it any more. I am out of this miserable party.
– wolly4321 on October 16, 2013 at 10:45 PM

We have been sold out fella’s check this out.. Actually I would call it outright treason. Auto debt increases unless you have a super majority 2/3rds vote in the house. WTF. All you guys who have been supporting the old guard saying its only tactics we all have the same end goal. Well how you like those apples from YOUR boys?
– C-Low on October 16, 2013 at 11:26 PM

Republican party – kiss your base goodbye. We hope the $3,000,000,000.00 carve-out was worth it for you Mitch. And your airport Boenhor. You sold your party into permanent minority status, and grunted out a mighty shit upon your nation. We humbly hope that, in the years to come, you are dispensed exactly the sort of justice you most certainly deserve.

Thirteen bits of silver for Iscariot. One for a stout length of “problem eraser.”

Update VIII: Daily Pundit – Quick Pretty Much Says “Fuck-it.”

Bill Quick over at Daily Pundit does not put any icing on this Shitsicle:

“I want to be hopeful, but you know, it’s getting harder and harder. I’ll probably feel better tomorrow, but sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever actually feel good again.”

“I used to have a great deal of faith in the American spirit, our resiliency, our essential bravery, our willingness to fight for what is right rather than what is easy and safe. But right at the moment it seems to me that America is dead and gone, and we are living in a grave on top of its bones.”

“It may be that the best I’ll be able to do is try to predict the timing and nature of the collapse, and try to tell you how best to make ready for it.”
– Bill Quick

Read it all HERE.

We can’t argue the point. We WON’T argue the point. It’s all going to crash and burn.

Gold Players on the Move

Market Watch
Posted By: Gus on October 11, 2013
Catagory: Market Watch

Well folks, looks like the major commodity players are on the move today. It’s one thing to show someone your hand and then quite another to slam it face up on the table and dare you to draw. It could not be more evident than some of the transactions which defined today’s major moves. Lets start overseas shall we….


“China launched a currency swap deal with the euro zone on Thursday, in the country’s latest push to transform the yuan into a major world currency. The foreign exchange (FX) swap — an agreement to exchange one currency for another at a set rate at a certain time in the future — will have a maximum size of 350 billion yuan ($57.2 billion) and 45 billion euros ($60.9 billion) and will be valid for three years. From the perspective of the euro system, the swap arrangement is intended to serve as a backstop liquidity facility and to reassure euro area banks of the continuous provision of Chinese yuan,” said the European Central Bank in a news release.”

“It’s a significant sign that the renminbi (yuan) is becoming more important, moving towards more credibility. Its significance has been bolstered from its recognition of its international use. We will see more of this,” Juckes told CNBC.

The People’s Bank of China’s efforts to internationalize the yuan appear to be working. Last month, the Chinese yuan was ranked one of the world’s top ten most frequently traded currencies for the first time ever, in a Bank of International Settlements survey. The currency ranked ninth in the top-ten list, eight places higher than when the survey was last conducted three years ago.”

Once the European Union becomes dependent on the Chinese to stay solvent the Chinese will have all the leverage they need to move forward into a role as a major player. The accumulation of Gold of the past few years should time nicely toward a backstop currency. However, China isn’t the only one on the move. Bloomberg Reports HERE

“OAO Moscow Exchange will introduce trading of gold and silver as early as this month as part of plans to make metals more accessible to smaller banks by reducing transaction costs.

The exchange will quote gold and silver in Russian rubles per gram, with minimum trades starting at 10 grams of gold and 100 grams of silver, the bourse’s Deputy Chief Executive Officer Andrey Shemetov said in an e-mailed response to questions yesterday. Platinum and palladium contracts will start trading in the first half of 2014, he said. Russia is the world’s largest developing-nation producer of gold after China.

The exchange will quote prices and enable traders to settle contracts via delivery to and from unallocated metals accounts at its National Clearing Center. Banks can deposit or withdraw precious metals in the form of physical bullion bars, and delivery and collection will occur at a nominated Moscow vault, the bourse said. The contracts are also likely to appeal to brokers, producers, jewelers and private investors in the long run, it said.”

So, what are we doing about that here in the U.S. ? If you said nothing you would be wrong. Lets take a look at the exchanges today per CNBC/Hedge

“Gold lost $25 in two minutes on Friday morning, as the gold market experience a massive surge in volume that triggered a halt in the middle of the plunge. The move took gold down to a three-month low, and was felt across the commodity markets. And incredibly, a single sell order could be the culprit.

“It appears to have been an order to sell 5,000 gold futures contracts at market,” Eric Hunsader of Nanex told, when asked to explain the swift move at 8:42 a.m. EDT. “About 2,700 went off and tripped the stop logic, halting gold futures for 10 seconds while liquidity replenished. When enough liquidity returned (after 10 seconds), the balance of about 2,300 completed.”

The order was so big, then, that gold was automatically halted in the middle of the order being filled. The CME Group confirmed the halt. “We had what we call a stop logic event, which is a momentary pause in trading.”

Hedge Explains: “Moments ago it just happened again. As part of the already noted massive gold slamdown just before 9 am Eastern, when “someone” sold an epic 2 million ounces of gold in one trade, the CME just went dark for 10 seconds, blaming it on an appropriately named “stop logic” event. When triggered Stop orders attempt to move the market to an executing price beyond a pre-established value, a Stop Logic event occurs. Stop Logic detects these situations and responds by placing the identified market in a Reserved state for a predetermined period of time, usually 5 to 10 seconds, depending on the instrument.

Of course, the liquidity we re-enter at a time when the prevailing price has been reset substantially lower on what is basically a “banging the open” type of event, or in this case market open, when one or more traders attempt to generate the well-known “momentum ignition” event so known to HFT algo manipulators everywhere.

*Smack*  Well, we can see the cards. Do we have the courage to Draw?

We Tried To Warn You - Do NOT Fuck With JMB:

Posted By: SilverDeth on October 6, 2013
Catagory: Rants

But alas, a Freedom-hating moron over at Misha’s Place


Go HERE to witness the complete deconstruction of a Trotsky quoting idiot, followed by a cathartic drubbing dispensed courtesy of our resident legal-beagle…

Only now… at the end… does this DJ Allen character learn that… some people are… relentless.

As the most Honorable John Wayne once said…

“Life’s tough. It’s tougher when you’re stupid.”

Getting to it Before the Marxists in the State Run Media...

Time's Up
Posted By: SilverDeth on October 4, 2013
Catagory: Time's Up

In the e-mail from SonOfSD regarding the crazy dental hygienist shot to death by the D.C. Stormtroopers.

Presented with no further commentary:

ar 15 5.56 infinity

Glenn Fairman: Dark Times

Posted By: SilverDeth on October 3, 2013
Catagory: Rants

Glenn Fairman at the American Thinker correctly gauges America’s trajectory:

“Dark times have fallen upon the republic. Bleak times when men must furtively glance back over their shoulders before speaking their minds in laconic candor. Evil times of midnight votes and treacherous mandates contrived in embittered back-chambered councils that forcibly pit men against their brethren. Yea, times that would constrain men to rigorously toil for their careless neighbor’s behalf — pallid men who dare to call the subtle wickedness of constitutional apostasy….. justice.”

“And all the while, these black vassals of unapologetic coercion reserve for their own the lion’s portion: having waxed too vainglorious and haughty to themselves live under the edicts they smugly draw down for their hirelings. Dark days, indeed — for the Owl of Minerva has returned empty of wisdom, and she discerns only the bleating of sheep echoing along the wires: their fawning enthusiasm assenting to whatever capriciousness the Black Rogue has reserved up his sleeve.”

“In milder days, before the eye of man had become firmly corrupted, it was still possible for statesmen to forge statutes that were just. But that was before the very architecture under-girding the nature of Law and the Good was mocked. And now, we spy over our ramparts those ideological enemies separated from us by a frontier as expansive as the distinction between human virtue and vice. As we twist in the breeze, the Republic lies bleeding and in its mournful wake we are cursed with overlords that are boldly content on demolishing our ancient rights and liberties in service to their own private vanities. Such men are willing to slander freedom and call it selfishness, or assent, for their advantage, to the subtle plunder of treasuries under the color of egalitarian prerogative — crowning common brigandage with the gilded stamp of utopia.”

“Truly: If pain is all these villains will understand, then pain they shall surely have. Soon, the days of pilfering the storehouses will be over, and all we shall have left are the memories and wreckage of that which was once noble and beautiful — before the covetous and foolish star-gazers cracked the world with their vain moral abstractions. Pray that what is strong and good in us will yet rise up and the Bastard Sons of America are left with only the ashes and misery that they alone have sown — as they hurtle headlong into that maelstrom prepared for that which is even now passing away.”
– Glenn Fairman

Click HERE to read the entire article. Read the comments. Especially the comments. As we’ve said before – this is a nation readying itself for Civil War.

Got calories?

Neverwinter Nights Section Added

Neverwinter Nights
Posted By: SilverDeth on October 2, 2013
Catagory: Neverwinter Nights

We’ve added a Neverwinter Nights Section to the website, available HERE.  Over the next few days we'll get it populated with custom characters, equipment, and some interesting campaign saves.

Nothing So Hilarous as Watching Prog-Nazi's Go Full Retard

Posted By: SilverDeth on October 1, 2013
Catagory: Rants

So we took the off day to truly bask in the “Glory” that is the Obamacare Exchanges… and our favorite helmet-clad prog-tards did NOT disappoint with their magnum opus:

– Obamacare health insurance exchange websites don’t work; a total mess
– Getting worse! Fed marketplace, state O-Care exchanges: Guys, you can ‘keep’ errors
– ‘So much for security!’ Health insurance websites continue ‘head desk’ fail
– Obamacare Exchanges In Pictures
– Obamacare Launches… And Breaks

The visceral stupidity and incompetence behind this entire mess can only be described as… beautiful. Allow us a moment to compose ourselves and wipe away the tears (of mirth) as the fuck-stick’s utopian vision blows up in their idiot faces.

Simply delightful. Choke on your legislative sh*t-sandwich. And smile. Enjoy every mouth-watering morsel you fucking rubes. Enjoy it good and hard.

Update I: Bill Quick Clues-in a Stupid Leftist Cunt

Over at Daily PunditBill Quick slaps an idiot prog-bitch so hard her teeth fly down her gullet, ricochet off her pelvis, and fly back up into her skull so hard they knock out all the cock-dings she got in utero while her whore mother serviced every sailor in the San Diego shipyards.

“As a nurse, I am proud to share this great news: thanks to the Affordable Care Act, new healthcare marketplaces opened for business today bringing lower-cost healthcare options to millions of Americans… You can go to to shop and compare healthcare plans or find out more about low-cost healthcare through Medicaid.”
– Harridan C. T. Bintworth

“Um, it’s down. You stupid socialist bint.”
– Bill Quick

Read the entire thing so you can appreciate the stupidity HERE.

The only thing even more farcical than this entire liberty devouring boondoggle is going to be watching the Prog-Nazi’s scrambling around like amphetamized spider monkeys looking for someone else to blame for their colossal catastrophe.

We’re pretty confident the media will do it’s level best to help. Surprisingly, we are just peachy with that. Makes it easier to know who to hang when everything falls inevitably apart. Contrasting shades make black and white mob justice a snap.

Pun intended.

Update II: Quote of the Day

The quote of the day is brought to you by “Fails-R-Us” aka

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IBM WebSphere Application Server

Things are progressing swimmingly.

Yes Jennifer Rubin is STILL a Titanic, Stupid, Prog-Nazi Cunt

Posted By: SilverDeth on September 28, 2013
Catagory: Rants

While this terrifically dumb twat is one of our favorite punching bags, we have to yield the floor to Bill Quick of Daily Pundit, who, as per usual, just does it better:

“The loudest and most clearly articulated very conservatvie agenda of the past fifty years resulted in two of the biggest Presidential landslides in that period. Ronald Reagan. You may remember him?”

“Well, I do. Even if a (former) lefty Hollywood hack like Rubin would prefer to forget him.”

“I wonder how long she’s maintain her phony “conservative” schtick before, like another Hollywood harridan before her, Arianna Huffington, she returns to her left-wing roots. Probably only until she decides she can make more money as a real lefty than as a faux conservative.”
– Bill Quick

Read his entire article HERE, with the dumb bint’s stupidity included. We tried to quote her yammering idiocy… but after having to choke back vomit for the 4th time, we surrendered.

RINO slimebags can hang with the rest of the traitors in our opinion… and speaking of traitors…

Alexander (R-TN)
Ayotte (R-NH)
Barrasso (R-WY)
Blunt (R-MO)
Boozman (R-AR)
Burr (R-NC)
Chambliss (R-GA)
Chiesa (R-NJ)
Coats (R-IN)
Coburn (R-OK)
Cochran (R-MS)
Collins (R-ME)
Corker (R-TN)
Cornyn (R-TX)
Graham (R-SC)
Hoeven (R-ND)
Isakson (R-GA)
Johanns (R-NE)
Johnson (R-WI)
Kirk (R-IL)
McCain (R-AZ)
McConnell (R-KY)
Murkowski (R-AK)
Thune (R-SD)
Wicker (R-MS)

See those folks?

Those assholes are all betrayers. When the time comes, the uppity peasants should be reminded and encouraged to save enough spots at the gallows – not just for the evil Prog-tard’s – but for the worthless skin-bags who’ve enabled them with their “pragmatism” over the decades.

We’d recommend dispensing with the “drop” – if we get a say – let the retch-inducing filth-wads writhe for a while and contemplate their life’s work. That said, we admit to being a tad biased on the subject. Maybe the torchbearers, whoever the lucky devils will turn out to be, will come up with something appropriately creative on their own.

We here at DETH are, if anything, open minded.

Ol'Remus: "We Were Unreasonable Fools" - And He's Right...

Posted By: SilverDeth on September 25, 2013
Catagory: Rants

Ol’ Remus at The Woodpile Report says it only like he can:

“Traditional Americans are used as the explanation for all misery and injustice. We’re held up as the taproot of everything hateful and therefore guilty of anything they care to charge us with. We’re the one threat to the “sustainability of the planet” DC identifies by name. Children are taught positions of power are rightfully closed to us, or said another way, open to everybody except us. “Inclusiveness” in academia excludes us, explicitly and specifically. “Equality” under law excludes us, explicitly and specifically. While no excuse is too farfetched for the criminal, and no praise is too extravagant for the aberrant, the DHS uses pictures of us on targets at their shooting ranges.”

“It’s still a mistake to hold DC responsible for exercising powers they’ve assumed—it’s what governments do. They don’t question their premises and any one who does gets a journey to Kafkaland. We’re not part of the conversation, we’re the audience. DC feels no need to consult with us, surveillance tells them all they want to know. We have representation without representation. Negotiation and compromise are pointless. We’re not allowed to control our own affairs, much less theirs.”

“DC doesn’t behave as it does because of anything we’ve done, but because of what it is, and DC can’t change what it is any more than a fish can choose not to be a fish. It was insane to put our liberty in their hands for safekeeping. It’s not that DC won’t protect our liberty, it’s that they can’t protect our liberty and still be DC. It’s up to us to protect our liberty. It always was. Take care of that and everything else falls into place.”
– Ol’ Remus

Read the entire article and news HERE.

We made Leviathan. Like fools we trusted the monster with our sacred liberty. Now, as it moves to gobble up the last remaining bits, we will soon have to kill our horrible creation. Or be devoured by it.

When Journalists Understand that Journalism Doesn't Work

Posted By: Gus on September 20, 2013
Catagory: Rants

I usually don’t post outside of market issues. However, sometimes it is nice to see some intelligent journalists discussing the current state of journalism, the current government mindset, and the complete and utter disregard for privacy and human rights. Presented with no further comment.

The Best Summary of the Blood-Dancers Latest Anti-Gun Fail

Posted By: SilverDeth on September 20, 2013
Catagory: Rants

Jeff G at Protein Wisdom wraps it up:

“Nutty liberal Obama supporter takes VP Biden’s advice, buys shotgun, ignores DC gun laws, enters a “gun free zone,” kills security, gathers pistols, enjoys turkey shoot.”
– Jeff G

Read the rest HERE.

We’d here at DETH like to add our own addendum:

Meanwhile, ignorant prog-Nazi statist political-hacks with by-lines call anything capable of launching a projectile an “AR-15,” and Ruger gets to enjoy another banner season of record profits as liberty minded Americans match last year’s record for firearms purchases.

Must suck to be disarmed sheeple willingly milling around the barnyard bleating – hoping that some pig will show up to play the role of savior. But, we have go to hand it to the barking moonbats – their attacks on constitutionally incorporated civil rights, (which puts them in the same category as those backing the Jim Crow laws), have galvanized the opposition and put more guns in American’s homes than we’d have dreamed possible.


Therefore, on behalf of the GOA, Libertarians, S&W, freedom minded anarchists, and the founders – who’d have burned Washington D.C. to ashes by now – we humbly thank all of you holophobes for doing more to utterly destroy your cause than people like us could have ever hoped to.

Thanks – The Management.

More from Jeff G:

“Or, to put this in even clearer relief, the only thing that “caused” yesterday’s slaughter — not Sarah Palin, not TEA Party affiliation, not potential “domestic terrorists” identified by their references to “constitutionalism” or “limited government” going active – was the combination of mental illness and liberal gun control policies that keep law-abiding citizens unprotected while providing an advantage to Obama-supporting nutjobs bent on spree killings.”
– Jeff G

Not so fun having your entire political ideology be represented by some extreme outlier is it you leftist fucks? Don’t cry – your “ilk” drug the discourse to this level. Now you can live with eating your own shit for a while.

Now smile and dance you worthless sub-human troglodytes.

Starbucks Joins the Anti-Constitution Blood-Dancers

Time's Up
Posted By: SilverDeth on September 18, 2013
Catagory: Time's Up

LC IB CiSSnarl5.7 at the Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler brings us this particularly undigestable lump of colon blockage:

Starbucks CEO Howard Scultz to gun owners – “we don’t want you”.

Dear Fellow Americans,
Few topics in America generate a more polarized and emotional debate than guns. In recent months, Starbucks stores and our partners (employees) who work in our stores have been thrust unwillingly into the middle of this debate. That’s why I am writing today with a respectful request that customers no longer bring firearms into our stores or outdoor seating areas.
– Howard “Fuck The Constitution” Scultz

Read the little bitch’s stammering, waffling, equivocating whine-fest HERE (only if you are on an empty stomach). However, if you have no patience for a quivering Beta-male with no penis, let the Rotties summarize his dicklessness HERE.

Now, to be fair, we here at Deth H.Q. are not big on the idea of shelling out $7.00 for a fucking cup of coffee, so we suppose that Howie ain’t exactly catering to our “demographic.” (In fact, we start to get pretty pissy if the price of Joe goes over a buck). That aside, we do take exception when a company wipes it’s ass with our Bill of Rights, and as such, will give his constitution-hating prog-Nazi company the sort of press it rightly deserves.

We seem to recall hearing somewhere that McDonald’s started selling the shishy-fru-fru coffee, and rumor has it, not only is the java better tasting, but a good bit cheaper. Just thought we’d mention that. We bet they even have all the little syrups and umbrellas and other girly-shit that the sheeple seem to love.

School Textbook Rewriting the Constitution

Posted By: SilverDeth on September 17, 2013
Catagory: Rants

Hat-tip to Bryan Preston at the PJ Tatler:

John J. Newman and John M. Schmalbach prove themselves to be traitorous minions of Sauron with their retch-inducing interpretation of the bill of rights in their book United States History: Preparing for the Advanced Placement Examination. What’s worse, is the fact their bilge-flotsam is being peddled to impressionable children in school. These two men would no doubt have been quite comfortable working in Heinrich Himmler’s propaganda ministry, (and God-willing, they come to a similar end).

Of the litany of historical perversions, half-truths, obfuscations and deliberate fabrications found in this 2.4 pound shit-sandwich, their criminal butchery of the Bill of Rights is down-right Orwellian. (Perhaps someone should remind these two Orcs that 1984 was a cautionary tale…)

For example – those of us who went through school before it was taken over by goose-stepping socialist prog-Nazis, remember the language of the 2nd Amendment going something like this:

“A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”
– The Bill of Rights

Naturally, “well-regulated” in the period of the founding meant “skilled in the use of arms and warfare,” and “militia” meant “THE MOTHER-FUCKING-PEOPLE,” and specifically NOT State controlled Military Units. Even the most mealy-mouthed asshole prog-tard hacks will eventually admit to this when you corner them enough. But listen to the criminal garbage being spewed like liquid-shit into the minds of America’s youth, courtesy of these two street-light ornaments Newman and Schmalbach:

“The people have the right to keep and bear arms in a state militia.”
– Gruppenführer Newman & Landesinspekteur Schmalbach

Yeah these people are filth – we’d make some comparison to liver-flukes, but frankly, digestive parasites don’t deserve the bad-press. For your convince, we have linked the Amazon.comcomments page for their “product” HERE.

Feel free to drop by and give their treachery the sort of “praise” that such work justly deserves.

Update I – The Dog-pile Commences:

Somebody woke up the internet with their propaganda-masquerading-as-children’s-educational-material… …oh-oh…

– Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit
– Bill Quick at Daily Pundit
– Mike Vanderboegh at the Sipsey Street Irregulars
– Jason Howerton at The Blaze
– Bryan Preston at the PJ Tatler
– RobHino at The Daily Paul
– The Political Hat at The Political Hat
– Bertie at Junior Ganymede
– Rand Simberg at Transterrestrial Musings

Update II – The Game is Afoot:

One of the Dethlings has kindly pointed out that John J. Newman has some “other” literary kidney stones for sale HERE.

I am sure all of his glorious literature needs to be properly reviewed. You know. For the children.

Oh… it looks like some other liberty minded folks beat us out the starting gate

“He thinks the Second Amendment to the US Constitution says that only the Government has the right to own guns. If I was him, I’d be asking for a refund from my Alma Mater – I sure wouldn’t be writing any books!!!”
– Brian Clark


“By taking a look at the other books that he has done, I can say it would be a safe bet to not waste your money on this book either. ”
– Customer

Must suck being a “public figure.”

Bill Quick's Books

Posted By: SilverDeth on September 14, 2013
Catagory: News

Bill Quick, our honorary Blog-father, Sci-fi author, political commentator and provider of no small ammount of inspiration for the liberty minded, has his some of his works for sale electronically HERE.

On some of these – the Kindle versions, mainly – I get a heck of a lot more than 7% – more like 90%. Just saying….

Remember – anything you buy from Amazon through any link on this site puts a commission in my pocket, at no cost to yourself, so thank you very much! Also, arf! from the Presidential Pomeranian.
– Bill Quick

The sales of these novels help pay his bills, and keep the lights on over at his various blogs. Check them out.

Toss the man some coin, get a good read for the deal, and help him get enough money to move out of Commiefornia before the whole place burns down. This bard’s tales are worth the sovereign – we’d not be endorsing him otherwise.

Also of note – Quick’s got a new book coming out soon, and like his existing material, it will NOT disappoint. We will give a review and links on where to buy when it’s released. Yes, we’ve read it. And it’s awesome.

PS: We are making zero money off this. We here at DETH H.Q. only endorse a product because it’s quality material being put out by an individual who aligns with our general belief system. Fuck paying a bunch of leftist hacks that want to destroy our way of life. Throw money at those trying to uphold it.

Ol' Remus Gives Us the Story Thus Far...

Posted By: SilverDeth on September 12, 2013
Catagory: Rants

From Ol’ Remus at The Woodpile Report:

Our story thus far.

Obama is our first Affirmative Action President. We deserve what we got. The one open fact of his otherwise secretive provenance is his teenage mentor, a committed communist and pederast. From this alone it was soon clear we’d sent a boy to do a man’s job, and not even a standup boy of the “pardon me” kind, but an androgynous adolescent satisfying his inner Caligula to applause from the perpetually misty eyed. Technically he’s—it’s?—wedded to a becostumed, stunningly dimwitted and often bizarre she-beast. We’re almost relieved to know he’s in fact wedded to himself.

Somewhere he and his armigerous playpals got the idea no comic opera is complete without a warzey. If nothing else it keeps the legions busy far from the Emerald City, and so, probable causes were scripted by the Official YouTube Corps and posted throughout the land. Alas, the laugh test was inexplicably left in place, from long disuse likely, and free-floating suspicions quickly attached themselves to it. It’s become an indigestible lump. Its expulsion won’t be pretty.

Now even his most fervent sphincter-lickers grow reluctant to endorse its issuances and, belatedly, embarrassed by the persistent odor. So Boy Obama and his kapitol kadets have gone all Kremlin to where only the tradesman’s entrance sees significant traffic. Communiqués from the paladin inform us of appointments and edicts. Then we’re dismissed. The party continues within. How like a boy.

So here we are, thus far. No one’s surprised. Not really.
– Ol’ Remus

Read his entire article HERE. Go for the wit. Stay for the art.

Remus pretty much summarizes the latest stumble of our suit-less boy-king. Jimmy Carter has to be ecstatic – Jugg-Ears has single handedly salvaged his reputation. Hell… at this rate, even the “illustrious” political career of James Buchanan might look competent by contrast…

Of course, as Glenn Reynold’s noted, “Vladimir Putin doing doughnuts on the White house lawn”certainly can’t be helping poor President Peace-Prize’s self esteem right now. Let’s all hold a moment of silence for our poor, dear fallen leader…


WRSA - Presented With No Commentary:

Time's Up
Posted By: SilverDeth on September 12, 2013
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From the WRSA and Karl Denninger:


Read it all HERE. Go dark – and don’t spend a plug nickle for a while.

Proviso 89.145 S. Carolina Treasury accuses Fed and JP Morgan in Market Manipulation

Market Watch
Posted By: Gus on September 11, 2013
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Its looks as if S. Carolina, when looking into weather or not Gold/Silver would be a good investment for the State, concluded that in addition to speculation into the markets and possible commodities bubble also accused the Federal Reserve, JPMorgan, and HSBC among others of directly manipulating the market… (Full PDF HERE)

“Similar to other commodities, the value of gold and silver is determined by supply and demand, as well as speculation. The Federal Reserve, the London Bullion Market Association, JP Morgan Chase and HSBC Holdings have practice fractional reserve banking and engaged in naked short selling causing artificial price suppression. 

Not a big revelation here. But, it isn’t every day a State Treasury Department accuses the Federal Reserve and JP Morgan Chase of manipulating the prices of metals which has been “officially” looked into and deemed “not occurring”.  Any-who, decided to take a peek into this a little bit further and it looks as if a investigative reporter through gold/silver money has dug up some interesting tid-bits on the subject. It looks as if since 2006 the U.S. Silver mint has used a “Trading Partner” due to market “volatility” as the above ground silver supply has all but evaporated. Wanna guess who the U.S. Treasury trading partners operating bank and accountant  is? HSBC. Wanna Guess who hedges for HSBC? Wanna guess who now has legal wiggle room due to the fact only a couple of banks could actually supply the amount of silver needed to the U.S. Treasury?

Take a look at the following video. You can skip to 8:00 min if you want to get to the meat and potatoes…

Polish Pension Sausages and Fed Incentives

Market Watch
Posted By: Gus on September 10, 2013
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A little recent news concerning foreign bank deposits. It looks as if the below chart indicates that there is a large amount of capital hanging out  in foreign US bank branches (imagine that). In order to reduce risk and incentify risky capital allocation  at home the fed has banished all foreign deposit insurance ($250,000) in a 5-0 vote. At play, according to Hedge/WSJ HERE,  1 trillion in deposits.

The move rejects what officials called a “creative” legal proposal from the banking industry. “We don’t want to become the deposit insurer for the world,” FDIC officials said at a briefing.

The FDIC’s action was prompted by the move last year by U.K. regulators to propose changes in the way deposits held at overseas branches should be treated. FDIC officials said the U.K. proposal potentially opened the door to those deposits being insured by the FDIC; the rule being finalized Tuesday clarified that isn’t the case, said FDIC Chairman Martin Gruenberg.

“The final rule protects the deposit insurance fund, while at the same time recognizing both the FDIC’s commitment to maintaining financial stability through the prompt payment of deposit insurance and the evolving nature of the global banking system,” Mr. Gruenberg said in a statement.


Smart move actually by the Fed to reduce their risk and create incentive at home. Small tip-off however to upcoming events for those who pay attention.

Hey, at least its better than Poland which just watched half of its pension funds nationalized (Reuters/Hedge)……

By way of background, Poland has a hybrid pension system: as Reuters explains, mandatory contributions are made into both the state pension vehicle, known as ZUS, and the private funds, which are collectively known by the Polish acronym OFE. Bonds make up roughly half the private funds’ portfolios, with the rest company stocks.

And while a change to state-pension funds was long awaited – an overhaul if you will – nobody expected that this would entail a literal pillage of private sector assets.

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Donald Tusk said private funds within the state-guaranteed system would have their bond holdings transferred to a state pension vehicle, but keep their equity holdings.  The funds would effectively be left with only the equities portions of their assets, even this would be depleted, and there will be uncertainty about the number of new savers joining.

After all, this is a last ditch step which no rational person would engage in unless there were no other option. Simple: there were no other option, and the driver is the same reason the world everywhere else is broke too – too much debt.

By shifting some assets from the private funds into ZUS, the government can book those assets on the state balance sheet to offset public debt, giving it more scope to borrow and spend. Finance Minister Jacek Rostowski said the changes will reduce public debt by about eight percent of GDP. This in turn, he said, would allow the lowering of two thresholds that deter the government from allowing debt to raise over 50 percent, and then 55 percent, of GDP. Public debt last year stood at 52.7 percent of GDP, according to the government’s own calculations.

To summarize:

  1. Government has too much debt to issue more debt
  2. Government nationalizes private pension funds making their debt holdings an “asset” and commingles with other public assets
  3. New confiscated assets net out sovereign debt liability, lowering the debt/GDP ratio
  4. Debt/GDP drops below threshold, government can issue more sovereign debt

You see, he is from the government, and he is confiscating the pensions to make them “safer”. Confiscation is Safety and all that…

Polish officials have tried to reassure investors, saying the overhaul avoids the more radical options of taking both bond and equity assets away from the private funds outright.

They say the old system effectively made Polish public debt appear higher than it really is.

Well, once you nationalize private assets, the public debt will indeed appear lower than it was before confiscation: we give them that much.

End result: “The Polish pension funds’ organization said the changes may be unconstitutional because the government is taking private assets away from them without offering any compensation…. This may lead to the private pension systems shutting down,” said Rafal Benecki of ING Bank Slaski.


Can you smell what the Rock is Cooking? Smells like private wealth sausages…

Site Update

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Just an update – a few days ago the website was screwed with by some kids, (who proved too cute by half), and in the process of restoring everything, we had to clear out the user database.  Simply shoot an e-mail to the hotmail account (that shall not be named here), if you need to be re-added.

You can also post a reply in this thread, we will leave the registration open for a few weeks to facilitate this.

Obama School: The New Free Market Thinking

Market Watch
Posted By: Gus on September 5, 2013
Catagory: Market Watch

Forgive the surprised expression. I fear I have wandered into an old episode of the twilight zone. Another hairy fanged politician ripping apart the wing of free market thinking while a storm distracts its weary passengers. Anyone with any sense at all understands that the current decade of price spikes and bubbles, especially in student loans, is a result of guaranteed money. It is the easy credit which stems the compulsory valve of innovation and competition. Guaranteed loans make it easier for colleges to spend money without having to evaluate their product. This produces an inflated price and general low grade output. We have some good and bad news on the front lines of the student loan bubble to report here at Deth.  Lets start with the “good” news.

Good News: This bubble, as all bubbles do, will end. A parabolic move does not last forever. Never has and never will. How does one then know when this expansion has exceeded its volume limit? A good indicator this week was a report showing the first slowdown in student loans/enrollment for last quarter. This however could be just another blip on the chart (unlikely due to its extended vertical move). However, when JP Morgan says it will stop making student loans. Period. Now its time to prepare for the pain train that is just about to leave the station. They can say what they like but they know that gravy train has ended. Reuters reports HERE.

JPMorgan Chase & Co (JPM.N) will stop making student loans in October, according to a document reviewed by Reuters on Thursday, after the biggest U.S. bank concluded that competition from federal government programs limits its ability to expand the business. The company will stop accepting applications for private student loans on October 12, at the end of the peak borrowing season for this school year, according to a memo from the company to colleges.

The Chase portfolio includes $5 billion of private loans and $6 billion of loans backed by government guarantees that were granted under programs that have been discontinued. The portfolio has been shrinking by roughly $1 billion to $2 billion a year since mid-2010, when Congress acted to bypass the banks and have the government lend directly to students.

The exit by Chase means one less competitor for other lenders still in the market. SLM Corp (SLM.O), often known as Sallie Mae, (SLM.O) Wells Fargo and Discover have bigger portfolios, according to company disclosures and research by stock analyst Moshe Orenbuch of CreditSuisse.

Not to worry. One less “competitor” in the market isn’t going to change the easy credit application process nor the standards by which loan applicants are measure against before receiving loans.  Nor will it change the “single loaner” system the Feds want in place. As the private market drops out you will begin to see the first signs of panic from the Federal Government as debt surfs feel the weight of their own making and reality pops the student loan bubble. The Fed will be left holding the bag and will panic accordingly. Speaking of panic, I wonder what the Fed has in the works? Lets see below…

Bad News: The Feds panic and try to implement government controlled competition. Yes, you heard that right. Government….Controlled…….Competition. Reported via Hedge.

The president gave a speech on August 22 in Buffalo outlining his proposal to “reform” the student loan program. He acknowledged that the program has some problems, but assured the audience they are easily fixed. Just take the principles behind Obamacare and apply them to education. The president personally “guaranteed” that his proposals would make college more affordable.

Here’s the plan. The government will rate colleges based on fees (the lower the better) and graduation rates (the higher the better) and student success in finding a job. Then student loan funds will be allocated to schools according to the rating. Students will also be guided to the best-rated schools via government web sites. And schools will get more funding if they set up demonstration projects to reduce costs. This will all encourage more “competition” among schools. Yes, you heard that right: more government control of colleges will increase market “competition.”

The 250 percent increase in fees (mitigated somewhat by increases in student aid) has specifically been driven by government’s mistake in flooding schools with student loan money. That money did not help students; it enabled schools to keep raising fees. What students mostly got out of the loan program was an early initiation into massive debt. If leaving school with heavy debts is not exactly slavery, it certainly represents some kind of indentured servitude.

Obama School. Coming to a nation near you…

Mosby: Target Analysis and Selection Criteria for Irregular Forces

Posted By: SilverDeth on September 5, 2013
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Col. John S. Mosby, CSA over at Mountain Gorilla has some thoughts he’d like those preparing to stand against Mordor to consider:

Too often, when keyboard commandos and militia “commanders” discuss the implications of applying unconventional warfare methods in the coming hot phases of the fight for individual liberty and the restoration of human rights, they simplify the discussion by stating that they will use raids and ambushes, sniper attacks, etc, to destroy the power and structure of a totalitarian regime. While the ancient dictum of KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) is valid, oversimplification is a flaw of amateurs training novices, resulting directly from a lack of knowledge.

Yes, raids, ambushes, sniper attacks (a form of ambush, really), and sabotage, ARE the fundamental tactics of guerrilla/insurgent/resistance combat, but a sound grasp of the fundamental realities of these methods, as well as a solid grasp of strategic target selection and analysis is critical to prevent a waste of limited material and manpower resources on tactical level targets of insignificant worth. The level of potential effectiveness of offensive operations against a regime that can be sustained over time depends largely on the guerrilla base camp support and auxiliary support available to the resistance (it is hard after all, to sustain on-going combat operations, when your fighting men haven’t eaten in two weeks, have been barefoot all winter, due to a lack of footwear, and have nowhere to hide long enough to get some sleep after weeks of continuous combat. The guerrilla base MUST be located in order to maximize isolation, as well as difficulty of approach by regime forces thus precluding the use of a suburban neighborhood as an effective guerrilla base). The base camp area must be inherently defensible, and tenaciously defended by well-trained, highly-motivated forces. This provides the resistance’s fighting elements with a safe haven to operate from, ensuring they have the time and ability to properly plan offensive operations (this does NOT mean that irregular forces will be conducting their offensive operations in remote, rural areas, if that is not where the enemy is concentrating his forces).

Guerrilla element leaders must consider the nature of the terrain in their operational area (OAKOC), as well as the level of training and tactical expertise of their forces, when considering suitable targets for offensive operations (sending a bunch of 40-somethings with no combat experience and little realistic, tactical training, up against an AFV-equipped security forces element, with close-air support and reinforcements only a radio call and helicopter ride away would be a ridiculous waste of assets, regardless of their marksmanship abilities and/or motivation levels).

The current doctrinal method of target analysis/selection is the CARVER matrix. An analysis of any potential target, using this matrix will provide a planning organization with a method to categorize the cost-benefit value of potential regime targets in a hierarchical manner, allowing the greatest emphasis to be placed on the targets that offer the greatest political value to the resistance’s efforts (i.e. hitting as fuel depot that re-supplies occupation force Strykers or BMPs will be of much greater value to the resistance than ambushing a squad-sized element of conscripted infantrymen. In turn however, a sniper attack that assassinates key members of a special operations element within the regime security forces may have greater value than a raid on a vehicle park that results in destruction of a half-dozen armored vehicles).
– Col. John S. Mosby, CSA

Click HERE to read all of this. Important information to ruminate on. This will be the face of the Civil War – the operational doctrine.

Prepare your home and families accordingly. Perhaps a bit of spare food in the larder would be a good idea eh? Hell, maybe even spring for a small generator – or solar if the budget will comfortably allow? Might be nice to keep the refrigerator running when the lights go out…

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The older posts from 2012 are available in the News Archives Section. Here you can read old updates and articles from years long past - which is rather interesting for seeing the evolution of people's thoughts and opinions over time.

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