Modded Nerf Guns

In the late 00's we had an office Nerf war. What started as one guy buying a a single shot Nerf gun and popping folks quickly escalating into modding the weapons with PCV pipe, weighted darts, laser sights and actual firearm springs. (The "weapons" by the time we were finished altering them had an effective range of 100ft+ and left sizable welts).

Being the sort who enjoys one-upping others, I decided to spray mine gold and then clear-coat them with automobile paint. I reasoned that if you're going to hurt your friends, you should have the courtesy to do so in style.

The fun continued for about a month, until we shot out one of the large store-front windows, at which point, our boss soured on the notion - despite him being the instigator. And so, amid the fractured wreckage of a 8ft x 15ft glass window, ended the Nerf War of 2008.

In the end, the final casualties included three LCD monitors, an office clock, a pair of glasses, the bathroom mirror, a photo frame and a $120.00 battery powered, belt-fed, fully automatic Nerf cannon that spectacularly self destructed about fifteen shots after we "improved it."