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Read this While Playing the 1812 Overture:

Please allow Karl Denninger over at The Market Ticker to throw a cold bucket of water on your statist command economy:

“The Fed Z1 dropped yesterday and all you heard on bubblevision was chatter about how people’s equity portfolios had “recovered” and were “soaring.”

“Well, yeah. Why did nobody look at anything else in the Z1?”

“I’ll tell you why — the rest of the report was frightening, and if they had reported on it the market might have blown up in their face instantly.”
– Karl Denninger

Click HERE to read everything. And please… do.

The punchline: (That’s not very funny…)

“Note carefully: We are currently at higher valuations compared against assets less corporate credit liabilities now than we were in either 2000 or 2007.”

“In other words we have a bigger stock bubble now than we had in either of the previous instances.”
– Karl Denninger

This whole disaster on wheels is going to explode like dreadnought Mutsu eventually – in fact, it’s a mathematical certainty at this point. The only thing left to piss and argue over is timeline.

The “enlightened central planners” infesting the gentry know what’s coming, and you see their battle-space preparation every time some Pigs roll by in their shiny new MRAP. Once this titanic joke of a market “corrects” you will be witness to shit that you’d expect in Greece or Argentina.

Now then – how’s your pantry looking constant readers? Remember the rules – nothing fancy, just what you normally eat – only more of it. If you race down to the Army/Navy Store and deck yourself out with a two year supply of stale Iraq surplus MRE’s, please rest assured that… YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG.

Please consider our situation from a prior generation’s perspective:
Was Grandma Edith and ol’Grandpa Joe stocking their home with combat energy bars, Meals Ready to Eat, and Mountain House freeze dried food packets? No, no, and HELL NO. These people went about daily life during a decade long economic collapse and a World War – complete with rationing and continual supply disruptions. They understood the value of a deep pantry, canning, and a big garden from living in a world where the financial system was SHIT – and the grocery stores, (when you were ALLOWED to buy basic necessities), were frequently OUT of them.

Let us not emulate the chowder-heads on “Doomsday Preppers” – simply do as your parents and grandparents did in a civilization where shit had very messily hit the fan. Less web gear, more potatoes, onions, and delicious home cooked food.

Don’t buy anything you don’t normally put on your table – PEROID. DO buy as much as you can reasonably store in your home. Buy it in bulk, buy it on sale, and stack coupons whenever possible. Consider this – food is a fixed expense – one that shall always cost more tomorrow, (for so long as we are ruled by asshole fiat printers anyways). Buying now what you plan to eat next month will save you money.

What do you have to loose? If you listen to us, stock up, and, through some miracle the financial system manages to kick the can a few more years, well… you… saved substantial money on groceries. (We’ll sleep just fine tonight having dispensed this advice).

No downside folks. None at all.
Well? What ya standing around for? Don’t you have some shit to do?

Update I: Denninger Breaks it All Down.

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