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(Ok this is my first real news post, so bear with me please. If I twist the internet all inside-out, it's all the nephew's fault for being a terrible instructor).

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I was spending some time over at Misha's joint, getting up to mischief, and was nailed by a pretty good question from one of resident Big-dogs. Well, the answer unexpectedly meandered into a short story, and it occurred to me that a filibuster of such magnitude deserved a more permanent home. Phone calls happened, relatives were roused from winter naps, and here we are.

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Our discussion follows:

BigDogg - Imperial Thread Killer (ITK) writes:

Hemp - most of what you point to further illustrates the point I was originally trying to make (but didn't think through fully until now).

This is truly a Catch 22. Sitting idly by and prepping isn't going to stop the whole thing from going to hell in a handbasket. Burying our heads in the sand and thinking that if we just get a little more grassroots going in the political process, then we can turn this all around, is head-in-the-clouds wishful thinking.

That appears to leave the "if something's gotta start, we might as well be the ones to get it started" mentality as the only alternative. That is a losing proposition, too. I don't care how many "undergrounders" think that they are Legion, and that they can organize and win the hearts and minds once they get it started. And don't feed me that "you just don't know what/who I know, and what the plans are" bullshit - like Mike Tyson said "Everyone's got a plan until they get hit in the face."

What seems to be needed is a concerted effort - at more than just the blogosphere level - at counter-propogandizing and organizing non-violent civil disobedience. I don't really hear too many people talking about those kind of plans.

Thoughts (anyone)???

Everything in life is a series of small steps sir.

Did Europe turn to a commie shit-pit overnight? Did the revolutionary war start instantly? Did it take a weekend and two elections for the Prog-nazi's to jackboot their way through all of our institutions?

Or... were these events an agonizing process which roiled to a boil over decades?

I think every rational person here knows the answer to these questions.

I respectfully disagree with your premise - People are starting to "do things" sir. Folks ARE beginning to fight back, to organize. You claim you don't see any civil disobedience... I know that you are factually incorrect on this point, I've SEEN it. You want some examples? What sort of civil disobedience are you looking for?

The tame kind? Go look at the Obamacare subscription numbers sir. We live in a nation of 350+ million - who are now required by law to be neck deep in that obcenity. Yet... how many paid up and jumped in? Less than 500 thousand. How many "enrolled?" Less than 3 million - most of which signed up for other programs. Look at groups like the Tea-party, literature like Mark Levin's books, and witness the new media gobbling up market share - such as Brietbart and Glenn Beck's Blaze.

All of these things are defiance, push-back. Disobedience toward those telling us to sit down like good little piss-ants and eat our mouthfuls of shit - and they are growing by the day.

Not enough?

How about some "non-felonious" Civil Disobedience then. You DID see the Barrycades getting piled up in front of Emperor Jugg-ears's palace - right? Perhaps you witnessed the folks ignoring or gleefully tossing the "do-not-enter signs" plastered all over Federal Property? Surely you noticed the defiance of numerous Veterans groups, ignoring edicts to steer clear of their own memorials... How about the weddings being held brazenly on shuttered National Parks - complete with bird waving bride and groom?

Still more eh? Tough customer.

Ok then... What about the blatantly illegal? Plenty of stories in the news if you look for them - Bob Owens has been covering a good number for a few years now, (as have Bill, Hershal and Ol' Remus over in their lairs). Pete at the WRSA practically runs a clearing house for patriotic mischief, and let's not write off Mike at the SSI, who is mailing boxes of magazines to the very politicians that made owning them a felony.

Read what's out there - I sure do notice a lot of general infrastructure mysteriously experiencing continuity of existence failure. Stuff your average rowdy kids and street thugs don't typically "vandalize." Seems awful unlikely to me that ne'er-do-wells have suddenly decided sabotaging sub-station transformers is the new "tagging."

But remember this - when it comes to what I like to call "black hat patriotism" folks won't exactly be out there advertising what they are getting up to.

Do you think some retired guy fisting uncle sugar on his taxes is going to leap onto the NSA bought and owned internet to proclaim it? Perhaps you believe an old rancher in northern Montana, ignoring Fed edicts left and right, intends to write an op-ed titled: "SCREW YOU EPA?"

We can continue with the hypotheticals.... What are the odds of some kid in Iowa bragging about everything he does with groups like Anonymous to throw spanners in the works? Or maybe a young lady who's been taking classes with Mosby, working to form a real honest to goodness militia of her closest friends and family - is she going to get on facebook and help FedGovCo spy - any more than they already are? Perhaps another lad, who's just returned to the sandbox, with a new little one on the way, passing on knowledge the overlords spent a lot of money teaching him - is that fellow going to scream from the rafters "Come GET ME!!!"

No sir. No they won't. For very prudent, and very obvious reasons.

As Ms. Wolfe said:

"We are at that awkward stage, where it's too late to fix the system, but too early to shoot the bastards."
- Claire Wolfe

It's not the proper time yet to do anything more than provoke, prepare, build foundations, poke the fedgoons in the eye, and be the best bad serfs we can. Misbehavior is happening all over the place if you pay attention. This very SITE is an act of civil disobedience and defiance.

Why not take up arms *right now* some ask, exhasperated and properly pissed off?

Well, for starters, the patriot movement lacks the public support, infrastructure, training, and the will for getting at any "real business" yet. Secondly, the "real business" is horrible shit, and nobody is especially eager to get about doing it - nobody sane or who's ever been shot at before anyways. Finally, things have to get worse before it's justified. People need to hurt, and hurt bad. They need to feel the real consequences of their inaction and gullibility. The masses need it explained, through tangible agony, how fucked this entire system truly is. Currently, the big lie is still being propped up, through deficit spending, market manipulation, taxation and money printing. People are still comfortable, fat, and entertained. (Somewhere in there is a reference to Rome looking to escape).

Pain brings growth. As the lies and tyranny unravel - and they will eventually, the only argument will be one of time-line - more and more of the population will hurt, and only then you'll see very dramatic changes, for both good and ill. But until the pain is serious, you won't see action. I wish it were different. I wish we could fix the problem BEFORE the sewer pipes clog, and the toilet has turned into a shit-fountain sputtering in the middle of your bathroom... but since our founding, we've always been like this. Generally speaking, we United States citizens procrastinate, let things simmer and fester until the issue E*X*P*L*O*D*E*S.

Been that way forever. The good book says life is a circle, and history seems to bear that out.

"The Americans Will Always Do the Right Thing-After They Have Exhausted All the Alternatives."
- Sir Winston Churchill

Please consider - people come here and basically tell FedGov to fuck off. You might argue this does nothing, but, you'd be incorrect in my opinion.

For one, the internet is to us as the printing press and pamphlets were to the founders and colonial era Americans. Yes this beast is entertaining - and it's an outlet for frustrations - but I'd remind you it's no different in principle than sitting in Ye Olde New England Tavern with Benevolus's new flyer, fuming with your companions over the latest British outrage. The insane amount of energy outputted by the government to infiltrate and collect data on the web serves only to confirm this notion.

Secondly, folks are learning as they spend time online. They're getting plenty of ideas, being taught tricks, discovering how the Orcs work, awakening to new abuses, or being reminded of older usurpations. The web is educational and enlightening - and our taskmasters loath it, as it's a threat to their hegemony.

Next, people are having their notions echoed, confirmed, challenged, and refined, by contact with others.

For example:
- No one can think of everything - details will be missed, or more successful alternatives presented.
- Patriots need to see like-minded souls, to know they and theirs are not alone in the wilderness.
- Ideals must be challenged to be defended skillfully - what better forum? A person must learn to repel every assault, from the moronic to brilliant. Steel is refined using flame.

The Internet is the debate hall of modern America. Here, ideas are fabricated, attacked, defended and enhanced. Once properly tempered, these concepts can then spread to others, and that, is a concept Behemoth finds terrifying.


Finally, communities on the internet foster direct connections. Many of the people writing here have met one other in person, joined by ideals and common interests. These are alliances - comrades in arms, goals and mindset. When someone here is hurt, or down and out, money is gathered and delivered. When a soul is taken, sympathy and help flows to those left behind. These are real bonds, and the difference, in my opinion, between a keyboard and and a quill pen is zilch.

So, "things" are happening, there is defiance, there is disobedience, there is push-back. But you NEED to understand, that no movement occurs instantly. You do not add water and rehydrate an instant freeze-dried government, screw together a prefabricated revolution, or fix the destruction of a society that's been 100+ years in the making. You grow into it. You nudge others into acceptance.

The United States government was designed to be slow and deliberative. The progressives understood the nature of the system better than the conservatives, and started the sluggish process of co-opting it more than a century ago. Do you think we can do better? Faster - or at all?

Resistance is a sand-pile that grows and cascades, one grain at a time. Whether you've lost all hope in the "system" and are focused on the gamble of replacing it, or believe that people need to "take it back," working to those ends is not an undertaking to be resolved quickly. It is a battle of decades ahead of us.


On to the next point - You believe there is little to no counter-propagandizing going on. That's a strange notion in my opinion - one I don't see matching the reality of the situation.

Every time I load this page, I see thousands of words that could legitimately be called nothing but propaganda! Misha is a MASTER of the art, and almost daily the man razor-cuts into Prog-Nazi's with a slasher smile from ear to ear. Mike Hendrix, Chris Muir and David Burge have made careers out "bone-shattering ridicule."

What? You say we don't control the big Media outlets? Why bother! They're dying! As the Mainstream media collapses, Drudge, Instapundit, Free Republic, Brietbart, The Blaze, PJ Media, (and hundreds more!), gain larger and larger market shares. The newspapers are failing, ad-revenue crumbling... yet Limbaugh, Levin, Hannity, Beck, and Savage dominate radio, taking their message to an ever growing army of millions over the airwaves and now onto the internet.

Our message is propagating, and it's effective in convincing people.

Why is it 63% of Americas believe Global Warming is bullshit - how did they come to THAT conclusion? It certainly didn't come from the government controlled media, schools, or newspapers. The idea came from conservative propaganda, conservative media, and conservative thinkers, who got their message through despite the commies having locked down the legacy megaphones.

Not enough? How about Gun Control? It's now a political POX to screw with guns - even in the face of a good number of highly visible public shootings. The DNC - this very instant - IS BEGGING Bloomturd to stop with his crusade against firearms. They're pleading with him... on their hands and knees... to please.... please.... just... back off - before he destroys the lot of them anywhere more than 50 miles from an ocean.

They have to lie about what they are to win. Truth is rat-poison.

The government and it's appendages barrage people with propaganda - and in the case of Fast and Furious even tried to "create the tragedy" to justify the legislation. Is it working? If not, WHY not? Perhaps maybe, we conservatives have some pretty wicked propaganda of our own deployed?

We evil right-wingers can read Alinsky, we know how to ridicule - we'd prefer to keep things civil, but if they want to serve... turn-about is going to be a wickedly cold bitch. When appropriate, our propagandists fashion mockery and lacerating wit into a spear - which we then stuff right up the Prog-Nazi's ass. Metaphorically speaking.


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- http://iowahawk.typepad.com/iowahawk/2012/10/white-house-scientists-struggle-to-contain-outbreak-of-scrutonium.html

That above is a metric ton of funny shit. It's also extremely damaging propaganda. Those bombs come wrapped in a smile - but they leave craters on impact. As they should.


Finally, you mention the futility of prepping and bunkering in - which, from my perspective, is a misunderstanding of the situation on your part. Self reliance isn't the destination after all. It is a step in the process. A way-point.

Sufficient people cannot be easily coerced. They can't be quickly starved into submission, black-mailed into compliance, or forced by necessity into the "loving arms" of our taskmasters.

If the king doesn't fill your coffer, and you don't eat from his table, he's reduced to exercising brute force to bend you to his will. There is justification and vindication in fighting against or disobeying naked tyranny. Against those who provide for themselves, there is only one weapon - and it's an implement that reveals his majesty's heart to all willing eyes.

The disobedience of the self-reliant creates sympathy, and makes forced compliance difficult, for no King has unlimited resources to project power, nor unlimited political capital to sell the idea.

"Prepping" is first and foremost is about teaching, learning, reinforcing responsibility and developing foresight. Before even daring to take a stand against the government, or undertaking the long march through institutions seeking a coup, a person must have their own shit in order.

Imagine a series of circles if you will.

You inhabit the center. You must master providing for your own needs and consumption. Having handled that, you begin to spread outward like a creeper. Envelope family next, expanding your ability to plan and meet their emotional and physical needs. Once a person has created security and stability in that arena, grow outwards more, pull friends into orbit. Help them understand and learn accountability, self-reliance, and responsibility. Teach, encourage, help them replicate your model - or allow them to improve on it! Continue outward, always encroaching, always working to propagate.

What you're doing is creating a self-replicating galaxy of "solar systems" - a COMMUNITY that can't be easily intimidated, and will balk at the sniveling of government weasels. You're beginning the process of disarming Mordor by seeing to your needs - and multiplying the impact by teaching others.

Laying in sensible provisions is not the port of call sir. It's the first stop in a globe-spanning adventure. You need to have your kit ready at a personal and local level before you can step up and spit in Leviathan's face - or make a play for it's throne. If you can't prove to yourself and others that you're capable of overseeing and providing for the needs of your community, how do you expect to be taken seriously at a national level?


Know what's going on nationally. Be OUTRAGED. Makes your voice heard. But your efforts need to FIRST be on the one, the blood, your companions, and then your community. That is the initial bulwark against tyranny. Both for those looking to resist and those determined to steal back the system.

Get to work.