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The Cops are Confused... "Why do people hate us..."

Ahhh poor babies…

The cops are upset to learn people hate them:

"Cruickshank and other law enforcement advocates worry that what they see as an anti-cop climate is killing morale in police departments of every size. "It's demoralizing to read about the misguided anti-cop gibberish spewing from those who take their freedoms for granted." Cruickshank said.
- Fox News

We just"LOVE"the implication here that our "pigs" are somehow responsible for protecting our freedoms."That's just fucking precious."Really."It's sort of like watching a retard attempting to chew his way into a tin of peaches. Except that… you know… a group home reject is… well…"retarded, so he just doesn't know any better. The cops damn well understand they don't do jack and/or shit to ensure, safeguard or protect our "freedoms." We do that ourselves you blue-bellied jackholes. You're just around to clean up the blood and hunt down the criminals smart enough to make tracks before the lynch mob shows up. Or you're supposed to be anyways.

Some other folks from around the net had some less than candid rebuttals as well.

Karl Denninger"of "The Market Ticker" Replies:

"I fear being violated at least as much by rogue police officers as I do by some random thug, and if the cops do it I know damn well that other police officers will either intentionally "forget" what they saw or actively lie to protect the lawless behavior that their "brothers in blue" have committed against me."

"That's the difference, you see - if some thug assaults me he won't have literally thousands of other thugs lying, planting evidence on me and fabricating claims that have no foundation whatsoever in an attempt to justify his lawless behavior. No, he'll act and stand alone and that at least gives me a fighting chance to prevail."

"With a thug I face just the thug, or at worst the thug and his couple of friends that he has with him. With the cops, when they kidnap children as they did with the so-called "free range" parents, seducing said kids to get in their car and then lie to them, or when they arrest a man without cause and then shackle him and cause him to die in the back of their van, or when they falsely arrest a man and then sodomize him with a broom handle those victims of armed criminal activity by the police have to face the entire gang of magical blue costume-wearers nationwide at once. Every last one of them comes out in support not of the person who had his or her rights violated but rather they support those who did the violating, up to and including lying about what happened, in some cases planting, manufacturing or doctoring evidence in an attempt to excuse that lawless behavior."
- Karl Denninger

Do you think the cops - who are NOT required to protect you or your property, (by supreme court edict) - are starting to grok why so many hate them yet?


Us neither.

Maybe, if a few hundred more get shot in the face, blown up, or bushwhacked in their homes they will begin to understand what's happening. This societal loathing of Law Enforcement is not simply about race, income disparity, or "speeding tickets." It's the abuse, the lack of accountability and the way our entire legal system applies an iron fist to the serfs, and the kiddie-gloves to it's stasi. It's common understanding that, unless a hog's crime is vicious beyond words and/or recorded, there is no substantive penalty when it comes to killing, stealing, framing or destroying whatever property they want.


(Dear Police Apologists: Paid vacation is not "punishment.")

Karl Continues:

"If the cops want to know where this "war" came from they declared it decades ago against the population and they've prosecuted that war with impunity replete with lies, assault, battery, forcible sodomy with objects and even murder, including throwing bombs into a baby's crib. It is only the presence of myriad cameras and other documentary devices that they cannot control or prevent from being used that has finally brought the scope and frequency of these acts, along with the intentional and outrageous nationwide cover-up and lying that inevitably takes place when one of these incidents occurs to the public eye and plastered it where nobody can ignore it."

"The police have destroyed their own credibility and it is through no one else's fault but their own that it has occurred. Decades of rampant and outrageous abuses, selective enforcement of laws against certain people, planting and falsifying evidence, lying both in court and out and more are all acts that are "unforced" and a matter of choice."

"That the public has finally began realizing that "Officer Friendly" no longer exists and hasn't for decades, but rather the cops have become an armed gang of thugs and is waking up to the fact that cooperation and respect is no longer a viable strategy is, in my view, fully and fairly earned - a record that stretches back at least fifty years."
- Karl Denninger

Read the entire article"HERE

The coppers have sown the wind with their malfeasance. Now, they reap the whirlwind."The same thing happened in Spain, Greece, Argentina, Mexico, and a host of other failed states over the last several decades."Corrupt police abused their power."The citizenry withdrew consent, and deliberately fed them to the wolves."Justice and desert will be had one way or another - if the civil forms are corrupted beyond use, the peasants will revert to older, less gentle redresses of grievance.

Maybe the pigs will figure it out before the burn barrels appear… not that we'd be particularly bothered if they can't. They say "pain is a good teacher." Sometimes however, death is a better one.