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Death to Globo-Pedo

The United States of America is probably the most degenerate, evil country on planet earth - and is currently controlled by a Billionaire pedo-jewish Oligarchy.

Russia is a despicable tyranny interested only in its power, aggrandizement and wealth, (and is also a stunningly wicked nation), controlled by a Billionaire warmonger-jewish Oligarchy.

Both of these empires are my sworn enemy - standing against every freedom and liberty granted by God, our creator. Neither are redeemable, and for the good of Mankind, both need to be overthrown - their corrupt edifices ground into the dust.

Thusly, I will cheer from the sidelines as these two demonic empires wreck unfathomable destruction upon one another. Both nations - and their people - deserve the fallout - possibly literally - this clash invites. Yes, I mean that - profoundly and unabashedly.

"Why?!!!" You ask? What madness could drive me to chuckle and cheer as our world crumbles into ruin? Allow me to explain:

To our eternal shame, we've not thrown down Satan's Globo-pedo American Empire, (GAE). God's tools for rectifying what we were too comfortable - cowardly - to do will be less... gentle.

God didn't tell us to "sit back, cringe, and post about evil on the internet." He told us to fight evil. To destroy it. To hunt it. To eradicate it. To slaughter it when necessary and prudent.

"He who spares the wicked injures the good."
- Lucius Seneca

We ignored our duty, and passed the bloodshed as inheritance to the next generation. Now my kids get to be the ones who'll know the privation, suffering and the terror of war. Not by their choice mind you. By ours. By mine.

So yes, I will cheer while Putin sticks his cock in the eye of our degenerate hegemony. Not because I think he is a "good guy..." or "godly"... or even because I believe he's decidedly the "lesser of the two evils," (which he is, in this instance, if only by a fraction).

I will revel and frolic as Vlad wrecks our Imperial expansion, as, in a matter of weeks, he's done more damage to FUSA, (Satan's Degenerate Barony), than WE, the supposed III%, have managed in 30 years of wall-banging and internet shit-posting.

Satan's playthings are wrecking each other. (And Lucifer always breaks his toys when he's done with them). I plan to enjoy the show - the Morning Star is doing what we should have decades ago.

"Consequences!!!" you say? Yeah... there will be a four-course banquet of them. Dire ones - for all of us... and our sons and dauighters. No complaining now - we bought the tickets to this ride when we didn't overthrow our hellish government the second they burned up all those children in Waco, Texas. Our choice. Our actions, (or lack there of), are a non-trivial part of this. We own our plot. Now we reap the harvest - so lovingly nurtured.

Such is nature God's vengeance and judgement. History is replete with the wreckage of despotic empires and the suffering of their peoples. Ours will be no different.

"Oft evil will shall evil mar."
- J.R.R. Tolkien

(...and, consequently, a staggering number of non-combatants tend to die while watching from the sidelines...)

We own what we tolerate.

Death to GAE