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Ding-Dong the Witch is Dead

Bill Quick, over at Daily Pundit, reminded us that we needed to offer up some "commentary" on the topic of a Mr. Roger Ebert. He was a self absorbed, preening, dick-licking, vapid, bloated asshole, who demolished the lives of every single person near him. It is with much glee, that we report he shuffled off our mortal coil today. Allow us here at Deth H.Q. to throw a few appropriate remarks in the pustulent walking hemorrhoid's general direction:

"Good fucking riddance you horrendous pile of shit. You were a virulent enemy of all that is good, decent, and honest in America. You spent your miserable career wallowing in wretched excess while tearing apart the society that enabled your climb to dazzling heights of prosperity.

We pray your last hours on this world were spent in an indescribable new universe of pain and suffering, and that you died blubbering, in the most degrading manner possible, (preferably in a puddle of your own vomit, feces and urine).

We can only hope that you are now roasting in the hottest, deepest furnaces of hell - the ones reserved for betrayers, looters, and wreckers, where all manner of demon-kin take turns plundering your pockmarked ass till the end of time.

Our only regret is that we didn't fucking hate you more."
- The Deth Guild