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Down in FLAMES - We're Happy to Be WRONG

Smells like something's burning....

Schumer-Toomey-Machine collapses, 54/46. Even Harry Reid voted against it.
Update: Grassley/Cruz falls 52-48.
Update: Leahy/Collins falls 58-42.
Update: Cornyn's concealed carry falls short 57-43.
Update: Feinstein falls by a humiliating 40-60.
- Bob Owens

We have to admit, this outcome was not expected. After all, We called it very differently. Nevertheless, we here at Deth H.Q. are quite pleased to be proven INCORRECT. Yeah constant readers, you heard us properly. In point of fact, the members of the editorial staff will now happily eat their cotton Boonie caps in celebration/penance, since being flat-wrong is certainly a superior alternative to watching America swept up into a titanic Civil War - and it is our opinion that the overreaches being proposed would have resulted in exactly that.

Now, even as we sit here, merrily chomping away on our raw crow, we would like to remind people that the amount of shrieking, rifle-waving, the veiled threats, and good-old fashioned political pressure applied by We The People (TM), probably figured in no small way into the termination of this affront to liberty. But, wrong is wrong, and tonight we shall be picking black tail feathers from our craws.

Today however, seems like a very good opportunity to celebrate. Let's kick off the party with some gloating, and then a victory lap around the blogosphere:

Dear President Barry Soetoro, Diane Frankenfienstien, Chuckles "Shark-Mouth" Schuuuumer, and your Penis-Pirate-Dwarf-Minion Mayor Bloomberg:

We, the members of the Deth Guild, and the FREE people of America, would like to take a moment to ask, in the politest possible way, that you, and your murder of tyrants, please go drown yourselves in a river of your own tears and shit. There is no place in a liberty loving society for intolerable monsters such as yourselves. You who'd strip essential liberties in trade for fleeting lies and a false-safety blanket are the inbred-poster-children for every ill plaguing this nation. All you represent is a sham, and each lie dripping from your fanged, viperous mouths is an affront to civility, the dying republic, and freedom. Honorable mention to the RePubic cocksuckers who allowed these legislative abortions to even get a vote. You callow, miserable, feckless pussies deserve a special place in hell right alongside King Jug-ears and his totalitarian handlers. You understand John McWeenie? "Traitor" Toomey? You despicable cunt Collins? Lady Liberty herself vomits in the general direction of your cowardly stench. Don't for one second think that you wretched quislings will be forgotten. You stand with all that is evil and broken in America, and damn you as well - may your last years be spent in pain, suffering, and shame.
- The Deth Guild

That was certainly cathartic. Now let's take a stroll about and see what some other people worth listening to had to say...

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Today was a win for the good folks. Enjoy it. Then get ready, cause this shit ain't even close to fixed.