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Employment Numbers: A Titanic Joke

The only thing I found more hilarious than Today's employment numbers was the scramble by the Neo-cons and the Moonbats to try to take advantage of them. The screaming, shrieking, and finger-pointing has been a delight. The funny thing is, both sides have managed to miss the forest in the trees. Let's dissect this some...

On one hand, the entirely of this recession is not the fault of King Barry Hussein. Anyone who says otherwise is out to grind an axe - not to be honest with you. This blatantly falsified report is very convenient timing for the Neo-cons, and they will spin a narrative for it - the same as how the moonbats will try to use it to say "see, it's getting better! Skittles and unicorns!!"

The truth us, the economy is not so easily tamed - no one president, even with his willing minions the ChairSatan and Turbotax doing their damnedest - is going to do too terribly much in the face of more than one hundred years of drastic fiscal mismanagement. To think otherwise is nonsense. Barack Hussein Milhouse Soetoro could no more wave his magic money-wand and fix our economy than he could be the swollen cancer festering in the center of it.

I will tell you, in my opinion, the Keynesian snake-oil that is being tried by Jugg-ear's puppets, (which I don't believe he even fully understands), coupled with the huge spending on social goodies to the wreckers and moochers, is certainly not helping. Not one bit. But you can't drop the blame for a monetary policy that started with the early 20th century progressives on a guy that's been in office for 3 years. Obama pulled his own little bricks from the collapsing wall, that he did. So did every single president that has served in the last 112 years. So to be perfectly fair, ObaMao had plenty of bi-partisan help along the way.

While many of the right-wingnuts are now seizing on THIS particular report's blatant false-hoods, because it's a politically expedient way for them to score "poll-points" against their hated rival, the fact is, these employment numbers have been fudged, manipulated, falsified, and screwed with heavily since 2006.

I know... I know.... that blows the whole "Obama is making them fudge the data to make himself look better" meme, but it is what it is. When these reports have been CONSTANTLY doctored piles of bullsh*t on release, and then quietly revised later, for almost 6 years... let's just say I have a hard time pinning the tail on "this" particular Donkey.

Here is the truth, and nobody that's highly partisan is going to like it much:

These reports are being doctored to provide just enough plausible deniability to keep the entire system from crumbling. Full STOP. Nobody believes them in the financial world - even Krugman and the pump-monkeys at CNBC know these reports are hogwash. But it's enough, just enough, to keep the banks open, the markets running, the capital flowing, and the can kicked.

For now.

So lie, even when it's a ridiculous lie, an outlandish one, not because you're stupid... but because the alternative to the lie is... hellish.

So lie we shall folks. F**k Ludicrous speed... we are going to shoot for Plaid.

I have been watching these things and laughing at them for YEARS now. It is funny to see the partisans jump on them as a way to attack their opponent's mascot. (Hey though, at least you are paying attention now!)

FACT: This isn't Obama trying to "hide" his destroying of the economy in time for the election.
FACT: This isn't the economy actually "getting better" due to his reality defying magical monetary policies.

To assume either pretends to give King Barry Hussein more power than he actually has over the situation.

Nope. Welcome to the gong-show my dear people. The lies being spun are intended to keep the wheels from coming off the entire world economy. Not one man's presidential campaign.

The bankers don't care WHO wins. They own them both already.