Politics & Rants

Funeral Dirge

Today feels like a f*cking funeral dirge on our side of the transom. Be at peace friends - don't weep for the FUSA, as its been dead a long, long time. Coasting along on momentum, only now, as it descends into unquestionable tyranny, does the stench becomes obvious.

"Awake, arise or be for ever fall'n."
- John Milton, Paradise Lost

Learn to enjoy letting and helping it all burn. Flames cleanse moldy deadwood, and often allow something new, fresh and pure to grow from the ashes. You may as well have a fine time of our national bonfire, because the alternative is to suck a bullet in despair.

Always remember - nobody is coming to save you. The left, now and forevermore, has every lever of political power locked in place, and you will never again in your lives know a free and fair election or enjoy any form of representation. Not in the FUSA.

Do not be sad.
You are liberated now.
You are free.
Your choices are simplified - binary in fact.

You can resist... or you can adopt the Satanic virtues and disgusting habits of your conquerors.

I like easy decisions - don't you?

I choose resistance, up to the death of me and my entire family. To the loss of my every material possession, and the utter destruction of my body. And this price in ephemeral, transitory things I gladly pay - and my only regret is that I have a single life to spend locked in battle with the enemies of all that is wholesome and beautiful.

Our world is a temporary, flawed state of existence. I see little reason to cling to it with such passion. Be gallant to those worthy, fight with utter ruthlessness against those who are not - and face death with courage and defiance.

Your material things rot, crumble and fade. Your works and labors are consumed by entropy. Flesh withers, sickens and putrefies. Only deeds are eternal.

Nobody Live Forever