Politics & Rants


Dear Honorable Assholes and Cunts at the FCC:

We're taking a moment from our busy lives to toss a glob of cow-shit in your face, so pay attention you Orwellian taint-nibblers.

Please be aware that we are blatantly and unapologetically one-sided here at DETH H.Q. We're deliberately slanted, biased, and unified in our hatred of assholes like the illegitimate plutocrats running your unconstitutional shitpile of an outfit.

In point of fact, no individual amongst us would shed tear ONE if you assholes were drug screaming from your beds in the dead of night and used to decorate the nearest overpass. Going FARTHER, we dare say many of us would order a Pizza, flip the top on a Grolsch, and take the morning off work to deeply, DEEPLY enjoy the resulting circus.

Fucking tools. Come try and shut us down. We'll have a mirror hosted in Russia or Tehran by noon, (just to tweak your fucking nose), and we'll be back to laughing our asses off at your ineffectual flailing and thrashing.

Leviathan and all it's goons can't die soon enough.


Eat a mouthful of our warm shit assholes. We won't obey anymore. Come kill us - if you're up to the task. It's the only way you'll stop our defiance. But be warned. We'll not be coming all quiet-like into the good night.

If you're wondering what provoked this, read up HERE.

Think the repercussions of the above through very carefully. These people are tyrannical dildo-unicorns, and we say that with every last ounce of respect they deserve.