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Insanity Surrounds Us All

Author and Patriot Francis W. Porretto has a few things to say in his latest article:

That Hoary Old Colloquial Definition Of Insanity

"I haven't been writing nearly as much as previously for Liberty's Torch these past few weeks. The reason can be found in the title of this piece. In essence, I feel that I've been repeating myself, and that to go on doing so would be pointless. Have I been saying things most other commentators are unwilling to say? Perhaps. But that doesn't matter if the audience is lacking, or unwilling to listen."

- Francis W. Porretto

Yeah, we've been talking for a long time haven't we? Making arguments, giving warnings and outright pleading with these sh*t-bags to just stop... to be happy with everything they've already stolen. Once, we had a giant pan of brownies. The left took it - one brownie at a time. We now have one slender piece left in our pan... and now, they're back... intent on seizing even that.

We've been ignored - completely. Hell, I've been begging progs to back off for almost ten years... folks like you, Bill Quick, Mike Hendrix and Pete were banging walls a decade before that. All of us saying the same general thing:

"Leave us alone, be content with what you took, you're going to start a war if you keep this up."

The left snarls and throws sand in our faces after every provocation - every lamentable THEFT. With each overreach they destroy something precious. They're bound and determined to make us all damned monsters. Or worse, they're so arrogant and puerile they think the fuse can't be lit.

Look where we are now - they're openly swiping elections. Not nudging the scales, not knocking off a few races or harvesting ballots... these demons are BLATANTLY nullifying landslides and SNEERING as they go about it.

This is the whole ballgame folks. The progressive left, at the behest of their globalist masters, just openly announced they will NEVER let us vote again. That's the bare truth of what happened a few weeks ago. They stripped away our right to vote. Just took it. Forever.

For now, we wait. Will the courts set this right? Long odds I think. If they don't... what then?

Though I am loath to say it, this is the moment the 2nd Amendment was intended for.

Oh sure, we can cast some meaningless ballots - but they'll never be counted. Or they'll be tallied for someone we didn't vote for. Or tossed in a ditch by some post-office goon. Or vanished into some mechanical black-hole.

Hold your breath and watch the courts. We wait and simmer. If they fail us, it is in that terrible moment we must act - or not at all. Ever. If we accept this final cruel cut, then the leftists will inexorably strip us our liberty, all our weapons and every thin dime - until we're too feeble and toothless to resist.

Be calm. Collected. Allow the fury to coalesce from wild and uncontrolled rage into cold, analytical anger. There is a fear - and a legitimate one - that our best will rashly hurl themselves into snares and traps. Pray for wisdom. Don't fear to act, but do so with consideration and planning.

The evil people have brought us to this moment. What happens beyond it is their fault. The butcher's bill belongs to the one's who started the conflict - and the progressive left has been engaged in total war against Heritage American for the last quarter century. They own the blood, the death and the tears. We are, as Mike Vanderboegh wrote... absolved.

Hold the line, trust to God, and be ready to act in the moment our founders foresaw more than two hundred years ago.