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It's a Culture War Stupids

Watching the unfolding drama over the New York coppers who found themselves on the business end of a Thug's Colt' we can't help but like the polarized fairy tales floating hither and yonder.

They make the most interesting... narratives.

Please note we didn't say "factual accounts."

Most folks can be broken into two groups:
- Cops good' criminals evil horrible and had it coming for breaking the law.
- Pigs bad' and criminals were just the product of their society.

The individual views might be a bit more nuanced' but at a fundamental level' the baseline most folks operate from is one of the two options above. It's their starting position - with unique cases being dismissed' excused or grudgingly accepted depending on the details. The stratification you see here is a fascinating microcosm of the fractures forming nationally.

What people are struggling with' is an existential battle for survival by differing worldviews - mindsets that are fundamentally incompatible. It's not skin' it's not economics' it's not geography' it's not education' it's culture. Of the various cultures in the FUSA' many view the world in a manner that is abhorrent to their competition. Since one culture getting their way will result in another being effectively destroyed - forced to tolerate things it's morally opposed to - it becomes an ever escalating race to codify one's factional beliefs as "law." Compliance must be forced.

Before we continue' we'll acquiesce to the following: It's possible to "smooth out the wrinkles" in a country with either prosperity or total war. You see' wealth can be used to mollify antithetical cultures into tolerating one another - both at the top of the system' through "The Caberete Effect'" and at the lower end' with weregild. And of course' the complete obliteration and cowing of a people through absolute military destruction will also bring "peace." That said' genocide is generally frowned upon these days' at least' when politicians are trying to pretend they are polite company - e.g. in front of their proles.

As the money runs out however' a nation is no longer able to slake the upper's greed' distract the middle with trivialities and keep the lower out of penury. When the riches vanish' so too will the civility. Naturally' it's exacerbated by politicians and civil servants masters who destroy the rule of law' de-legitimize themselves and take sides in the culture war for their own aggrandizement. But they are not the CAUSE of the illness. They are simple reflections of the CULTURE that placed them in power.

What you see now is the product of incompatible outlooks bubbling to the top as the prosperity flutters away - eventually one side is going to destroy the other - they cannot co-exist absent copious amounts of wealth. Some people understand the stakes' and as such' they play for keeps. Some don't really grok what's going on' and pretend this is all as White Knight/Black Knight as their various echo-chambers play it to be.

As the fault-lines widen' we expect that will change.

Update I - A Properly Nuanced Notion:

An appropriately adult understanding of the situation from Bill Quick at Daily Pundit.

"If you believe that your entire society is utterly corrupt and racist - because the leaders you respect and trust tell you exactly that - and that the minions of the state at every level want nothing more than to kill you because of your skin color - as the race pimp narrative has been for decades now - then it seems to me to make perfect sense that' in extremity' you would decide that if you're going to die anyway' you might as well try to take some of your enemies with you."

"I myself might reach similar conclusions if the apostles of statist tyanny ever tried to put into effect their full agenda. For instance - would I peacefully allow them to confiscate my firearms?"
- Bill Quick.

Read the entire article HERE.

It's HIGHLY refreshing to see consistent thinkers. We here at Deth H.Q. relish the sadness' pain' suffering and death of our ideological enemies - and we do so unabashedly. We expect the same from our foes.

We face a war of faith - beliefs - and it's a battle to the death. Neither side can tolerate the other' as their foundational beliefs are NOT compatible. One faction or the other will need to be destroyed - and that will eventually happen. What "we the patriots" do now' how we act' how we prepare and how we organize will determine which lives' and which dies.