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Next They Come for Kyle

I have a question for you, my constant readers, which I don't want a direct answer to:

"When the enemy railroads Kyle Rittenhouse in the manner of Chauvin - complete with double-jeopardy federal charges, intimidated juries and a corrupt kangaroo-court - how do we respond?"

Justice is Dead

I don't want answers. The internet is the text-book definition of enemy comms. I want honest self reflection. Internal monologue only. Do lay about while they destroy this young hero? Because tyrants fully intend to. They mean to destroy this bravelad as an example to the defiant plebs. It's a humiliation and demoralization ritual as much as punishment for just deeds.

I honestly believe that if we let this happen, if we stand down and allow an empire of unabashed evil to tear apart our last hero, then we have failed in our sacred duty - and forfeit our oaths. At that point, we will truly be judged, and deserve every horror awaiting us in the impending hell-world.

Please no fed-posting. No grandiose threats or big-cock talk. No online planning or other stupidity. All I ask of you is quiet rumination on what's coming... and what you will do when it happens.

They are going to tear down one of our heroes soon. All those who would call themselves free men must decide where we... you... us... and I stand.

Justice is Dead