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Ponderings of a Delirious Mind - No Gold for You Germany

We were bumbling around the back-channels of the internet, (suffering from the sort of insomnia one only encounters after spending 11 strait hours canning), and happened upon a few of the sheeple mewling and bellowing. It seems they'd just discovered that the United States is... "refusing" to let other countries audit the gold we have been - ahem - keeping "safe" for them.

One J6P Proclaimed:

"Shit is going to hit the fan if the US has been selling off the gold of other nations."
- Joe-Six-Pack

We here at Deth H.Q. often-times revel in being the bearers of ill-tidings - and as such, we feel the irrepressible need to point out that sh*t is going to hit the rotating oscillator regardless of how flagrantly America rips-off Germany. (Or anyone else for that matter - up to and including it's own citizenry).

And yes, for clarification, we did loot the world's gold. Duh. Those vaults are as bare as a hermit crab without a shell. We'd like to point out that "bare bank vaults," (and eventually cupboards), tend to be the end-result of allowing packs of yammering Keynesians to ply their special brand of mental retardation for the better part of a century.

As you might have noticed, of late we have been using the term "Keynesian" as a pejorative. This is by no means unintentional. In these parts, one might easily substitute it for "Cunt" or "Douche-bag." If there is any justice in the galaxy, we may one day use "Keynesian" as colorful metaphor - replacing such time-honored classics as "shit," "fuck" and "God-dammit."

We can dream. But back to the gold...

To be absolutely blunt - the U.S.A. is pointing at it's blue-water fleet, unmatched air-power and thermonuclear arsenal, while thumbing their noses, and sneering "NEEEHHHHHHHAAA-So-what-if-we-took-yer-lolliepop-whatcha-gonna-do-about-it." Both openly in terms of stolen bullion, and in more insidious ways, such as the ruinous Keynesian games we are playing with our currency and debts.

We'd note that such is universally a recipe for war international success, happiness and cooperation. It has historically turned out quite well, especially when combined with wasteful and incompetent military excursions. See also: Sparta, Rome and Germany under Kaiser Wilhelm II.

What the statists driving this entire slow march into oblivion prosperity fail to understand is this: there is eventually a tipping point...

...and as nation careens out of control, the illustrious "social architects" can't fathom how it went off the rails... that the silly peasants would eventually revolt... always the tyrants go about blaming the blameless - even as they gag, gurgle and tug at the lasso around their throat, ankles kicking at air.

Full Disclosure: We're deep into hemp rope and streetlight futures. With side investments in non-perishable food stores, Au, Pb and Pb projection implements.

In truth, we plan to settle back and observe the public killings from a comfortable distance, (remote cabins tend to facilitate that), although there are certain draw-backs in terms of internet connectivity, phone-service, and just forget about T.V. any time that's not sunset. (However, loyal minions will see to it that nothing can stop the signal...)

But carry on casual readers - violent or thin times will never venture to U.S. shores. Words echoed by the Greeks, Irish, Spaniards, Mexicans, Yugoslavians, Japanese, Chechens, Egyptians and Argentinians with unbridled clairvoyance. (Pay no heed to how that list has grown in the last few winters, Pawn Stars reruns are starting in a few minutes...)

Nope. Nothing to see here. Move along.

Never mind the government spying - on YOU - in ways that'd gobsmack Mao. Forget that "civilian" law-enforcement is being militarized on a scale that Hitler would never have conjured in his sickest reverie. It's all gud - Life's rainbows and skittle-shitting unicorns from sea to shining sea.

We're convinced that our "civil masters civil servants" have only the best of intentions towards the cattle, and are certainly uninterested in tyranny. They are just doing everything a government would set about on the way to becoming tyrannical. We bet there is a benevolent explanation somewhere in there amongst the zillion or so fat slobs working in the federal government.

Oh hello stasi NSA. Feel free to secret this away to the ever-expanding pile of hidden records in your mountain grotto. We get it, you need to keep an eye on all of us patriots home-grown insurgents. What ya up to on us specifically at this point? A few gigs?

Tsk Tsk. We're shooting for an entire Goddamned server rack by the time this is over with. And no, that play on words is not entirely coincidental. Or maybe it was a Freudian slip brought on by over-exposure to chopped Green-beans and Tomatoes.

Sleep lightly task-masters.