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Power-lines in Desperate Need of Ornamentation...

If ever there was a justification to hang these miserable, useless pieces of shit...

Lawmakers and staff can breathe easy - their health care tab is not going to soar next year. The Office of Personnel Management, under heavy pressure from Capitol Hill, will issue regulations saying that the government can continue to make the employer contribution to the health plans of members and aides, according to several Hill sources.
- The Despicable Left-wing Propaganda Outfit Politico

That's right peasants. These self-anointed Lords and Ladies in our congress, who are so much better than the commoners, have exempted themselves from the horrid shit-pile that is Obamacare.

These vermin no longer have any mandate to "rule," (have not for some time), and to be positively frank, lack the legitimacy to continue wasting perfectly good air. They are vile, sub-human mockeries of life who betray the Constitution with their every stuttering syllable. The traitorous filth are not even deserving of a proper firing squad.

Damn each and every one of them to the deepest, blackest pit of hell, and God-willing, may they all get what they so richly deserve, each in turn.



We take that back.

After all - Garbage was at some point useful. Near as we can tell, these varmints lacked all redeeming qualities from the second they were torn screaming from their mother's rancid wombs.