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Pressure Points

The last six days has been ruinous for the Hedge Fund wing of our one-party Police State. Several message board "investment groups" have instigated one of the most epic short-squeezes in recent memory - resulting in some absolutely delicious market carnage. The squealing piggies are already begging the SEC to come and save them... from a small army of shit-lords and forum trolls.

I am Jack's twisted sense of humor.

WE are Tyler Durden

Now for ideological reasons I've been out of the markets for YEARS. Yet here I sit SORELY tempted to split $50,000.00 in GME BB and AMC - and then telling the broker to ride the bitch to $0.00. This is not about getting a return on my investment. This is about hurting my enemies - and make no mistake - the Wall Street Banksters are the blood foes of every single free man on this planet.

"We can stay retarded longer than you can stay solvent."
- Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge

What a delightful little insurgency. Thus far, we're somewhere in-between seven and thirteen BILLION in damage to these Hedge Funds - and everybody is still laughing and pointing and buying... and buying.... and BUYING.

There is a good lesson in this stunt - As we rip the system out from under these bastards, we need to target the FULL SPECTRUM of weak points. Intentionally crashing the markets is a part of that. Boycotts. Accidents. Intentionally reducing income. Every possible reduction of tax liability. Do whatever it takes - find ANY stress-point in your sphere of influence, and monkey-wrench the fuck out of it. Throwing sand in the gears is our entire reason for waking up now.

People have pointed out - correctly - that in the last six days WE have done more monetary damage than twelve months of ANTIFA and BLM riots combined. This is why they fear us. And why they SHOULD fear us.

We can ruin it.... bring the roof right down on their heads.... All of it. Once it collapses - and after we hang the demons who ruined our nation - we'll rebuild anew - it's what we do after all. Maybe what replaces FUSA with will be superior to, and last longer than our current failed state.

Your mission: Find all the fracture points in our crumbling nation... every last one of them... then apply pressure until something snaps.

Help it burn


Update #1: A Neat Little Trick!

"Here's a neat little trick: Everyone who is long GME and AMC should instruct their broker tomorrow to make their shares not lendable. We're helpers."
- Zero Hedge (@zerohedge), January 27 2021


Update #2: Understanding What's Happening Here

Here is a brief explaination of the day's delicious carnage courtesy of Trevor Goodchild, and a reddit link HERE with a bit more detail.

"The self proclaimed retards on WSB can't be negotiated with. They don't need favours. They don't care if you go bankrupt or there's collateral damage. They don't give a fuck about any of them. For the most part they only hold a few hundred shares each max - and also for the most part, they're playing with their own money that they can actually afford to lose even if it hurts for a year or two.

How do you negotiate with, or swat a million wasps stinging you? You can't."
- Trevor Goodchild